Arun. Papa. Bhaiya. Chacha. Mama. Uncle. Sir. And most recently Dadu :) 

We called him with different names and loved him in our own way. He loved us too and ensured he had a positive impact in our lives. He was a man of different moods and flavours, many interests but the most important to him was people in his life. He made sure he made time and was there for them when he was needed, he also loved disappearing when not needed :)  Always ready with a good joke for the occasion (a special gift!) and tried his best to change the mood to a light hearted positive state ... 

This memorial is created to help share those stories with each other and an aspect of him that can give us the strength to deal with the loss of his passing. He loved a good celebration and his life needs to be celebrated.

Do share stories, incidents and interactions with him .. we are waiting to read these! 

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Time: 6 PM IST 
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Sushma, Kabir, Priyanka, Shitij and Saloni 

Posted by Vinod Malhotra on November 14, 2021
May the winds of Heaven blow softly and whisper in your ear How much we love and miss you and wish that you were here.
Posted by Sushma Malhotra on November 14, 2021
Knowing how much you loved a good party, we are sure you are celebrating somewhere ...and if heaven had visiting hours, we would gate crash your party and give you a surprise ...
Posted by Saloni Malhotra on September 13, 2021
All the best things in my life were gifts from you … words of wisdom, learning’s, physicals things, the people, the thoughts, the stories, the skills … the list is endless
Posted by Ranjit Chadha on August 2, 2021
Years ago when my grandfather had passed away, Saloni shared this beautiful poem with me for him. As it’s equally apt for Arun uncle too, someone I’ve always admired and looked up to, albeit we had short meetings, I’d like to share this back for him. Sometimes people come into your life and you feel you’ve known them for ever - such was the way I perceived our relationship.

A limb has fallen from the family tree.
I keep hearing a voice that says, "Grieve not for me".
Remember the best times, the laughter, the song.
The good life I lived while I was strong.
Continue my heritage, I am counting on you.
Keep smiling and surely the sun will shine through.
My mind is at ease, my soul is at rest.
Remembering all, how I truly was blessed.
Continue traditions, no matter how small.
Go on with your life, don't worry about falls.
I miss you all dearly, so keep up your chin.
Until the day comes we're together again.

We'll miss you uncle.
Posted by Saloni Malhotra on July 31, 2021
I search for you

I search for you
In the conversations
The activities
The laughter

I search for you
In the ideas
The fears
The hopes

I search for you
In places known and unknown
The social media
The confines of my heart

I search for you
While all I should do
Is just let you go
Posted by Saloni Malhotra on July 31, 2021
There is no technology
That can help me reach you
No tweet, no email, no SMS

There is no medium
That can help me communicate
No song, no written word, no video

How do I reach you!l?
How do I share how much I love you?
How do I bring you back to life? 
Posted by Neha Bhardwaj on June 8, 2021
Dr. Arun Malhotra helped me when my mother had a severe bronchitis attack and he helped us and sent us to the right doctor. I met him to thank him for his help and that was my first introduction with him. I remember him as a very warm hearted and approachable person. There was an ease of manner about him and one instantly experienced positive energy around him. He will be dearly missed.
Posted by Sreejith Nedumpully on June 7, 2021
I first spoke to Dr Arun in 2008 when Saloni introduced me and my very early stage startup to him. He shortly placed an order for around 750 artisan-made bags with us for an international conference he was organizing at AIIMS. Despite a busy schedule close to the event he went through the minute details of the bag and was very encouraging of our efforts. Though a few bags were delivered delayed by the courier some of his colleagues wrote to me later enquiring about our bags saying Dr Arun recommended our name. I felt much gratitude

During one of those days I had to make a short visit to Delhi, but was not able to meet him. When he came to know this from Saloni I got a terse email  saying, would have been nice to meet when you were here. 

Finally I met him on an evening in 2017 at his place when Saloni invited me for dinner. The entire family was around the table. His warmth, kindness, and charm was incredible. Clearly his joy was in seeing everyone around the table ate well and I was treated no different than the family for those couple of hours. My lasting impression of that meeting is how proud he was of Saloni and Shitij and how all of them including Shitij's wife were all like a team of friends chatting away every topic under the sun! RIP Dr Arun!
Posted by Anil Malik on June 5, 2021
Can't forget him. Used to walk with me at nehru place park about 15 yrs back. Always said hello even when he was driving and saw me. A gem of a person. God bless him..
Posted by Frank Roesch on June 4, 2021
It was in 2005 or 2006, when at one of the many international conferences a grey-haired Indian approached me asking whether it would be possible to establish our 68Ge-68Ga-generator system in his department. Only a few month later I (fortunately together with my young son Tom) arrived at Delhi at Diwali time. The other day we met at AIIMS and started installing the generator equipment. The following day we did 68Ga-DOTA-TOC and Arun injected it for the first time (as far as I know) in India and for all of the world outside Central Europe.
Yet, despite all the overwhelming impressions we got from the country, it was the attitude and dedication of Arun - a really gentle man.

