Posted by Suja Pisharody on August 30, 2021
What do I say about Joshi uncle ?

He was a part of my growing up years in H.A colony being my aunt’s neighbour for a few years. I remember how easily he, his wife and his tiny adorable daughters soon became part of our family.

He used to call my aunt and uncle Amma and Achan, the mallu lingo for mom and dad.

I got so used to seeing him and his family around that very soon not just me but all our visiting relatives ( believe me we had loads ) got to know him and believed him to be part of our extended family.

After my marriage I kind of lost touch and do feel guilty that I did not meet him at all the last few years.

My memory of him is that of a compassionate, kind, jovial soul with a fantastic sense of humour who just radiated smiles and positivity….a very rare trait these days.

I am so glad our paths met and I like to believe he is somewhere out there in an alternate universe, playing his trumpet and making it a beautiful space.

Love you and so wish had told you in person how much of a difference you made in our lives. ♥️♥️

Happy B’day !

Posted by Amit Padalkar on August 29, 2021
Baba was one of the most humble, talented, wisest, kindest and generous human beings I had the pleasure of knowing over all these years. He was an unshakable pillar of support to us… we were the best of friends as much as we were family, and he was genuinely one with whom I could discuss & share anything with zero judgment or bias. We had deep conversations and countless moments of laughter - we spoke so often and yet it seems it was not enough… I fondly remember our long road trips, treasured moments spent playing music together and much much more. As coincidences go, in the video of our last jam we were playing “knocking on heaven’s door”… little did I know how poignant that memory would turn out to be. Baba, you were a beautiful human being gone too soon, having left a huge void in all our hearts. You are missed everyday.
Posted by Geeta Sundar on August 29, 2021
Happy birthday Ajit! I have goosebumps seeing your face because I am convinced you are reading this.
Posted by Manoj Thandassery on August 28, 2021
Baba was a special person. Bursting with life and energy. Always smiling and cheering up everyone. The life and soul of every get-together.

He will always live on in a million hearts. The animals that he rescued. The patients that owe their lives and babies to him. Friends and Family. And many many more...
Posted by Jayanth Narayanan on August 17, 2021
Dear Uncle, I cannot tell you how much I miss you even though we did not keep in touch or speak for a few years prior to your passing. I remember you with so much fondness that I smile when I think of your beautiful personality. Your kindness, humour, light hearted presence were so unique and rare. I still remember the first time I stayed with you in Pune, summer of 1999. I laughed so much and you were so warm and gracious. When I needed counsel when I was having my daughter, you were there to support me. You really held me with so much love and kindness. I did not know that you had passed on until much later. I miss you uncle. You were one of the special ones.
Posted by Asha Misra on August 17, 2021
Paying a tribute to someone you brought up, is so painful. It says he’s no more amongst us. But that’s not true. He is still there in our thoughts. All of us loved him dearly. He touched our lives in so many ways.

I remember him telling me, to let Jeejaji carry on smoking in his last days. Ajit just knew what pain he was going through. Both of us had immense faith in him. Half of my pain would disappear after talking to him.

He never held back in giving a helping hand no matter who it was. He was so compassionate towards animals. His Girivan was a haven for abandoned animals. That’s how good, kind and generous he was.

Today I am here because of him. Without a thought he and Vidya saw me through my surgery. I will never ever forget it!!

They say behind every successful man is a woman. Strong steadfast, she was always there. He always told me, how much he cared for Vidya and could do nothing without her. Their bond was so strong and loving, very few people have that.

Right from his childhood to the end, there are innumerable memories that bring a smile. His love for music, cars, bikes, we all know. His curiosity and knowledge on any topic was amazing.

We all miss you Ajit, but I know where ever you are, you are at peace, and surely one day we will meet. You are never forgotten. You are still amongst us.
Posted by Dr.Reshma Sakore on August 15, 2021
Dear Joshi sir,

It is difficult to express my emotions about you in words. You were a gem of a person, a best teacher and a lovely mentor for us.
I am so thankful to God that we were able to work under your guidance. You taught us so many things not only professional but also to be good in our personal life.

With your knowledge,sense of humour, you always taught us how to enjoy your work. there is not a single day,we don't miss you. You will always live within us through your teachings. We will try to complete your wish, by practicing as you taught us.
I am proud to say that I'm a student of a person who was not only best in his profession but was also a great musician and great animal lover.

