Duncan Motoma
  • 30 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 5, 1981
  • Place of birth:
    Limbe, South west, Cameroon
  • Date of passing: Jun 16, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Inglewood, California, United States
Let the memories of Duncan be with us for ever.

To all the friends, Family and sympathizers of Duncan:

In an effort to transport the corpse of our dear friend Late Duncan Mbongo Motoma to his native home in Cameroon we are reaching out to you all for your support. Please find below the banking information and /or mailing address to send your generous donations. I will also like to request that you send an e-mail to this with the amount of your donation so we can send you a thank you note. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to any one of the contacts provided below.

We thank you in advance for your support and generosity.


Bank of America                                                  FUNERAL PROGRAM
Account #: 446027964615                                 Saturday  July 7, 2012

Routing #: 541520104                                           WAKE(VIEWING)
Acc name: Loh Emerson Epie                        Venue: Jenkins Funeral Home
Address: 13913 Castle Blvd, 13                                       7474  Landover Road,
Silver spring, MD, 20904                                                  Hyattsville, MD, 20785
                                                                           Church service                

Venue: Same location as viewing


                                                          Venue: 9700 Martin Luther King Jr Hwy
                                                    Lanham, MD, 20706
                              Time: 7:00pm-4:00am  



Mr, Aaron Motoma. Tel: 862-213-6054
Mr, Kenneth Eyabi  Epie, Tel: 202-460-3726

Mr, Augustine Dibo Epie. Tel:301-328-0877

Mr, Peter Motoma:Tel: 202-460-3726

Mr. Loh-Emerson Che Epie. Tel:240-602-4097

Mrs, Hellen Motoma Evande.Tel: 862-220-2464

Mr. Engelbert Litumbe. Tel: 520-461-8842

 "This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Duncan Motoma, 30, born on July 5, 1981 and passed away on June 16, 2012. We will remember him forever."

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by valdo terence on 18th June 2015

"may ur soul rest in peace man,is your man Mbeng Terence Limbe Cameroon."

This tribute was added by valdo terence on 16th July 2012

"boh who side you live Banyu basso,Terence Endeley Mbeng Terence Awanbeng Hunfrey,Chubike,you called London and asked  Mbeng Terence and Endeley Terence and said you are coming to  limbe,boh is this the caming ,,,,who do you so,R.I.P short of words ohhhhhhh...."

This tribute was added by Marie Nkumbe on 9th July 2012

"On behalf of the Nkumbe’s family in Maryland, I would like to offer our most sincere condolences to the Motoma and the Epie’s family at this difficult time. May he be blessed and his soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Marie Nkumbe on 9th July 2012

"On behalf of the Nkumbe’s family in Maryland, I would like to offer our most sincere condolences to the Motoma and the Epie’s family at this difficult time. May he be blessed and his soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Sema Donaldson on 7th July 2012

"If I say bye bye it turns out to seem like we will never meet again, but if I say until we meet again then it sounds like it will be long before that happens. Well, above all I know you are in a better place and in better hands, and remember we will always hold you closer to our hearts. Forever R.I.P Brother! Shalom my Friend!! Peace!!!"

This tribute was added by akwo eseme on 4th July 2012

"This is very sad indeed. On behalf of the Bafaw-Balong community in the DMV, I send my condolence to the entire family. We pray for Duncan's life and pray that his soul rest in peace. We all can become victims of gun violence. In honor of his memory, our monthly gathering this weekend will be postponed.
Akwo Eseme, President, SENASE."

This tribute was added by Mak Yuyun on 2nd July 2012

"This is unbelievable! Just a few days after my broda told me u were gonna be at his graduation, u left this world in such a cruel fashion. whatever it is, may the Lord keep u by His side and forgive whoever did this to u. I am so full of tears but as christians, we say God knows why. I pray especially for your mom, that i know personally. May God console her in every way possible. RIP dear"

This tribute was added by Teflon Don on 2nd July 2012

"I am still sadden till date and asking a lot of question but i know God has a better plan. After 10years of no see i could only meet with you again in DC. Ever since that meeting we have been in touch until when i got this sadden news. My dear friend go well and know you will forever be missed. Peace Motoms. PM"

This tribute was added by SAMUEL MOSISA on 30th June 2012

"We would like to extend our condolences to the Motoma family. Our prayers and thoughts are with you at this time of sorrow. May Jehovah God give you and your family the strength to continue on as you honor your son's memories and life.
From the Mosisa Family,
Woodbury, Minnesota"

This tribute was added by Roland Nshieteh Mumuluh on 30th June 2012

"You were my very close and good friend in CS Bota but it is so sad to hear you have gone so soon. May the Lord Almighty grant peace and comfort to your family during this difficult times and may your soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Lembashe Sawande on 28th June 2012

"My heart goes to your family; may the Lord gives them the strength and courage they need in this difficult time, and in the days to come. As the song, "gone too soon", but I know you are leaving behind lovely and precious memories your friends and family will be remembering you with and cherish fore ever. R.I.P.    