Later, I had the honor to have him with me at my institute and it was exciting to see how he adopted the chemistry we did. I believe he loved spending a few days and behaved like a young and free man.
I, me son Tom and my wife Anca will keep him alive in our hearts forever.

Let me also thank the family to create this beautiful website in his honor.
Posted by Aayush Tandon on June 3, 2021
As a younger child of the family, I maybe was able to see only a fragment of Arun uncle's life. I would see him present at every single family gathering without fail, sitting calmly, observing the room around him. As soon as a random discussion would start, as it does in every family gathering, he was sure to provide his experienced perspective. The rest of the time he was happily silent, just taking it all in, comfortable in his own thoughts. I saw the respect everyone had for him, and the weight that his opinion carried. Even though I know only a limited amount about the relationship my father, Sanjiv, had with Arun uncle, my mother always told me that Arun uncle was an excellent big brother to my dad. I know how fond my grandmother was of Arun uncle, dare I say one of her favourites from all her loving nephews and nieces. We will miss your warmth, Arun uncle, and your incandescent guidance.
Posted by Rajni Vohra on June 2, 2021
सुषमा दीदी आपसे और अरुण भाई साहब से पिछले 30 सालों से रिश्ता जुड़ा हुआ है... चाहे मिल पाएं यां ना मिल पाएं मन में आपके लिए और परिवार के लिए हमेशा ही एक प्यार बना हुआ है.. जब भी मिलते हैं बहुत अच्छा लगता है...आपके घर वाली संगीत की महफिल तो भूले नहीं भूलती ...अरुण भाई साहब तो किसी अनजान को भी अपना बना लेने का हुनर रखते थे.. हमेशा एक पिटारा जोक्स का उनके पास तैयार रहता था... आप सबकी ओर अरुण भाई साहब की ये बेहतरीन यादें हमेशा हमारे साथ रहें शायद यही उन को सबसे सच्ची और सुखद श्रद्धांजलि होगी... उन यादों के सहारे वो हमेशा हमारे साथ हैं... अभी भी
Posted by Madhavi Tripathi on June 2, 2021
Sir was my boss as SR,pool and then when i joined AIIMS as assistant professor.It is indeed very difficult and rather impossible to accept that sir is not amongst us any more.
Will always cherish his wàrm smile and kindness along my journey of life. His face flashes before my eyes as i write this tribute with tears in my eyes and pray to god to give mam saloni and shitij the courage to bear this immense loss.
Posted by Rajiv Pathni on June 1, 2021
To say it is a sad day would not do justice to Dr Arun Malhotra. He was one who celebrated life in all its dimensions and would like us to remember him so. 
I first met him about 15 years back as a resident in AIIMS. His knowledge and passion for science in general and medicine in specific was well known. But it was only when you came close to him that you noticed the sagacity and humility, radiant warmth and generosity.
We at BLESS were fortunate to be mentored and led by him.
His legacy lives on through the many lives he touched and nurtured.
We join the family in prayers.
Om Shanti.

(On behalf of members of BLESS)
Posted by Anshul Khandelwal on May 31, 2021
I had met uncle for the first time when Saloni invited me home for a sumptuous dinner. And what I remember very clearly of that first meeting was he made me laugh a lot! Even while writing this, the whole scene is playing out in front of my eyes. A very kind and charming personality, uncle was full of warmth and had a twinkle in his eyes. I am thankful that I got to meet him and will always remember him.
Posted by Dee Osemeno on May 31, 2021
My sincere condolences to the family of Dr. Arun Malhotra. Loosing a loved one is heartbreaking and confusing, I can only imagine the pain felt by Dr. Arun Malhotra's dear family but I know that God understands and he will help you heal. Infact at Isaiah 25vs 8 God promises to 'swallow up death forever'. I pray that Jehovah gives you strength beyond what is normal.
Posted by Rajiv Kuchhal on May 30, 2021
There is a french phrase called "joie de vivre". Nothing describes Uncle better than this phrase, full of life as he was always. After spending some time with him, you may be excused if he comes across as the younger one, such was his spirit.

