Filled with fond memories of your life and times, we bless the hours you lived and the path you trod, and completely leave the rest with God who loves you most!
  • 53 years old
  • Born on May 31, 1961 in Aba, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on April 21, 2015 in Enugu, University of Nigeria Teaching, Hospital. Enugu, Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved TEACHER, MENTOR, MOTHER AND FRIEND Dr. Mrs Rita Ibekilo, 53, born on May 31, 1961 and passed away on April 21, 2015. We will remember her forever.

Finding the right words to describe your personality…but couldn’t. Because words can’t describe a RARE GEM like you.

You were so full of life, jovial, ever smiling and Inspiration too many and CDSS,Enugu Alumni

The BEST Debate and  Literature in English teacher Command Day Secondary School, Enugu ever had.

 Funeral Arrangements for Late Dr Mrs Rita Mark-Ibekilo : As announced by the family.....

 MONDAY 22/6/15 (Wake-Keep@ her Enugu Residence, 17 umuona street, ekulu west extension, phase 2, GRA, Enugu, behind Parklane Hospital).

 TUESDAY 23/6/15 AFTERNOON: Body leaves to OraEri, Anambra State 4 reception @ Onyekwelu & Ibekilo compounds. Later, Body 2 APEX Igboukwu or Adazi.(Mortuary).

 WEDNESDY 24/6/15: Vigil Mass/Wake-keep @ Ora-Eri Village, Anambra State.

 THURSDAY 25/6/15: Burial day; Funeral Mass (10am) @ St Mary's Church, Ora-Eri Village, Anambra State. INTERMENT soon after.

 FRIDAY and SATURDAY - Condolences Continue.

 SUNDAY 28/6/15: Thankgiving Mass @ Church (8.30am)

We encourage family, friends and associates of Dr. Mrs Mark Ibekilo to help us populate this website with stories, photos, videos and songs that reflect memories of him. Kindly include dates with the photographs (even just the year will suffice) to help us keep track of the events.

Thank you.

