This memorial website has been  created to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the death  of  Dr. Stephen Folagbade Oshodi who was born in 1943, and who passed away on August 18, 2012. He was a loving, honest ,courageous and God fearing man who has left an indelible mark on all of us.
We love him dearly and will remember him forever.
Posted by DR MARK OSHODI on August 28, 2022
Dear Grandpa,
The fact that our last interactions were over 10 years ago, is truly bizarre me.
I am very grateful for your prayers and your numerous phone calls. Though I was never blessed with the opportunity to meet you physically, our relationship never felt distant or estranged.
I love you and miss you.

Love from,
Posted by Oshodi 94 on August 20, 2022
My father was the happiest and the most considerate man in the world. No anger in his heart, he owed no one apologies or money and like the lion that he was he chose the way to go and even let me know death was coming as we drove together that day. Even in death you were brave ka re baba, omo olukare omo alila, omo aRi ogu mo sa, omo ogege oni fi la, ka re baba. The Lion roars no more. As you always said we will continue to live our lives with you always on our minds! I have no regrets and I know Peter and d saints will be saying yes d party has just began. I know you cracked a joke as you went in! Will always luv you Stephen Folagbade Oshodi. U are the greatest!

Rednaskela Oshodi
FACEBOOK 20 August 2012
Posted by David Oshodi on August 19, 2022
Dear Grandpa,
Although I do not have many memories of you, the ones that I do have are strong and forever in my mind. Whether it was you making your bread recipe with Andrea or the day you died. I always remembered you as a very joyful and loving person. I am still saddened by the fact that you died while I was still young and my memories were not well formed but my father will never cease to tell me good stories about you. Most of all, I will never forget the last words that I said to you, “Nigeria is the best country in the world”. I am sure that you are in heaven. Rest in Peace.

Love from, David
Posted by DR MARK OSHODI on August 18, 2022
Dear Grandpa,
It's surreal to think it has been 10 years since your passing. We all miss you dearly. I miss your birthday calls and talking to you Christmas morning. Thank you for all that you did for us. I have fond memories of you on our trips many trips to Nigeria which I will cherish forever.
I love you so much
Love From,
Posted by Daniel Oshodi on August 18, 2022
I miss you terribly Daddy….I miss you terribly …
Remembering you still brings tears to my eyes 10 years on. David and Andrea ask about you, they’ve always been certain in the knowledge that you are in heaven. They’ve grown up those two. I wish you could sit and talk with them. I wish I could sit and talk with you.
Jennifer and I are well, still in love as you can see from up there.
Your “American Limousine” is still going strong….she is tough that one and we aren’t letting her go any time soon.
I still cry, I still wish I had come home to see you that year…I love you Daddy, I miss you terribly.
Posted by Folarin Ayo on August 18, 2022
We thank God for fond and blessed memories of a great man… great in stature, in kindness, in caring and in loving and in influence.
Daddy/GPA Oshodi was always looking out for others. Be it immediately preparing pounded yam whenever we visited, or giving medical and other advice, or just letting you know that he was there for you, he sacrificed time, resources and energy to bless others. His humorous outlook, stories and comments still make me smile.
May his legacy of kindness, care and love continue in his generations.
Love always.
- The F Ayo family.
Posted by Toluwalope Oshodi on August 17, 2022
You built me into whom I have become this day. You were an uncle in a million; you were never an uncle but a father to me. Humble, kind, loving, caring and good at heart and soul.!!!
I remember like yesterday how you never failed to scold, love and pray. You thought me how to be strong in the midst of all circumstances and this still stays till this day.
My brothers and I who you helped to nurture will really miss you and your honest fatherly advice. Your sudden death came as a rude shock.We did not expect it and wish we had more time to continue to appreciate you. God in His infinite wisdom knows best. May Our Lord comfort and sustain our family, now and always. May God Almighty keep you safe resting in perfect peace till resurrection day, Amen.!!!ADIEU MY LOVING UNCLE
Posted by Olawumi Akatue on August 17, 2022
Can’t believe it’s been 10 yrs since you left us. It’s so hard to forget you because of who you are and what you mean to us, your sense of humor and the ability to diffuse any situation no matter how bad it is.
Thank you for being a great example of what a father in law should be because you were like a father to my sister and loved her dearly. You made her feel such a great part of the Oshodi clan which is so rare and for this we are grateful. Moji talks about you often and we just laugh and thank God for the time you had with us. You are simply irreplaceable.