Uncle, you may have crossed over other side - but you will always remain with us - as an example of living your life to the fullest. We will miss your company, but will always carry your memories.
Posted by A R on May 29, 2021
I only met Uncle a few times but those brief meetings were enough to feel his warmth and generosity. I also got a huge second hand dose of Uncle-isms through Saloni and it was always a treat to hear his wise words and funny anecdotes.

He continues to create community through this page and it's inspiring and rewarding to see how many lives he positively impacted. He will definitely be missed.

Lots of love and strength to everyone, especially Aunty, Saloni, Shitij and Priyanka.

Posted by shashi mehra on May 30, 2021
"Koi silsila raushni ka nikalo
Mashalein khatam ho toh mujhko jala lo
Mere shabd takleef mai saath denge
Kabhi de ke aawaaz tum aazmaalo"

This was the big heart person that he was, A true work of God.
Posted by Apratim Biswas on May 29, 2021
I had the good fortune of interacting with sir the past couple of years. The period was too short but left a lasting impression of a thorough gentleman and very kind soul with a verve for life and all that it brought. Infectious optimism all the time with warmth and affection. All I can say is that he is in a better place now but will be missed by everyone whose lives he touched. I will cherish the fond memories of the conversations we used to have and pray for his Moksha. Om Shanti
Posted by Pragnya Wakhlu on May 29, 2021
I knew uncle for a short time but in the time I've known him I found him to be a wonderfully generous spirit who cared about people deeply ,had a sense of adventure and a love for music and his family. He was a sweet man and I'm glad I got to know him and share some musical moments and conversations with him.Msy his soul rest in peace.Sending love to aunty ,Saloni,Shitij and Priyanka to help tide you through this time.
Posted by Pulkit Malhotra on May 29, 2021
I would call myself very lucky to be born in a family where Dr. Arun Malhotra was my chachu and I could live one floor away from him in Kalkaji and get to see and meet him almost everyday. I’m probably the youngest out of all the cousins in the family but Chacha used to make sure I was a part of celebrations in all age groups. From my early childhood I had the biggest fear of getting into water since I somehow drowned myself 2-3 times before so he took me to AIIMS swimming pool and helped me beat that fear. I also had a really bad fear of pets because a street dog had bit me but he helped get over that fear as well by having their first pet cuddly around me and now I can’t imagine a life without dogs. He instilled those qualities in all their kids to face your fears head on and conquer them. I have always remembered him as someone who had one of the best smiles. All three Malhotra brothers have this love and compassion for life & food that has somehow been passed down to all the kids. They loved to take us to different restaurants or just a drive out for ice cream to Nirulas for no apparent reason. Last time I meet him in January he had mentioned that he has been able to meet all the kids abroad except me since I’m farthest away in California and he had promised he will be visiting me & Nandita very soon. I would like to believe that one day he will show up to our door with his huge charismatic smile and say “dekh main aa gaya” !!
Posted by Devendra Gupta on May 29, 2021
Such shocking news with the loss of a friend, gentle man, super specialist, and an academician par excellence. He had an infectious smile. Built the department with most modern equipment.
Always helped the friends and patients in need. He will be remembered for times to come. May God rest his noble soul in eternal peace.
Posted by Dhananjay Kumar Singh on May 29, 2021
Those we love never truly leave us. There are things that death cannot touch. Missing you Sir...!
Posted by Medha Singh on May 29, 2021
Dr. Arun was always so helpful whenever I met him - he inspired me to be grateful and positive through his shares and conversations. I feel so lucky to have known him and pass on my deepest condolences to his family.
Posted by Rajinder Talwar on May 29, 2021
Dr Arun Malhotra one of the finest human being We met in our life with parexcellance knowledge.
Always helping
We will miss him a lot
God bless his soul and grant courage to family accept the irreparable loss
In fact we have no words left to describe his personality
Posted by Apurv Mittal on May 29, 2021
My first memory of uncle is of meeting him on the way to pune and remember commenting to Shitij about how similar he looks to Azim Premji.
Over the years I was fortunate enough to share a few meals with uncle and learn various life lessons from him.
I will always remember uncle as a person who can bring smile to anyone's face.
May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Prateek Mehta on May 29, 2021
Arun Chachu was icon of Nuclear medicine in India

Such a big loss

Till this end he was trying to establish nuclear medicine centers

Very few people in this planet are fortunate to give back so much back to the humanity