Posted by Henry Enyenihi on 21st April 2016
It's a year you left this world....keep resting in Peace..we miss you....
Posted by Chigbo Uchegbu on 26th June 2015
I still remember how hard you worked to make sure that we excelled in our studies. You even start after-school classes mostly during long vacations to help us make progress in our studies. That single gesture alone was my own testimony of your efforts to make us better. We never let you down and I know you're proud of us all. Rest in the bosom of the Lord, Amen
Posted by Nneka Onuoha on 22nd June 2015
I may not recount everything you did for me, the fun we had together as tutor and the tutored, neither restate every word you said to me that shaped my world, but in certainty, I will always remember you and for the most part, I will miss you. There is so much to tell about you, just alot..all the love and life you radiated... I'm glad I got a first-hand experience of knowing you. So, today, I light a candle for you because you lit my life in every way. I lay wreaths for you knowing how much you colored and beautified my life. With every line of poetry and every word that literarily suffices, I celebrate YOU.
Posted by Cordelia Obi-Emedo on 22nd June 2015
I have lost a sister and friend, may she continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord and Father, I missed you Rita, ada Paulinus Onyekwelu, Great Amazon, Wife of Mark ibekilo, rest in peace my dear. Fondly remembered by Cordelia(Vicados) Emedo
Posted by Helena Obisanya on 21st June 2015
A lovely woman full of life we met her a few years back even for the first time it was as if she have known us for a long time such a lovely Lady. Rest in perfect peace you will be missed still in shock.
Posted by Okatta Zumi on 19th June 2015
she was a great teacher,mentor very supportive and a creative mind.may your gentle soul rest in the bossom of the lord.Adieu Ma'am
Posted by Dorcas David on 18th June 2015
With a Heavy Heart, i say Rest in Peace. You have surely lived a life worth of emulation. The greatest legacy you have left with us is the lives you have touched with your generosity, kind and loving heart, .... and the list goes on. I have never met you but i wished i had. I once had the chance to but the struggles of this world constantly left me chasing dreams and purpose. It gladdens my heart that i once felt the voice of a rare gem like you. You'll be surely missed by all but one thing i strongly believed is you have found rest in the perfect place made for angel like you. Rest well away from this wicked world and never forget to pray for us you left behind. #DustWeAreAndUntoDustWeShallAllReturn.
Posted by Ogbu Weezy on 18th June 2015
God is with u
Posted by Ogbu Weezy on 18th June 2015
God is with u
Posted by Bernard Nwatu on 18th June 2015
There are some people you come in contact with in life, they not only leave an indelible mark in your mind, they also live in your memory because they contributed in no small measure to who you have become. Dr. Mrs Mark Ibekilo is one of those people who affected my life positively. Its quite unfortunate or fortunate you have to leave at this point......but we are only mortals who cant question decisions of the Supreme being. Forever in my heart.
Posted by Chi-chi Nwadiugwu-Nkocha on 15th June 2015
Its really sad and heart breaking when a loved one passes on.You touched so many lives while on earth and i know heaven has gained a wonderful soul..May your legacy live on in the hearts of many...Rest on big aunty..
Posted by Kingsley Nnebo on 15th June 2015
She remains the best educational teacher ever had... May God bless u my mentor.
Posted by Dalu Obi on 15th June 2015
If only we could turn back the hands of the clock, we would have struggled by all means to take you through another path other than the path you took. If only that were possible!!! What can I say in such a sorrowful moment. Only God knows why He took you at the peak of your enjoyment after having sweated so much for us your CDSSE students. #Godwin# We will miss you my dearest teacher, friend, great orator, good listening ears and a mentor. A woman that turned thousand eyes (if not millions ) to red when she just said ...goodbye. You touched many hearts. Mine inclusive!!! Leaving secondary school in those days brought joyful and sorrowful tears to my eyes. Joyful, because I had ended another chapter of my life and was about beginning another. Sorrowful because I would miss the classes of great teachers like the English and the Literature classes of Dr. (Mrs) Mark Ibekilo . So many would leave whatever they were doing just to be in front of the class to listen to you. A teacher that needed no noise makers list from the class monitor because everyone was engrossed in your way of teaching. You knew how to catch the attention of your audience. I still picture you in front of the class acting out the books of Shakespeare while reading them out. You had such a thunderous voice that anyone could hear you from any angle. Many students flooded the great Debating club of CDSSE because of you. I was also among those students that enjoyed and participated in the club. You made us see how life could be so easy if only one knew the secrets. Dr. Mark Ibekilo shared those secrets with us. They are still helping me even till date. I fought after school to keep in contact with you and your family because of the impact you had on me during my secondary school days. The last time we met, you wanted to know the level I was in school. You were happy when I told you it remained some few years more for me to leave school.( I think I was in my third year.) Unknowing to you, I made a decision to come back and give you a big hug and to say a "BIG thank you" as soon as I finish school. Its just remaining a year to that dream.... who will take that hug from me? Who will I say to..."you were part of my success" ? When I heard of your loss through a friend, the next thing I did was to call my mum because you were her close friend. She nearly missed my call. I wish she actually did because she was dumb over the phone. She was speechless and didn't know what to tell me. I needed nobody again to tell me it was true. I called my siblings and they all reacted the same way as my mum. My elder sister was weeping like her little daughter, uncontrollably over the phone.. You were a friend to my family. You taught all of us in school. So we were also all drilled in your hands. Not just me alone!!! I can't continue writing because my heart is heavy. Yes! You have left...but No! You have not left. You are still in our hearts, my heart.. in the hearts of all those you were there for. We love you. I love you Dr Mrs Mark Ibekilo. Nwanyi aje eje Mba. Na nke oma. To the bereaved family,may Our Lord be your substitute. Ada my darling! I have you, dad and your siblings in my heart. I shall keep praying for you all. In deed the world as a whole has lost a part of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rest in peace Dr. Mrs Mark Ibekilo. From your little daughter (as you loved calling me) Daluchukwu Obi
