Dr. Amoaku
Prof William Komla Amoaku, PhD.
  • 72 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 26, 1940
  • Place of birth:
    Ho, Ghana
  • Date of passing: Jul 21, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Accra, Ghana
Ethnomusicologist, Performing and Recording Traditional, Contemporary Artist, Composer, Research Scholar, Educator and Arts Administrator.

Thank you all for the immense outpour of support and prayers.  A memorial fund has been set up in support of his funeral arrangements.

All donations can be mailed to
Attn: Patrick Amoaku
171 Burnt Pine Dr,
Naples, Florida. 34119


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by David Agbley on 21st July 2014


This tribute was added by Jean Young on 10th July 2014

"I learned a children's song, Ta Ta Te, from Dr Amoaku, 40 years ago. Today I met a woman from Ghana, and I began singing the song, and she was able to join me and finish it.  It was a lovely moment!"

This tribute was added by Senyo Amoaku on 26th June 2014

"Miss you Pops! Happy 74th birthday! See you on the other side."

This tribute was added by senyo amoaku on 21st July 2013

"Sankofa pops, rebirth man I know that's you all day, nobody did it better, special is a word that's rarely used properly but you embodied that concept in all aspects. Thanks for being special to me, thanks man."

This tribute was added by Linda Higley on 21st July 2013

"Dear Komla, I want to send this tribute in honor of the anniversary of your passing. You continue to be in my heart, and I know that many others carry you there as well.  None of us will every forget you. Your family, children, and dearest friends continue to carry your spirit on in the world today, and I know we will meet again.  Peace and love to you forever."

This tribute was added by Jean Young on 17th February 2013

"I was fortunate to have this wonderful man visit my home in 1975, when he came to give a workshop to the Orff teachers in the Philadelphia area.  His warmth and joyful presence filled my home.  His sharing of the music of his homeland was much appreciated by American teachers of music for children.  Only this week when I met a woman from Ghana, I was telling her about Mr Amoaku."

This tribute was added by Lewis Peterman on 14th January 2013

"Komla served on the Board of Directors of the Center for World Music in the 1990s while he was appointed Professor of Music at CSU, San Marcos in California.  At CSUSM he was instrumental in creating the Visual and Performing Arts Program and also founded the African Ensemble.  During that time, he also created the San Diego State University African Ensemble. He shall be sorely missed."

This tribute was added by Jim Adams on 11th January 2013

"If his body is not there, I know his spirit will be. Thank you, Willie, you opened my eyes to West Africa and its rhythms. There will always be a special beat in my heart for you. See you in another world my friend!"

This tribute was added by Jim Adams on 11th January 2013

"Gone? Obviously not, judging from all these deeply felt tributes. We can all still talk with Komla. I remember conversations with him often. Can we play music with him? Of course! I do every time I play the drums. He lives in all of us and will continue to do so. I have always thought that some day I will show up in Accra and find him, and I will still go."

This tribute was added by David McKenzie on 10th January 2013

"Dr. Amoaku was truly a global good will ambassador who touched all those he came in contact.  He packed his 8 a.m. class, and began each one with a smile and the phrase "you know i have to drum". He worked up a sweat and then we were ready to navigate the "worlds of music" with him as our guide. the world was a better place because of him.  He will be missed!"

This tribute was added by Judy Brown on 7th January 2013

"I am eternally grateful to you for taking me to Ghana and also for providing the inspiration to make music with an African heart, and an African soul.  RIP."

This tribute was added by Linda Higley on 5th January 2013

"Dearest Komla,  I have only now learned of your passing, and I am so sorry to not have been able to say goodbye.  I have no words to express my sadness in losing you, but I will send you my prayers and we will speak at that time. You were a special friend and taught me a lot. I will never forget you, and you will remain in my heart for the rest of my life.  Linda"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Donkor on 1st November 2012

"THE PROF GOES HOME: The count down to the Prof's journey home has begun.Fo Willie, I just cant believe that you are gone and that it is your corpse that I will view. Yes :NU WE NU WE BU". Baaba Fo Willie. Gradually the generational gap is widening with the exit of the Icons and trail bearers. "EBLE DEDE TSE LE NNOR KU". You would forever be missed. Thanx for making us rediscover our origin"

This tribute was added by Rose Sena Afi Agbotey-Letsu on 1st November 2012

"Please kindly start reading the tribute in my name from other columns right beneath that bears my name thanks!"