We love you, Olawumi for The Akatues
Posted by Ara Alabi on August 17, 2022
The memory of a wise, peace-loving, and ever cheerful father and grandfather is fresh in our mind. It is as if he left yesterday. His vacuum is hard to fill.

Dcns Joan Olatoyosi Ayo OON
(Mother of Dr Marek and Dr. Moji Oshodi.)
Posted by Toyosi A on August 17, 2022
It is with fond and loving and thankful memories that I write this on behalf of my husband, Abayomi and I, and our children. GPA Oshodi was "the life of the party" and "the light heartedness of any tensed situation", melting scrounging fuming eyebrows with his humor and characteristic kisses ()! He was that self assured, secure, bold man who will walk to take his rightful place with Gma Oshodi in front of any room, even though the service has started.He was the witty doctor who was excellent at his job with an unconventional outlook to health and life.

We miss his humour, his silent ministry of reconciliation and peace making. We pray that the seeds he sowed whilst on the earth, will grow and bear fruit beyond all imagination in Jesus Christ name. 

Abayomi, Toyosi, Tofarati, Anjolaoluwa and Ara Alabi
Posted by Maria Oshodi on August 17, 2022
Dear Fola,                                 they say time heals but after 10 years I still see you leaving the house to go to airport and never coming back home.It was difficult for me to accept your departure.It is said those who left to be with God live in hearts of those they left behind and that is true.I remember your voice,see you when I look at some items in the house-your bible,hymnal, last birthday gift that you presented to me.The memory of you can never be deleted -I see you in our children and grandchildren.I live believing that you watch over us .Thank you for setting the way and mode of leading a family life-it keeps us close,together and purposeful.Our children and grandchildren are doing very well in their family lives.Do you remember when you once said you will like to have ten children?Well ,your wish (in way)came true!!You have three sons,three granddaughters and four grandsons =10!!You did not meet your last grandkids born after you departure:Stephen Folagbade Jr,8yrsand Aleksandra(Sasha).I can imagine how happy and proud you must have been watching from above graduation ceremony of your first granddaughter Maryla who is now working as an engineer,your first grandson is an undergraduate in engineering too!!Maksym will soon complete his secondary school.Our miracle granddaughter Andrea will this fall proceed to university and her brothers David is doing very well in secondary school.Our youngest grandchildren are now in London,Steven is working hard ,getting good reports,is also quite good in cricket.By the way Maksym is an accomplished rugby player.Little Sasha is a very lively,independent girl with a beautiful smile.You can be proud of the family you left behind,you did your best for all of us,your love for family as a whole,your dedication to the extended family is an example for us to follow.Your dedication to your profession is very much visible in the way your sons work and live.You and I a very lucky to have a very hardworking,sensible and devoted to family life daughters in/law.All are professionals,working hard and successful in what they do.Fola you are the one who laid the foundation for our success,you made it possible for me to have a caring family members helping me to go on.Thank you my never to be forgotten husband.Rest in peace with God my love.Sun re o!!
Posted by Ade Oshodi on August 17, 2022
A Lion Heart. .
✒Once upon a time in Ikare Akoko, Ondo State..A Joyful Son was born and grown in a palace territory with his younger brother and mother...His father origin is from Benin in the house of Oshodi-Ogege Owolabi..
To fast forward...He travelled for education in Poland where he met her heartthrob..Mummy Maryla..He had Wonderful family who are amazing..
He slept like an hero...lion heart..God fearing..
The beautiful thing about him is He loves his family and care for everyone he came across at home, marketplace, orchestra, street, neighbourhood..

Hmm mm. .....I remembered First aid in English...Muson orchestra...Ikoyi name few..
Daddy Always want you to add value to your life....

