Let the memory of
Dr. Stella Odom be with us forever.
We will miss her.
Until we meet again...
  • 72 years old
  • Born on February 7, 1940 in Brea, California, United States.
  • Passed away on September 4, 2012 in Anaheim, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dr. Stella Shirpser Odom 72 years old , born on February 7, 1940 and passed away on September 4, 2012. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Anne C. on 8th February 2019
Happy Birthday dear Stella. It's a day late, but better late than never. Loving thoughts from Earth. You're truly missed and I hope you're following the stars wherever you are. Earthy hugs and love, Anne
Posted by Julie Lundgren on 20th September 2018
Hi Mom. Thinking of you as I do everyday since you passed. I sure do miss you!
Posted by Jo Murray on 5th September 2018
Thinking of you dear Stella. Wishing we could go to lunch.
Posted by Anne C. on 4th September 2018
You're forever missed dear Stella. It has been already six years since you left your loved ones to undertake your celestial journey. Earthy love to you. In loving thoughts, Anne
Posted by Julie Lundgren on 5th February 2018
Hi Mom...well, your birthday is coming up on the 7th. Sure wish you were here to celebrate... sigh.
Posted by Julie Lundgren on 25th December 2017
Hi Mom. You've been on my mind all week. I haven't celebrated Christmas since celebrating with you and Randy's family in 2011. I miss you so very much. Wherever you are, Merry Christmas. I love you
Posted by Julie Lundgren on 24th February 2017
Hi Mom... Not a day goes by without thinking of you several times. I miss you so very much. Please know that I love you more than words can say. Always and forever, your daughter.
Posted by Anne Cariou on 7th February 2017
Happy Birthday Stella. You are often in my thoughts. Warmly from here, Anne
Posted by Pamela Patterson on 6th December 2016
" I had the delight to talk to you back in 2010 to catch up. I remember you as a beautiful woman who loved life . Nothing seemed to hold you back . I loved your kindness, your caring heart, and your great sense of humor. I was amazed by you, long ago, when you went back to get your Bachelors Degree. That really inspired me. Then when we spoke in 2010 , you never cease to amaze me, that you went on to your Doctorate. You are truly missed. My prayers are with your family."
Posted by Edward Deveau on 5th September 2016
Stella, I think about you when I think about my Mom. You were both very special and unique Mother's. I haven't been here to say Hi for awhile, and for that I am truly sorry. I will always miss you, and I will be thinking about you often. I am sure you are missed by many, and always will be. Eddie
Posted by Julie Lundgren on 9th February 2016
Hi Mom. Sorry I haven't been here for a long time. Its just still very hard. I just wanted to say that I miss you more than words can say and think of you 4-5 times daily. I love you.
Posted by Anne Cariou on 25th December 2015
Merry Christmas Stella! My celestial thoughts are with you on this day. Lots of love from here, Anne
Posted by Anne Cariou on 4th September 2015
You are still missed Stella. Three years without you have already gone by. Lots of love from here.
Posted by Anne Cariou on 13th May 2015
Happy Mother's Day with tardiness. You are dearly missed and I hope you are protecting everyone from wherever you are. I miss you Stella.
Posted by Anne Cariou on 26th December 2014
Merry Christmas Stella! It is a day late, but better late than never. This is a difficult time of the year for many. You are still missed. Love, Anne
Posted by Anne Cariou on 4th September 2014
Dear Stella, It has already been two years since you left your family and your friends. Even when my day is busy, I often think of you and I wonder where you are, what you are doing... I miss our sporadic phone conversations and our occasional Skype sessions. Much love to you. A bientôt.
Posted by Edward Deveau on 7th April 2014
Hi Stella, I really hope and pray that in some way, through our Lord that you can hear what so many of us are trying to convey to you, and that is that you are truly and dearly missed by all. Anyone whom you have had some type of communication with you left a remarkable and pleasant memory of an unforgetable woman. Your family, with emphisis on Julie missis you so much, and Loves you today as do I, just as if you were here with us. There are times I'm sure, that Julie can feel your presence, and it must be such a beautiful feeling. Miss you, Love Eddie!
Posted by Anne Cariou on 5th September 2013
"In memory everything seems to happen to music." Tennessee Williams My hope is that you are safely looking at everyone from your beautiful space. Sometimes, I imagine seeing you passing through the sky to announce all is well up there. You are greatly missed.
Posted by Julie Lundgren on 5th September 2013
Hi Mom.Today is the anniversary of your death. I sent you a dozen white roses - somehow white seemed appropriate. It was a tough day. Life is very difficult without you. Several of your friends reached out to me today which was nice. I worry about you and pray you are safe. I posted today's flowers on this site. I love and miss you more than words can say.
