Dr Harrison Omorodion left this earthly world to meet our Maker at the early hours of Sunday 18th April, 2021 in his sleep, under mysterious circumstances. He left behind a wife (Blessing), two beautiful children (Chloe, 6 and Harvey, 4), his parents, sister, brother and other family members.

He bagged a PhD in Chemistry from Trinity College Dublin in 2017, and he was at the beginning of what would have been a very accomplished career.
A youth leader in his local church community who volunteered passionately as a youth teacher, motivating, influencing, developing potentials, and mentoring the teenagers and young adults around him, through facilitating, organizing various career and personal development workshops/seminars.

Early days
Harrison attended Obey Olise Primary and Secondary School in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, where he was the class representative for most of his time at the school. He graduated and was briefly in  Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, Nigeria before relocating to Ireland. 
In his time in Benin City, Harrison was the Children Choirmaster and Children Coordinator in Captain Jesus Power Ministry, Benin City.
He  relocated to Ireland in 2006 with his mother, sister and brother to join their father. 
Harrison attended Tallaght Community School where he completed his leaving certificate with excellent grade in 2009. He proceeded to university after this for his first degree and eventually his PhD in August 2017.
Posted by Sylvia Draper on May 4, 2021
Harrison has left a mark on all of his colleagues in Chemistry and in Trinity. It seems incomprehensible that he is gone.

Sincere sympathies to all and especially to his young family and friends.
Posted by Thorri Gunnlaugsson on May 4, 2021
I was so sorry to hear this sad news earlier today. Harrison was such a gentleman and an excellent chemist. He will be sadly missed by all of use who got to know him in Trinity. May he rest in peace.
Posted by Teresa Donnell on May 4, 2021
I am so sorry to hear this sad news today - Harrison was a gentleman and a pleasure to work with and to know. May he rest in peace.

Teresa Mc Donnell ( CTO1 School of Chemistry, TCD)
Posted by Peter Ó Briain on May 4, 2021
Deeply sorry to hear of Harrison’s passing. He is fondly remembered by all of the technical staff of the School of Chemistry of Trinity College Dublin.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

Posted by George Adekanle on May 2, 2021
This was and still is a huge blow. Waking up on that Sunday and hearing the news I couldn’t comprehend how shocking it was. Dr Harrison was a role model. A very successful man and a passionate man of God. May his legacy live on. We will continue to honour your memory and make you proud. RIP
Posted by Samuel Okebs on April 29, 2021
It still comes as a shock to me that you're gone. You were an inspiration to me and always encouraged me whenever I wasn't feeling right. You helped me get closer to God. You were such a kind, funny and clever man. You were not only a teacher, but a friend. I know you are watching over all of us as you stand by God's side up in heaven, and I will make sure not to let any of your teachings go to waste. Thank you for always being there for all of us.
Posted by Vicky Musitongo on April 29, 2021
Dr Harrison was only 3 years older than me. He has showed me that life is too short. Leave a footprint and impact the world. Be selfless and not selfish. Use your tools to help others excel too. My heart breaks for your wife and children and family. Rest in peace Dr Harrison
Posted by Demi Amujo on April 29, 2021
Dear Dr Harrison,

To me, you were a man of integrity. You were an influencer. I still struggle to say “was” and “were”. I still find it hard to refer to you in the past tense. I still find it hard to accept you’re gone. You really inspired and influenced me. I don’t know if you ever knew how much of a huge impression you made on me. You are someone I admired and respected. Considering the fact that you had so many achievements under your belt, you were super humble. I really admired how much of a family-orientated person you were. You saw all of us as your family.

You were someone who was always concerned about the youths. People like you are hard to come by especially in our community, especially in a black community. You were genuinely interested in our welfare, our careers and our futures. You saw beyond our present and were always so excited about our next steps, the next chapters in our lives. You showed us what God’s love should look like through your lifestyle. Jesus lived His life on earth serving others. You followed His example and served others. You served the youths. As our teacher, you never gave up on us. Even when there were times when we weren’t cooperative or were difficult, you never once thought we were a lost cause. That’s one of the reasons why I respected you. You never judged us. You believed in us more than we believed in ourselves. It’s now up to us to honour you by not letting your wise words and hard work on us go to waste.