Such a jovial person with so many jokes up his sleeve

He would adapt to any age group and become a centre of attraction

Some people are unforgettable, he will always live in our memories

We are so sorry for your loss
Posted by Rupika Mehta on May 29, 2021
Chachi.....I wish i was there with youll..cant believe that my chachu who was my inspiration, my role model is not with us. From childhood till this day I always looked up to him and wished I could be like him. He was so jovial and always melted our heart with his lovely sense of humor. Anyone who got associated with him " adored and loved him " . He has so many admirers, given so much to humanity. Love him so much and miss him dearly. RIP = Return if possible..because we miss u
Posted by Ashwanth Gnanavelu on May 29, 2021
I have met Uncle during his visits to Chennai and at Delhi events. He was extremely friendly and a great person to have a conversation. I shall always remember his for his cheerfulness and energy.
Posted by Arun Vohra on May 29, 2021
अश्रुपूर्ण श्रद्धांजलि ...डॉक्टर अरुण मल्होत्रा का मुस्कुराता हुआ चेहरा अभी भी आंखों के सामने से ओझल नहीं हो रहा... डॉक्टर साहब का संगीत उनकी खुशमिजाजी में बखूबी झलकता था... सच्चा और पवित्र संगीत वही जो दिल में खुशी के भाव पैदा करें और डॉक्टर मल्होत्रा का हंसमुख मिजाज शायद उन्हें अपने अलग तरह की संगीत की महफिलों का सरताज बनाता था.. हमारी खुशकिस्मती जो हम पिछले साल चाहे कुछ पल के लिए ही सही उनकी तरह की संगीत की खुशहाल महफिलों में उनसे जुड़ पाए... भगवान से प्रार्थना उनका विरासत में दिया हुआ खुश मिजाजी का संगीत हम भी जिंदगी में अपना सकें... जय श्री कृष्ण
Posted by Vinita malhotra jha on May 29, 2021
I have known uncle for so many years. With Raju bhaiya and Minna we also called chacha. Don’t think he ever minded that! He was fondly always remembered by my colleague Dr Pankaj Dougall and we always had such good words for him. The same went for my parents. Mummy papa would always say- Arun is such a kind hearted gentleman.”
More recently I interacted even more closely when Satish uncle was in hospital and he stood there like a rock- logical scientific and yet empathetic. We will all miss you uncle.
Posted by Nikhil Mital on May 29, 2021
Man of Honor and Dignity. Always found him so Warm from the core of his heart. Would be missed.
Posted by Ishika Ray on May 29, 2021
Uncle had been the most fun loving and jovial person I have met. Had met them for the first time for an interiors that i had helped them with. N I can never forget my interactions with him ., I used to look forward meeting them. His hospitality is something I give examples of to my family. On my last visit, was there only for couple of hours and then was flying back, he went to the grocery shops to buy a snack which I happened to mention I like. It was an honour to have known him .

Will miss him dearly .
Posted by samir parthi on May 29, 2021
Caring, passionate, humorous, pragmatic, intelligent, adorable and super loving…

Really you can use all these adjectives to describe a single person, that was Mausa ji for us.
There are so many moments to share, as kids we used to look forward for him taking all of us for swimming and much more

He always ready to help everyone

My Last meeting on March 2021

Mausa ji you would always remain in our heart.
Posted by Rashu Bhalla on May 29, 2021
The importance of good people in our life is just like the importance of heartbeats. It is not visible but silently supports our life .
Today a heart beat was missed , as -such a person has gone from this world to his onward journey .
He was a conscious guide . The childhood of our children would have been incomplete without his guidance . Our children were fantastic four with him.
He always was giving challeng and generating interest in every activity children did - be it daily activities like growing vegetables , playing badminton , giving knowledge in a playful act was his forte - mera Bharat mahan , kids activity tv show , summer camps and doing socially useful productive work first time exposure was given by him to kids in his own style .
He has always been supportive as a guide , friend and one of the blessing neighbor I have had - in times of difficulties he has always been on the supportive end
It is not how long a man lives , but how deep that life is . In your pain and sorrow remember that he was a great man
He will always be fondly remembered
OM Shanti
Shashi family
Posted by Kapil . on May 29, 2021
I always remembered Arun uncle from those childhood memories, memories that my mom used to share about him when we were kids, someone brilliant, someone who achieved the heights that we dream of, but humble and always ready to give a helping hand and so he did when my mother passed away.