This tribute was added by Rose Sena Afi Agbotey-Letsu on 1st November 2012

"and I love you en thank you for the great impacts in our lives en you shall indeed forever be missed.
"Wij houden  allemaal erg van u tot wij elkaar weer zien"!!!
Rest In Perfect Peace (RIPP)!!!"

This tribute was added by Rose Sena Afi Agbotey-Letsu on 1st November 2012

"Thanks for your kind effort! I appreciate your last powerful words to me; I vowed not to part from them. The only things I deeply regret are: I never got the chance to reciprocate telling you I love you when you did; I have realized that after I hanged up, en also unable to say the final goodbye.
Grandpa (Fo Willie) you are one of a kind which can never be replace by any.
My mum, my siblings en"

This tribute was added by Rose Sena Afi Agbotey-Letsu on 1st November 2012

"; you love and care for all those that you knew irrespective of the relation.
Many memories I carr in my heart. I am glad I had the chance to communicate with you few days before you passed away.  Your peculiar voice said in how much pain you are but you made me believed that everything is going to be alright; you promised witnessing that beautiful moment in one’s life.
Thanks for your kin"

This tribute was added by Rose Sena Afi Agbotey-Letsu on 1st November 2012

"Grandpa (Fo Willie)!
For all the stories that were never to be told, back to a time i was a girl so long ago, I knew a man whose kindness touched the heart of many.
And he would often be the first to lend you his last penny; yes his heart was pure of gold forge from of love.You find it very difficult alienating from people."

This tribute was added by Eli Aidam on 28th October 2012

"On Behalf of the Centre for Creative Youth -Ghana, the African Child Ambassadors and the Women's Aida and Innovators Trust - Asogli, i wish Prof farewell. You are our patron, mentor, everything. we love you so much. The seed you sowed in us will surely blossom to the glory of the Almighty Father."

This tribute was added by Victor Adonu on 4th October 2012

"Fo Willie (uncle), It was always a lot of fun sitting around you and listening to some of  your experiences as a young man telling us how our mothers used to strap some of us at your back and sometimes carrying us on your shoulders around town, so that we will understand the sense of family and caring for the young. No doubt this early relationship got us closer to you even when we became adults"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Donkor on 2nd October 2012

"Uncle Komla Amoaku, It is sad to miss such an illustrous son of Ho. You were an Icon and inspiration to us. I vividly remember how you always address me, by first making sure that you mention the family ties that unite us together, not forgeting to mention my late Grandfather, Kpekpo (Your Uncle) and my late mother Rosina (Your Cousin). You immortalised most of the "TOTOEME" lyrics. BABAA"

This tribute was added by William Amoako on 20th September 2012

"When I was in Ghana in 2008, it was your house I resided in. We sat in the porch of your house and had several conversations on life. I will never forget it. Your death is so much felt here in Amsterdam and beyond. You visited Ghana from the states when I was born and I was named after you. Uncle, space wouldn't allow me to write much. May your soul rest in Perfect Peace. I love you."

This tribute was added by Foster W. Amoaku on 20th September 2012

"Torde Willie, I still have your words in my Memories so fresh as if you Spoke yesterday, I recalled a few and I cote  Do not  settle on the list but  Change your Direction, and be determine, you can climb to the highest level  for its possible.
I believe you still have so much to offer but only God Know est why he called you home REST IN PERFECT PEACE."

This tribute was added by Kodjo Akortor on 7th September 2012

"Shocking was the news of your demise. Living with Dada Abradevie, I remember your frequent visits to the house. Your call on me in London on your way to Scotland for the musical festival impressed me a lot though we had not met in years. Anyway it is obvious no amount of feelings would change the situation now, so all I can say is, farewell and rest in perfect with the Lord.- Fo Chris"

This tribute was added by ernest lampkins, Phd on 5th September 2012

"Willie, meeting you at the University of Pittsburgh, 1973, in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA and visiting you in your homes in Ho and Accra were among  the greatest moments of my life. Your brilliance as a Musician, Scholar, Educator and Humanitarian have had pronounced world-wide effect. Thanks for helping me find my ancestral home in the Volta Region, Ghana, Africa"

This tribute was added by Jimmy Lusero on 1st September 2012

"Komla brought me closer to the medicine of music."

