Let the memory of Dudley (Buddy) be with us forever
  • 66 years old
  • Born on January 7, 1937 in Bee Cave, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on November 15, 2003 in Austin, Texas, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dudley (Buddy) Grumbles 66 years old , born on January 7, 1937 and passed away on November 15, 2003. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Lory Lamkin on January 7, 2019
Happy Birthday, Buddy, till we can all celebrate together once again...
Posted by Lory Lamkin on November 15, 2018
When I think of the good ole' days, you are right up there in the top percentile! So many, many wonderful, happy memories! How I'd love to be visiting with you and Carolyn once again...
Posted by Lory Lamkin on January 7, 2018
Happy Birthday, Buddy! Remembering the birthday times at Rosie's brings back such good memories! I miss you and those times...
Posted by Lory Lamkin on November 15, 2017
Just doesn't seem possible that fourteen years have passed since you were taken from us. I think back with fondness on the good times we all shared. Such good memories...
Posted by Kenny Ray on January 7, 2017
Happy Birthday Buddy, I miss that big smile I always saw when I would come in the Food Mart.......miss you big guy ! R.I.P. my friend !
Posted by Lory Lamkin on January 7, 2017
Happy Birthday, Dear Friend! I know in my heart that you and Gus and Alan and Shasta are having a fine ole' time up there!
Posted by Lory Lamkin on November 15, 2016
Oh, Buddy...what a great friend you were and how you are missed! I cherish the memories of our friendship, and there are so many of them! Alan and I considered you and Carolyn two of our dearest friends. I know you were there to welcome Alan through the Gates and I'm sure y'all are still catching up on things! You were loved by so many...and still are...
Posted by Carolyn Crumley Grumbles on November 15, 2016
Honey, today as we celebrate another year of your passing from this Earthly World into those beautiful, Pearly Cowboy gates, we all take the time to give our thanks to God for allowing you to spend your short time with us. I Pray to God all the time for bringing us together, oh so many years ago, giving us two beautiful Children and teaching them how to be so much like your Cowboy ways of honesty, respect, love, giving and being the Great people they are. One of my biggest regrets is you did not live to see our two Grandboys grow into the young Men they are today. The Grandboys, being only 5 and 7 years old when you became ill and passed, have your Cowboy traits. They missed their 'Pa-Paw'. You would be so proud your oldest Grandson still cherishes and drives your ranch pick up since His senior year in high school and even now in His junior year in college. Your other Grandson has grown into a fine young man also. I thank the Lord for our almost 42 years of being married 'until Death Did Us Part' on this date 13 years ago. The loss of my Bestest Friend and Husband left one of the biggest voids in my Heart, but because you were such a fun, giving, loving Friend and person, we can all celebrate on Earth your fun, great Memories you left for each one of us. We miss you Buddy (Red) Grumbles, God broke the mold when He made you, my Cowboy. Today, everyone should take remembrance how much fun you were, a real jokester, prankster and the person with the biggest Heart. God Bless You Buddy Grumbles. Today we can celebrate your not being with us because we share all the fun and laughable Memories of you. We miss you with all our Hearts, Honey. I can see you entertaining, creating laughter and taking care of and giving of yourself to everyone around you. 'Til we can all be together again, we love you and miss you more and more. Love from your Children, Grandchildren and now our new ones coming into our Family as the years go by. I feel like crying so many times, but then you 'pop' in my thoughts in Memories which cause me to laugh out loud at some of your antics, jokes on people and just plain making other people happy. God Bless you Buddy (Red) Grumbles. Thank you for still being among our Families and giving us strength and leadership even though you are not on Earth. Thank you Honey for all our Cowboy 'Waltzes Across Texas' and the beautiful Cowboy memories of old. Love ~ ~ ~
Posted by Lory Lamkin on January 7, 2016
...and another birthday rolls around! Happy Birthday, Buddy! You are one of the best. I know you and Alan are having a fine ole' time up there! But save a place for Carolyn and me...we'll be there with you one of these days.