⛪The bible said: Proverbs 22:1 – “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, loving favor rather than silver and gold.” that what he did..protecting the next generation to love and bear good name..
Daddy protect us all both in law and children to see ourselves as one family and in God..
I remembered he told dele to called me auntie because I am 3month older..he cherish respect, truth, boldness....the fact is even if you carry fire on cannot scared him oh..He taught me boldness...

⏳In all..We have a purpose to fulfil on earth..most important is to discover it and live it..we will one day give account before God our maker..✋..God of Salvation will show us all mercy in Jesus name..

Daddy life is explanatory definition of Happiness...

Thank you for being yourself "Daddy EKO"- (name we used to called him when we are kids)

I Appreciate all the family of Mummy Polska, Dr.Ade, Dr.Olu, Dele..
Thanks for this space⬜ to pay respect to daddy 10year memorial...

Courtesy: Aderonke -for Prof. Aladesanmi Oshodi Family..
Posted by Yvette Marshall-Oshodi on August 17, 2022
Dear Daddy,
I am deeply saddened that I did not have enough time with you; to experience all the wonderful facets of your personality that I continue to get told about, up 'til today. I am consoled by the short time I knew you and the fact that you were extremely well loved as a husband, father, grandfather, brother, friend and colleague.
I want to express my extreme gratitude to you for laying the foundation by showing how a woman should be loved.....your sons have taken up the mantle admirably.
I continue to pray for you and pray the Lord continues to send helpers to guide your path.

Posted by Omotomilola Oshodi on August 16, 2022
First met daddy on the eve of Dr. Olu and Lawyer Jennifer’s wedding. Right there and then, daddy teased me mercilessly and that weekend with the family gave me a glimpse of ‘life with the Oshodis”.

Daddy loved his own fiercely and I was never in doubt that I was part of his own and my children were genuinely loved by Grandpa Lagos.

If I ever forget what life was with daddy, the passage of time will never dull the memory of the last few days we spent together. The house was filled with love and laughter.He sang amd danced with the little ones all through that week, tried teaching me how to bake homemade bread and still cooked for us that same evening he transited. Never to be forgotten is his storytelling skills. Daddy would had me enraptured with tales from Benin and Ikare. He worries whenever any of us was ill . Daddy was so worried of me catching an infection the night I fell at Magodo gate. These and so many other little acts he displayed to us all conveyed his love for us.

Daddy’s transition left a huge hole in each and every of our hearts. We keep holding on to the precious moments we shared.

We miss you dad, you’ll forever be in our hearts.

Posted by Ademola Oshodi on August 16, 2022
We remain grateful to God Almighty, the Most Merciful and Most Gracious, for a life well spent, impacting his children, grand children, other family members, in-laws (the ano atatas) and humanity, through the lives you have helped to build.

You have laid the foundation, we are building on it, for the next generation even down to the 4th generation (after you) and beyond.

