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The Dining Table Conversations

Shared by Saloni Malhotra on June 1, 2021
A family that eats together stays together! Many of our family and friends have shared about our dining table and conversations around meal times. It was indeed the most special time in our house because of papa. 

When we were kids, mom had an active clinic from 6-9 PM. Papa would be back by 6 PM to take over and would play with us, make us do some homework but we HAD to wait till 9 PM for dinner. The rules were clear - everyone on the table together, no TV (which later changed to no phones) and share about your day! 

The first time I left home in 1999 to goto college I missed dinner time the most and I realised that it was easier to miss a meal than eat it alone. Over the years as our schedules changed dinner time rituals were adapted to lunch (when we lived in AIIMS and he would come home for lunch) and breakfast. If i missed more than 3-4 meals in a row he would gently remind me "This is a home, not a restaurant!" 

Over the last few years, he and I would meet at the breakfast table - smartly dressed, ready to take on the day! He loved reading the newspaper and would give me the article he wanted me to read. We would talk and then I would kiss him and mummy as we all left for work. 

Family and friends often joined us on the table for lovely conversations, sharing of their day or life decisions they were making and wanted to discuss. 

Without him, the dining table feels empty and the meals less delicious ... 
Shared by Vinod Malhotra on May 31, 2021
Arun My Younger Bro 
*Dr/Professor/Examiner/Karmayogi (कर्मयोगी)*
But for me, He was a 
*Legal Advisior* at ever step 
I spent all my young life abroad as NRI
(Not Required Indian-True as they r not aware of Indian laws & how to deal with day to day affair’s)
Few incidents which I remember:
I just came back to India & shown my *keen* interest to buy a plot to build a factory later on
Arun took me to Delhi Gate, DDA Bldg, where auction of industrial plot was going on
As I was very much keen to buy the plot I was just bedding without any opp bidder in front of me, don’t remember why this happened ?
At this moment Bro took my hand in his hand & told me to be *calm* I will get a plot & true to his saying I was also announced the successful bidder on that day.
I may have lost 10/15K in hurry but *Bro* helped me not to loose more
Whenever I remember this incident I laughed a lot on myself & remember Dear Arun then anything else.
*ईश्वर भैया की आत्मा को शांति प्रदान करें*

In Gratitude

Shared by Saloni Malhotra on May 30, 2021
He loved saying thank you and often made a gratitude list.

The last 30 days were literally One Day at a time for us and to help us make critical decisions and manage daily routines was not possible without the love and support of a few people. Bonnie Bhaiya, Brig Anand, Rajiv Uncle, Dolly Massi, Dr Takkar and Archana Bua were there to make all the medical decisions, evaluate next steps, get tests and help with hospital admission. Just knowing we could message and call them to seek guidance meant so much. 

Rajan Chacha and Sashi Chachi, Vinod Chacha and Madhu Chachi for multiple decisions as we all feel tested positive. Ashwani Uncle, Sanjana Aunty and my dear friend Neha fed us good nutritious food as we could not run the kitchen anymore. Kineri, Dr. Gandhi, Mehak and Atulya helped organise oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders for us. Ritu Didi for the pranic healing and continuous support to heal him and give him strength. 

Their kindness, warmth and unconditional support ensured they kept us moving forward and nurtured us back to health. 

We also want to include the team at Medanta in our prayers today - Pankaj their CEO, Dr Govil the head of the ICU and his team of doctors and nurses, the ward boys and security staff who made papa's last few days as comfortable as possible. Especially Dr Shweta who showed compassion on the last day to the entire family and more importantly to papa. May God Bless them and give them the courage to keep serving as tirelessly as they do. 

Vinod Chacha, Madhu Chachi, Urvash Didi and Manu Bhaiya just appeared within minutes at the hospital after papa left us and just took over the process to give us time to breathe and process the information. 