Posted by Anne Cariou on 12th May 2013
Happy Mother's Day dear Stella. I miss you and I often think of you. I hope to go to California to visit you someday.
Posted by Julie Lundgren on 31st March 2013
HAPPY EASTER MOM. I hope you liked your flowers. It was a very tough day without you, but I got through it. Well, tomorrow is another day. I cant say its getting any easier.
Posted by Julie Lundgren on 29th March 2013
Good morning Mom. I had a very bad night (again). I talked with Jim and Sergio on Wednesday and they both miss you very much. I am sorry I haven’t been able to visit your grave-site. We (Me and the boys) are going to send you a really nice floral arrangement for Easter so keep an eye-out for them. Love You!
Posted by Julie Lundgren on 28th March 2013
Hi Mom... just wanted to say hi. Thanks for being there with me on Wednesday night. Yeah, it was amazing. Love you!
Posted by Julie Lundgren on 26th March 2013
Dear Mom, not a single day goes by without thinking of you – how you are and if you’re ok; have you been with me, and of course, my many regrets. I had a very bad night tonight… replays of “the night” weigh upon me heavily. Since I am unable to visit, I sent you a dozen long-stemmed pink rose. I hope you like them. I love you Mom and my heart is broken.
Posted by Julie Lundgren on 15th March 2013
Hi Mom… you were my first thought this morning and for some reason I can’t get you off my mind. I’ve been gathering up your degrees, awards and photos so maybe that’s why. I am in the process of creating the “Mom” wall, but looking at your stuff sometimes upsets me so I stop. I also bought supplies to create my own memorial necklace. If it turns out nice I might make one for the girls. Miss You!
Posted by Julie Lundgren on 12th March 2013
Hi Mom, I’m getting ready for my first day back at the gym. I am not really motivated and getting ready seems difficult (almost talked myself out of going), so I put on your Cal State Fullerton shirt for inspiration and the new running shoes you were going to give me because they were too tight on your feet. If at all possible, push me if you can because I’m really dragging this morning. Love you.
Posted by Julie Lundgren on 9th March 2013
Dear Mom. It has been 6 months since your passing and I am feeling worse than ever. You are constantly on my mind… I came across your Boeing ID and now wear it around my neck. I also placed your graduation photo inside your car so you are with me everywhere I go.
Posted by James (Marty) Prichard ... on 9th February 2013
I miss you mom, sometimes just have to grab a pillow and cry.
Posted by Julie Lundgren on 7th February 2013
Happy Birthday Mom! We hope you like your flower basket and balloons. I miss you very much and think of you everyday. Life is not the same without you and I am still very shocked that you passed so unexpectedly .I would give anything in the world to be able to tell you everything that has happened to me since your passing. As I often said to you when you were alive, thank you Mom :)
Posted by Edward Deveau on 26th December 2012
Hi Stella, it's now the day after Christmas, and so many people miss you, they miss your smile, and for so many reasons. You know Julie has been, and I believe she will be grieving from losing you for the rest of her life. Just the way I still feel the loss of my Mother. I can feel the pain in her voice, and it shows in her writings to you. Merry Christmas Stella* Rest in peace. Eddie
Posted by Anne Cariou on 26th December 2012
Christina Rossetti Love came down at Christmas; Love all lovely, love divine; Love was born at Christmas; Stars and angels gave the sign. Merry Christmas dear Stella. Lots of love.
Posted by Julie Lundgren on 25th December 2012
Merry Christmas Mom
Posted by Julie Lundgren on 20th December 2012
Hi Mom,You have been on my mind a lot today so I came to this website to look at your photos. I am sure you saw me today working away at placing Christmas decorations from your home on your resting place. Jim was there too and also hung a few ornaments on your tree. I will post the photo I took today so everyone can see your tree and new headstone, I Love & Miss You! Julie
Posted by Jo Murray on 23rd October 2012
Good bye my dear Stella- thinking of you! Jo
Posted by James Prichard on 29th September 2012
Again I am up again at 2:40am wondering where you are and what you are doing. I love you mother. You brought so much joy and laughter into my life. That is gone now. For some reason I thought that this day would never come(your passing) and here it is. I have not been able to relax or feel comfortable. I wait for your phone call or your voice mail or text. They aren't coming. It's tragic.