We love you sir....
We Miss you lot sir....
Posted by Ravindra Shelmohakar on August 12, 2021
It is very heartening to write a tribute for a gem of a person in medical fraternity in pcmc. I got to meet him and work with since 2005. I and many of us junior doctors always dreamt of and are still dreaming to live a lifestyle like him. To manage weekend for the family in spite of such a busy workload is what someone like him only could do. Worked very closely with him after 2013. A person to talk to about not just medical things but was a tremendous reader of any new thing coming in any field. It is very hard to believe that such a fatherly figure is no more to guide us. Such an early and accidental exit of sir has created a big hollow in life of all doctors and staff working with him in Safalya Nursing Home. I am sure he will be blessings us from above. Thank you madam and Gayatritai for providing this platform to express about such a lively person which many of us in medical fraternity look as iconic figure.
Posted by Saima Chogale on July 17, 2021
The world changes from year to year,our lives from day to day but the love and memory of you shall never pass away... Word's can never be enough to express about you sir...

He was an amazing human being,a remarkable teacher and a mentor and a true animal lover..Sir you were right,u are living through us,through the teaching you gave us..

Everytime we come across a patient or your colleagues or ur students they always have a story to say,how you have touched there life and many times going out of your way..
We are still inspired by your ideology..
You have lived a remarkable life.You will always be remembered ad person full of energy, enthusiasm and knowledge and ur love for music and animals was crazy..

Once in a lifetime people get to meet an amazing person like you. You have guided us all through difficult times..You have touched so many lives,so many people and made them walk the right path,the path of wisdom..

Not everyone has the quality which you had, making a crying person smile with you beautiful sense of humour..
I know you must be reading this too somehow and as always wishing good for all of us..

We miss you sir...
Posted by Avinash Deodatta Joshi on July 17, 2021
Ajit, what does the name mean - it means invincible, irresistible, unsurpassed, unconquered. Ajit had an irresistible personality, he was unsurpassed and unconquered in his profession as well as anything that he decided to embark on, be it music as a musician or anything to do with automobiles, two things that he loved . A happy go lucky chap who was like a magnet, everyone got attracted to him . He had in him what everyone of us admired in him , always extended a helping hand , be it humans or animal's. As his elder brother , I was very proud of him and his achievements. Unfortunately he was not INVINCIBLE in the end . It is said that God takes those he loves , we lost him far too early to the dreaded Leukemia. We miss his presence and just can't think that he is not with us today . REST IN ETERNAL PEACE MY DEAR BROTHER, WE KNOW THAT YOU ARE WITH US LIKE AN ANGEL.
Posted by Ranjan Rajgopaul on June 30, 2021
We first met Ajitkaka via the doggie network. Radhika had adopted an abandoned terrier from us. When we were looking for a home for an abandoned Great Dane Jordan, Kaka came to the rescue. We met briefly outside our house and in those 15 minutes established an amazingly strong bond. Fast forward to dinner with Kaka and Kaki at their lovely home, where he showed off his musical instruments. Then we learned about who all he played music with - many many common friends. Looking at all the tributes above, I now feel I must have seen and heard him play at Jazz Garden, back in the day. Fast forward yet again to his adopting another of our little doggies, Sunday. And yet another from my sister in law, called Bobo. When we visited them in Hilimanjaro in Girivan, we saw them all thriving, the dogs and Kaka and Kaki, and of course the staff. All surrounded by lots of love. That was the first time he played the sax for us. And then we kept making plans to meet and eat, but unfortunately it was not meant to be. We loved Kaka! He is missed tremendously. :'( <3
Posted by Mayuri Dhavale on June 29, 2021

Its not been easy to write about you in past tense . Reason being you still are larger than life and right there as soon as I close my eyes . Its strange how your spirit still lives on and how much you still are a part of our lives and conversations. Our last conversations never leaves me. "Mayu don't worry about me , I'll be good , ill be like fairy dust riding on the backs of my four legged friends " I see you everywhere now Ajit Kaka... and I see you happy seeing the family closer , spending time with each other ...being there for each other.  You were after all the fevicol of our family , the one who glued everyone together,  the admin of the group along with me :)

There are times I have missed you immensely . The first phone call I always got on odies birthday was from you .....after all it was you who pushed him out of my tummy when my own gynac looked lost . I never felt awkward having my uncle around during the always had a way of making one feel comfortable and at ease even when they were going through the most difficult times in their life .