Posted by Doyin Adegoke on 15th June 2015
Sleep on ma, one faithful day, we will met to part no more. We love u but God love u the more.
Posted by Igbokwe Ebenezer on 15th June 2015
Words can express the void created by your abscence, You were a mother, teacher and a mentor .You influenced a lot of lives in ways that can't be recounted, you set a lot of us on the right path. For all these and many more we would continue to go indebted .... Baruch Dayan Emet
Posted by Chimezie Miriam on 15th June 2015
Admiring her from a distant, made me feel that though the world is evil and heartless but not everyone is. She was an epitome of beauty, her intelligence, her God fearing nature and all other amazing qualities made her an OUTSTANDING. A life well lived, is indeed a life well spent. Loved and cherished by all whom she came across with. The world as a whole has lost a precious gift. If the world could testify greatly of your wonderful life spent here on earth, I wonder how the heavens would be celebrating you. Go well Ma and may the angels lead you to your God,Amen. Rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Gloria Uroh Nnali on 15th June 2015
Your demise is still a very big shock to me,but who am I to question God? You taught and made me to understand and love Literature in my school Holy Rosary College (HRC) Enugu . You were my best teacher with your smiles and demonstration in class.I pray God to receive your soul and give your family the fortitude to bear your absence in Jesus name. God love you most. Adieu my mentor!
Posted by Jane Nnaji on 15th June 2015
Chinua, Sometimes, God calms the storm and other times, He lets the storm rage and calms His child..... May He calm you and your entire family. Be consoled that death is not the last sleep but the final awakening. Your great Mother belongs to your future and not the past.
Posted by Okoli Chukwuemeka on 15th June 2015
Have a nyc heavenly rest Amiable meek and humble epitome of goodness and gentleness...Ga ije gi nke oma n'ime Christ...Amen
Posted by Bishop Chocho on 14th June 2015
Love and death are 2 un-invited guests When will they come nobody knows But both have similar effects One takes the heart & Other takes its beats. there is nothing small about her legacy, or the impact she had on others. She's a strong, beautiful, vibrant, legacy. In life she was in a constant state of motion. She was a whirlwind, never stopping, or slowing down. That kind of energy keeps moving out and beyond. Mama you are the best for bringing my friends into this world -Reguiescat in pace
Posted by Henry Enyenihi on 14th June 2015
Your death came as a rude shock to me and many of us, days after celebrating Mothering Sunday. keep resting in peace...till we see again. Fondly remembered.
Posted by Chinua Mark-Ibekilo on 14th June 2015
TRIBUTE TO MY BEAUTIFUL RARE GEM Oh Oh Death! Where is thy sting?!! Mummy why? Why did u have to leave us like this? why now? why?!! Achalugo Nwanyi! Ijele Nwanyi!! Odoziaku!! Mama mu Oma! Obi diya!! My Sweetest Mum!! You did not have to die, not like this. Your death has been devastating to say the least. I wish i could twist the timeline to save you, because i felt such a deep helplessness. Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity! This Life is so worthless and meaningless. I have never really understood the true concept of death, until this day. I cannot believe am writing this tribute to you mummy. I always thought a day like this would NEVER come, how naive of me. Oh God! you were my everything. I still really wish and pray that i would wake up one day and all these will be a dream and mirage. This tribute will never be enough to show and tell the enormous virtues and blessings you bestowed on anyone that came across you. Mother you were the truest, dearest, more than a mother to me. You were a precious gift from God, so much beauty, grace, love and patience you possessed. You touched my heart and thousands of others, in so many ways, your strength and smile even on dark days made me realize i have an angel beside me. Personally, you were my foremost advocate and I would miss your guarantees and the enormous confidence you had in me. You were the pillar of this family, a rare embodiment of what a mother, really is. Mummy, you were our biggest critic and yet our biggest cheerer, the fireplace of this family: the key focal point, constantly providing support, warmth, continuous love and understanding. You would always correct us when we faltered, always doing so lovingly; pushing us to be our best and assuring us at the same time that we were better than we gave ourselves credit for. My mom was a special woman, the pillar on which our family rests on and the glue that has kept and continues keeping us together. She is the woman behind the successes of the husband and us, the children. She is the one we ran to for support and protection when dad was mad at us, she is the first one to yell at us when we are wrong and the first one always encouraging and pushing us to be better. We gave her many nicknames relating to different things and one of them was “report card”. Growing up, it was an unwritten rule in our house that if you didn’t want dad knowing your business, then mom was better off not