Posted by Edward Deveau on 21st September 2012
I came back to this site with hopes that somehow you will hear my thoughts. Now that I'm here, actually writing to you, all I want to do Is tell you I miss you, and I really wish I was around you more. Stella I want to thank you for being you!!! Anyone who knows you, knows just what I mean, you will be missed by many, I miss you!!! I always will!
Posted by James Prichard Son on 18th September 2012
When you found us 16 years ago, all I had was a high school diploma. You encouraged me to go to school. You instilled in me possibilities that I could not see within myself. So I went to Junior College and received my AA Degree and that began a chain or circumstances and a hunger for knowledge that would see me attain my BA and MS.
Posted by Tina Silks on 17th September 2012
Dear Julie and Allison, I'm so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your entire family. I apologize for not seeing your post regarding your moms/grandmas passing. I would have been there had I known. I'm sending lots of love to both of you! Xoxoxo Tina
Posted by Mathew McCoy on 17th September 2012
It's a pleasure to have had the opportunity to get to know you Stella. I feel very lucky to have had shared the several Holidays/ Birthdays with you as a family these past few years. It’s those brief moments that my family & I will now cherish forever. Your amazing spirit and perseverance will live on through all of us. You will be greatly missed and never forgotten!
Posted by James Prichard Son on 16th September 2012
Mom, I am having an unbearable time today thinking that you are no longer here physically with us. I remember all of he tarot card readings I used to give you that you enjoyed so much. We are going to contact you. You have a very powerful spirit and will make yourself known. When you found us 16 years ago you have shown unconditional love towards each one of us.
Posted by Julie Lundgren on 16th September 2012
Hi Mom… I woke up this morning feeling really sad about your sudden passing. I still cannot believe this happened. I am so sorry. I hope and pray that wherever you are, you are ok. I keep this website open throughout the day as a way to talk to you and because it makes me feel closer to you. Mom, please try to contact me somehow…
Posted by Alina Nicol on 14th September 2012
I'll miss you grandma. I never grew tired of your stories and our talks. My questions into your life and our life seemed endless. I promise to take what I learned from you and do everything I want to in life with the determination and smile that always graced your beautiful face. I'll remember you and miss you always. Till we see each other again.
Posted by Carol Meza on 12th September 2012
I had the honor of being your "daughter-in-law" for a time, early in my life. I've always remembered your spirit, your laughter, your warm, loving heart and many talks at your kitchen table. You accomplished so much in your life. You are an inspiration to all who know and love you. Rest in peace Stella. You will be dearly missed.
Posted by Jon Prichard on 9th September 2012
It seems that for all of my life I would tell people, "I want to do great things." The typical response is generally a quizzical glance, a scratch of the head and the inevitable question, "Why?" But not so with you Mom. Whenever I would tell you I want to change the stars or scale a mountain, you would always say, "Why not?" And I would find encouragement to do the great thing.
Posted by Jim Fox on 9th September 2012
Stella was such an inspiration to family, friends and co-workers. She didn't finish high school, but went on to earn a GED, BA, MA and then a Doctrate. She never quit trying to improve herself. Stella will be sincerely missed.
Posted by Anne Cariou on 8th September 2012
"L'amour est la seule chose qu'on emporte dans l'éternité." de Antonine Maillet Dearest Stella: From the moment I met you in California in 2006, I loved your warm and witty personality. In your honor, I will watch movies in which you appeared. A bientôt dear Stella.
Posted by Randy Lundgren on 8th September 2012
Dr. Stella Odom, We will miss you. We all loved and admired you. In our private conversations I got to know you as a kind, caring individual who loved her children and grandchildren unconditionally. I promise you, I will take care of and provide for Julie, until we meet again. My commitment to this family and Julie is forever. Your wishes will be followed. LOVE your son in Law :) RIP
Posted by James (Marty) Prichard ... on 8th September 2012
Dear Mother, we spent 16 wonderful years together. We laughed we cried. I love the barbecues we used to have in the back yard and have a little bubbly as we chatted. You have such a gracious spirit and you wanted the best for me. We were always worried about each other. Our daily phone calls and Skype calls were so good since I lived in another state. I love you, Marty,Your Son
Posted by Edward Deveau on 8th September 2012
I will miss you so very much. I fell in love with your daughter at a time in my life when I had demons on my back. You never judged me. You came back into my life, and with your words of encourgement I went back to school. College is a great achievement that I owe to you and your words spoken to me on that day two years ago. You left a beautiful mark upon my heart. Thank you for being you!
Posted by Julie Lundgren on 8th September 2012
I love you Mom. Thank you for changing my life and always pushing me forward. I miss you.

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