Rest on Daddy, May God continue to watch over the rest of us, His Grace, mercies and strength to uphold us so we too can impact the next generations and end well.
Posted by DR MARK OSHODI on August 15, 2022
Miss you grandpa
Posted by Oshodi 94 on August 15, 2022
The earliest memory I have of my father is riding on his back while he swam in the FPH swimming pool, it was one of the numerous Oshodi family public holiday’s where we were whisked away from school and taken either to the beach or to the swimming pool on short notice to spend the day with you. I was too scared to go out of the baby pool and you conquered that fear by putting me on your back, how strong you were and I remember at no time did the water ever go past my thighs as you swam.
As I look back on your life, I realize that’s all u did for those close to you and those you did not even know too well, you were always willing to lend a helping hand no matter the situation or circumstance, nothing was too small to give. You always reminded us to always give alms and help our fellow man and you told us how that was one thing you learnt from your late mother and also family was important. You raised us never to look down on any one and you made sure we were always grounded, I remember you telling us “you boys should remember that pride come before a fall”, you taught us the three “GOLDEN WORDS” PLEASE, SORRY and THANK YOU, reminding us to never be afraid or too proud to use them. You encouraged us to “READ” and always rewarded us for doing well in school, till your last year on earth you would always have an article for me to read or a bible passage that was significant to what was going on in my life at the time.. You always liked things done quick and without hesitation if we wasted time on a job given you would always ask “what’s wrong with you boys, SE E FI NSE RESEARCH NI” Oh how that always made us laugh!
My Daddy you were an example to follow and a pillar of support to those around you. The way in which you lived your life, is an example I constantly try to follow. The stories of your childhood and how you went through life, are a constant reminder for me and my brothers on what it means to persevere and be happy with the result of your hard work. You never spoilt us but we were never denied the love you had for us there was always a present at Christmas and at birthdays, and even when there was no occasion you would always surprise us with a present or gift of some sort. I remember in primary 5 asking you for a pair of football boots a week to my birthday, and you said “Dele read the Lambs tales from Shakespeare and hand in an essay on it and you will get the boots you want”. I did as u asked me too and I got the most expensive pair boots the shop that day, after that I went on to read Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Homers The Iliad and The Odyssey, Oliver twist and now that I am older I really appreciate the present you gave me for that birthday. Putting to practice the Advice you gave me on how to read and prepare for exams, is what is responsible for who I am today. The joy on your face when I came home with a good result made me the happiest child in the world and even when I did not do well you always showed me the silver lining and cheered me up with words like..” well done boy you got 100% in Yoruba”… When I felt bad about my first degree, you kept on telling anyone who came to visit “that’s Mr. Dele my son he has a B.Tech Hon’s” you always wanted us to be proud of our achievements and not dwell on trivialities. The morning I came home in 2009 I felt sad and unsure of how my life was going to be how I was going to start life over again, your silhouette from afar and the smile as you approached was most reassuring, the welcome back kiss on the cheek and the hug, were all I needed to lift my spirit and again like my first memory I was on your back again with nothing to fear. As we walked to the car park that day you told everyone who cared to listen “that’s my baby of the House he has an Msc From Newcastle and has Just come Back Home After 4 Years of working Abroad”, I kept on going stop telling everybody and as usual you had a comeback “are you telling me I can’t rejoice that my son has come home”. 
You supported my wanting to play sports and I remember you taking me to the cricket ground at 5.00am in the morning for me to go on my first schoolboy tour to represent Lagos state, I remember you pushing me to swim competitively and me saying NO but I ended up loving it. Whenever my activities or lifestyle took me away from my books you would always try to set me back on the right path. Whenever life threw the worst at me, even when it was by my own hands, you would say only two words “Come Home”. Many times I wanted to but I would decide to soldier on and you would support me all the way. When I was jobless you encouraged me and cheered me on and always said while rubbing my head “Mr Dele with what you have achieved, you should not worry too much it’s all a matter of time” and true to your words it was all a matter of time. We were never too old for you to help and we were always your boys! A million words cannot say how I feel about you and I know deep down I will miss kissing you and saying “Good Morning Daddy or La Mezi”,I will miss the calls at 12 midnight with you on the other end singing happy birthday , I will miss hearing you call for me ( Dele, Deleeeee, Yayaoooooooh!), your wit and jokes , your laughter, you singing “out of the depths He arose” at Easter Sunday Mass, you playing classical music and singing to Handles Messiah, I will miss you disappearing on Christmas Eve to go into “Isale Eko” to get us presents/ “Bisco” and you telling us to go and look for a star before we can get our presents, I will also miss people telling me how you always danced into the church, I will miss the way you teased Yvette and all the young wives in the family, I will miss your advice and also your “Roar” for it was the roar that always put us in line and it was what made us know we had a father that cared and loved us dearly. Most of all I will miss the calm look on your face as you read the Bible while lying in Bed.
I was privileged to spend your last Hour on earth with you and I know you lived that hour to the fullest. In that one hour you raised some issues and I told you not to worry about me that I had taken care of them and you accepted without question, you told your grandson David Oshodi that he made you the happiest man in the world because he said “Nigeria is the best country in the World”, you reassured your granddaughter Andrea Oshodi she would not miss her flight then you warned me of what was to happen and you were Gone. Even in death you wasted no time and like the boy scout you were prepared.
I know you cracked a joke at me and Tolu’s Expense at the gate then danced into heaven and the thought of that brings me Joy, I and the family will never forget you daddy, because it was ON YOUR BACK WE ALL RODE

Your Son
Aleksander Ayodele Babalola Adedire Oshodi.
My tribute Culled from the order of funeral mass 14 sept 2012.

