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Drew Michael Albritton
  • 4 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 27, 2009
  • Date of passing: Mar 24, 2014
Let the memory of Drew be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our favorite little hero, Drew Albritton, 4, born on October 27, 2009 and passed away on March 24, 2014. We will remember this train loving superhero forever.  We love you, Drew!

Arrangements: Zion Lutheran Church in Harvester 3866 Harvester Rd St. Charles, MO 63304 Visitation - Thurs 3/27 4-8pm Funeral - Fri 3/28 10am
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by pat albritton on 27th October 2017

"Hi sweet little man!  Happy Bithday, Drew!!  You would be 8 years old today!!  I love and miss you so very much!!  Although you live in my heart, I so wish you were here!!  Every time I see a butterfly, I know it's you saying hello to me!  I will see you again, one day.  Until then, I will continue to visit your resting place, as it gives me much peace.  I love you Drew, always and forever, and forever more!!!!  ❤️❤️❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by pat albritton on 26th March 2017

"Hi Drew!  It's been over 3 years since you left us to join God.  I wanted to write you on the 24th, but it was a very sad day without you.  I know I talk to you every single day, so I am at peace with that.  I leave you little gifts every now and then at your resting place, please know they are from me to you.  I miss you, Drew, I miss you my sweet little man.  I look for "signs" that you are near, and sometimes I even feel your presence.  I hope to join you soon, and you can give me a guided tour of your new home.  I love and miss you forever and eternity.  I love and miss you every day, Drew!  Oh, how I miss you!!"

This tribute was added by Russ Hill on 27th October 2016

"Happy Birthday, Drew!  I want you to know that your legacy lives on, because I talk about you to my students throughout each year.  You have had (and continue to have) such an impact on countless people!  We all miss your dearly."

This tribute was added by Karen Bucher on 27th October 2016

"I see your smile everytime I look to the stars. Shine on sweet boy. With love."

This tribute was added by Russ Hill on 27th October 2015

"Happy Birthday, Drew!  We will never forget this day.  We think, pray, and talk about you often.  Hugs & Kisses, little buddy!

-The Hills"

This tribute was added by tammy morgan on 24th March 2015

"Our family is thinking of your family on this day, as we do often. There are no words. May God wrap you in his arms and hold you tight.

The Morgan and Wise family"

This tribute was added by Russ Hill on 24th March 2015

"We love you, Drew!  You will be in our hearts forever!  ❤️ I'm sure you are smiling down with that big ol' smile of yours!"

This tribute was added by Kristi Holst Smith on 27th October 2014

"Happy Birthday, Drew. I think of you often and when I do, I think of your father's love for you. Thinking of his example of being an amazing daddy is a gentle reminder for me to put aside my own selfishness and busywork and instead go make the most of today with my kiddos."

This tribute was added by Gina Miller on 4th April 2014

"Our family can't imagine a day will ever go by that we will not have you on our hearts.  We uploaded a pic of Margo with Drew that is our favorite memory of the 2 of them being silly.  Margo has this pic in her room for us to see and remember Drew every day.  We pray that you continue to find peace in knowing that Drew is no longer in pain and is running and swimming happily... What a beautiful vision!"

This tribute was added by Karen Bucher on 2nd April 2014

"Mike and Elizabeth and Pat,  A day has not passed this past week that I've not thought about Drew, your family and  his doctors and nurses. My heart knows Heaven gained an angel.  It is through little people like Drew that God teaches us how precious (and fragile) life is. I will remember Drew's courage for many years to come.  Much love to all of you."

This tribute was added by Morgan Talir on 29th March 2014

"I know you don't know me, but my friends have told me about this. I'm so sorry for your loss. No parents should go through something like this. Let Drew's spirit lay in gods hands and be protected from all harm. Drew will always be with you two. Everyone will miss him."

