Birth Of First Girl

Shared by Keith Collins on October 13, 2019
Posted by Kay Cooper for Gene Cooper

As I was painting the back steps leading to our kitchen on July 8, 1952, my older brother called to inform us his first child had been delivered and surprise of surprises, it was a girl!  While we were all very happy, no one was happier than my parents to have a girl in the family after four sons and no daughter.

It was so nice to see my mother (Dianne’s grandmother) hold Dianne, read her books and treasure the little girl she had so longed to hold.  Those were fun days for all of us.

I joined the Navy and all of us grew up with all of the everyday occurrences that keep families apart, raising families, etc.  When life slowed down again, it was my pleasure and honor to reconnect with Dianne and become close as adults and friends rather than uncle and niece. I learned she was a warm, kind person with a great sense of humor and deeply appreciative of her roots.

My thanks to both Dianne and Keith for sharing their lives with us while enriching our lives. Dianne will always be in our hearts and we look forward to Keith remaining in our lives as he continues to speak as one with her.

My Love For Dianne

Shared by Keith Collins on October 7, 2019
My Dearest Dianne:

In a few more months we would have celebrated our 48th year of marriage.It is so tragic that you were taken away from all of us way to soon.

Cancer is such a horrible disease and we are all constantly amazed with the strength in which you battled cancer until your final breath. During the last few years you suffered greatly but yet hid so much of your pain and torment from all so they would not over worry, or express pity towards you.

Being so close to you, I always knew and tried to reduce your burden and still embrace life with you. It is during these times that we reflect and become thankful of every moment we have together.

When we first met 48 years ago the SPARK was not there…IT WAS A LIGHTNING BOLT for both of us.

We somehow knew that we were meant to spend a lifetime together. Indeed we did….until now!

Your passing will not separate us. Your soul will live in my heart forever and I will always be with you.

Throughout our marriage we both realized it was not only the big things that defined our marriage…it was the small things that kept building our foundation of lifelong love that few couples ever experience.

Despite our new wrinkles daily, our graying hair, creaking bones and our body changes you were the same woman I fell in love with and lived by the words of our vows “Till Death Do Us part.”

The little things were:

Always telling me the truth. Always know the best gifts to buy anyone. Always reminding me to be a fine role model for our son. Always cooking no matter how much I complained. Always tried to make things better for our family. Always followed me around the world with my work and endured hardships quietly. Always made reading and education the backbone of childrearing. Always the nursemaid whenever our son or I were sick, yes even when you were sick yourself.

Always you read my mind but yet allowed me to express my thoughts anyway. Always found the humor in situations when we needed a laugh. Always seemed to call me at the moment I needed you the most. I could list a hundred more things but Always says it all.

No matter what you were Always there for me and our son and loved us Always. Even as your cancer and sickness progressed you worried so much that you could not give to me what you thought I needed. You gave me all the love that anyone could ever give anyone. I don’t know If I deserved so much love but you are the only one that I ever let close enough to love me. MY LOVE FOR YOU WILL BE ALWAYS!

Hot Peppers

Shared by Keith Collins on October 10, 2019
Posted on Behalf of Garry Dan Floyd:

Prayers for you and your family. I remember her shaking her head as your dad challenged me to eat a Jakarta, Indonesia Habanero Type pepper.

If I remember, the bet was 1 bite, chew at least 1 time and no drink for 1 minute. If I could it he had a $100.00 bill for me.
Oh and he stood there drinking an ice cold beer while I tried. I Only made it about 30 seconds!!!!
She was right...

Reaching out you my cousin Keith

Shared by Gail Perez on October 10, 2019
Keith I know this is a hard time for you and family to be honest with you I'm not sure if I've ever met Diane if I did it was when I was a child and I have no memories but I do have stories from you and my mom your Auntie Joanie mother as my brother and I for children but all through my years of life she has always shown her love to you and your siblings her other nieces and nephews my mom loved you all individually and would tell me great stories included in those stories of her nieces and nephews was you and your wife Diane so I may not have memories of meeting her but between you and my mom you both have told me how wonderful she is in between my mom stories and you being with her for 45 years she had to be
one very special person I'm sorry that you and your family is going through this hard time just remember she's with you always

So I'm telling you now I'm reaching out to you
My heart is reaching out to you for what you're going through I'm thinking of you frequently and praying for you too if there's anything I can do for you anything at  all think of me thinking of you and please don't hesitate to call

Shared by Chris Hart on October 8, 2019
Dear Keith,
I can only guess how devastating the death of your dear Dianne is to you, and deep sadness you must be feeling at this time of mourning. Please know that my sincere thoughts and prayers are with you, You are not alone and, in time, your sorrow will turn to the joy of having shared a lifetime with Dianne, that nothing else will be more treasured.
God bless.
Your friend,
Chris Har

From Class of 1970 Manchester High School

Shared by Keith Collins on October 8, 2019
Keith & Family:        We were very saddened to hear of Dianne's passing. Please accept our sincere
condolences and prayers. We have started working on our 50th reunion and she was in a lot of photos in the yearbook. She was a special person and will be missed.  A love that is shared will never fade and all the wonderful memories you made with Dianne will never be forgotten .As long as she is in your heart and mind she will be with you forever. Keeping you in caring thoughts, now and always.  Class of 1970 MHS

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