It was a joyous moment to meet him after sooo long at Krishna Masijee's Birthday and wonderful to have connected with him again, little did I know that it will be the last .....

"Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear"

You will always live in our memories!
Posted by Gulzar Mufti on May 29, 2021
The seed of friendship between Arun and me, and his family and mine, was sown 43 years ago with a firm hand shake and a captivating smile on an Autumn afternoon at Ahvaz, Iran. Soon after, our wives met and the two clicked as well. As we both charted our respective journeys on earth and confronted its triumphs and tribulations, the affection blossomed into a majestic tree. Over the decades our friendship remained solid, steadfast and motiveless.

The grief of Arun’s departure is as much for me, my wife Razia and my children Arjmand and Iqbal, as it is for Sushma, Saloni, Shitij, Priyanka and Kabir. We all bereave together on the loss of a good man, a caring and loving husband and father (and grandfather), and a dear friend. We shall miss him, his charm and wit, his sweet and sunny smile, his warm personality and above all his selfless friendship. May his soul rest in peace.

Gulzar Mufti
Posted by Sujata Mitra on May 29, 2021
Dr Malhotra was a wonderful, caring senior. I was the organizing secretary of the SNMI annual conference held at Jamshedpur in 2006. Had to raise funds, Dr Malhotra helped me contact all the central agencies, took me around in his car and introduced me to all those who could help. Remember having lunch at his place and meeting Mrs Malhotra. During the conference, he was there more as a host. I remember his request for a bengali sari for his wife- what a sweet person! He will bring a smile to all those he is with now!
Posted by Sumit Parthi on May 29, 2021
Caring, passionate, humorous, pragmatic, intelligent, adorable and super loving…

Really you can use all these adjectives to describe a single person, that was Arun Uncle for us.
There are so many moments to share, as kids we used to look forward for him taking all of us for swimming and then playing numerous out of the box cognitive games ( court room game was the best)
He was always there and protective, I was staying at Kalkaji during my final MBA exams, he used to always ensure to pick and drop me to the exam centre.
He always ensured to visit us during his trips to Bangalore and even at cost of missing his flights (twice his missed the flight and though I was feeling guilty, he was as usual happy and content.)

I Last spoke to him on 30/4 and he just called to check on us and bless

Aurn Uncle, you would always remain in our heart.
Posted by Suraj Vohra on May 29, 2021
I had very few interactions with doctor sb. The most recent was during December 19 when he had organized a wonderful musical evening to honor Dr Gaur at his place in Kalkaji. Me and my brother were invitees in that gathering & his warmth & hospitality was beyond words. I cherish those moments, when he displayed his young heart & sang with dancing steps, the famous number of film 'Waqt'....ऐ मेरी जौहरा जबी, तुझे मालूम नहीं.......

Posted by Rajiv Chowdhary on May 29, 2021
Arun Bhiya my elder brother inspiration for our family nice noble person dr by profession helpfull to every body he stood by my family when we are in trouble he always say do not worry every thing be allright God will keep bhiya in his Gokal dhamnd shower blessings on him Rest in Peace O m Shanti
Posted by Jasvir Rana on May 29, 2021
Arunji was a wonderful person,Soft-spoken smiling and with a great sense of humour. I knew him for more than 10 years and as a fellow doctor he always inspired me! He was a very helpful person! He helped a cancer patient ( from lower socioeconomic group I took to him) get cancer treatment in AIIMS ,that patient is alive and active today !Arunji touched many lives and helped save many!He will always be there in our hearts and we pray for all family’s healing from this tragic loss!

Posted by Arun kr on May 29, 2021
Dr. Arun was a humble, soft spoken and a kind man. Liked his gentle sense of humor after the meetings in free church in late90s-early 2000s. He helped my father once in AIIMS- thats when I realised how high in esteem his colleagues held him. I wish I had known him better but I left the country. I pray that wherever he is now, he still has that gentle kind smile and blessings to his family.
Posted by Seema Makkar on May 29, 2021
Dr Arun Malhotra Bhaiya Great Soul,Very Helpful Kind Hearted .
We will miss you.
My heartfelt condolences to Dr Sushma Malhotra ji n family.
May God give strength to everyone in family n friends.
Om Shanti
Posted by Shruti Venkitachalam on May 29, 2021
Arun uncle, a close friend of one of my best friends, Dr LN Rajaram!

Very quickly we became buddies. Over a few but intense, thought provoking conservations that meandered through various topics; medicine, ethical medicine, alternative medicine, family, kids, retirement and life, he left a deep impact on me...