knowing either because once she knew, our dad automatically knew too. Mummy, you are a wife that would not be forgotten; a mother that would be immensely missed and never be replaced by any means; a sister that can never be swapped, a friend to remember and a woman of God in all ramifications. Your memory is one to be cherished forever! You loved our dad and us so dearly to the point that while still on your sick bed, you still bothered about our upkeep. Mummy showed us that love is a sacrifice. You showed us, not told us. Your life was a sacrifice in every particular detail. Moreover, love did not fail you. Within a day of your death, our family house had received guests ranging in thousands. You touched so many lives with your gentle and simple acts of affection. Mummy, you took your responsibilities so seriously to each of one us your children -and we are quite a number alongside several relatives that grew with us. You practically laid down your life for us. You taught us that love never fails and this was mostly through your actions and activities. It is because of you, sweet mummy, that practicing love to anyone, i meet and preaching about love as the ultimate law of God is the centre and the driving force of all my acquaintances. You taught us faith, faith in God, through Jesus Christ and also personal responsibility and hard work. It was essentially through you that I learnt that faith without work is empty. This has become one of the cardinal points of my own Christian life. Along with faith, you navigated us through the curve of the efficacy of prayers. You would fast for days and go on retreats, crusades praying for us and every time we talk on the phone, she always ends the conversation with prayers in the form of blessings. You never ended any conversation or message to me without telling me how much you loved me. It was always the best feeling ever!!. My mother stood for peace and always played the role of a reconciler. Her pursuit of love and peace with all people never failed her. she has left an illustrious example and high standard of Christian life behind. She was a forgiving person who did not maintain any grudge against anybody. She took no account of evil. She was a mother and a teacher in a million who loved all the Children and students she taught. A literary giant keenly because not only was she towering over a lot of literary heads, but also she pushed herself to the brink to succeed, imbibed and touched the lives of so many people especially her students through her books, poetry and dramas. This was evident through the hundreds of phone calls and messages on social media i receive on a daily basis, extolling your numerous virtues and how greatly you have imparted on their lives. "Mumisco", you have been a tremendous blessing, legend and role model to this family, friends, peers, students, associates and to this world, generally. I always pray i will have such an overwhelming positive influence on people one day. I could go on and on with the inexhaustible beautiful experiences things to say about you but I can't end without saying we LOVE and MISS you so so much mummy and we are so grateful for all you did for us and taught us. I know I am not perfect but you have loved and supported all of us through our trying times. I pray that GOD in his infinite love and mercy, bless your beautiful soul. Lord! This is my humble request, please. Your glorious transition is the succor that fills up the huge vacuum you have left. I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH MUMMY, more than you could ever imagine. May your gentle beautiful soul continue to rest in perfect peace, and I know I will see you again, where we will meet to part no more! Always yours, CHINUA
Posted by Vivian Elekwachi on 14th June 2015
Dear maam, So good 2 know u re resting in d blossom of our LORD,short of words 22 say but wot am asking our eternal father 2 give 2 your soul dat has joined his is ETERNAL PEACE. Adieu Mrs Mark-Ibekilo as I fondly remember u in my Literature- in- English teacher. ADIEU!!!!!.
Posted by Chikaodili Osuagwu on 14th June 2015
I really missed u so much ma.I never knew that the day u came2my office to take a shot will be ur told me about the family enlargement ure coming to do the upper week. You prayed for me that day and blessed me for making you proud.U were so happy@d makeover I did4u.U said I transformed you n u requested for the brushes.You taught me Literature that u make sure that we learn it and understand the Novels we read. Ure truly an amazon, a rare gem and a mother. May u continue to rest in the bossom of the Almighty God. I MISS YOU SO MUCH.
Posted by Chikaodili Osuagwu on 14th June 2015
I really missed u so much ma.I never knew that the day u came2my office to take a shot will be ur told me about the family enlargement ure coming to do the upper week. You prayed for me that day and blessed me for making you proud.U were so happy@d makeover I did4u.U said I transformed you n u requested for the brushes.You taught me Literature that u make sure that we learn it and understand the Novels we read. Ure truly an amazon, a rare gem and a mother. May u continue to rest in the bossom of the Almighty God. I MISS YOU SO MUCH.
Posted by Kayceey Nsofor on 14th June 2015
I can't still believe you're gone!! I Stopped going through my Facebook wall so much because each time i try , all i see is RIP aunty Rita..I will never forget the good times we shared..The memories of onyekwelu day!, The last time you came to my house and told me anyday I'm getting married just a phone call you and your friends will land from enugu.. its hurts so much that I won't see aunty Rita again..each time I remember you my heart bleeds...its hurts me so much each time i remember my favorite aunty in the whole onyekwelu family..its hurts me the most each time i sit back and remember that i won't see my only simple, humble and understanding aunty i can relate with any more..even in death you are still and will always be my favorite aunty..i love you aunty but God loves you most...may your gentle soul rest in will forever be remembered in my heart
Posted by Chigozirim Chukuemeka on 14th June 2015