-Leo Sheila-"

This tribute was added by Terry Holland on 27th June 2012

"Sunday 5 JULY 1981, we were born at bota hospital, what a joy it was ,like my mother always said to me ''Terry you brought a husband  with you" 5 july is a few days away ,my day mate..... , my age mate..... ,the  blow is to hard.It will always be a memorial day for me.I hope to see you when, you will be ressurected in a perfect world and condition again.Good night,sleep good.... DUNCAN!"

This tribute was added by thompson ntuba on 27th June 2012

"And the angels  said  :young; but the command was given to usher him on . And his   life  on earth a lesson for the living.
Better to be in the house of mourning than in the house of feasting. We are all here for experiences , and when our time is up, nothing can stop God . He left behind love ones and our hearts  go to you all  . DR REV  T NTUBA"

This tribute was added by Duncan Ewoko on 26th June 2012

"Am short of words!!! RIP my name sake!"

This tribute was added by banyu emo on 26th June 2012

"Duncan.though its been long that we see each other your death has stroked my heart.i could not believe when i heard of it.i just remember the nice days we use to spend in school. we will always remember you.RIP BRO"

This tribute was added by Linda N. Bonu on 25th June 2012

"May your gentil soul rest in perfect peace"Duncan"."

This tribute was added by samuel ojong on 24th June 2012

"M. Duncan,it's a disbelieve you are gone too soon,you will for ever be missed. May the Lord grant eternal peace and rest of your soul."

This tribute was added by Adriana Synegal on 23rd June 2012

"I still can't believe you are gone. We are all waiting for you to come around the corner and say "How you doing?". Thank You for your friendship.You will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace my friend."

This tribute was added by Sadat Kong on 22nd June 2012

"Weh men, when I came to this country, you called and asked my elder brother Ettienne Kong  to pass me the phone and we spoke....well I know you are in a better place...R.I.P BRO"

This tribute was added by Regina Eyabi on 22nd June 2012

"Few days before you passed Ndoh and I were talking about you, Motoma why did u leave everyone in such a shock? Oh dead u claim to be soo close, but our nephew is closest to us than you. Motoma RIP because God will avenge your killers."

This tribute was added by Gilbert Bessong on 22nd June 2012

"Motomo as I will always call you.Is a shame you leave us at this point of time when we need you most. I lack word to express how I feel about your sad and timely death. But all what I will say is that RIP still me meet again.Is hard!!!!"

This tribute was added by Del Pierro on 22nd June 2012

"hey wulululululululululululululu weti be die heeeeeeeeeeey.   may your soul rest in perfect peace"

This tribute was added by Jeff Davies on 22nd June 2012

"Duncan, I want your family to know how much you meant to us here in the ER at St John's   I was devastated hearing of your loss.  I don't think it really hit me until I was about to work an ER shift and I was looking forward to chatting about sports as we usually do.  I don't think I ever saw him without a smile.  You touched so many lives with each encounter.  God Bless- Dr. Davies"

This tribute was added by Josiane Bengono-Sab on 22nd June 2012

"Am still soo shock by your passing Duncan!! i still remember you as my classmate in G.H.S Limbe,very playful and kindhearted...Only God knows why you had to go this way.May ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus name AMEN!! I hope and pray the good Lord gives comfort to ur family in this time of pain and grieving..xx"

This tribute was added by Massango Suzzy on 22nd June 2012

"I still remain in disbelieve that Motoma is nomore.
What I know and have decided to believe is that my childwood neighbor, brother, friend and classmate Motoma Duncan lives and would forever live in our hearts with those captivating smiles and friendly nature of his.
May God grant strenght & courage to his family members!"

This tribute was added by Jeannie Cleavenger on 22nd June 2012

"Duncan, you are such an old soul. One of the most gentle and honest men I have met. Many memorable conversations we had. I am honored to have known you. I will never forget you Dunkin Donuts."

