This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Chief. Dr. William Boyd, 71 years old, born on May 19, 1950, and passed away on June 14, 2021. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Nkechi Obi on June 16, 2022
It's already one year that you left us. Still unbelievable but we hold on to the hope that God does know best, and the memories we all created while you were here on earth give us the comfort to keep going, in spite of the sadness we sometimes feel at your absence.

Niyi and the children are doing good. They do miss you but they take comfort in who you were to them - a loving husband, father and grandfather.

Continue to rest in peace Willy nwannem. We will meet someday, where the saints abound, Amen
Posted by Michael Osoba on June 15, 2022
Uncle Willie I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since your passing. I’m still in shock and heart broken when I think about it. I know you are in a much better place and you are always with us. I’ll cherish all the memories and stories of you and I hope to make you proud and live in humility like you did. Love you always uncle. The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Rest In Perfect Peace.
Posted by Kemi Osoba on June 14, 2022
Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure. You were taken much too soon but your memory continues to thrive with your wife and in your beautiful children and grandchildren. You are missed beyond measure.
Posted by Stephen Moore on June 14, 2022
My Dear Friend,
Still unable to process the thought, your not here.  Chatting to Bill, I still go to ask how’s Dad, then I stop. You would be so happy and proud, your children are amazing. 

You are often in my thoughts and miss our times together. 

Good night.
Steve X

Posted by Nkoli Obi-Ogbolu on June 14, 2022
Remembering Chief Dr William Alexander Boyd.

Today marks your 1st Anniversary of your demise. Not so long ago the shocking news of your passing on to greater glory.

We are all comforted for knowing you and sharing in your goodness and generosity.

May God continue to uphold and comfort your family most especially our dear sister and friend, your beloved wife Niyi Dorothy.
Posted by Olis Obuseh on June 14, 2022
Uncle. It has been a year since you left this earthly plane. We all miss you dearly. I miss you dearly. I pray for your soul constantly and I know I will see you again. One thing I truly cherish is the fact that my fiancé and I were able to enjoy your company in 2019. Im glad she got a chance to meet you and I’m really thankful for that. May your soul rest in perfect peace, uncle. Love you.
Posted by William Boyd on June 14, 2022
It has been one whole year since you've been gone Dad and I still don't want to believe it. I see your picture in the house and it still doesn't feel real.

It's hard to say what happens after you pass. But I want you to know that the family made is hanging in there. We're working hard everyday to live the kind of lives you would be proud of. Where ever you are, know that we will always love you, now and forever.
Posted by Barbara Arukwe on June 14, 2022
Its been 1 year Already!?
Wow! iv been on Autopilot.
I have so much to say but i wont do it here.
You know my heart, God knows my heart. Thats all that matters. Im still healing.

Those things you said would happen are happening but you prepared me for it.
Its funny and sad at the same time.
Family is everything! YOUR Family Daddy is everything, WE are whats important. And if we are good- then you are at peace.
No need for fireworks or a big show. You were a simple man, who had high values.

I went to your final resting place today to see you, to hear you, to pay my undying respect.
It was Beautifully Peaceful.

I miss you Deeply, Kaima and Zina miss thier Grand-daddy.

I can't say : eh me too i have a daddy anymore.....but we thank God for you and ur life.

Let me stop here because the emotions are raging again but i dont have a minute to myself, i have to be strong, i have to be composed.
No time for PTSD.

I love you so much Daddy.

Continue to Rest in Perfect Peace in the Bossom of Or Lord

Your Barbie Girl.
Posted by Anita Orubele on June 14, 2022
The last time I saw you was about 6 years ago right after I got married and relocated to Atlanta. You pulled me to the side one evening on your favorite bench and told me to sit on your lap. “My Annie baby….” was how you started and you told me you were proud of the woman I’d become and expressed how you were saddened and happy at the same time for me to leave as I started my next chapter in life. You prayed for me and it was a beautiful moment. Little did I know that would be the last special moment we would ever spend together ….