I miss you when I listen to music ( which is almost everyday ) . A song comes up that I grew up listening to and it takes me back to all those times when as a child we would all round up in your home singing songs while you played the keys or the guitar ....I still remember going for walks in girivan and I could hear you play the saxophone at a distance . It was perfect the green mountains , the slight drizzle and the sound of your saxophone playing our fav songs calming . Today I go to girivan more often thanks to gaya and kaku ....but its not the same . The place misses your energy that would light up the place .

It takes a sensitive man to know what is going on in a person's heart and then say things to make them feel better without even mentioning a word . For me you were that man . Calling me a "swan of the family " when I was a gawky teenager :) only you could do that ajit kaka , telling me at the hospital " dont worry mayu there is a handsome man who is going to come your way who will fill your life with love and security " I hold on to that kaka and now I leave it to you to send that person in my life are my angel up there . I miss you and I want to thank you for being a wonderful brother to my dad , the best brother in law my mom could ask for , the best uncle to uri , ra and me  and the most lovable grandfather to odie . You are up there now with my phoebe and im sure you both spend a lot of time with each other content and happy to see that all the ones you loved so dearly are doing well and that they miss you very much .....every day of their lives . Everyone will go one day but to be loved by so many is definitely of a sign of a life lived well did kaka remain loved by each person who crossed your path.  A part of you remains with all of us . Thank you for being MY ajit kaka .
Posted by johan monserrate on June 28, 2021
Life is full of beautiful memories of our friendship of 35 years. It has left a mark in our lives and we will cherish the memories till the end.

Doctor was an amazing person who touched the lives of a lot of people. His kind heart won him many friends. Doctor has seen us through our lows and highs and has been a strong shoulder to lean on.

I’m sure your resting in peace, my dear friend. We miss you and hope to meet you in the next life.

John & Antush
Posted by Jose Nogar on June 27, 2021

Ajit and me got close from the word go, to me he was and will always be a symbol of love and admiration, not only was he a genuine human being, but also a person with incredible personality, and love for people, life, music etc etc, we somehow clicked on the music that he was so good at, and me being a drummer,we had a great session or two at my place, where he enthralled everyone with his love for it, a very warm hearted person that's very rare to find, although i can go on and on, although our friendship was recent, but he surely left a huge impact in my heart, RIP AJIT, YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY LIFE AND IAM SURE WE'LL MEET AGAIN FOR ANOTHER JAM!!! LOVE TO THE FAMILY ❤
Posted by Seema Pisharody on June 25, 2021
When Joshi uncle came as our neighbour in HA colony, he was the most the most handsome man the colony had ever witnessed. He walked with his gorgeous wife and two beautiful kids. My mon connected with them instantly and took charge of the little ones immediately with a fierce possessiveness as if she was their grandmother. From that moment there was no turning back for the Joshi's and the Pisharody's. Once uncle moved out form HA and started his own practice, it was weekly ritual for them to come home every evening. We would so look forward to uncles visit with aunty an the kids. He used to regale us with soooo many stories and keep us rolling till we could take it no more. For my parents; Amma Achan as he fondly called them, he became the son they never had, for us sisters and the extended family he was the brother, uncle, patriarch all rolled into one. He was extremely possessive of " Achan", insisted he looked like Prem Nazir the ever green star from Malayalam movie. He used to rag me about my love for the Punjabis.
There are so many things to write about him ,but i guess its never enuff. Uncle you will never be missed, you are just there. I can feel you smiling and laffing from up there. Love you so much
Posted by Lorna ( Deepa) Divekar on June 23, 2021
What can I say about Ajit? There's so much to say.
He was truly a multidimentional personality. Brilliant in studies and Academics and equally good at music. He took music to a different level. He could handle any instrument with ease the guitar, piano, Sax, keyboard drums . He used to innovate and improvise music extempo. He was the live wire at any party or get together, with abundance od energy and his signature infectious smile. He truly had a Zest for life (Joie de Vivre)
He was also a real family man. He cared for each and every member of the family and went our of his way to help and guide them
The Gods must be crazy to take him away so soon. I guess God loved him too.
We will miss you dearly Ajit.
Posted by Sana Raazi on June 22, 2021
“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” - Each line here is so true! You did leave us with your memories.

I have heard many lovely stories from Jamaal, and some from my dear friends, whom Uncle always attended with his positive vibe. I will always remember the day at Sanjeevani Apts when Jamaal introduced me, and my reaction was he is so cute :) That's how I will always remember, Uncle. Waiting for you at Safalya Clinic to see you arrive in your auto was always a delight!