This tribute was added by Kyatana Coussey on 21st June 2012

"We may never be able to explain the things that happen in this world.  All we can do is live the best life we possibly can and celebrate the lives of our loved ones.  Your jovial spirit and big smile will be missed. No more worries, simply rest in peace Duncan."

This tribute was added by sam duse-anthony on 21st June 2012

"my dear brother we the nyajro's and duse-anthony of limbe don't know what to say as we feel the pain you are going through. my eyes are feeled with  tears thinking of what u are facing, bro take heart and know we are with u, samuel k duse=anthony for the family"

This tribute was added by Becky Ngumbah on 21st June 2012

"Weeehhh  Motoma, we be plan for meet when a finish school wusai u dey noh my brother? I will really miss you especially when i remember those Catholic school Bota and BHS Buea days, you were really a good friend and a brother full of humor, can't believe you are gone, May your soul rest in perfect peace.." Batoba -rene""

This tribute was added by Patricia Epie on 21st June 2012

"Death you have never been a pleasant friend, your sting hurts a lot, it knows no age, color nor race. Motoma my dear nephew the news of your death was so shocking,i still can't believe u r gone, I know those 7 bullets were not for u but may God repay those who sought for your life, We love and will always Miss You brother."

This tribute was added by Comfort Enow on 21st June 2012

"w o w ! Never really knew u as a  friend but  met u at the convention last yr n u are from my town . We all had fun n now u gone . God needs u more n is gonna comfort ur family. RIP Duncan we will meet  again ."

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Ebong on 20th June 2012

"What a life, what a world I can't believe you are truly gone too soon. God knows better, YOU WILL FOR EVER BE MISSED. My condolence and prayer to your beloved family."

This tribute was added by alem prince on 20th June 2012

"I know how hard an unexpected loss is. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy at this tragic time. We love him but God love him most, May his soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Marcel Atiabet on 20th June 2012

"Papa, we can not stomach this very horrifying moment of your absence. Your passing away is a vacuum most especially to your family. May God give them the strength the need to cope with this lost. You were honorable and pleasant to all. God damn those bullets and the shooter. It is true they say, good things don't last. Till we meet again, may the good God receive you in his holy kingdom."

This tribute was added by chikodi world on 20th June 2012

"hello my african brother....i did your hair that saturday evening we  talked about how great life is and how you can't wait to go home to africa  in december. little did i know that will be the last time i will see!! life is crazzzy i will miss doing your hair every month you are a great guy...till we meet again thank Jehovah for that:)) bless up!"

This tribute was added by Yacine w on 20th June 2012

"It is a rare privilege to encounter such a loving spirit as Duncan's in this life. My own spirit embraced him instantly when we met, and in these few months only saw his goodness. I thank God who allowed our paths to cross, tho only for a while. To say he will be missed is to say so little. My condolences to his grieving family. R.I.P. & Love, Son of God."

This tribute was added by george ekukole on 20th June 2012

"Mola Motoma,
I know this will be hard, very hard!!! But remember, whether we live or die, we do so in Christ. May the soul of your dear son, Duncan, rest in peace. Courage brother."

This tribute was added by mariana orozco on 20th June 2012

"Hey Duncan you left to soon my friend, way to soon. You left us all speechless Duncan were all ganna miss buddy st johns ain't going to be the same without u. Glad I got the chance to meet u tho we had good times @ st johns I won't be able to see u nymore but I'll always remember Duncan Motoma. "security Duncan" ima miss hearing that:( we love u rest in heaven :("

This tribute was added by Kuji Mundi on 20th June 2012

"You stopped by everytime you knew I was around  I can always hear your soft voice. I heard you wanted the traffic to die down before you drive back to the Valley. You played soccer with us and you were a good listener. What happened? You took seven bullets! Only God knows why? Why you? You always call me grand but now only silence in memory of you. Rest in Peace. The Lord. Mundi Kuji"

This tribute was added by Robert Franco on 20th June 2012

"Duncan…NO words to describe are sadness of your loss, we all think you will pop out of no we're and say " what up Braa"....The lil time u were here with us we will never FORGET..I never meet a humble person as ure self. As of now we all know ure in a better place and guarding are heavenly gates…RIP my African Brother...see u soon- 1 LOVE...."