You never saw me pregnant. Never experienced what my life was like in Atlanta because you understandably wanted our first reunion after I left to be me coming home as a sign of respect. You never physically met your grandsons. This is the most painful part for me.

Today marks your 1 year Anniversary of your passing Dad and somehow I’ve made it through the grief so far. And I know more than anything you will want me to look on the bright side and get on with life. And so I promise you from today onward Dad I’ll try. Let me start by ending this tribute on a positive note…

What a man Dr William Alexander Boyd was…. A real man. A biafran soldier, a father, a husband, a medical doctor, a chief. His last words were “I love you” to the love of his life. My mother. He went against cultural norms and married a Yoruba-Ghanaian woman. To him a gem. What a man! He had 4 girls and 1 boy. He taught us the worth of a woman in a culture that really doesn’t care for the gender. Never did I see him call my mother out of her name. Never did I see him lay a finger on her. He was a peaceful man. Noble, great! May he continue to rest in perfect peace! We love you and miss you so much Dad! They don’t make ‘em like you no more!
Posted by Francis Arenyeka on September 9, 2021
Willie aka Jack Mota, that was his nick name in his playing days at Ibadan Grammar School. After the civil War in 1970, Willie came to Ibadan Grammar School and from there he became a member of the school football team and subsequently the captain in 1972, the year he completed his higher school certificate (HSC ). He was my senior also.
Ever since he left school in 1972, I never set my eyes on him again until in 2001 when I went to watch a football match involving the super eagles at the National stadium. I never knew he was the General Secretary of the NOC then. I sat just behind the state box when I saw him sauntered into the state box. I was not sure it was him, so to be sure, I called his nick name and immediately he swung around to see who on this earth will call him by that name. Of course that person must be very close. Immediately he saw me , he ushered me to come join him.
In 2003 , I was in Benin at the Emota Hotel when I saw him walk past me while we were having guest night at the hotel. I called his nick name again, of course this time he knew I was the one.
That was the last we saw before I moved to the UK in 2007. How did I come to know of his death?
Strangely, his younger brother, Dr Albert Boyd came to my mind at about 03:30am on the 8th of September and I decided to Google his name to see where he is because I knew he left for the US some years back. The Google search gave me so many Dr Albert Boyd, but the prominent one was a Woman in Texas. Exasperated, I said to my self: why not search for Dr William Boyd too. I did and alas , what did I see? Information announcing the passing on of Dr William Alexander Boyd.
One thing for sure all through our school days was the believe that he was an Igbo from Onitsha. I never knew he was from Mid West like me then. He did not even inform us. His senior sister Mabel, Albert and Emma were all known to me.
I want to use this medium to express my sincere and heartfelt condolence to the wife, children and siblings on this very sad news of my friend, school mate, football captain of the  irreplaceable and irreparable loss. To the entire members of the NOC and the other association he belongs, I say take heart for when ones time is up, there is nothing one can do. He has completed his mission on earth.
RIP, Willie aka Jack Mota.

Posted by Olayemi Cardoso on July 15, 2021
I was shocked and  sorry to learn of the demise of this noble gentleman.
May the good lord rest his gentle soul and give the family the fortitude to bear the loss
Posted by William Boyd on July 7, 2021
William Alexander Boyd. There is a deep history behind this name. Many tales you would tell me of where it came from and our dream of where it will go.

You lived 71 amazing years, experiencing so much, touching so many. The share amount of people impacted by your passing is proof of this, proof of what kind of a man you were. This precious thing we call life, is chaos. It flows with joy and pain, it’s experienced through clarity and madness, survived with bonds and loss. Yet, in this sea of white noise, you were a gentle silence, our rock. From the moment I was born you’ve been a pillar to raise me, a light to guide me, an anchor to hold me. You, my Father, in the simplest of terms, were a good man and a better Father. And I know you left us knowing how dear you are in the hearts of your family.