This tribute was added by Debbie Sciarrino on 27th March 2014

"We were in complete disbelief, things had been quite for so long we assumed the worst was over.  The Sciarrino family wishes you peace and acceptance during this horrible time.  Thinking of your whole family this week, so sorry...
Debbie, Joe, Abby, Victor, Libby, and Gianna."

This tribute was added by Kristen Burke on 27th March 2014

"My words cannot express how deeply saddened I was to hear about Drew. I was blessed to meet Lil Drew when I first started at Zion. He won me over instantly. His sweet smile and hugs I will cherish and he will always have a special place in my heart. May God's Grace comfort you during this time."

This tribute was added by Sandy Madere on 27th March 2014

"Love, prayers, and God's grace be with you all.  We are so sorry for the loss of such a sweet, young angel here on Earth. With parents like you, a boy couldn't have wished for anything more.  We have been greatly touched by your family and will forever remember your brave Drew and your unparalleled devotion to him.  Drew's story - your story - gives us all something to fight for.  Sandy, Ray, Carter Madere, Austin and Jacob Noernberg"

This tribute was added by Matthew James on 27th March 2014

"My aunt is a co-worker of Mr. Albritton at Mt. Hope Elementary School.  She has spoken fondly of your family.  I know my family prays for you and your family in this time of need.  The Lord gave you a precious gift in Drew if even for a short time.  God bless you all."

This tribute was added by Greg Ortlip on 27th March 2014

"My condolences to you; Mike,Elizabeth,Emory, Pat and the entire Albritton family. Life does not make sense and losing someone as young and loving as Drew, is tragic. We can not even begin to wrap or minds around the pain you are going through.
Susan and I will have you and your family in our prayers."

This tribute was added by Allison Kraher on 27th March 2014

"Mike, Elizabeth and the entire extended Albritton Family,
I cannot express the sadness I feel for all of you but please take comfort in knowing that he is with our Father, sitting next to Him and smiling that beautiful smile of his. Please know that we pray that you find comfort in knowing this and we pray for your healing to start.  God Speed, Little are finally home!  Allison, Don and Donnivan Kraher"

This tribute was added by tammy morgan on 27th March 2014

"Mike and Elizabeth, words can not express the sorrow our family feels for you. We will keep you both in our thoughts and our prayers. May God carry you both through this unbearable grief."

This tribute was added by Celia Reiter on 26th March 2014

"Mike and Elizabeth, I have kept you and all of the Albritton Family in my nightly prayers since the first day of Drew’s cancer fight. I continue to ask God to Bless you, keep you safe, and give you the strength you need. You are special people and you have the love and support of a terrific family.

Dear Sweet Drew;  
Even though we are saddened that you don’t live on earth, we know you have a  beautiful spiritual presence that will live in our hearts forever and you are there with us.  Every beautiful sunrise or sunset, we know you are there.  Every rainbow in the sky, we know you are there.  Every fat fluffy snowflake, we know you are there. Every time we look with awe at the brilliant stars in the sky, we know you are there. Every gentle summer breeze, rustle of the leaves, call of a Dove, we know you are there.  You touched us on earth and you will touch us from Heaven as the Angel that you are.  Some of us you will protect.  Some of us you will guide.  When we are walking along and out of the blue we smile with an indescribable gladness and think of you and your great big smile, we know you are there."

This tribute was added by Terry Kenniston on 26th March 2014

"Mike and Elizabeth.  It truly breaks my heart hearing about Drew's passing. There are no words that I can offer to comfort you, but I just wanted to tell you that Jen and I will be praying for you both. We are so very sorry for your loss.  Terry and Jennifer Kenniston"

This tribute was added by Mary Goessling on 26th March 2014

"Elizabeth & Mike, We were deeply saddened to hear of the loss of  Drew. Our family sends our thoughts and prayers to you and your  families. God Bless you all."