Posted by Lory Lamkin on November 15, 2015
Well, Buddy, another year has passed since you left us. I know Alan is with you now and one of these days the two of you and Carolyn and I will be reunited. We love and miss you guys...
Posted by Carolyn Crumley Grumbles on November 15, 2015
Another year has passed Honey, just another year to be closer to you in Cowboy Heaven. So many have passed on since this time last year and are probably sitting at the Cowboy in Heaven Coffee Shop with you. Joe Spillman, Henry (Son) Heffington, Eugene Reimers, Buddy Henderson and several of our other Friends in just the past few weeks. We have our oldest Grandson in college as a Sophomore, our youngest Grandson a Senior in high school on the school football team and the rest of us are carrying on your wishes of life to smile, love others, be generous, be a 'Giver' and always do for other people when you could. We love you and miss you and your Cowboy ways every minute of the day. We remember our Great times with you, our sometimes lil' 'bumps' in the road, the Fun times, the antics you could 'pull' on other people and always get by with your Fun in jest ~ ~ We will always hold you close in our Hearts and know you are in a much better place making our places for all of us. God Bless you and Love you so much ~ A day does not pass I remember and miss you so much. Your Wife, Carolyn.
Posted by Carolyn Crumley Grumbles on January 8, 2015
Today was another year for my Bestest Friend, My Husband. Buddy was such a fun loving, laughing, true, out going Cowboy while on this ol' Earth that one more year without Him has left all of His Legacies so many Happy Memories. Buddy went to Heaven when our Grandboys were only 5 and 7 years old. What an impression of a true Cowboy Buddy has left on these two boys, now 17 and 19 years old. Their Pa-Paw taught their DaD, Richard, the same hard, honest work ethics as Buddy had. Memories of these third generation of 'Grumbles Boys' has Pa-Paw 'glowing' and smiling from the Heavens above. Pa-Paw left His Cowboy Grandsons the great adventures of riding horses, hanging off the fences, watching their Cowboy Pa-Paw work the cows and tend to the ranch. Now, these same Grandboys help their Dad, Richard, do the same hard, honest ranch work. What a day of rejoicing we will all have when we can reunite with THE Greatest Cowboy of all times. My love for Buddy has never and will never dim from the first day I ever laid my eyes on 'that' red headed, barefoot, 'wild' Cowboy! What a FUN, glorious time filled with challenges, adventures and love we had for over 41 years while Buddy was with us on Earth. Buddy looks over His Family, watches His Friends and keeps His funny, Great wit and all His Memories alive in each one of us. God Bless You, Honey ~ ~ Love you forever and ever 'til we meet again ~ ~ ~ <3 (Written on Buddy's Birthday 1/7/15)
Posted by Lory Lamkin on January 7, 2015
Happy Birthday, Buddy! I'll always remember the fun birthday gatherings at Rosie's!
Posted by Lory Lamkin on November 15, 2014
...such a good friend. Kind, caring, fun...the list could go on and on! You will always be missed!
Posted by Kenny Ray on November 15, 2014
What a great man......always missed. If you looked up friend in the dictionary....you would see Buddy's picture !R.I.P. my friend and pull the reins tight......your bud.............kr
Posted by Carolyn Crumley Grumbles on November 15, 2014
Honey, today marks our 11th year without you on Earth. May God and you continue to watch over all of us from our beautiful Heavens above. So much has happened over the years, the Grandsons have grown up, our Son and Daughter have both had health 'bumps', but they have had your determination an independence to conquer all. Due to a large factor in continuing our Blessed, loving Friendships with all our Friends, life has been so much easier to keep going. I know you are only a thought, a Memory away, and you are always my guardian, my Angel, and my light to continue on in this Earthly world. We all still miss our Great Gentleman Cowboy. God only made a few in the mold He made you from, but Thank God, He made you for us to love and cherish. We continue each and every day to try to be the loving, giving person you were to everyone in life, never meeting a stranger. Each day is more Blessed to know I have you just around the corner in my thoughts and Memories. This past April 14th, we have been married 52 years ~ ~ Until Death Did Us Part ~ Will see you on the other side as soon as I finish what God has put us on Earth to do. Love you forever and ever ~ ~ Carolyn, your loving wife forever and ever ~ ~ ~
Posted by Joy Robinson on November 15, 2014
Hard to believe it's been 11 years. Still missed by all who loved him.