Saying I will miss you comes nowhere close to how I fell. I will miss us cooking together, your very dad jokes, sharing a drink and more. I’ll miss our philosophical arguing, because I knew even if we might have some differing opinions we loved the people we were. You were open to hearing and understanding where I was coming from and in this world we live in, being able to do that is a beautiful thing. Thank you for teaching me that. I learnt so much from just watching you, things I know your future grandkids will be thankful for. And I thank God that the last year we had together was the best one.I know Mother Mary is looking after you, like she alway had. And though we may be saying bye to your physical body, I will sleep gently knowing you will be with us forever. I love you Dad, and will love you forever. Your son, William Alexander Boyd.
Posted by Alberto Osuji on July 5, 2021
Dear Dr. Boyd, thank you for your kindness and love towards me, I remain most grateful. God's Mercies on your soul as you rest in Heavenly Glory. Amen. God in His love comfort your Wife and Family. Amen.
Posted by Olis Obuseh on July 5, 2021
“Olis bobo, Olis bobo!” I started the tribute to my Grandmother with those same words at the time of her passing many years ago and now I find myself using the same words to start this tribute to my dear uncle. You see, “Olis bobo” was the nickname they both called me when I was much younger. Dr. William Alexander Boyd or “Uncle Willie”, as we affectionately called him, was a strong influence in the life of my brothers and I growing up. He was fun to be around, with a great sense of humor, but yet tough on us when he needed to be. He and my Aunty Niyi took me in during a period of my life where I needed some discipline. At the time, I was certainly unappreciative but I am now eternally grateful for that gesture. Uncle Willie would lobby for us with my mother about things we wanted, he taught us how to drive, and I remember having my first drink with him before leaving Nigeria almost 30 years ago. Speaking of drinks, my Uncle loved his libations. When I brought my fiance to Nigeria in 2019 to meet the family, on my way to see my Dad, I stopped at my uncle’s place to see him. He looked puzzled as I came to greet him and kept addressing us as if we were not really there. I later realized that because I had no bottle in hand to present to him, I had not truly arrived at his place as far as he was concerned. Upon realizing this, we promptly returned to the store and corrected our mistake. When we returned with a bottle, my Uncle welcomed us warmly and treated us as if we had just arrived for the first time. We all laughed about the whole thing and I proceeded to have another drink with my Uncle almost 30 years after our first drink. It was a great moment. That was how Uncle Willie was… always teaching you, always putting you through your paces and challenging you sometimes, but always with that sharp wit and great sense of humor. He pulled me aside that day and we had a talk, just he and I. He gave me some more advice and life lessons that day. I will miss my Uncle dearly but if he were here he would tell us to be strong and to live our lives. I write this with tears in my eyes, but also with a smile, as I know we will meet again. I love you, Uncle Willie, and, until we meet again, CHEERS!
Posted by Michael Osoba on July 2, 2021
Rest in peace to a great uncle. I can not believe you are gone. You have always been a part of my life. I remember all the sleep overs and Christmas at your house and how to me you always looked like a very chilled and calm gentleman. I would hold on to the advice you gave me when I finished university. I remember how proud you were. Rest easy uncle.
Posted by Mark Akiwumi on July 2, 2021
I met William only once when we celebrated a birthday at the family flat in London. An easy going, gentle and lovely person who made you relax in his presence. Subsequently we communicated by WhatsApp, he more so than me as I am not a very good communicator. A humble family man who truly loved his family. There is a lot to learn from this legacy of humility, love and care for all he met. Rest in perfect peace Willie, as you have finished your race.
Posted by Kemi Osoba on July 1, 2021
Uncle Willie, you will be truly missed but your smile and gentle nature will always be how I remember you.

Rest in peace with mummy and daddy....
Posted by Taiwo Caxton-Martins on June 30, 2021
Dear Niyi,
we were saddened to hear of the sudden passing of your beloved husband,Dr William Boyd.
Please accept our heartfelt condolences and sympathy.
May the Holy Spirit comfort you,the children and the entire Boyd family at this difficult time and give you the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
Yours in Sympathy,

Afolabi &Taiwo Caxton-Martins
Posted by Grace Grace on June 30, 2021
I was shocked when l heard you where in hospital and, when you passed over l was very sad. I had to leave work when l was told.
You are a wonderful, kind, patient brother-in-law always available to support the family. A good husband, father, brother and son. Someone l have known since l was a teenager.
I will miss you.