Posted by Dr. Moji Oshodi on August 12, 2022
My Tribute To Daddy
(as in the Programme of Order of Funeral Service - September 2012)

I met Daddy 20 years ago and there after I became a part of the family. He welcomed me as his own daughter. He made me feel like the biological daughter her never had.

Over the years I came to realise his greatest unique qualities.
....his humour, intelligence, wisdom, especially his practical unconventional yet effective way of solving problems, his kind heartedness, compassion, zest for life ; He loved life and respected it.
He valued family unity while respecting independence.
He rejoiced with those who rejoiced and wept with those who wept.
He loved God and had a holy fear and reverence for the things of God. This manifested in his dealings with people as compassion, fairness and generosity of spirit.
He loved his biological children, their spouses and grandchildren equally and impartially.
He had a spirit of contentment. He believed that whatever he had was the best in the world and so was always content and happy.

I thank God for His goodness to me in giving me such a wonderful father-in-law that I can truly call Daddy.

Daddy, I thank God for your life that you lived well and enjoyed, for the love you showed, your optimism, zest, prayers and encouragement.
I will miss you. I will miss all the phone calls; the long conversations, the two minute calls you made at any time of the day or night to say:
"...make sure you are enjoying yourselves O"
"...happy women's day!"
"...hope he's caring for you well? because we Oshodi men know how to love our wives!"
"...Dr. Moji have you heard this joke?..."
Your prayers for us and your grandchildren, Your jokes, Your proverbs, Your laughter.
We will miss not celebrating your 70th birthday with you as we had hoped. However God knows best and we trust in His unfailing love.

To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord and that's where you are and so... Rest in Peace Sir.

                 *****   ********   ******
2022     Daddy, It's hard to believe that 10 years have passed since you left us so suddenly! I can still remember your wisdom, laughter, jokes, kindness, encouragement, love of life and family.
As we remember you, we thank God for your life and for all that you mean to us. Thank God for keeping and for upholding the whole family. We miss you!!

May your Legacy continue to live on !!

Your daughter-in-law
"Dr. Moji"
Posted by DR MARK OSHODI on August 12, 2022
                         A Letter to Daddy
Dear Daddy,
Words cannot express the love that I have for you.
My only consolation is in knowing that you knew how much I loved you and continue to love you. A boundless love that transcends space and time.

I find it deeply re-assuring that you can see me daily from heaven above, that you finally have a chance to rest after a life devoted to improving the lot if mankind.( A life lived wisely and well).

Despite the tremendous sense of loss that I feel right now, I thank God that he spared you ill health and the decrepitude that unfortunately accompanies age.

I thank God that you died a happy man; while being driven by your son Dele in the company of your Grandchildren, surrounded by love and laughter, animated and in motion as usual!
You did not die in the hands of strangers!
You were never a time waster it just wasn't your style, you always had a surprise, you always made an impact and you were consistent in this respect until the very end.

You were a Polymath with a superb intellect that you did not misuse. You always had a knack for distinguishing that which-was important from that which was not.

Your humanistic nature made you an Iconoclast and you consciously discarded pre-existing conventions especially if these were impractical or unfair to your fellow man. "The Sabbath was made for man and not the man for the Sabbath".
You could not bear to see people suffering and gave your self freely and unreservedly to the extent of donating your own blood to indigent patients. You did this with a smile as you exclaimed to me " Dr. Ade, God loves a cheerful giver!".