This tribute was added by Selasi Amoako-Tsiagbey on 25th August 2012

"RIP till we meet again"

This tribute was added by Nuku Dargbe on 20th August 2012

""Fo Willie, I was very sad upon hearing the news of your death.I always admired your down to earth and wonderful nature.You were very influential in my decision to pursue advanced education in the USA.I still remember the first time my dad played your classic tunes in his car on his way to drop me off at primary school.You will be missed.RIP in God's arms ,sorry for not seeing u in 12yrs"

This tribute was added by Peter Kwatia on 16th August 2012

"From the first day I met Dr.Amoaku as a freshman at CSU, I have always remembered him as a jovial man,always smiling and helped all students with our problems  .RIP Dr Amoako, you will be missed."

This tribute was added by EMEFA TAKYI-AMOAKO on 16th August 2012


This tribute was added by Selase Amoaku on 14th August 2012

"I will forever regret the fact me and you never got to have that man to man with me as an adult. But I will always have my memories if you old man. The way you laughed. Picking me up from school. Sitting there watching Sankofa practice while I caused trouble. Beating your Congo drums cause I wanted to be just like you. The standing ovations after shows. The memories are everlasting dad.RIP"

This tribute was added by cincin kwasi Dargbe on 14th August 2012

"Ao !!  EFO WILLIE, how can this be true. I shall forever miss you..
Rest in perfect peace. Babaa babaa."

This tribute was added by Kwesi Wilson on 14th August 2012

"Prof, it still sounds like dream. We find it very difficult to accept the fact that you are gone but I guess it is becos the body is gone but the spirit is still here with us. You were our man and will always remain our man. The National Theatre has not been the same since you left but we pray that your spirit will see us through. Fare Thee Well Boss. May you rest in the Almighty's bosom."

This tribute was added by David Agbley on 12th August 2012

"Boss, you've been more than a father to me.the discussion i had with you before your demise lingers as though you're right beside me.Good people they say,do not live longer than you expect-i cannnot but to accept the reality of your songs. you have fought a good fight, you have kept the faith, may God reward you. Words cannot express my feelings. THANK YOU DAD,IMD SAYS RIP."

This tribute was added by Kakra Hughes on 11th August 2012

"I remember when I first went to Dr. Amoaku's home - in the fall of 1989 when Koryoe Anim picked Cynthia-Clare Tagoe and I and we went over for an afternoon.  I became a frequent visitor to the Amoaku's - indeed, it was a home away from home.  And on the  campus, Dr. Amoaku's support was simply incredible.  May the Father of all mercies and the God of all comfort comfort the Amoaku family."

This tribute was added by N. Agbenowosi on 10th August 2012

"Dr. Amoaku! Thank you for all your guidance and inspiration during my years in college.  It has indeed been a priviledge to know you personally.  You have fought the good fight and finished the race.  May you rest in peace."

This tribute was added by DENNIS AMOAKO on 6th August 2012

"Efo Willie,,it's with a heavy heart that I write this.You were such an inspiration, a great mentor, and someone who always brought out the best in people. Sadly, I didn't realise that your words, "Life is too short", which you spoke during our last conversation were your way of saying farewell to me. Juliet, kids & I will forever miss you & your Togbe Ga story! MAY THE LORD WELCOME U! RIP"

This tribute was added by Elena & Panyin Hughes on 5th August 2012

"Dr. Amoaku - You welcomed us to your home and to the US with open arms. And that made all the difference. We always knew that in you we had someone we could count on. And that made all the difference. You bridged a gap of some 3K miles and made home only 5 miles away. And that made all the difference. You lived a full life and left a mark, written on our hearts and seen in our lives.  RIP."

This tribute was added by Danielle Larsen on 5th August 2012

"May you dance in eternity!"

This tribute was added by juliet tetteh-hago on 3rd August 2012

"Doctor Amoaku, taste and see the bliss of heaven for the mighty judge did not set you free from death. There, a pure and healing fountain flows. You are now whole and free. God loves you and need you more. A great father, teacher and friend you were to all. You will be dearly missed for your humour and wisdom. Rest in the Lord doooooooc!"