Posted by onitsha sportsworld on June 30, 2021
Ashes we come from and ashes we shall return , death they say is inevitable. it’s a call we all will answer one day,

  You are a good man, a father ,a hero, legend and a great man,
Those special memories of you will always bring smiles to your wonderful family and to those you left behind.

    Rest on DR BOYD till will met to part no more .

The legacies you left behind is been cherished and adored.

 We loved and cherished all the moment we spent with you at Onitsha.



Posted by Akinwumi Amao on June 28, 2021
The news of the passing of our indefatigable colleague and friend Dr. William Alexander Boyd was received with shock and sadness by many of us in the Sports community especially those of us who have known him over the years in the Sports and Exercise Medicine discipline and Sports Administration at the National level.
Dr. William Boyd was one of the pioneers of Sports Medicine practice in Nigerian Sport. He had his post graduate training programme in Sports and Exercise Medicine at the London Hospital Medical College Department of Sports Medicine, University of London. He combined private practice in General and Sports Medicine while at the same time got actively involved in Sports Administration and Sports Politics as a member of Handball Association of the National Sports Commission in the 1980s and ‘90s.
He grew to become one of the quintessential Sports Technocrats with tremendous passion for excellence and innovation in the sports administration and facility management in Nigeria. He served on the Board of Nigeria Handball Association then; and later as Assistant Secretary General and ultimately Secretary General of the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) between 1993 and 2000.
William Boyd exemplified hard work, commitment and diligence in any project and task he undertook. He was in fact a workaholic with irrepressible tenacity in whatever goals and objectives he set out to achieve. He distinguished himself during his tenure at the NOC as demonstrated at the 1996 Atlanta and 2000 Sidney Olympic Games coordinating effectively the welfare and wellbeing of Nigerian contingent at great risk to his health.
William Boyd worked with others in the Sports Medicine family to establish Nigeria Association of Sports Medicine (NASMED) in early 1990s when the National Sports Commission delisted Sports Medicine Association of Nigeria (SMAN) from government sponsored National Sports Associations in the 1990s. He worked very hard to see NASMED’s registration at the Corporate Affairs Commission and eventually elected as its first Secretary General.
He served in the Medical Subcommittee of the Local Organising Committee (LOC) of the FIFA  U-19 World Cup “Nigeria ’99” where his organizing acumen and strategic planning contributed to the successful delivery of adequate and effective medical coverage in the eight (8) designated match venues of the championship. He pushed through, the argument for the procurement and deployment of motorized carts on the fields of play for the first time in Nigeria. The following year, he served in the Medical Subcommittee of 2000 African Cup of Nations jointly co-hosted by Nigeria and Ghana. William Boyd brought his wealth of experience and superior arguments to improve the outcomes and decisions of the Medical Committees and other Organizations he served.

Dr. Boyd will be sorely missed in the Medical and Sports Medicine fraternity. His resourcefulness and genuine dedication to the sports community endeared him to the Baseball and Softball stakeholders so much so that he was elected as President of that Federation the position he held until his passing on the 14th June, 2021. This position created bigger avenue for him to give tangible services to the Federation.
The loss of our friend and colleague, William A. Boyd has been very painful yet also strangely reaffirming, because it has made us ever more aware of the rewards of our wonderful relationship. William Boyd was unique in his ways and humane disposition. He was “a rare gem”. We in NASMED will miss a very dependable and compassionate friend and colleague.
We shall not mourn his glorious passing, rather we will celebrate his modest life and great achievements in his profession and as a respectable leader in the sports community. He served this country meritoriously and with distinction in all offices and positions which he occupied at different period of his life.
Rest in perfect peace and Good Night.

Dr. Akinwumi Amao
On behalf of Nigeria Association of Sports Medicine (NASMED)
C/O Nigeria Olympic Committee
National Stadium, Lagos.
Posted by Stella Osoba on June 26, 2021
Willie, I cannot believe you are gone and I will never hear your laugh again. When I think of you, it is your laugh I hear. I remember hearing that laugh last Christmas when I called from New York to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. You were sitting under a canopy in front of the house with the rest of your family. I did not know then it was the last time I would hear your voice.

