Posted by Toyosi Akpan on May 25, 2022
Continue to rest in God's bosom Dear Dr Odey, May God bless and keep your family.
Posted by Osawaru Izevbigie on May 24, 2022
I still can not believe it that is a year plus.....I am still speechless but I know Dr. Sam is in a better place.

Sleep on sir.
Posted by Osawaru Izevbigie on June 2, 2021
Dr. Samuel Odey, even though I may not know you very well cause you and I way back in Unilag were quiet, calm, and easy-going people but you were the more gentle and calm person I have ever met.
I pray for your family the strength to endure your sudden departure from this world, though you're in a better place, your loved ones surely are going to miss you.
Sleep well my friend, my brother.
Posted by Oluwasegun Phala on June 1, 2021
Rest on brother
Posted by Emem Ukpong on June 1, 2021
We believe that heaven is at attention for a soldier of Christ as he goes home your good memories will continue to live in our hearts. It is well
Posted by Deking Kingsley on June 1, 2021
Dr. Sam I have tried several times to believe that this your death is a joke but everyday I await someone coming to tell me it is only a joke. You have been my close friend and brother since we met in Unilag. Our relationship goes beyond coursemate to padi padi. It is difficult for me to say goodbye, God knows the best. I am certain that you will have peaceful rest over there because you always want peace at all level with all men. It was really a brief stay you had with us. We will always miss you my padi. Rest in perfect peace. Sammy goodbye brother. Go well my man.
Posted by Solademi James Oyeniyi on May 31, 2021
Love leaves a memory no-one can steal, but death leaves a heartache no-one can heal. Gone is the face I love so dearly, how can I express the pain in my heart, is this what it feels like to lose a best friend!!! Your memory will never grow old
Posted by Adetoun Oluwole on May 31, 2021
Dr. Sam, your death was a rude shock to us. Back in unilag, you were such a good person and very accommodating. May God comfort your beautiful family and grant your soul eternal rest. Amen.
Posted by Toyosi Akpan on May 31, 2021
Dear Dr Sam,
Wouldn't say we were close but I can't deny you were my coursemate and wouldn't have walked past you after school like I didn't know you, no way! You were very consistent back then in school. You would always attend lectures consistently and always had this aura of seriousness, focus and maturity. I'm not surprised you got your PHD. It seemed like yesterday we were celebrating you on our Alumni group chat! Sigh! You would always respond to my greetings with such politeness and calmness those days. Death where is thy sting?! Can't believe we would now be talking about you in past tense. You will truly be missed. I pray God comforts your entire family and close friends. It's truly a painful exit. But God loves you more and knows why it happened this way. Rest On Dr Sam. Sleep well.
Posted by Obehi Orelaja on May 28, 2021
Samuel as i usually call you back then, why did you have to go too soon? You had a bright future ahead but death took you away from us, away from your loved ones, away from your wife and kids, but who are we to question the Lord. Unquestionable you're Lord. Hmmmmmm! I don't know what to write , tears keeps rolling down my eyes each time I remember you are no more. Your good deeds will forever be in my heart. Sleep well my dear friend,sleep well. it is difficult to write this but reality has set in .RIP my Samuel odey
Posted by christy arowolo on May 28, 2021
Dr sam, what can i say rather than to say your death is too sudden. We can not question our maker. My prayer is that God will give your family you left behind the courage to bear the lost. Adiue Sam!
Posted by Kike Odesanya on May 27, 2021
Dear Dr Sam, news of your sudden departure came as a rude shock and has left a void. We all knew to be kind, calm and very intelligent. The Lord bless your soul! We pray the Almighty grants your family fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss in Jesus' Mighty Name, Amen.

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