I’m honoured to have been taught by you and to be mentored by you. I’m just privileged to have crossed your path, really. I still look at your number in my phone and can’t help but think this is all a dream. That if I just call your number now, you’ll pick up the phone and all of this would be just a crazy dream. Looking at us now, I can’t help but wonder what you’re thinking. You’d probably be telling us not to cry for you but to keep it pushing and make you proud. I hope you are resting well in Heaven. I hope you’re at peace. You lived well and loved hard. I know no one will ever love you more than God loves you. You are a treasure to Him as you were to us. I will miss you and I will never forget you. I don’t really do well with goodbyes. So, until we meet again...

Rest in Peace and Power Dr Harrison
Posted by Yemi Young on April 28, 2021
The family of Elder Pius Olola Ojo and Dcns Yemisi Ojo with heavy heart send our heart felt condolences to the Omorodion's family for this sudden loss of Doctor Harrison Omorodion especially his parents, wife, children and siblings. Painful, and unexpected exit indeed! Words can not quantify our pains. One of the great memories I had of Dr. Harrison was when he, his wife, his Mom attended the maiden edition of Gala Night with the Lord in 2016. It was awesome to see him dancing with his wife. He spoke about how much fun he had, because his routine has always been School, Church and home. What an impact he has made in his short life. He was an achiever, a trailblazer, an icon, a great servant of God, Youth Sunday School Teacher, motivational speaker, loving Son, father and husband. He will forever be missed! Rest in peace Dr. Harrison Omorodion
Posted by Oghenetano John Uwhumiakp... on April 28, 2021
Your time here on earth is full of great effort and legacies. May your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Rosanah Olowu on April 26, 2021
Hmmm!!! Dr Harrison was in our church to minister to the youths sometime in 2019 and while on our way home.
My son said this words...
thank you Dr Harrison, Alex will never forget you in his success story.... rest on darling
Posted by Tariq Anwar on April 26, 2021
When the first time I met Harrison in 2018, he told me 'That's a nice suit! I would love to wear a suit as well in the office but this is not the place I desire to be in' and I asked him where do you want to be than? He said, I am a PHD holder and I want to work in an organisation where my PHD would matter and I could make a difference and once I have that then I will wear suits.
Later in that year, I saw him going for interviews in the morning and coming to work later in the day. He worked so hard in that period that he started to feel sick as well but he ended up getting a job that he wanted. That's the kind of the man Harrison was.
And in the present day, its impossible to believe that he is no more.