In case I have forgotten anyone, my apologies to you. It has been overwhelming and we are grateful for all the support we received. 
Shared by Garima Bhatt on May 29, 2021
My last memory of chacha is December of 2019 when as has been said by many others and as evident from the photo, he was making us laugh. I don't remember the joke but do remember the joy I felt in his presence.
Shared by Vinod Malhotra on May 29, 2021
Arun My Younger Bro 
*Dr/Professor/Examiner/Karmayogi (कर्मयोगी)*
But for me, He was a 
*Legal Advisior* at ever step 
I spent all my young life abroad as NRI
(Not Required Indian-True as they r not aware of Indian laws & how to deal with day to day affair’s)
Few incidents which I remember:
I just came back to India & shown my *keen* interest to buy a plot to build a factory later on
Arun took me to Delhi Gate, DDA Bldg, where auction of industrial plot was going on
As I was very much keen to buy the plot I was just bedding without any opp bidder in front of me, don’t remember why this happened 
At this moment Bro took my hand in his hand & told me to be *calm* I will get a plot & true to his saying I was also announced the successful bidder on that day.
I may have lost 10/15K in hurry but *Bro* helped me not to loose more
Whenever I remember this incident I laughed a lot on myself & *remember Arun much more* then my keenness to hv a industrial plot...! 
*ईश्वर भैया की आत्मा को शांति प्रदान करें*
Shared by Babu Rao on May 29, 2021
It's very sad. When I was met him at Delhi in his house, along with Dr.HM Jain.. his hospitality never forgeteble ever long. And enjoyed a lot entire the day, went to AIIMS, travelled almost 100km. Went to restorent , shared a lot of thing of his journey in Nuclear medicine dept. We miss HIM. And finally... Recently I talked with him, supposed to meet him after lockdown. We lost one of legendary person. 
Rest in peace sir.
Shared by Raj Chandoke on May 29, 2021

The untimely demise of Prof Dr Arun Malhotra has created a Vacuum in the BHU medical association and fraternity. Founded as Bhuma Delhi / NCR is a creation of our seniors . Dr Arun Malhotra had returned from Abroad probably Iran. He invited dr rajesh sharma and myself to Saket and floated the idea of forming an association of IMS BHU Doctors in Delhi. It was founded in 1982 with 14 members and Now  the Bhuma family has grown and we are more than  400 . It was due to the whole hearted efforts of Dr Arun Malhotra as the first General Secretary of our Association who with his far sighted vision had been guiding us now and then. His rise as the President of Bhuma and as a  wishful custodian showed the light and correct path to Juniors through his wisdom

. Really sad...... He has been truly dedicated to Community Bonding, would always encourage and participating in all events, be that sports, cultural or Charity Service.                                Boss We shall all miss your presence . It is a Big Loss to BHU and medical fraternity.                       May God bless His soul in peace. Om  Shanti Om

A couplet in his memory

*ना झुकने की अभिलाषा है*

       *ना झुकाने की अभिलाषा है*

      *कुछ सम्बन्ध हृदय से जुड़े है*

 *केवल उन्हें निभाने की अभिलाषा है*

               ”                                                            Regards dr R k chandoke ( batch 1971)

This too shall pass...

Shared by Surya Velamuri on May 28, 2021
When I thinking of the decision I made to move to Canada with a then 10 year old, I wasn’t sure if I should take the risk, Uncle told me that I should go ahead without looking back even once. He told me that teaching Aarush to be independent, confident and to have a thirst for exploration is the best gift I could give him. Fast forward 2.5 years, I’ve never regretted the move— neither for me nor for my son. 
Uncle had a way with his words, I, (as many others) thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the table, eating and chatting away nineteen to a dozen with him, Aunty and Saloni. I loved staying over knowing there will be a hearty conversation filled with laughter at each meal time. 
I am grateful for having known him and having had the privilege of seeking his advice. I will always remember those days with a smile in my heart.

Remembering Arun chacha

Shared by Umang Malhotra on May 28, 2021
My fondest memories of Arun chacha are the numerous times spent in GK2 and Kalkaji - with both houses operating as 2 extended open houses that we all floated between - frequent visits growing up, always meeting at festivals like Holi and Diwali, and definitely on birthdays.

I most fondly remember chacha piling up all us little kids into a Maruti (including the trunk/dickie of the car) for spontaneous outings such as swimming at the AIIMS pool, and Children’s day outings, which coincided with his birthday. He was and will always be synonymous with being the “Children’s Day” chacha.

Another personal favorite story is that I’m a non-vegetarian (while Richa and Mom are not!), all thanks to Arun chacha. The story I’ve been told many many times by mom goes as follows: It was at a family function where chacha sat Saloni and me down and had us try chicken. And then there was no looking back for me...something I continue to be grateful to him for. I had been meaning to ask chacha about this story one day...

Thinking of him invokes warmth, love, fun and so many cherished memories from growing up. I'll miss him dearly.

Remembering our dear brother Arun

Shared by Umang Malhotra on May 28, 2021
Papa and Chacha have been sharing memories from their childhood, right from Arun chacha’s days at Shankar Road, visiting him at Banaras Hindu University where he was a student, and celebrating many festivals, especially Holi, and so many family get togethers, weddings, and birthdays together. Chacha shared that he still has a gift Arun chacha brought him from Jerusalem, some 40 years ago.