TRIBUTE TO DR. MRS RITA MARK-IBEKILO. “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them”. “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players”.. Famous Shakespearian quotes, made more famous to us at CDSSE by the charismatic voice of Dr. Mrs. Mark-Ibekilo. Captivating, motivating and instructive were her classes. So much so that many of us in Science class could not help but be Literature-in-English students. “Even thou, oh Brutus!” she would cry at a disappointing action from a student. A disciplinarian, yet motherly and down-to-earth. A remarkable tutor and role model, who dared to give herself unreservedly to the profession she had been called to. Little wonder, the best tutor awards and outstanding results of most of her students. I, for one, have been greatly influenced by this amazing and godly woman. I recall one of the toughest experiences we (class of 2000) had during our finals day in CDSSE, where majority of us had our hair cut, as part of a disciplinary action, right in the NECO examination hall! Dr. Mrs. Mark-Ibekilo offered comfort as we cried our eyes out. I remember her calling me into the staffroom afterwards- and God knows how many others- and lovingly twisted what was left of my hair. Dr. Mrs. Mark-Ibekilo, though the YEARS you lived here are short, the LIFE in the years you have lived keep counting. For the value of one’s life is not in the longevity, but in the quality. Death, surely has no victory here, For indeed she came; she saw and she definitely conquered! Goodnight Ma, “…till it be morrow”. Amarachi Chukuemeka-Olusina CDSSE Class of 2000.
Posted by Mbamalu Crystabel on 14th June 2015
Dr. Mrs Mark Ibekilo, Forever lives in my heart, in the history of CDSSE, in the history of literature teaching. The BEST literature teacher I have ever come across in my life. She makes literature books come alive. The news of your deaths shook me to my bones. But God gives and God takes and may his name be praised in every situation . RIP Nwanyi OMA that nursed us all as her children.
Posted by Augustine Onuh on 14th June 2015
My memory of you is that of a passionate,elegant,energetic and super fluent speaker who wowed my tender mind. I was not even a student of literature but I won't forget standing by the window to listen to you teach. The grace with which u brought those characters of Shakespeare to life now hunts me as I try to come to terms with your passing..i hope to see you when I get to heaven and maybe share a laugh about our debate experience in jos. You were a star and I am a testimony of how bright you shone.
Posted by Rita Eze Onaga on 14th June 2015
TRIBUTE TO A GREAT TEACHER.. I rmber when u came into CDSSE,I was glad 2 finally have a family friend around whom I could call unto anytime I had issues. U wer truly there 4 me in ur very little way. U and Mrs Onwughalu were like my backbone then. Hearing of ur demise brought alot of memories. I appreciate all ur help and love. May Ur gentle soul rest in Peace Ma.We take solace that we will meet again to never part. Sleep on My namesake as u fondly called me.
Posted by Osuagwu Chukwu on 14th June 2015
Tribute to a great general, an Amazon, the Lioness, a great shepardess, an Icon, a jewel of inestimable value, a disciplinarian, an academician, a mother and a mentor. Words cannot explain how much I miss you but my solace is that death is a call everyone must one day answer and that we will meet again to part no more. Sleep on my great literature teacher, cos there was never a dull moment with you.
Posted by Emelda Nzekudu on 14th June 2015
My very beautiful sister!!! Sister! to me you are an angel in diguise,full of intuition very intelligent and wise Sister! Sister!! Sister!!! Where are you? Why did you go? When are you coming back? Who will be my sister? Where can i ever find a love as pure as yours? Ohhhh how i love you my beautiful sister!!! If you dont know the colours of sorrow look at my tears!!! If you have never known love then you will never know what pain my heart feels!!! Days turn to weeks Weeks to months Oh tears! Oh pains!! Oh sorrows!!! Why have you all made me your acquintance??? Oh i miss you sister,i miss being able to call you anytime and spend hours talking about everything My one and only sister,a legend,my teacher, mentor of my heart,my backbone,epitome of beauty,beauty with brain, humble , full of character and fun,my sunshine in so many ways through trials and test right by me you strongly stood ohhh ezigbo nwannem,a rare gem, a gift to my family Nnukwu ADA paulinus onyekwelu ,you who broke mountains to bring joy to all that you meet. If i had one wish it will surely be to bring you back to your loved ones !!! Goodnight my endless love my gratitude for you has no end.your one and only sister.
Posted by Nonyem Ifediorah-Okeke on 14th June 2015
AN EULOGY FOR RITA MY FRIEND,MY COLLEAGUE Colossus of a woman,a hard Educationist,my learned colleague,a literary interpreter,a teacher of excellence with extra ordinary difference,mother of good children,a counselor, an advocate of the needy,a woman with heart of were a special being,a beautiful soul full of love & faith,you displayed humility till death. Lord, l do not want to hold on the pain l release it to you in return,l asked for the Balmbof Gilead to sooth my pains for beauty instead ashes.You will forever be missed.Sleep on my friend till resurrection morning when we will meet again.....Yours Mrs Ifediorah ( Nwanyi manari )
Posted by Onyii Genevieve on 14th June 2015
Although I never had the privilege of been in a class you taught while in CDSSE but from popular opinion you were an exceptional teacher and loved by all. We will surely miss you and I pray that your gentle soul rest in peace in Jesus precious name, Amen. Adieu Dr Mrs Rita Mark Ibekilo 0040076718
Posted by Irenr Ogbulafor on 14th June 2015
To my beautiful sister Rita, I miss you and love you. I will always remeber the time we spent together in dublin, death death what have you done, why have you taken a great woman from us. REST IN PEACE . I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU.

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