You were driven by an all consuming desire to make things better for people, some may have misunderstood you, for in many ways your were ahead of your time. However especially with the benefit of hindsight very few can doubt the purity and righteousness of your intentions.
Yours was not a detached or theoretical Christianity. Your Catholicism was Vibrant, practical genuine, realistic and universal, touching everyone from the road side mechanics and the beggars on the street to the most distinguished Professors. You engaged with all warmly, confidently and without regard to tribe, class or creed at a very human level and they loved you for this.

You did not seek to live a pretentious or artificial life even though you could have if you'd wanted to, again it Just wasn't you style, and you had the guts to stick to you Guns.

I will treasure our long and animated conversations on wide ranging topics from History and Philosophy to Science, Medicine and Music, I will miss your insightful observations and analyses.
I will miss the privilege of continuing to care for you and hearing your frequent expressions of Joy about the family which you began with Mommy from scratch as two young University students so many years ago and against so many odds.

While I bid my time in this Mortal realm, I shall try to keep your Legacy intact and pass it on to my Children. For you have taught me well!

Adieu Daddy!
Rest in Peace with Ogege, Daniel Ubini (Your father whose stories you recounted so often) and Your Mother Rachel Aminatu (whom you missed so much) in the Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary who did not fail you in the Hour Your death.

With all my love,

DR Mark Adegbola Oshodi your son.

My tribute Culled from the order of funeral mass 14 sept 2012.

Addendum: 12/08/2022.

Dear Daddy ,
A decade has elapsed since you passed away and I miss you as much as ever but what is a decade to one like you who is no longer bound by the constraints of time and space, a sentient being in God's loving presence.
This is reassuring.
In the interim I will keep striving to keep your legacy alive till we meet again on that great beach beyond when my job here is done!

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Recent Tributes
Posted by DR MARK OSHODI on August 28, 2022
Dear Grandpa,
The fact that our last interactions were over 10 years ago, is truly bizarre me.
I am very grateful for your prayers and your numerous phone calls. Though I was never blessed with the opportunity to meet you physically, our relationship never felt distant or estranged.
I love you and miss you.

Love from,
Posted by Oshodi 94 on August 20, 2022
My father was the happiest and the most considerate man in the world. No anger in his heart, he owed no one apologies or money and like the lion that he was he chose the way to go and even let me know death was coming as we drove together that day. Even in death you were brave ka re baba, omo olukare omo alila, omo aRi ogu mo sa, omo ogege oni fi la, ka re baba. The Lion roars no more. As you always said we will continue to live our lives with you always on our minds! I have no regrets and I know Peter and d saints will be saying yes d party has just began. I know you cracked a joke as you went in! Will always luv you Stephen Folagbade Oshodi. U are the greatest!

Rednaskela Oshodi
FACEBOOK 20 August 2012
Posted by David Oshodi on August 19, 2022
Dear Grandpa,
Although I do not have many memories of you, the ones that I do have are strong and forever in my mind. Whether it was you making your bread recipe with Andrea or the day you died. I always remembered you as a very joyful and loving person. I am still saddened by the fact that you died while I was still young and my memories were not well formed but my father will never cease to tell me good stories about you. Most of all, I will never forget the last words that I said to you, “Nigeria is the best country in the world”. I am sure that you are in heaven. Rest in Peace.

Love from, David
his Life

BIOGRAPHY: Culled from the Order of Funeral Mass 14 September 2012

Dr. Stephen Folagbade Oshodi was born on 11th July 1943 to the family of Chief Daniel Owolabi Oshodi and Princess Rachel Aminatu Oshodi (nee Momoh) of Okela quarters, Ikare - Akoko in  the Akoko North East Local Government Area of Ondo state Nigeria.

His father Chief Daniel Ubini Owolabi Oshodi was a very wealthy and successful Merchant with diverse business interests including the transportation of  agricultural produce from the hintherland to the Port in Lagos, his fleet of lorries traversed Northern and South Western Nigeria in Colonial times.
He was a well travelled and literate man who placed great emphasis on education.