often in this world, strangers happen to meet. In strange paths, they meet and lose each other but we always remember them and I will always remember you brother.
-Rest In Peace!
Posted by Tife Timmy on April 26, 2021
Hmmm.... Life indeed is vain and empty! Our one and only Doctor! You were a great teacher, Encourager who was loving and a gentle soul. You loved the youths so much. Your early exit from this world is too painful to bear Bro, but our God is an unquestionable God. Rest on Bro, you fought the good fight and you won! You came into this world a sinner but left a son of God. Our God has gained another angel through you. We love you Bro But Jesus loves you more.
Posted by BiniCommunity Ireland TV on April 26, 2021
May your Kind Spirit rest in Peace. May the Almighty give the wife, children, parent, family and friends the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss. Eternal rest grant Harrison O' Lord and let your perpetual light shine on him. May his Soul and Soul's of all the faithful departed through the Mercy of God, Rest in peace.
Posted by Rachael Amedu on April 26, 2021
Life indeed is mysterious and very dangerous. I never had the opportunity to meet with you dr.Harrison but my dear friend your pretty wife never stopped talking about you right from our university days and the joy you brought her was so evident for everyone to see.. My prayer is for God to grant your dear wife bibi, your lovely kids and your entire family grace,peace and comfort in this trying times. May you find rest in the Lord till the resurrection morning.. Amen
Posted by Osatohanmwen Idehen on April 25, 2021
Mr Harrison Omorodion, your death shock me so much to my bone I can't question God because, him alone knows what happened. Its pity u left ur beautiful wife and angels kids be behind you gone so soon.vetvely remember how you use to chat with me on Instagram and I also promise to visit you and your family in Dublin .it's so unfortun you couldn't wait patiently to see me.i cry deeply for your sudden death I am still shivering till now One thing I love about you doing is that, you so much care for your beautiful family why the bastard devil came to pull us down with tears
Mr Harry was a very nice man brilliant ,intelligent, and able .He doesn't play with his education .I was honestly proud of you when I saw post on fbk you came out with PhD...And I could also remember then in captain jesus power ministry, you always came out in first when ever you goes to any competition with my elder step brother pastor Godspower...we all proud of very difficult for me to say goodbye
I pray that God almighty should revenge for you and fight for your beautiful kids wife u left behind. May your beautiful and gentle soul rest in bossom of our lord jesus christ Amen it's well! I love you always but my sister from other mother which is your wife Mrs blessing Omorodion loves you more
Posted by Nadege Futi on April 25, 2021
I have learn from you, never to carry excess luggage. You are one in a million, and also a proud to both your family and friends. Too soon to say good bye. What a painful exit.. Rest in peace bro. Until we meet again.
Posted by Yemi Adekanle on April 25, 2021
You were a colossus that would be greatly missed by all and sundry. Within your sojourn on earth, you came and conquered. You impacted lives, restored hope to the hopeless, and shined as a light to the disillusioned.
Your life epitomized love, humility, dedication, and radiance. Even in death, your memories remain evergreen in most minds that came across you.
Sleep on Harrison as your legacies live on.
Posted by wale juwon on April 25, 2021
What a rude shock to loose Dr Harrison, my beloved vibrant, influential and motivated brother...
Your words, your influence, your passion will forever be around us....
I cried like a baby, I wish to wake up from this slumber...
My heart prays for your wife, your children, your parents and your family that you left behind..
You will forever be missed my beloved..
.... signed by Elder Wale Adejuwon
Posted by OLUWATOMISIN Ogunlusi on April 25, 2021
A brother, a friend, a colleague in the teaching department, someone that always preaches and practices genuine love amongst brethren. A soldier in God's kingdom. A life full of wisdom, an epitone of Light, shines way brighter and luminates wider than Its scope, just to strickly Impact lives when i say lives i mean all age groups especially the youth helping them find that pathway to self identify themselves and plan futuristic attainments . It's still a shock to me, because we spoke a day before, with so much tears in my eyes bro. I love you from the bottom of my heart, But God our creator Loves You More my brother, rest on Harrison...
Posted by Adebola Adeosun on April 25, 2021
Dr Harrison was one of the nicest persons I met in Dublin and I still can’t believe he’s gone. Thank you for the knowledge you impacted in the little time I knew you. We miss you but we know you are in a better place. Continue to Rest In Peace with the Lord
Posted by Ruth Ngadaonye on April 25, 2021
Everytime I wake up am still waiting for a miracle to happen and someone tell me that you’re back. it’s so hard to accept the facts that you’re truely gone truely you’ve gone too soon but God knows why he called you so soon. Best inlaw hands down we don’t always see each other often but when we see it’s all fun no one to diss me again oh Harrison am finding it hard to say good bye everytime I think about your death I ask why you but who am I to question our God. rest on soldier you matched through this earth conquered it all achieved the unachievable so effortlessly and touched lives while you’re at it only but a true soldier!❤️
Posted by Nurse Coach Ola on April 24, 2021
Late night on the 17th of April 2021, suddenly your name flashed through my mind. I thought, yea it’s been a white I saw heard from you or even seen you on social media.
I said in my mind I will chat you in the morning only for me hear the next morning that you were no more.
Dr Harrrison a great team member, a kingdom brother, zealous for the work of God. Hmmmm, how will the publication unit function without you, the youths, and all?
The last time we spoke you encouraged me to pursue my correct course. When I’m about quitting, I remember your words and that if you made it , I have no excuse.
You lived. A short but fulfilled life brother and you will forever be missed and remembered.

Sleep on Teammate
Till we meet at the Fathers feet

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Posted by Sylvia Draper on May 4, 2021
Harrison has left a mark on all of his colleagues in Chemistry and in Trinity. It seems incomprehensible that he is gone.

Sincere sympathies to all and especially to his young family and friends.
Posted by Thorri Gunnlaugsson on May 4, 2021
I was so sorry to hear this sad news earlier today. Harrison was such a gentleman and an excellent chemist. He will be sadly missed by all of use who got to know him in Trinity. May he rest in peace.
Posted by Teresa Donnell on May 4, 2021
I am so sorry to hear this sad news today - Harrison was a gentleman and a pleasure to work with and to know. May he rest in peace.

Teresa Mc Donnell ( CTO1 School of Chemistry, TCD)
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Shared by Rebecca Haastrup on April 25, 2021
I’m still finding it hard to believe! 
I’m still refusing to accept that our Teacher, Youth leader, Mentor and friend has left this world. 
what an amazing person! It’s true the saying “ you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” - you took the role of a Mentor, and adviser and an advocate without questioning. 
You looked out for our best interest! You genuinely cared for our future, and wanted us to make the most of our present, and for that,I’m forever grateful! 

We love you, but God almighty Loves you more!

Continue resting!
And we promise to always make you proud!