Willie, my brother-in-law, you have been a part of my life for so long it feels surreal to know that you are gone. I’m not sure if I was even out of my teens when you first started dating my sister. Over the years, I took for granted your presence in my life. I never expected it to end so suddenly. I will cherish your memories. Rest in power, big brother, till we meet again.
Posted by Yinka Oyefeso on June 26, 2021
Here’s to my old friend Willy. I met you back in the day when you and one of my closest friends Dorothy (your wife) were dating. and hanging out with you both.  You were always so nice to me! Even though I hadn’t seen you in years, in 2016, I couldn’t believe you actually took a few minutes out of your busy day at your daughter’s wedding reception to take my call from the US! But again. Not a surprise. That’s Willy for you! A kind, sweet and a true gentleman. I will miss you.
Posted by Chukwuemeka Obua on June 25, 2021
I encountered you in 2013 when, in company of your Engineer friend, visited me in my office at the Headquarters of the Nigeria Immigration Service, Abuja. Your very amiable personage endeared you to me and friendship was struck. Despite the age difference between us I felt much at home with you as you shared life experiences with me, mentoring me in the process on how to keep afloat and navigate through the conundrum of our peculiar clime.
Rest on in God's bosom, uncle Williams, till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Nkechi Obi on June 25, 2021
Dr William Alexander Boyd.....My friend of over 42 years....husband to my best friend...father to my God-daughter...... brother....friend....adviser.... confidant. Over these years I have known you, we spoke of so many things including our shared love for sports and what we believed were ways to use sports for development....shared so many thoughts....all while we watched our families grow.

You had my back where it was important that someone stood up for me....and never judged any of my actions (wise and unwise).... choosing just to listen and throw in a word of caution where necessary. Our lives from my Unilag days when you came looking for Niyi were so intertwined people thought I was the last daughter in your family.

Still find it tough to accept the suddenness of your passing. Spending time with Niyi, Barbie, Ash and Bill these last few days....speaking of you as we prepared to bid you a final farewell was bittersweet.... but we soldier you were wont to do regardless of whatever you were going through.

Willie! Dillo! Nwanne mmadu! Leader....! Odiegwu oooo! Uwa nkea sef!

May your kind, jolly soul rest in peace, Amen! May the saints triumphant lead you to eternal rest, Amen! May the Good Lord comfort your family and friends still reeling with the shock of your passing, Amen! Go with God Willie...go with God.
Posted by NRA Ajibulu-Moniya on June 25, 2021
Alexander William friend!
I am so sad to have lost you.
Heartbroken actually.
You were such a gentleman. Kind and funny.
True the distance between us meant that I hadn't seen you for a few years but that didn't diminish our friendship and your passing has definitely left a void in my life.
Rest in peace my beloved. Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Stephen Moore on June 24, 2021
Dearest Willy,

Tears in my eyes as I write these words. 
From the moment we meet you become a great friend and then a brother in law. You were there when I needed direction, whilst starting life in Nigeria and when injured you were at my bedside providing guidance to all.  

We had many a good time at Christmas family get togethers, both in Nigeria and London. 
We would gasp when the family took our beverages away, all saying that’s enough. 
However, we all ways had a bottle in reserve, l will all ways remember those times. 

Cannot believe you have left so soon my friend.
I will truly miss you.

