Adieu my very good friend

Shared by kemi muolokwu on May 27, 2021
If one had to look for the meaning of a GOOD man, Sam fits the description. "Sam Sam" , that's how I called you in school. You were a good friend to me and everyone you came in contact with. Your gentleness, kindness, simpleness and openness was everything. You were a true brother and friend, I feel so hurt that I have to type this. We never got the chance to meet again after school. But even in my career, I have always met a Samuel and I called each of them Sam Sam. Telling them all about you. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace Amen. You didn't sound right that Friday as we hung up, I wish I asked why...but God was calling you. May the perpetual light of God shine upon you Sam. Please rest in peace ️ and may God comfort your family. 

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