Everyone was very proud of him as he was the first doctor in the Malhotra family.

Mummy also very fondly remembers her earliest memories and interactions with Arun chacha, from the time when he was not even married and the only youngster in the house, when she used to visit the elders in Kalkaji with our Dadi.

We all are so sad at this loss and will remember him very very fondly.
Adarsh, Buchchi, Sumedha, Richa & Chunmun
Shared by Andreas Mattsson on May 28, 2021
Dear Malhotra family,
I will never forget the hospitality, friendship and the way you welcomed me into your home in 2015. Those evenings we shared are memories I treasure a lot. I recall conversations with Dr Arun about life and society which still inspires me. He was serious at the same time as there was always a joke or funny story around. Today, I share these memories with my family in Sweden. We share your loss and grief of Dr Arun.

My first meeting

Shared by Rohit Sardesai on May 28, 2021
This is a recollection of my first meeting with Dr Arun Malhotra, HOD of AIIMS who also happened to be Saloni’s dad.

It was one of those rather hot dry afternoons in Pune when I came back from college to our place at Green Acres in Bibewadi. I headed straight for Swagat’s room as he was the proud owner of one of those air coolers which grunted like an angry dog but it’s the best siesta you could have with cold air blowing right in your face. As I entered Swagat’s room I found him sleeping and went to greet him as we bachelors often did, with a lot of shenanigans and the choicest of words. But saw a strange man napping there who did not resemble anyone I knew. Absolutely horrified I bolted out of the room as fast as I could. Only later did I come to know that Dr Arun Malhotra who was in Pune visiting his daughter had been dropped off by Saloni at our place for him to rest. I’m sure he might have also had some choice words for me for shocking him the way I did.

My first impression of him was a man who could make himself at ease and totally at home in any situation, especially at a place rented by BVP engineers who weren’t necessarily the ‘tidy’ kinds

He was quiet a friendly and warm person the few times I got to meet him. I’m sure wherever he is, he has made himself and others around him as comfortable as he was at Green Acres!

Dr Malhotra forever - we love you lots, miss you even more.

Shared by Sivarama Krishnan on May 28, 2021
I'm deeply saddened by your loss despite the fact that I had Dr Malhotra, as Saloni's dad, through common family friends, only twice, with my wife Shruti. The first was when our friends and Shruti organized a conference on ethical medicine - I contributed my two cents with finding a good hall for this. At this brief meeting and at a second one, a leisurely dinner, Dr Malhotra, left a permanent mark on our minds. His ever pleasant demeanor, warmth and genuine affection were instantly visible and palpable to anyone howsoever recently acquainted with this remarkable person. My heart skips a beat hearing of this loss; I can only imagine how you and everyone close to him must feel.
My deepest condolences. My most sincere prayers - may you and your family be blessed with the fortitude and strength bear this heavy moment. But I still will remember him for the life he lived and for the impressions he made on us, effortlessly, genuinely and ever-lastingly.
Rest in peace uncle, keep inspiring us from above,
We love you lots ❣️, we miss you even more ,

What does a person need?

Shared by Rakesh Malhotra on May 28, 2021
When we are children, our parents take care of our needs. However it is that impressionable age (teen and beyond), when we start to navigate into the world that we encounter people who shape our lives more then we know at that time. My chacha was by far the best person to have been in my life during this time. Go, he would say. Seek, he would implore. I would not know about the mudrika, or have learnt typing, or have had a dosa in Woodlands, or understood stamps and the traders who used to sell stamps on the streets of the Parliament Street Post Office. So many firsts, so many amazing things that I know only because I was pushed, I was encouraged, I was given freedom.
But of all the memories, the one that stands out for me is the first time I mentioned a girl to him and chachi. I showed them her picture and my chacha flipped the picture over and wrote "God bless the charming girl". He used the female symbol (♀) to start the letter 'girl'.  This was at a time when having a 'girl' friend was a no no. Having a girlfriend was breaking unspoken rules. So much time has passed and so much has changed, but the one thing that is not changed is he care and his passion that was evident that day, that was seared in my mind, and that is still etched in that picture. For everyone, he was caring, he was smart, he was dapper, he was eclectic. For me, he was and always will be my chacha. I will miss him, but if I have passed even an iota of his passion to my son and to my nephew, I will had done what he would have wanted me to do.