Steve X

Posted by Ike Obi on June 24, 2021
Doc....this is hard for me. Hard to accept you are gone. I first met you in 1982 and from that day you embraced me as a younger brother. You were a mentor, a friend and a big brother. Doc, with all my heart, you will be missed. Your watch is ended. Rest now, my brother. Go with God. The bell has been rung and now with great reluctance we must let you go. Thank you for your profound influence in my formative years. With much love and affection....Rest in peace Doctor William Boyd.
Posted by Nkoli Obi-Ogbolu on June 24, 2021
Dear Willie,
It came as a rude shock that day that you had transited. Nay transformed from earthly being into a heavenly entity. To join the saints triumphant in holy glory.
God only knows the hour. You have run your race with aplomb. You have served God and Man.
Posterity is our judge. And you will be judged well.
I commiserate with my friend, your beautiful wife Niyi and your wonderful children whom l have known since they were born. And l say our Good Lord will take care of them all...including your grandchildren and inlaws.
Sleep well Willie. God knows everything.
Posted by Aduke Akinboboye on June 24, 2021
Bodillo!!!! as my late brother, and your friend Kayode would say!!
Thank you for being such a dependable and reliable friend to Kayode. You were wise beyond your years. This wisdom you generously shared with Kayode whenever you were called on for advice.
Rest in peace, Kayode’s “brother “ and loyal friend . 
Posted by Oluwakemi Akinboboye on June 24, 2021
This is a hard one to write!!!
Willie!!!! I have known you most of my adult life as Kayode’s best friend.
You were indeed a friend that sticks closer than a brother!!! Fiercely loyal, caring and very kind.
You left so suddenly- just like your friend.
Another hard knock for me !
May your gentle and caring soul Rest In Peace!!!

Posted by Adaolisa Ezekobe on June 24, 2021
I love the smell of cigarette smoke — my friends say it’s a weird thing to like but that’s because they don’t know. Somehow that smoke has become synonymous to ‘home’ for me. Walking into Uncle Willie’s house meant getting a big hug, no questions asked, and being wrapped up in his big tummy, his smell of smoke and all the love that could possibly exist in this world.
Uncle Willie isn’t really my Uncle; he’s my great-uncle to be precise. However, I felt the love he shared even up to two generations down. I will miss you Uncle Willie: I already do.


Your princess.
Posted by Chief (Mrs.) Adetutu Odel... on June 23, 2021
Willam Boyd my in-law,
I still find it hard to believe that you have left us. I was surprised to receive a telephone call from my nephew Mr Adelaja Osoba on 14\06\2021 calling me Auntie tutu William Boyd is gone. I said NO WAY. That very night I could not sleep because if it is for your father in law my late brother (Otunba Engineer Kolawole Osoba) Myself and my children Dr Sade Adeyemi, Engineer Tunde Odeleye, Mrs Titilola Opaleye and Engineer Wole Odeleye will not be what we are today because my husband Late Prince Folorunsho Odeleye lost his job in Wiggin Teape in 1993 and your father in law took me personal to Chief Olusegun Osunkeye, chairman of Nestle Nigeria Plc. to start trading as a distributor in 1994 to 2010. If not for my senior brother Late Kolawole Osoba. None of my children will be what they are today. I will not forget your mother in law late chief (Mrs.) Augusta Olabisi Osoba; the Alade Meto of Ijebu – Owu (22nd August 1932 to 6th march 2017). She took active part to make sure I settle down with all my four children settle down in my husband house because I had a turbulence marriage since May 1969. When your mother in law passed away, Willy you still sat by my side on the day we did the outing of your mother in law Sunday 14th may 2017 and still telling me that Auntie Tutu is well that I should not fear what anybody can do that a woman with god is still in majority.
Willy you have fought a good fight, you have finished the race. You have kept faith, hence forth there is laid up for you a crown of righteousness which the lord; the righteous judge will award you and that day not to you alone Willy but also to all who have loved is appearing (II Tim. 4:7-8)