Posted by Toni Lalonde on January 8, 2014
Red used to work withAlb at UT and every year we had a lake party. The year I was pregnant with Albie (1981) whole at the party, the girls were down at the waters edge sunbathing. Red came down with a shovel and started digging a hole. We asked him what the hell he was doing and he said he was sighing the hole so I could turn on my belly to get the sun on my back..hahaha. It worked perfectly!!!!! We all had a good laugh,I got sun on my back and it was truly fun to share these "lake parties" with Red and the whole gang. I miss those days and Red made it special. :)
Posted by Carolyn Crumley Grumbles on January 7, 2014
My Bestest Friend, my partner in crimes, my compadre, my lover, my loving Husband, the Father of our Children, MY Everything! Happy Birthday Buddy/Red Grumbles ~ We celebrated many a Happy occasion on January 7th each year as our Family and Friends Circle became larger and larger. All our Memories of these times are so much FUN. You made sure we all were smiling for you. There is not a day, 24/7, we do not think of you, your Great Big grin and that mischievous laugh when up to your 'shenanigans'. Pranks were so much FUN for you. We all loved you for your silliness and love for your fellow man, your generous giving to all and just being there when needed. We all love you, and each of us have Memories for a life time of different Happy, FUN times with you. Every day was a 'party' with you. You had your sad times, your bad times, our very poor times, but we were rich in life and enjoyed life to the fullest 'til Death did us part. As your wife for 42+ years before God took His 'red headed stranger' Home to be the Brightest twinkling Star in Heaven, we were all Blessed with the finest Gentleman, true Cowboy, just born at least 100 years too late for His time. A true Cowboy, a Gentleman who gave ALL to everyone ~ A 'Super Hero' who loved life to the fullest, never met a stranger and could end up being a relative to anyone when talking to a stranger for less than 10 minutes, even in Montana on the Indian reservations! WHAT a TEXAS character, that BUDDY GRUMBLES. Waves of feelings of sadness come and go, but are replaced by the wonderful, different FUN Memories you left to each of us. You make me laugh, Honey. Til' Death did us part ~ I will always love you BUDDY GRUMBLES <3
Posted by Kenny Ray on January 7, 2014
I knew Buddy for many a year. We would meet at Jack and Ruby's Hill Country Food mart and shoot the bull over coffee in the morning and a cold beer in the afternoon. What a great man and so proud to call him my friend. R.I.P. my friend, Happy Birthday !
Posted by Lory Lamkin on January 7, 2014
We always had such fun at Buddy's birthday lunches at Rosie's! Those were the good ole' days! Bless you, Carolyn, and thanks for keeping Buddy's memory alive through this memorial.
Posted by Michelle Grumbles on January 7, 2014
Then I can remember when we had a horse to get hurt, they would take it out in the pasture to walk it. William and just a toddler..It would take about 4 guys to walk the horse and William wanted to go with the guys and they said OK. The guys came back and NO William, (Panic set in) Buddy went out looking for him, came back still NO William, up on top the hill, I saw this carrot top head bee bopping in the cedar thicket and William had our Dogs( Bandit's Collar) bringing him Home. Buddy said Bandit knew all the time where William was..William wasn't worried. I know I remember William(7 then prolly) and Buddy going the horseback riding..I don't know who was 10ft tall by the time they got back. William or Buddy by listening to them both..The smiles on their faces was more then enough..
Posted by Lory Lamkin-Scott on November 15, 2013
Always remembering Buddy! Bless you, Carolyn...
Posted by Lory Lamkin-Scott on January 8, 2013
"What a good, fun, true friend Buddy was! I'll never forget him. Thank you, Carolyn, for making this tribute page for him. The love you two shared will live on forever. Buddy and Gus are waiting for you up there..."

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