This tribute was added by Jessica Pattengill on 26th March 2014

"Elizabeth, my deepest sympathy goes to you and your family. Drew's photos show an amazing little boy full of smiles. Know I am praying for you. Jess"

This tribute was added by Lori Dohrman on 26th March 2014

"Mike, Elizabeth, extended family, My heart is breaking for you & I wish I could take the  hurt away.  Last night I was praying and literally saying "Lord I do trust you, but I just can't understand".  I fell asleep praying and I had the most beautiful dream.  Drew was smiling and handing out tiny lights from his hand to every person in my dream.  When he passed this tiny light to someone, all of a sudden he turned into this amazing burst of light, like a sunbeam.  Heaven opened and God appeared.  His light was identical to God's and he went into God's arms.  I immediately woke and felt great peace.  I believe that is exactly what Drew did during his 4 years on the Earth, passed his light to everyone he met, sharing his pure love, friendship, trust, and kindness.  He truly was a superhero, an over achiever, who fulfilled his purpose.  He gave so completely that he managed to do in 4 years what it takes some of us 80 years!  By your example, loving him through whatever came his way, you allowed him to in turn, open his heart and share his pure love for life and kindness to others.  He was able to touch more hearts and change people for the good.  What a precious gift!  I had to share this dream because really, I believe God gave it to answer my prayer.  Please know that you are loved by so many, and we will keep your family in our prayers and Drew in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Steve Brauchle on 26th March 2014

"I only recently got to meet Drew when my 3 yr old daughter Megan began pre-school at Zion. She was immediately drawn to him and always referred to him as her best friend. She speaks of him regularly and often asked us to pray for Drew. Mike & Elizabeth, I cannot comprehend what you must be feeling. Just know that in the time we knew Drew, he touched us with his courage, strength and love. He was an amazing young man. I know he is now in heaven, no longer dealing with the burdens he had on earth. We now send our prayers to you. God Bless you and give you strength."

This tribute was added by Kristi Holst Smith on 26th March 2014

"Even though I was never able to meet your little buddy, I know God picked the greatest man in the world to be his daddy. Years before Drew was even born, I felt that you would be an amazing father someday. Your patience, encouraging spirit, enthusiasm for life, and passion for making the world a better place for children was apparent in the way you taught. Our lives will forever be touched by you and we grieve the death of Drew with you across the miles."

This tribute was added by Barbara Kohlfeld on 26th March 2014

"Elizabeth, your Blanchard Family is so sorry for the loss of your sweet little boy.  We are sending love and prayers.  Please know that our thoughts are with you and your family."

This tribute was added by Karen Hull on 26th March 2014

"Let him go play!!!!!  Our hearts are so heavy for your loss Albritton family. What a legacy he leaves for all the people he many you will never even know. One day at a time."

This tribute was added by Sharon Celeste Kohenskey on 26th March 2014

"Mike & Elizabeth, Emory & Pat.   Preston & I cannot imagine the pain that you are feeling at this time.  Know that Drew touched so very many hearts is his short life, even those he did not know.  He is not suffering any more and God will be sure that he is happy and taking care of all of you now.  I will keep you ALL in my prayers."

This tribute was added by Terry Mancusi on 26th March 2014

"Your family is in my prayers. Hugs and kisses from above will be with you where ever you will go. Just know that wonder little man is smiling and laughing riding in God's beautiful train."

This tribute was added by Amber Maldonado on 26th March 2014

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Mike, Elizabeth, and all of those who loved Drew so much.  Our hearts ache, but we pray for comfort in these incredibly difficult days.  Much love from your family in Virginia.  Rest in peace and fly high, little angel!"

This tribute was added by nikki coghlan on 25th March 2014

"Mike & Elizabeth,
             I can't even phantom of what your pain is and what your going through. I do know that Drew in his short years of his life has left a HUGE imprint in ALL of our lives. You guys taught us what true living is and to live day by day and how to fight for what you want. To laugh when you want to cry and to hug when you want to hit something, To say thank you when you just wanting to say why me? You taught us how to fight than just throw in a white towel and to share your life of your family day by day than just building that wall up and not letting anyone in. Ya'll have inspired tons of us out here that surround your whole family. Your son left a legacy behind that will never ever be forgotten or lost. He maybe gone, but his love will last forever. May you guys find peace one day! Every time I see angel wings I will always think of Drew <3"

This tribute was added by carla Davidson on 25th March 2014

"Words cannot express the loss of this beautiful boy, Cancer is taking our loved ones from us, I'm thinking of you Kelly and your family , Drew is the angel with such a smiling face that will hold our hearts forever."