Posted by Barbara Boyd-Arukwe on June 23, 2021
Daddy, My First Love, My Best friend. It hurts so much that you are Gone.
You were always Bold, Brave, Blunt and Strong.
But above all Affectionate, Caring, Kind and Loving. Always the advocate of Peace and Tolerance.
You lighted up every room you walked into. You knew how to have a good time and make everyone feel relaxed welcomed and loved.
You impacted every single soul that you met all over the world. And your passing has made that evidently very clear.
I Miss you Deeply.
I Miss your Smile, Your Laugh even your short bouts of Anger.
I Miss your stories, your advise, our Jist and our gossip sessions.
I will forever cherish every single memory iv had with you daddy.
You Lived a bountiful life all over the globe.
But God know best and its time for you to rest peacefully in the bosom of the Lord that you loved so very much.
I have no doubt that you are by his side as our guardian Angel.
Rest well daddy, till we meet again.
I love you daddy.
Barbie (your forever daddys girl) Xoxo
Posted by Anita Orubele on June 23, 2021
Death is so sudden, so absolute. I truly thought we would have 10-15 more years with you at the very least. But God knows why it happened this way and I know you would tell me “trust in Him Annie baby”. So I will try to do just that and hold on to the good memories I have with you Dad.

The last time we spoke was on your birthday a few weeks ago. And your dear grandson Noah who is 3 years old, sang to you “Happy Birthday”. And you were so happy. I remember thinking we had spoken for a while longer than we usually did and I was so happy about that. You were a righteous man who walked with wisdom, immeasurable humility and understanding. You were a strong, brave man who protected his family and put us first before anything. My Dad would give you the shirt off his back without hesitation if it were the last thing he had. My Dad would give you his last plate of food if you told him you were hungry. I do not have one bad memory of him. My Dad was the first man to ever love me. He gave me the foundation to know my worth and how a woman should be treated in this world. Because of him I placed my standards at the highest level when seeking a husband and because of my Dad I married well.

My Daddy, I will miss you. My Daddy. I will miss you! I will miss cooking with you, I will miss hearing you sing at the top of your voice in church (while I would cringe a little), I will miss going to buy catfish in the market at night with you to make pepper soup, I will miss sitting outside with you on your favorite bench enjoying the evening breeze telling you about my day at work, I will miss buying all sorts of street snacks sold by hawkers with you while stuck in traffic, I will miss waking you up every night to go to bed when you fall asleep on the sofa. I will hold on to all our memories, all your advise, the example of a life you lived. And I will make you proud. Till we meet again my dear Dad. I love you now and forever.
Posted by Marina Osoba on June 23, 2021
"Only one small river separates us, I hope you know!"

Doc. B! My Big Brother-in-law, I wonder if I will ever get used to the fact that I will never see you again on this side of eternity...shock does not even begin to describe what I is just too surreal.

Where do I start our story from? It feels like I knew you before the first time we met. Always my Big Brother, always with a smile, you had my back from day one. You allowed me stay in your house while I arranged my accommodation for Law School, arranged for my NYSC to be seamless and always asked after my family.

I remember how you guided me through the process of becoming an Osoba, the invaluable advice, the nuggets of wisdom, the strategy to transition so I would not have issues. You always reminded me that we were allies, siblings with only a river separating our states, which was why you felt it was you duty to take me under your wing.

How do we get through Christmas and family gatherings now? You were such a huge part of the success of all occasions! The vacuum you have left behind is like an unfillable chasm. Now that there is more than a river that separates us, I feel really lonely on this side of the river bank.

I am grateful for your friendship, your guidance,
your care and support, I am keeping the memories alive and well. You will never be forgotten. Eventually I will have to get accustomed to the unfillable space that your passing has created. I am grateful to God that you didn't suffer a long, drawn out illness, I am grateful to God that as a unifying force, you brought our families together. I am grateful to God that he blessed us with you, for you were a priceless gift. Now that you are with the Lord, I know you will join those who are interceding for us.

Sun re O! Dein na mu! Adieu my Big Brother! Rest peacefully, your memory will be a joy and a blessing, your legacy, evergreen!
Posted by Folakemi Adu on June 23, 2021
Willy,my great in-law,brother from another mother,my husband's birthday mate.
Thank you very much for your peaceful & loving counsel all the time.
Eternal Rest Grant unto him o Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him.
May God comfort your wife&family members

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Posted by Nkechi Obi on June 16, 2022
It's already one year that you left us. Still unbelievable but we hold on to the hope that God does know best, and the memories we all created while you were here on earth give us the comfort to keep going, in spite of the sadness we sometimes feel at your absence.