The man who literally laid the foundations of Nuclear Medicine in our country was an affable, down-to-earth, jolly gentleman.
After a dinner at a club with Rajaram uncle, Siva (my husband) and me dropped Arun uncle off at his place of stay. The conversation on the way was filled with humming old hindi songs, funny anecdotes and lots of laughter.. that's the last time I spoke to him, and it's the way I'd like to remeber him forever.

Through Rajaram uncle and Lalitha aunty, Siva and me got an extended family that we are so fortunate to be a part of. Arun uncle will always remain a part of our lives and hearts.
Uncle, you will be missed dearly.
Squeeshy, warm bear hug to you.. ❤️
Posted by puneet gulati on May 29, 2021
How much can anyone miss a friend’s father, whom you met just once & barely spoke 4-5 times?
That too a friend whom you forgot to invite for your wedding!!
Hardly connected, one might feel in this mundane world we live in.

We all have read the stories which encourage people to express their feeling of compassion, gratitude, apologies to their close friends/ loved ones before it’s too late. It doesn’t hit so hard till you actually face one such moment.

Losing Uncle made me experience that first hand. Ever since I heard about Uncle’s hospitalisation I was praying for him to get back so that I could meet him over a cup of tea-an offer he presented every time I had a word with him.

Don’t know why, I so much wanted to touch his feet one more time, hug him & tell him.....It is strange that with such limited interactions, I started seeing a Father Figure in him-but that was him,someone who could make you feel as if you are a dear one right after the first meeting.

As I type this, memories of uncle’s childish smile after sharing a quick witted joke, flash-by & much Saloni & Shitij had to gain in their lives to be having Dr. Arun Malhotra as their father ....

May his soul have a very peaceful journey ahead!
Posted by Umesh Gupta on May 29, 2021
I had a very short association with Dr Sahib for about a year and I found him to be very positive, hardworking and sincere person. He was a great friend, like a brother and above all a great person..

May his soul rest in peace..
Posted by Gaurav Ahuja on May 29, 2021
Our Dearest Arun Uncle.

If I have to say one word for Arun Uncle, it will be FUN.

He was always very popular amongst the kids. Thats because he gave time to all of us. Be it taking us to the pool followed by the yummy parathas at South Ex. Also, he always used to tell the chef there..." makhan changi Tarah paayi..bacheyaan waase". He used to.listen to each one of us and encouraged us to think big. I clearly see that quality in Saloni and Shitij. I'm also very sure that he was very content seeing his kids excelling as entrepreneurs. He always gave credit of his success to our Dearest Sushma Bua. There were several occasions, when he narrated stories about his childhood and his deep love for his parents.

A word class doctor, he was so humble and always gave respect to everyone. He addressed the waiter at the restaurant or the courier boy as "bachche". He has helped countless people during his career and changed so many lives. At the same time, he followed a very simplistic approach. While he visited us in Kanpur in 2019, he saw me measuring my Papa's blood pressure twice a day. He said, " puttar...yeh te ooncha neecha he hota rahega..once a day is ok ".

His charismatic smile was very infectious. It is rare that you are having a meal with him and he starts quizzing you about your new ventures. After discussing about your ventures, the entrepreneur inside him just used to pop out. I will.never forget his dream project "dabba in dabba out"- the code he gave for a very hi tech venture he was planning to start. To end the high energy discussion, he used to walk to the freezer and get the giant fresh strawberry ice cream tub ..needless to say..he was the platinum member of the Ice cream lovers association.

Dear Arun Uncle, you can never go. You will always stay in our hearts. We shall try to become as humble and kind as you were. We shall keep nourishing and motivating the entrepreneurial bug inside us just like you did.

You led a full life Dear Arun Uncle. We will keep celebrating your life. Please keep showering your blessings and love on us, from where you are.

You will be loved, forever Arun Uncle..forever.and ever.
Posted by Pooja Grover on May 29, 2021
Uncle always came across as a calm and serene person. Peaceful with himself and the world around him. That's a very rare thing.