Following his death in 1947 the family fell on hard times consequently His Royal Highness the Olukare of Ikare Land Oba Adu Momoh II called his brother Prince Saliu Momoh the father of  Princess Rachel Aminatu Oshodi (Dr. Folagbade Oshodi's Mother) and told him that that they could not permit their daughter Rachel and her two children who are of Royal descent to suffer.
Therefore Prince Saliu  was asked to bring them to live in the  Olukare's Palace with the whole of the Momoh ruling family as members of the Royal house hold. Thus Dr. Stephen Folagbade Oshodi and his brother Professor Augustine Aladesanmi Oshodi spent their youthful lives in the Palace the latter till he left to study at the University. of Ibadan.

Dr.Stephen Folagbade Oshodi had his primary education at St Gregory's Catholic primary School Ikare Akoko and at St.Jude's Ebute - Meta Lagos after which he returned home to commence secondary School at Victory College Ikare which he completed in 1962 with flying colours attaining Grade I in his School certificate Examinations.
In 1963 he proceeded to Loyola College Ibadan to study for the Higher school certificate he was compelled by circumstances  to leave Loyola  to take up employment at the Federal ministry of trade  but he ensured that his studies were not interrupted. He worked at the Federal Ministry of Trade and industries as a clerical officer during the day while attending the Federal school of science in the evenings. The change in his educational programme and decision to take up employment was due to his love and concern for the well being of his brother and mother. Thus his savings from work were sent home regularly  to assist his mother in paying the school fees of his brother Professor Aladesanmi  Oshodi who  had  just gained admission to victory College Ikare and who subsequently completed his Secondary education in 1968 attaining a Grade I in his school certificate examinations. He supported his brother's education to PHD level. 

He proceed to Poland in 1966 on a Polish government scholarship to study Medicine where he excelled academically achieving distinctions in several subjects including Philosophy despite having to learn and study in an entirely new language.He developed a love for philosophy (which was a part of the medical curriculum in Poland at the time) He also developed an abiding love for classical music. in addition he found time to become an adept sailor and yachtsman.
He graduated from the university of Warsaw with an MD. in 1973.
While studying in Poland he met and married his loving and kind hearted wife Mrs Maryla Oshodi a Pharmacist (M.Pharm. University of Warsaw) . They married as undergraduates in March 1969  and had the first of their first of three sons Dr. Mark Adegbola Oshodi in September 1969.

The loving ,kind and generous Rachel Aminatu Oshodi died on the 23rd of January 1973 a few months before her son was  due to qualify as a Doctor. Soon after receiving this news Folagbade sent a message to his brother Aladesanmi informing him that he could not bear to leave him alone in Nigeria and therefore suddenly arrived in Nigeria in May 1973 to start a new life.

After arriving in Nigeria Dr. Folagbade Oshodi completed Housemanship  at General Hospital Lagos, Island Maternity hospital Lagos and the Massey street Children's Hospital Lagos between 1973 and1974.
He had a great interest in Orthopaedic surgery  and hoped to specialise in this field . He had  done an elective posting at the University of Lund in Sweden  as a medical student under Professor Stig Benmark  a leading Swedish surgeon who  was kind to him and whose work inspired him greatly. Consequently he took up an appointment as a Medical officer at the orthopaedic hospital Igbobi Lagos  between 1974 an1976 with the intention of training as an Orthopaedic surgeon.However in the course of his training at Igbobi he realised that he would have to travel to the UK to complete his training in Orthopaedic surgery.
He was not willing to travel abroad again since by that time his wife and two young sons had joined him in Nigeria (They had arrived  from  Poland in April 1975)and he realised that  another move abroad would have been too disruptive for his young family .

Therefore he decided to pursue  postgraduate studies in Anaesthesia  because it was the only accredited programme that could be completed in Nigeria at the time. He joined the department of Anaesthesia at the Lagos University teaching hospital(LUTH) in early 1976 to begin his training .He became a senior registrar in 1981. Always innovative and able to think outside the box while at LUTH he developed a new type of Anaesthetic Circuit  that decreased the need  soda-lime an essential component in existing Anaesthetic circuits of which an acute shortage had arisen@1977 .Later known as the Lagos circuit preliminary data was presented at the West African society of anaesthetists conference in Accra Ghana in 1980  but its initial acceptance internationally was hampered by a lack of resources to properly validate it ,thus he could not receive full credit for his invention .Eventually similar work was completed by others and variations of his circuit subsequently appeared on several Anaesthetic machines.