Teacher, Guide and a friend...

Shared by SANJAY GAMBHIR on May 28, 2021
Really heart breaking to realize that We will no longer have the company of Malhotra Sir in Nuclear Medicine fraternity. I have known him for more than 30 years. First as a student then as a speciality colleague and then as a friend. He had a unique personality of being friendly even in scenario when he was examining or interviewing someone for the job. A very relaxed person in control of the surroundings in a meeting or a party. He could easily surmount tough situations by saying let bygones be bygones, let’s move forward. He was still active in the Nuclear Medicine fraternity and one would always look forward to meeting him. He made it a point to interact with as many people as possible and specially the students. His love for the speciality is well known and he strived for its progress. At personal level he was a guide whose advice I sought and he was always there to help. Will be immensely missed. Let’s celebrate his life and philosophy. RIP
Shared by Anisha Rajpal on May 28, 2021
Arun uncle was highly disciplined, passionate and energy bomb. He was a loving soul and more importantly, Uncle had time for all. He talked to everyone in a gathering and paid special attention to kids and young ones. He used to come next to you, sit and chat with you. Sharing a few memories here :
     - I remember once when I told him, I got my interview done and would be joining a new place soon. He said, tomorrow you would be joining as a junior executive but you should aim to be CEO of that place in next few years. Always aim higher and work harder!!
    - Till date, whenever I dig a spoon in ice cream tub, I think of him :)
     - There was one particular day when cook didn't come for preparing lunch, he made Kadhi for us and surprisingly he knew exactly where xyz ingredient was kept in the kitchen - I hadn't seen him much around the cabinets before. 
Arun uncle was no doubt a rare gem of a person - a true Scorpio :) 
God bless his soul!

I love my wife

Shared by smita shukla on May 28, 2021
Uncle was one of the most endearing, engaging and full of life people I have known. But the best part was that he was so fun-loving. Visits to Saloni's place were always so much more fun because of him- be it his enthusiasm for karaoke singing, or his conversations describing experiments with broccoli (with broccoli paratha being the winner), one was never at a loss of words around him. Except now we are...
He loved his family deeply, never have I met an Indian uncle of his generation saying 'I love my wife', in public, with so much pride. And his pride and concern for Saloni and Shitij need no mention. One recent incident was when Saloni wanted to get a greenhouse made on the roof of the Nathupur house- he took the project to heart. We worked on it together, and he was very determined, and very concerned that it should turn out to be to her liking. He would call and discuss - woh Saloni ke greenhouse ke liye we should do this, do that etc. 
What amazed me was how tirelessly he worked, never giving a thought to himself, always dedicated to a bigger cause. He was such a sweetheart and will forever be missed.
Shared by Meenakshi Sinha on May 28, 2021
My heart felt condolence to Dr.Arun Melhotra.he was one year my junior.I can never forget the help he has given to my husband when he was in AIIMS.He was so helpful and respect for senior.he will be always in my thought.May GOD give strength to family to bear this Los

The barbeque

Shared by Vanita Singh Fernandes on May 28, 2021
I remember being awed when Saloni first told me what Uncle actually did. It sounded larger than life: Nuclear Medicine - words that I knew individually but wasn't aware of their function together. Discovering something important and useful in something so small. In retrospect, it seems, that's what he had been practising in life too. Which is why, many of us will remember him for cracking jokes, bringing smiles to our faces, putting us at ease and making us feel important (he would always earnestly listen to us, our ideas... as young college students.) 
I remember one particular winter afternoon, when a few of us decided to have a barbeque. As we struggled to light the coals, Uncle enthusiastically jumped in and we all experimented - we tried lighting dried leaves, newspaper and so on... In fact, I don't even remember if we actually ended up having a barbeque. But what I do remember is all our R&D before it... with Uncle. 

Fun Conversations

Shared by Astha Ahluwalia on May 28, 2021
I think of Arun Uncle and of all the fun conversations we had over many many lunches at Reboot. From discussing food to plants and of course his stories :)

“Tell Saloni to work less” He said often.. hopefully I can convince her :) 

Thank you for the amazing memories Uncle and for always encouraging us to keep going :) 

Will be thinking of you with a big Smile & a Heart full of Love 


Shared by ROCKY . on May 28, 2021
There are lots of good things to talk about Arun Uncle but words can't fulfill my appreciation, Love and respect for him.                                                                                                          He was always a huge source of advice, encouragement and positivity.                                   I personally learnt so so many things from him, best one is like giving freedom and confidence to the kids. Beside being a Great Doctor and human being he was a GREAT FATHER too.      
I still remember one incident , once I was having dinner with him at a marriage function , my plate was full of dishes and his plate had just Dal and Chapati.. then I asked him why only Dal, then he said in Punjabi ""Yaar ek time wich ek cheej da swad lena chahida..... Dal khao te dal da swad lo, paneer khao te paneer da swad lo.. sabjiyan di khichadi tohda khani hai""          after that i also do the same thing..   He had a very different and unique quality tooo, by tasting ice cream he was able to tell the brand..
will be always in our hearts.