His wisdom, intellect and virtues live on in his children. As does his memories and his being.
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Posted by Vinod Malhotra on November 14, 2021
May the winds of Heaven blow softly and whisper in your ear How much we love and miss you and wish that you were here.
Posted by Sushma Malhotra on November 14, 2021
Knowing how much you loved a good party, we are sure you are celebrating somewhere ...and if heaven had visiting hours, we would gate crash your party and give you a surprise ...
Posted by Saloni Malhotra on September 13, 2021
All the best things in my life were gifts from you … words of wisdom, learning’s, physicals things, the people, the thoughts, the stories, the skills … the list is endless
his Life

Association of Nuclear Medicine Physicians of India

Remembering Prof (Dr.) Arun Malhotra (14 Nov 1948 – 26 May 2021) “A Noble Soul Who Lived A Life for Generations to Come” Prof (Dr.) Arun Malhotra was a man of his word and ambitions who carved the future for generations to come. In him, we see a father, mentor, colleague, leader who envisioned and uplifted the future of Nuclear Medicine in the country, right from its nascent stage. He developed the Nuclear Medicine department of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi to unprecedented heights, but his contributions do not end there. He was instrumental in promoting and developing the specialty all over the country; from west to east, north to south. His well cultured acumen and down to earth personality still echoes in everyone’s hearts. And it will be; forever an undying treasure we all are proud of. From research to patient care; from academics to socialization, his presence was always scintillating and will be greatly missed. He was the nidus for harmony of the Nuclear Medicine specialty in the country. He preached not to be afraid of challenges, but take them as stepping stones to success. And yet, he was more than a just a sublime professional. He was a loving husband, caring father and a noble human. His sense of humor, ever smiling face full of joy and warm-hearted down to earth nature made one immediately fall in sync to his rhythms. His soft-spoken words lit up every social gathering. He was the center of all the fond memories and celebrations we had. He celebrated life; he was the celebration! A humble, soft-spoken, noble and caring soul lived a lifetime; a lifetime to be remembered for generations to come. An irreplaceable loss! an end of an era! And yet, there is still Prof (Dr.) Arun Malhotra deep inside our hearts. Not many can do this. Thank you, Sir! [Dept of Nuclear Medicine, AIIMS, Delhi]

The Last 30 Days

He took the vaccine on April 22 at 5 PM. Next day he had mild fever and we all felt it was a reaction to the vaccine. These reaction like symptoms persisted for 5 days and that is when we began getting worried. Not a man to take kindly to any disease or fever, he reached out to his physician for support and began more aggressive medication. He was clued in and raached out to his nephew Dr. Satyajeet Bhatia in the UK to keep him in the loop. 

By May 2 it was clear that he needed a CT and Brig Anand encouraged him to come to his Dept on a Sunday and quickly gave him the reports. By Sunday evening on May 2 his oxygen began dropping below 94 and we arranged an oxygen concentrator (thank you Nagma auntie's children) and an oxygen cylinder (thanks Kin) for him. He began using the oxygen cylinder and the speed at which he consumed oxygen, it was clear that we would need a hospital the next day.

This was peak bed shortage in Delhi and we began making calls. AIIMS was kind enough to call back and say we can bring him and they will try and arrange for a bed. And on May 2 at 10 PM we headed to AIIMS. He kept saying, "a poor man needs that bed, not me!" At the triage we saw so many patients that we were afraid to even get him out of the car. It was clear that finding a bed would be close to impossible here. Shitij brought papa home and put him on the oxygen cylinder again while Saloni and Priyanka reached out to hospitals for a bed. We finally got a response from the DRDO facility near the airport. at 1:30 AM. They said a bed is ready and we should drive straight to the facility. We reached there at 2:30 AM and he felt so confident that he would be taken care of. The doctors provided the adequate support and at 5:30 AM it was mutually decided between him and the doctors that going back home would be better than going to the ward. They all though that hospital acquired infection was more of a risk given his status. My cousin Dr. Bhatia and Mausa Dr. Chawla were on the phone with us every step of the way to provide a professional point of view as we took these decisions. He got up from the wheel chair and thanked the doctors and assured he will be fine at home. It was also freezing there and he wanted to sleep. 

We reached home at 6:30 AM and he went to sleep but by 8:30 AM his SPO2 began dropping again and we felt we needed a hospital again. He was not in favour of a ward (hospital acquired infection) while we kept looking for something - a pvt room, ward or anything else. 

Dr. Vineeta Jha at Max Gurgaon (also related to us) confirmed a bed at Max and we rushed there but his SPO2 had fallen to 85 by the time we reached and as per their protocol that meant an ICU bed which was not available. Medanta was kind enough to confirm a bed by 1 PM and we rushed there. They swiftly took him inside and stabilised him before we could complete the registration formalities. Shitij and I felt assured that our fighter had the right army to fight this battle. 