On completing his Residency training in Anaesthesia Dr. Folagbade Oshodi. MD. DA. joined the Lagos state health service as a Consultant Anaesthetist in 1984 and by 1987 became a senior Consultant Anaesthetist at the General Hospital Lagos. While in the Lagos State service he also worked as a senior Consultant Anaesthetist at the Lagos Island Maternity Hospital where in conjunction with Dr. Laguda Chief Consultant Obstetrician&Gynaecologist and the department of Pharmacy he  developed a surgical pack system for patients who needed emergency surgery .These surgical packs contained all the consumables for surgery to take place thus  sparing poor  patients the need to buy unnecessary and expensive  supplies at inflated prices often late at night from private pharmacies  in the vicinity of the hospital because the hospital had no stock of its own.The fact that the packs were immediately available  for use at the hospital ,saved time and also saved  lives  by preventing delays in treatment the packs also cost the patients considerably less and spare packs could be used to save the lives of penniless patients. Subsequently the pack system was adopted State - wide.

Dr. Folagbade Oshodi initiated and opened the first Anaesthetic recovery room in a state Hospital in 1988.
He  recommended the establishment of a House officer  training programme  for newly qualified doctors at the General Hospital Ikeja to his colleague Dr. Joseph who was the Chief Consultant at the time. He spearheaded this process and was tasked with approaching  the Medical Council to seek approval for the hospital  as an accredited institution for the  training of Housemen and to establish a properly equipped library ( a prerequisite). This was done successfully and today General Hospital Ikeja is the Lagos state university teaching hospital!

Dr. Folagbade Oshodi was promoted to the rank of Chief Consultant Anaesthetist in1991. In response to the shortage of support staff and Anaesthetists in operating theatres Dr Oshodi started a training programme for Nurse anaesthetists to address the shortage of  qualified staff. This programme is still in existence at the time of writing.

In 1998 Dr. Oshodi was promoted to the rank of Consultant special grade and in 1999 he was appointed as the Medical Director of the General Hospital Ikorodu.
          He met the hospital in a dire state repair both in terms of its crumbling physical infrastructure and in the poor condition of its equipment. The roof had been damaged by a storm and was non-existent in parts of the hospital , The wards needed to be renovated ,basic sanitary facilities were non existent on several wards and had to be repaired , boreholes needed to operational to re-establish a reliable water supply  for the institution to be able to function as a hospital. With typical determination he  successfully completed this herculean task (often paying for minor repairs out of his own pocket)  and then went on to  establish a new out patient theatre!
He had begun to establish a library , hosted an ophthalmology conference and was preparing to seek approval for Ikorodu General Hospital as training institution  for house officers when he was recalled to General hospital Lagos  in 2001 and retired soon afterwards on the14th of March 2001.
He was the 1st Chairman of the Nigerian Red Cross society Ikorodu Chapter.

Dr. Folagbade Oshodi loved his profession and encouraged his children to study medicine and the sciences.He worked tirelessly to keep his nuclear and extended family well educated and proud of their country. He genuinely believed in investing in people and practiced what he preached.
Today his first and second sons are Medical consultants, specialising in Cardiology and Internal Medicine and In Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine respectively. His third son  is a Petroleum Geochemist with an MSc.Petroleum Geochemistry ( Newcastle).
He has also left behind many nephews and nieces who were encouraged by him to forge ahead and reach for the stars because he believed that with prayer hard work and integrity the sky is the limit.

Dr. S.F. Oshodi was a trail blazer in his family , a beacon of light and hope, a gentleman to the core, loving husband, father and grand father, caring brother uncle and in- law , friend to all no matter their position in society .
He never forgot his roots and was proud of his home town 

He will be missed by many and his nuclear family in particular.



This is an edited version of his biography that has been culled from the Original in the  Funeral Order of Service booklet issued for his funeral which took place on 14th of September 2012.


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