His Life

Time with his sister Jenny

For as long as i can remember i always had my big bubba by my side. No matter what i needed.  He was always pretty tough on me so that i would do great in life. We would spend time on the baseball fields. I watched him play ball all threw out his baseball career. He was at everyone of my games that he could make.  Spending time with him i felt like nothing could go wrong. He would call just to talk for hours. The conversations could be from the height of the grass to something that was wrong.... I miss my big brother more then most people know!


He was born to our parents Jeff and Tammy Haley on April 29 1982.  He was a funny lil kid.  He could always make you laugh even at a young age. He would take his games to his Grandmothers house and not tell her how to play then brag on beating her!