This tribute was added by paul angwafor on 20th June 2012

"The days we spent together I really never thought I would have to tell you this but now its to late you are such a caring person, loving, most especially very peaceful. When there was no solution to the problem you always found one you are loved I know you are in a better place. We miss you Duncan."

This tribute was added by Aaron Luney on 20th June 2012

"always a smile...never a frown! That's how I'll remeber my friend! Rest in peace Duncan."

This tribute was added by Carl Ndive on 20th June 2012

"the day u left Cameroon i knew all is well.i cant believe u left soo gonna miss the times we shared 2gether back in the village and tiko.may the good Lord grant u eternal rest in His bosom.adieu big bro"

This tribute was added by Judith Daly on 20th June 2012

"Duncan - u were taken away from your friends and family way too soon. U will be missed but never forgotten. Ur smile would light up r work place at St. John's whenever U were around. Friends like U will never be forgotten, they will stay in R hearts and mind forever. God bless U always. May God carry all UR friends and family thru their sorrow and find them peace - R.I.P Duncan"

This tribute was added by PURNELL WILLIAMS on 20th June 2012


This tribute was added by njie takere on 20th June 2012

"There is a season for everything, a time to rejoice and a time to cry...we have shared moments together that bring nothing but joy to our hearts but everything surely comes to an end!!!we all wish you had just a few more moments with us,so our love for you could be made manifest!!!hope you are in a better place!!!REST IN PEACE BATOBA!!!!much tears!!"

This tribute was added by Sherry Yilmaz on 20th June 2012

"Pleasant valley will not be the same without your positive energy and beautiful smile protecting us. You made a difference and brighten the lives of many. God bless you and yours. Such a tragic loss. You are missed."

This tribute was added by Claire Niba on 20th June 2012

"MOTOMA if anyone could tell me a day like this would come so soon for you, i would have cursed them out.Gush!still can't believe I'm writing a tribute for heart is so broken that you've left us so soon so tragically.You and i had been talking about planning a family reunion here in the U.S and now we shall have one with U in spirit..i love you cousin you will 4ever live in our HEARTS!"

This tribute was added by sylvie mencheng on 19th June 2012

"really dont know wat to say cos itz really like a dream all i can see is how we all were happy  wen we meet in maryland  and we had bigger plans to meet again cos the joy we shared was so much.i remember the fun u made inshort the lord needs u more than we do cos he has a beta plan for u rest in peace my dear"

This tribute was added by Tikwe Takere on 19th June 2012

"Batoba......its with tears n pain i type. From day one u left NY to Los angeles for a better life, its been all good. we slept under same roof ,ate from same plates n drank from same cups. its hard to swallow n digest this sorrow. what ever the case, GODS time is always n will always be the best. May your soul be @ GODS right side while we all see u one day. Be in PEACE."

This tribute was added by Palvin Mandi on 19th June 2012

"May the good Lord welcome you with open arms. R.I.P Batoba !!!!!"

This tribute was added by Saul Fernandez on 19th June 2012

"Me:Duncaaan You:"What up bro!”
Thanks for sharing your language & music, positive energy, and stories about Africa & NY; I will truly miss your unique spirit and soul. May the almighty Lord bless your family through these tough times, and may you Rest In Peace my brother!!!"

This tribute was added by Elizabeth Najeme Chong on 19th June 2012

"I still can't believe you are gone Duncan. It is unbelievable, but yet I believe that you are with the Lord, where you will have everlasting Peace and Love. I will miss you dearly. Shushu."

This tribute was added by jules f.k. on 19th June 2012

"aaahh, Motoma Duncan the powerful sprinter, the Usain Bolt of class '94!!! Not seen you in years but i hear you worked as hard as you ran.

. Alas, the race is over my friend...your journey's done but to live in the hearts you leave behind is not to die. These tributes tell me so. RIP bro"

This tribute was added by carl ndangoh on 19th June 2012

"Dunky, We are going to miss the positive energy that you always brought around everyone, the fear that you never showed when you encountered scary situations.I will miss you bro.I hope You are now in a better place and that God guides your family through this difficult moment.Lots of luv bro"

This tribute was added by Delphine Nchako on 19th June 2012

"May your soul rest in peace; I pray you find rest in our lord."

This tribute was added by Thierry Enongene on 19th June 2012

"Duncano... My heart is really heavy from hearing about your passing. I will always remember your friendliness, humor and warmth with which you interacted with any and everyone. I know you are in a better place bro, and I wish you everlasting peace. God's time is the best.....may He protect your soul brother...I will miss you.."