However his Higher Power had other plans - while we prayed and he fought hard, slowly his body began giving up. On May 26 the doctors called us to come and spend time with him. Priyanka, Shitij, Saloni and Sushma all met him one by one to say our good byes. At 12:45 while Shitij was next to him, his BP began falling rapidly and he asked for mummy to come in. 

Mummy held his hand and stood by him when he breathed his last breath. Isn't this a special gift to God's Child .. to have his wife besides him holding his hand as he left! 

It was also Budhpurnima and the same day his father passed away. His Higher Power chose a beautiful day of signifiace for him. 

This Too Shall Pass

"The Spiritual warrior explores the depth of their soul with the lightness of a curious child" Aburey Marcus 

This was a side of him a few saw. He wasn't spiritual like the conventional spiritual seeker is - meditation, prayer, silence, tyag. He believed in action, in using desires to take you to a better place, to live life on life's terms. 

We often joked at home that he was God's Child. HIs Higher Power always took care of him. He would make his gratitude list and it would have blessing of so many kind.

For instance in the last few days a young nursing student spotted him in the hospital ICU. She had seem him on the campus of KMC Meerut where he would go twice a week. She didn't know him but she had seem him on campus and went to introduce herself. She got herself assigned to his care and for him to find someone who would sit and talk in the last few days was most important. He told her about his family, how he didn't llke ICUs and everything else. There are many such stories where magically a person or event would present itself that would make things easier for him. 

He would have said, "This too shall pass" to each of us and consoled us  if he had the opportunity. I will repeat the Serenity Prayer, which we both shared often with each other, especially when we had to make large or difficult decision in our lives. 

God, grant me the serenity 
to accept the things I cannot change;
the courage to change the things I can;
and the wisdom to know the difference

Many of you may have also received the Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta as a gift from him. He had ordered several copies and encouraged everyone to read the same. For those of you interested in the audio version, pls message me and I will share the audio version with you. We are playing the same from start to end in his memory. 

Recent stories

The Teacher and Mentor

Shared by Saloni Malhotra on September 5, 2021
There are several stories on this memorial page about how you taught us something. A common thread for many of us is how you taught us to face our fears and overcome those to move ahead in life. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of being lost. You would always say,:
  • "Your job is to try!"
  • "Your job is to ask!" 
  • "Acha, who will die or get hurt if this fails?"
  • "Thoda paisa jayega, koi baat nahi"
  • "If you get lost, you will find a new route" 
  • "kuch nahi toh you will learn something!" 
and the list goes on ... never deterred by loss or failure, always taking set backs in your stride, you would march ahead to the destination you had decided. 

You made so many of us fearless and bold, uninhibited and resilient and the best versions of ourselves.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Shared by Saloni Malhotra on June 30, 2021
If we ever asked for money he would hand over his wallet! Never counted money while he gave it to us but ensured he took it back in full! A random small daily expense or a loan to invest in our companies, he was always generous but he taught us the value of that money! 

This one time I went to his room at 6:30 AM and I was lounging in the bed chatting with him. He reminded me about the money I had borrowed a few months ago and didn't let me get out of bed till I transferred back to him using the netbanking on my phone ... he joked and reminded me that I work on mobile payments and I should eat my own dog food to return his money . 

He just didn't like counting zeros .. 10k could be 100 or 10L ... :) 

The Dining Table Conversations

Shared by Saloni Malhotra on June 1, 2021
A family that eats together stays together! Many of our family and friends have shared about our dining table and conversations around meal times. It was indeed the most special time in our house because of papa. 

When we were kids, mom had an active clinic from 6-9 PM. Papa would be back by 6 PM to take over and would play with us, make us do some homework but we HAD to wait till 9 PM for dinner. The rules were clear - everyone on the table together, no TV (which later changed to no phones) and share about your day! 

The first time I left home in 1999 to goto college I missed dinner time the most and I realised that it was easier to miss a meal than eat it alone. Over the years as our schedules changed dinner time rituals were adapted to lunch (when we lived in AIIMS and he would come home for lunch) and breakfast. If i missed more than 3-4 meals in a row he would gently remind me "This is a home, not a restaurant!" 

Over the last few years, he and I would meet at the breakfast table - smartly dressed, ready to take on the day! He loved reading the newspaper and would give me the article he wanted me to read. We would talk and then I would kiss him and mummy as we all left for work. 

Family and friends often joined us on the table for lovely conversations, sharing of their day or life decisions they were making and wanted to discuss. 

Without him, the dining table feels empty and the meals less delicious ...