Niyi and the children are doing good. They do miss you but they take comfort in who you were to them - a loving husband, father and grandfather.

Continue to rest in peace Willy nwannem. We will meet someday, where the saints abound, Amen
Posted by Michael Osoba on June 15, 2022
Uncle Willie I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since your passing. I’m still in shock and heart broken when I think about it. I know you are in a much better place and you are always with us. I’ll cherish all the memories and stories of you and I hope to make you proud and live in humility like you did. Love you always uncle. The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Rest In Perfect Peace.
Posted by Kemi Osoba on June 14, 2022
Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure. You were taken much too soon but your memory continues to thrive with your wife and in your beautiful children and grandchildren. You are missed beyond measure.
his Life

Biography of Chief Dr. William Boyd

William Alexander Boyd was born on May 19, 1950 in Jos Nigeria to Patrick WA Boyd and Ann Boyd, fifth of seven siblings. He spent his early years in Onitsha where he excelled in football early on. Willie as he was affectionately known, went on to St John’s at Alor in 1963, distinguishing himself in football as well as the Atilogwu dance group. . ,
At the start of the Nigerian civil war, Willie who then found himself in Aba, formed the wildly popular band known as The Wings, and was its much acclaimed lead singer. He later graduated from military academy as an officer and was deployed to Aboh, and survived the many battles unscathed. Following the war, he enrolled at Ibadan Grammar School where he excelled at football, leading his team to win the coveted Western Academicals title. He went on to play professional football for Housing Corporation, Ibadan.
Willie trained formally as a medical doctor at the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos (1978). He met and married his Wife Dorothy in 1983, then went ahead to the London Hospital Medical College of the University of London where he qualified and specialised in Sports Medicine in 1986. Dr Boyd left Military Hospital in 1986 and set up a private medical practice, Ashwell & Patrick Medical Practitioners, of which he was the Chief Medical Director until January 2007. 
Him and his Wife Dorothy Founded Weight Watchers Gymnasium & Health Club which was the first public gym in Nigeria where he was an Executive Director.
Dr Boyd was the Chairman/CEO of Ashwell & Patrick Ltd, a Sports Facilities Group, a Director in Home Gyms Equipment Ltd, an international trading company for sport and fitness equipment.
Dr Boyd naturally evolved from passionate sportsman into an astute and gifted sports administrator, charting the course for independent national sports associations both in Nigeria, and further afield on the international stage. He was involved in introducing Handball and later Baseball to Nigeria. He was one of the founding members of the Nigerian Baseball and Softball Association in 1989 and the first Secretary General, the position he held for 16 years. He went on to become its President, a position he held until his death. He also became the Assistant Secretary General, and later Secretary General of the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC), serving for eight years. This was the height of his career in public administration and sports management, which has spanned over twenty six years. Dr William Boyd was an International Olympic Committee (IOC) certified Course Conductor in Sports Administration, and was the National Coordinator for Nigeria.
His passion for sports also led him to excel in the construction of state of the art sports facilities in various areas of Nigeria including Asaba, Port Harcourt, Benin, Lagos, Ibadan, Kaduna, Bauchi, Gombe, Kano, Damaturu and Abuja.
Until his death, Dr William Boyd was the Ojeunwala of Aboh Kingdom, in Ndokwa East of Delta State where he actively involved in striving for peace and development. He was also coordinator of the JDPC an organisation within he Catholic Church doing much to alleviate the poverty within the community.
He was a devoted family man, married to his sweetheart, Dorothy until his death and was father to Barbara, Anita, Ashley, Jennifer and Bill, and a doting grandfather to Kaima, Zina, Noah and Aaron.

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Shared by Funmi Ajayitomori on June 23, 2021
Dear Dr Boyd was a very beloved in law. His gift of life was filled with purpose and impact .Gracious Lord we thank you for:
His life, times, love and service to
his immediate and extended family
his community'
his country. 
He lived abundantly and used his time slot wisely.
May the Angel's carry him triumphantly  to his final resting place. God grant him peace and his family peace and Concord.
He will be sorely missed.