This tribute was added by Anny Gold on 19th June 2012

"May your soul Duncan rest in peace..
Strength and courage to the bereaved family and loved ones"

This tribute was added by Donette Miller on 19th June 2012

"You are so lucky that you can share all the love in your heart and all the kindness in your soul to so many people from Heaven
It is just I wish it could still be 1:1. You are missed."

This tribute was added by Victor Nforgwei on 19th June 2012

"Duncan although it may seem you have departed too soon, bruv yet you will forever remain in the hearts and minds of all you have left behind. i was lost for words when Kepe called me to pass on news of your departure .... RIP bruv my thoughts and prayers are with your entire family!!!"

This tribute was added by Stephanie K on 19th June 2012

"Ahh  Duncan, obviously you touched a lot of lives in your entirely too short one. Your big bright smile that touched your eyes, that beautiful voice. I enjoyed our conversations about soccer, business, the world at large. Thanks for the advice on where my daughter should shop in NY and where it was safe for her to go and how to get there.  I will miss you at work.  God Bless your family"

This tribute was added by melody valete-foz on 19th June 2012

"Yo Duncan,this is so sad,you left a special mark in my heart my friend.I remember every night you come to the floor to check on us night shift at SJPV.How your smile lights up the entire unit.You always see us running around and busy with our shift and yet you always have time to stop and say "what's up".Heaven will feel more secure now because you will be their perfect security guard. RIP"

This tribute was added by jessica medrano on 19th June 2012

"Duncan wow what a shame ill miss u how u walk by and say what's up girl How the one time me and my friends kicked it ur house after Bombay's u put a bonfire out drank some heinkins cuz that's all u had I was the drunk ass one but we all had a great time ur bday is rite next to mine we both cancers u will b missed rest in peace my friend ...ur angel now so keep flyg....<3"

This tribute was added by JOSO Embelle on 19th June 2012


This tribute was added by Sandra Lopez on 19th June 2012

"Duncan,  I still cant believe your gone but i know your in a better place but you left to soon.
You are a person that forever will be remembered, always happy and smiling!
rest in peace- Sandie"

This tribute was added by Tita Manga on 19th June 2012

"Batoba, this is unbelievable bro. Life is definitely too short as they say. You were a great friend and classmate. Meeting you at the class reunions was even special. your presence there always lit everyone's spirits up. You will be forever missed. My sincere condolences to your beloved family. May your soul be granted ETERNAL REST my friend, brother and great ASOBEXIAN. RIP BATOBA."

This tribute was added by Dion Caven on 19th June 2012

"Duncan i remember back then in Baptist when you were always by my side sleeping.You fought my fights and made sure i always  fine.You will always remain in our hearts forever.We do love and miss you so so much"

This tribute was added by Lama LEMALU on 19th June 2012

"SEEECURITYY DUNCAN, I am truely going to miss that. Man I still don't want to believe it. In that short time that I got to know you, you touched my heart. With how big your heart is. So kind, so loving, so respectiful. Many people loved you and it shows. Hanging out with you at Ventura theatre or even at SJPV or SJRMC was always eventful and amazing. Thank you so much. Rest IN LOVE! -Lama"

This tribute was added by Tasha Villamar on 19th June 2012

"Duncan,you will be missed my friend. I'm so hurt this  has happened to you. I will forever remember all of our conversations at the job. You had so many goals and plans. I can hear you speaking of how you were going to go higher in the company after you completed your schooling I hear you speaking of how you Loved you Mom and the definition of a true Man. FLY HIGH IN THE HEAVENS DUCAN 1LUV"

This tribute was added by Alex Mbua on 19th June 2012

"Eeeeeeh Motoma now now sooo boy..this is really shocking cant believe you left this amazing world my child wood friend am speechless.May the almighty keep you by side..will always remember the memories back home at Bota-land  small beach where we use2 play sand football..RIP"

This tribute was added by Ivy Natividad on 19th June 2012

"You left so soon.... leaving us with such good memories, good friend, awesome co-worker.  My FRIEND rest in peace. My PRAYERS & CONDOLENCES to your family. God Bless You."

This tribute was added by Zenaph Lifio Malafa on 19th June 2012

"I am totally shocked. How life can be so sad-filled. May Yahweh in His mercy grant eternal peace and rest of your soul."