This tribute was added by Tonna Hall on 25th March 2014

"When someone so young is taken from us, the pain & sorrow is unbearable.  They say the battle is lost, yet Drew is in heaven at peace. Our super hero is now flying, & will forever live in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Scott Will on 25th March 2014

"Mike and Elizabeth, Jaynee and I are so very sorry to hear about little Drew’s passing.  Emory kept us up-to-date on his progress so we thought of him often.  I know this is devastating to you and your family and I know words cannot be of much comfort now, but I think one particular bible passage is appropriate here:  “The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”  -Psalm 34:18

You and your family will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Scott and Jaynee Will"

This tribute was added by Jen Kiser on 25th March 2014

"Words cannot express how deeply sorry we are. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Heaven has gained an amazing little boy, who touched and inspired so many in his short life. We will be praying for you during the days, months, and years that lie ahead. God bless all of you."

This tribute was added by Carol Schmutz on 25th March 2014

"Mike and Elizabeth, you are amazing parents.  I am so sorry for your loss.  Drew is truly an angel and his sweetness will live on forever in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Bobbie Ruehling on 25th March 2014

"Fly, fly high Drew.  Fly up towards all the other little angels that have gone before you.  They are waiting for you to show you around and they want to play with you.  God Bless your family"

This tribute was added by Kim Montgomery on 25th March 2014

"Please know that the entire Albritton family is in our thoughts and prayers. He touched everyone's life in a very special way."

This tribute was added by gail wilp on 25th March 2014

"How we feel for you all and our sorrow that we have for you can not be put into words. We are all so sorry. Every picture we have seen of Drew he was always smiling and his love shone through, that's because of his mom, dad and sister. Thank you for sharing Drew with us all for we all got the chance to know him and love him. He showed us all how to be strong and we will hold that in our hearts forever. Big Hugs to Drew Forever. The Wilp family"

This tribute was added by Tracie Dillow Lee on 25th March 2014

"May God comfort Mike and Elizabeth with his peace and strength. My thoughts and prayers are with them and the family."

This tribute was added by Monica May on 25th March 2014

"I'm so sorry to hear of Drew's passing. I've seen the world of childhood cancer up close and personal because of my granddaughter, Sophie May Sewell. I have no words of wisdom and likely none of comfort to any of you. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with all of you and I will continue my dedication to fight for kids with cancer in memory of Drew."

This tribute was added by Kenneth Albritton on 25th March 2014

"Mike and Elizabeth,  words cannot express the grief I feel for you, just know that Drew's wings have opened up for all to see.  He will look down upon you and protect you with his everlasting love.  Our Lord has granted us with a special Angel who has touched the lives of all that he came in contact with.   You will be missed greatly little man, we love you more than you will ever know. Uncle Ken, Aunt Emily, Garrett, Rebecca, Sarah, and Emmy"

This tribute was added by Michelle Jacquemin on 25th March 2014

"There wont be a day that goes by that I dont think of Drew.. When I see a train I will remember drew and how happy he was riding and controling the train in Illinois in the summer of 2013.  Drew melted my heart from the moment I met him.  You will forever be my little engineer Drew. God Bless you Mike & Elizabeth. Stay strong for your little girl.  The Jacquemin family is and always will be praying for you all..!"

This tribute was added by Russ Hill on 25th March 2014

"I just want to send thoughts and prayers to Mike & Elizabeth and the rest of Drew's family during this unimaginable time. We love you Drewby, and we will miss you!  May you ride as many trains as you want."

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