Tile shopping

Shared by Priyanka Prabhakar on May 28, 2021
Dad and I - we went tile shopping together - we bought tiles like one would buy clothes. Shitij has inherited this from dad too, and we will continue enjoying the legacy of shopping for tiles together! 

When we first met...

Shared by Priyanka Prabhakar on May 28, 2021
I met dad for the first time in Pune over a dinner at Chinese Room. That was the first time I heard life stories from the great storyteller...
He narrated the story of our first meeting to everyone who came home over the dinner table. He knew how to make anyone feel so so so special!
Shared by Smita Rajan on May 28, 2021
Almost every morning on the way to work while carpooling with Saloni, I would see dear Uncle, who would come out to walk Saloni to the car and say hello to me. Imagine this adorable ritual being part of your mornings! 

Last when I met him, he was beaming after his first haircut of lockdown! He would keep doling out funny stories and give me so much apnapan. He just wouldn't want to stay home all the time. Last year, when the lockdown was just relaxed, I remember once when visiting, I needed to buy something from the nearby market, so I was stepping out of the house for a while. Uncle jumped to come out with me and showed me the nearby Mithai shop with interesting details of its sweets. 

All the things I heard from him, from dear Aunty & Saloni - said so much about his principles, his life philosophy - all so progressive! So many different and adorable personalities in this family, all rolled into this one huge unit of immense love, warmth & welcome for me. And at the helm & head of this friend-family I have been so fortunate to acquire, was Uncle. I can't stop visualizing sitting at that large dining table, with Uncle right across, talking about so many amazing things under the sun. Time always flew with him around. 

Two Sides to the Man

Shared by Ashwani Kumar Anand on May 28, 2021
Arun always came across as one who saw life as ‘anything goes as long as it makes you happy’, until push came to shove. 
Then suddenly we would see this totally different Arun who saw life as ‘there are boundaries you should not cross’. 
Arun’s inputs during our Reboot Wellness brainstorming sessions taught me to cast aside his fun loving and casual demeanour, listen and pay heed to what he had to say. 
We would always look towards Arun to give direction to our idle life meanderings and will be forever grateful to him for always being there and looking out for family and friends.

A good laugh heals

Shared by Saloni Malhotra on May 28, 2021
he loved a good laugh ... jokes for every occasion! One would be amazed at how he'd pick the most appropriate one every time ... his light hearted energy in every difficult situation made it so much easier to go through life. 

His favourite COVID joke was 

Doctor: Do you understand what is quarantine? 
Punjabi: There is a spelling mistake. It is "quarter at nine!" 


Always present

Shared by Surya Velamuri on May 27, 2021
Every time I met uncle, he’d ask me in a Punjabi accent “Kanneda kaab ja rahe ho” and then merrily laugh about it. I remember sitting on the table and eating (rather devouring) food with him, Aunty and Saloni and talking about anything and everything under the sun— from their time in Iran to talking about our work to where should we go for dinner. When I told Aarush (my son) that uncle passed away... he said “oh, that uncle who sat and watched cricket with me”, he met uncle when he probably was 6-7 years old, he is nearly 13 now. I’m not sure what they talked about, but he left a lasting impression on him. 

He always had something positive to say, and a smile on his face...
He will be missed...


Shared by Saloni Malhotra on May 28, 2021
He loved a disciplined life. Wake up at 5:00 AM, morning walks t 5:30 AM and sharply dressed and ready for the day at the breakfast table at 9 AM. A clean desk and cupboard at all times, he would pause if and when he needed to! Our mornings were precious as were the evenings. He insisted that all meals be at the table with everyone present without the TV or Phone. Digital Detox with Dad ... 

And his discplined routine also included ice cream at 2 AM :) 

Out for a Conference

Shared by Saloni Malhotra on May 28, 2021
I still feel he is out for a conference to some exotic location and enjoying his days with his Nuclear Medicine Community. He'll be back next week ... 

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