May all these memories be the strength to Aunty, Yogini and Gayatri. God Bless everyone!  
Posted by Shailesh Ratnaparkhi on June 22, 2021
My salute to the person who exuded positivity in one and all around him.
Ajit always strived for excellence and most often achieved it. He always aimed high.
An important incident which I would like to narrate here
My wife , Smita was registered with him for our second child ( now known as Sameer) . Just two odd weeks before her expected day of delivery, he sustained a dislocated shoulder , which was duly treated . But now his arm was in a sling for three weeks.
And lo behold my wife developed labour pains well into the third week of his immobilisation. To make matters worse she needed a Caesarian section. Ajit performed an immaculate surgery to safely deliver my child ,(his arm was in a sling during the entire surgery!! Would you believe it!!!!)
There were no complications!!!! He was such a master!!
Posted by Darryl Duncan on June 21, 2021
Where do I begin? Ajit's formative years were spent in Jabalpur and he was in the rival English school to mine, his being C of E and mine Roman Catholic but that did not firm a barrier when we first met up in Medical College Jabalpur. I remember him driving his grey Lambretta to college with our colleague Murali riding pillion, who unfortunately passed away in 2017.
Ajit left for Pune with his family and finished his medical studies and post grad degree from there and went on to become one of the top Obstetrics and Gynaecologist in Pune. We were fortunate to have him manage several reunions of our medical college with the most memorable ones being at Girivan and subsequently Goa. What a ball we had during those get togethers. Vidya and Ajit made a formidable couple in seeing that all the details of such gatherings went smoothly. I got to know Ajit better by then and he came across as a "pukka" family man who wanted to show his country to his grandchildren and which he accomplished. His charitable work especially with animals were known to few of us as he was not one to boast but he was a softy where dogs were concerned. He was a Hindu by birth but claimed to be a humanist who out himself out for others . In summary he was a legend of s guy who loved music and was a very talented musician and a keen motorcyclist.
By the will of God he was snatched away from us all too early after he established all creature comforts for his family and many friends to enjoy during his retirement but which wasn't to be. He leaves a large gap in the lives of many. He'll surely be jamming his music in heaven. Rest well my friend in your heavenly abode.
Posted by Upendra Lele on June 21, 2021
Dr. Ajit (daji) was a truely amazing person. He was always cheerful and bubbling with enthusiasm. He had a great sense of humour and was the star of every gathering. I am too small to comment on his knowledge and skills in the medical field. He must have treated thousands of patients during his lifetime and earned their blessings. We (Lele family) are particularly indebted to him and Vidya tai for taking care of my mother during her surgery. Dr. Ajit was a thorough gentleman with a helping nature. We shall always miss him. May God bless his soul with eternal peace. Many thanks to Gayatri for allowing us to express our feelings through this wonderful website!  
Posted by Sherry Datta on June 20, 2021
There are but a few people in this world who leave an indelible mark in our hearts and Uncle Ajit was just such a person.

I will eternally be grateful to him for safely bringing my niece and nephew into this world. He was always larger than life and had many musical talents with which we were joyously entertained. Yet, it will be the ever smiling face with that naughty glint in his eye that will be forever remembered. 

And yea though he has walked through the shadow of the valley of death, he has left a mountain of love behind him.

In ever fond memory, SLY!
Posted by radhika singh on June 20, 2021
I can’t believe I am writing a tribute because of your passing. Words cannot describe this difficult moment, but if it's the only way I can tell you kaka, then I know I will do so with the knowledge that I consider myself blessed to have lived this life as your niece.
You touched so many lives by your selfless and countless acts of kindness, always giving and never expecting anything in return.
My love and respect for you is different from others, as you and I connected by our love for dogs. So, without a doubt you are n will always be my animal spirit. I miss you kaka.
Posted by Michael Pereira on June 20, 2021
I first met Doc Joshi ( as we musicians used to fondly call him ) back in the late 90’s in Jazz Garden. He was there almost every Saturday driving down with his family or riding down on his Bullet after work in the cold Pune winters always there to cheer and encourage us musicians.

With time we became friends and often jammed together on stage. Be it the sax, guitar, keyboard or vocals he was a very versatile musician and we shared some great times/memories playing music together.

I was always amazed at his passion for music, and also how he always found time to help us musicians whatever the problem be.