This tribute was added by Emily June on 19th June 2012

"Duncan your kind and caring ways will never be forgotten. I remember the last hug we shared and I will cherish it always. Thank you for sharing your light with us, it will remain forever!"

This tribute was added by Matt Kemsley on 19th June 2012

"Duncan, I'm going to miss watching the ball games with you in the waiting room. I'm so sad right now. Your kindness will be missed. We need you around the hospital."

This tribute was added by Sally Day on 19th June 2012

"Duncan  You graced us with your smile and your spirit. It will live on with us everyday. Thanks for enriching our lives while you where here. I will smile everytime I think of you. You where a joy to all of us. God said that in this world we would have trouble--we should count on it. It's when trouble comes that we must place our trust in God's sovereignty, power, love, mercy and grace."

This tribute was added by kristine gallegos on 19th June 2012

"So sad...Thank you for always helping me with my Chemistry homework. I remember sitting in the security office at SJPVH every time I had a break and you would help think of names for the baby. Thank you for being so kind and checking up on the " weird guy " living in his van in front of the hospital before I went home at night. :) see you at the next reggae concert my friend!"

This tribute was added by Beth Stout on 19th June 2012

"Duncan will truly be missed at St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital. It is unbelievable that this sweet, kindhearted man with the friendly smile and calming presence could be taken so young. He always took the time to stop and talk and he always made sure to stop by the laboratory and make sure we were OK at night. He was truly a special young man."

This tribute was added by Adam Martin on 19th June 2012

I will always remember your smile
You were a pleasure to work with, always willing to help out and
Always so very kind
Good bye my friend"

This tribute was added by Cherrelle Elkins on 19th June 2012

"I was so sad when I found out , thank you for always finding the time to come and sit with me and talk to me about whatever was on my mind, bringing me my fruit when I was so busy at work just so i can feel better , I never got a chance to tell you that I appreciated everything you did , you were a good person with a big heart , may you rest in peace .."

This tribute was added by Mona Sagisi on 19th June 2012

"Wow, I don't know what to say. Duncan, you will be missed. I enjoyed seeing you around the ER. You never hesitated to help out; whether it was to assist with a lift, walk someone out, or finding a wheelchair.

To the family...I am sorry you lost a great young man. My prayers are with you on this sad day."

This tribute was added by monica carrillo on 19th June 2012


This tribute was added by Rebeca E on 19th June 2012

May you rest in peace.
I was looking forward to working with you on the grave yard shift…
Your up beat personality will be missed. Thanks for always coming and checking to make sure I was ok… my prayers are with your family."

This tribute was added by Samantha Hanna on 19th June 2012

             Your friends and Family at St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital miss you dearly! You can never be replaced. You were our favorite security guard and always brightened our work night. We all miss you and I miss you!!! Please be at peace! You will always be remembered!"

This tribute was added by Pinto Stephanie on 19th June 2012

"Duncan, thank you for being a wonderful spirit around me, i will miss you D, because anytime we see each other , it is always LOVE, Respect and laughter...i only remember all the good times we shared at TK's house or chilling at my crib , eating and talk nonsense all
Rest in Peace say to my dad:)"

This tribute was added by Nanya C on 19th June 2012

"Dear Duncan,
Your death is a blow--I didn't see it coming. It seems like yesterday you were sharing your dreams and aspirations with me. I believed you could achieve them all because you had the wherewithal. Such a shame some moron ended it all. I'll be missing you. A lot. RIPP"

This tribute was added by Lance Ebot on 19th June 2012

"Batoba you will forever be missed. its sudden but the good Lord knows why.All i am left with are the good memories we had as classmates. My prayers goes to the family you left behind expecially your sister whom you left behind. May God comfort her at this time. As you go to prepare a place for us all, you will always be missed bro RIP..."

This tribute was added by Tennille S on 18th June 2012

"We will miss him greatly.  Thanks for being my friend.   I feel so bad that I  didn't talk to him longer on Friday when he came by the Business Office.  I'm learning never take no moment for granted-- for it could be our last."

This tribute was added by Obed Ngwane on 18th June 2012

"He will forever be missed. Our prayers go to the family as they find the courage to move forward. Your memories will always be with us Motoma as we remember those days in BHS."

This tribute was added by Anthony Giaimo on 18th June 2012

"Duncan thank you my friend for always being positive and friendly I will always remember our times at Saint Johns- I know you are in geaven and at peace-Anthony"

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