This tribute was added by Evelyn Alomenu on 3rd August 2012

"So sad you joined the party of the heavenly hosts.  I appreciate all the help and hospitality you provided when I came to Central State University.  Your enthusiastic expression of joy and fun-loving spirit will be missed.  May your soul rest in peace and my prayer is that your family finds solace in knowing that you lived life to the fullest.  You'll forever be part of our lives."

This tribute was added by LaMaughn Muhammad on 1st August 2012

"May Allah be pleased with the life and work of Dr. Amoaku. May his family find comfort and continued strength knowing that the many people that found mentorship and guidance in Dr. Amoaku go forward, and are better human beings after having known him.... Long Live The Great Dr. William Komla Amoaku!"

This tribute was added by Didier ANTHONY on 1st August 2012

""Seuls vivent les morts dont on chante le nom."
"A deceased whose name is exalted by everybody is a LIVING dead"
Prof is still alive in the deepest of your conscience and may his soul rset in perfect peace. Amen!  
Condolences from Evangeline, Graciela & Manuella and especially from the household in Lome-Togo."

This tribute was added by Kwaku Amoaku on 1st August 2012

"Pops, I know that death is a part of life... But I'm having such a difficult time letting you go.  I will never forget the countless gigs where I got to see the greatest musician I've ever known.   There are so many unbelievable memories from my infancy to the last days I spent with you this past May.  I'm blessed to call you my ” Pops”. I'll carry you forever in everything I do. I love u."

This tribute was added by soili perkiö on 31st July 2012

"Here in Finland we were very sorry to hear these sad news. Many
music educators have learned so much from Prof. Amoaku. We are greatful to have met him and keep in our hearts the love for Ghana.
Bless you.
Soili Perkiö, Sibelius Academy. Finland"

This tribute was added by Doris Adovor Antwi-Darkwa on 31st July 2012

"sad to hear ......one way or the other you played a major role in most people's lives.. truth be told you assisted my Dad in getting my 1st student visa to the U.S. We loved you so much but  God loved you more..RIP Doc."

This tribute was added by Derek Double on 31st July 2012

"you won't know the value of an assert until you loose it. Prof! I really missed you already. the last thing you told me the last time I called you was that you said you won't die, you were going to come back so that we can finish the studio and and everything but........ R. I. P Prof!"

This tribute was added by kwesi attivie on 30th July 2012

"Come To Me
And I Will Give You Rest,( Matthew 11:28)
With Deepest Sympathy
May you find comfort and peace
In His Loving Embrace.
God Bless
Paul,Emma,Ama &Kofi Attivie"

This tribute was added by Jennifer Amegatcher on 30th July 2012

"May your memory live on in the hearts of your loved ones
Rest In Peace"

This tribute was added by Kaffia Amoaku on 30th July 2012

"R.I.P I would love to have met you grandad <3"

This tribute was added by Kwame Amoaku on 30th July 2012

"Dad.  My heart is so heavy with grief over you leaving us. The Legacy you have left will live forever through your children and grandchildren.  You have been an inspiration to me and countless others.  I will do everything I can to make sure my kids know what a great man you are.
I love you."

This tribute was added by Navena Guha on 30th July 2012

"May Your Soul Rest In Perfect Peace!!"

This tribute was added by senyo amoaku on 30th July 2012

"His heart and amazing fortitude has influenced so many through music and humanity. Love ya pop!"

This tribute was added by Diana Opoku-Amoaku on 28th July 2012

"Fo Willie, I'm glad I saw you and we chatted a few weeks ago about your grandkids and life. Your grandkids, Sena and Kekelli are heart broken. You'll surely be missed.
We wish you peace as you rest in the bossom of your creator."

This tribute was added by Creative Solutions Ghana on 28th July 2012


This tribute was added by P Amoaku on 28th July 2012

"Oh Pops, you've certainly left all of us heart broken over your death. We're having a hard time accepting the fact that you're gone and gone too soon!. You suffered so much in your last days, but thank God you're now resting peacefully with no pain. Rest in perfect peace till we all meet again!"

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