His Kindness, Smile, Passion for life and encouraging loud whistles between songs will forever fondly stay with me.

Really miss him !!
Posted by Anthony Moraes on June 20, 2021
I met Dr. Ajit D Joshi in the year 1987 and knew him just as a Doctor then. Soon this bond bloomed into friendship and then we became neighbours at Sanjeevani appts where we nurtured countless memories of celebrating festivals together,music jamming sessions, fun time at Jazz Garden and so on... My entire family was attracted to his aura and his mere presence gave us a sense of security. He was our Go To person for any medical advice and were rest assured we will receive the right guidance. My wife always thinks of him when we prepare Pork Vindaloo. Rest in Peace Doc. You will be in our hearts forever!
Posted by Bama Sridhar on June 19, 2021
A warm hearted person you were, that touched everyone, man, woman, child that had the fortune to come in contact with you.
And, I feel blessed to have known you all these years as a friend and classmate. I treasure the times I and others have spent in your company.
Your dedication to your professional career with passion, concern and care for the less fortunate, needy and underserved , emblematic of your nature, a great quality of yours.
Your championing the cause of welfare of dogs a noble trait at that.
Your love of Nature and the joy you derived from it was remarkable.
Great reunion organizer that culminated in best arrangements ever.
And finally, but not in the least, your love for music, skill and adeptness in playing instruments, complemented your gift of a singing voice, that set you in the realm of versatility.
Life may have deprived you of years in them, but your years were full of life!
You live long in our thoughts and memories.

Posted by K srivastava on June 15, 2021
Ajit has a special place in the heart of all of us. During the 5 years of knowing him and Vidya, I have shared many pleasant times together.
His enthusiasm, knowledge, helping nature and love for the animals was always apparent.
His zest for living and positive approach to life was evident through his cartoons. When he played guitar, saxophone and sang, everyone used to be mesmerised.
I thank God that he crossed our path of life and pray that he is happy and peaceful wherever he is.

Posted by Barid Bhattacharya on June 14, 2021
I have been lucky to have many good friends but haven’t found anyone like Ajit! The first thing that comes to my mind about him is that he was the finest human being I came across. He was multifaceted - brilliant in academics, extremely popular doctor, superb sports person, excellent as a musician, efficient organiser and deeply involved in animal welfare. I run out of adjectives to describe him. Like all his other friends, I miss him dearly.
Posted by Kameswari Prasad Pappu on June 14, 2021
Ajit has always been like smiling friend who has helped me number of times miss you a lot I always remember you used to sing raat kali for me in college . May you be at rest where ever you are we cherish all the time spent with you
Posted by Abha Singh on June 14, 2021
Beautiful melodious tribute to a most wonderful warm hearted person who infused life in the party,always smiling and ever so helpful. We fondly recollect our reunions arranged so meticulously by dear Vidya and you.l remember the lovely time we had in Lucknow at our place.You promised that in December 2019,you would bring your musical instruments and we will all party on our farm house.....but alas you were cruelly snatched away from us .Your sweet memories will always bring smile on our faces.adieu dear friend
Posted by Geeta Sundar on June 14, 2021
Love you always Ajit. Miss your zindadili, your helpful nature, your intelligence, your music-- everything. Till we meet! Geeta
Posted by Rohan Thandassery on June 13, 2021
Dear Baba,
I have so many fond, loving and wholesome memories that its impossible to lay them all out on this one note, I shall write about a few of my most memorable moments and memories with you.
Our trips to Goa and us eating infinite fish/prawn curry and going to the beach early in the morning before everyone else were some of the most fun times ever. Ill always remember stopping for dry fruits on the way back and blasting music on our trips to Goa and Girivan :). Trips to jabalpur and seeing and meeting all your lovely friends was an awesome experience that im so happy I got to share with you. (that was the first time ive ever gone on a train)
Even our road trip to Rajasthan and Agra were so cool and awesome (eating all the yummy food and the drive were the best parts.)
Always knew that whenever we would spend time together, it would be a very memorable, fun, warm and wholesome memory that I would keep with me forever. Thank you for all the fun memories, trips and experiences.
Miss you a lot :')
Posted by Gayatri Joshi on June 13, 2021
Dearest Baba, I have created this page for you. Your energy and zest for life lives on. There are too many memories and I will try and do justice to your memory, there is just so much everyone should know about your brilliance. A man like no other, no other like you. Love you always - G

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