This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Prince Ebenezer Durojaiye Oyinlola 80 years old, born on July 2, 1938 and translated to glory on April 18, 2019. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Muyiwa Oyinlola on July 2, 2022
Happy 84th Birthday Daddy.
You are sorely missed but we continue to celebrate your life and legacy.
The memory of the righteous is a blessing.
Posted by Nikke Ogun on July 2, 2022
Rest on, rest well, my beloved Dad. Miss you so much. Hosanna in the highest.
Posted by Gloria Olabisi on April 19, 2022
May you continue to Rest In Perfect Peace.. Daddy, you were indeed the father of all!
Posted by Nikke Ogun on April 19, 2022
Three years gone. Still loved and missed. Singing Hosanna in the highest.
Posted by Ade Toun on July 2, 2021
Another day...another year of remembrance. Indeed, "the memory of the just is blessed." Even though we miss your physical presence greatly, the fond memories ensure that we have many good laughs! Thank you, Daddy...for laying our foundation in Christ. By His Grace, we will march on...till we meet to part no more, at His feet.
Posted by ARINOLA ADEFILA on July 2, 2021
We remember with gratitude“
"What a father says to his sons is not heard by the world, but it will be heard by posterity.” – Jean Paul Richter.
Posted by Muyiwa Oyinlola on July 2, 2020
Daddy, Happy posthumous 82nd birthday. We are grateful for your long and fruitful life of service to God and mankind. We continue to celebrate your life and legacy. Continue to rest in the arms of Christ. You are greatly missed. 
Posted by Nikke Ogun on April 19, 2020
One year gone by, we miss you dearly dad nevertheless still singing Hallelujah and full of joy for the knowledge of where you are.
Till we meet again in glory, we are holding the fort.

Love you always.
Posted by BAHM Brigades on July 15, 2019
You were a rare gem, a very supportive Patron and a lover of children. You were a man of excellence with mature disposition to issues of life.
You had the ability to relate with both young and old lovingly and we are happy you spent all your life serving God and humanity, most especially as a Patron of BAHM Church Brigades. We will always cherish our memories with you.
You made others realise that they have more ability than they think they have so that they can consistently be better at what they do.
Pa Duro Oyinlola, a true mentor, an erudite, and indeed a man of most positive influence. His life showed selflessness clearly and he was generous and unreserved in giving.
Your good works will fondly be remembered and we pray that they live after you. May the good Lord uphold your family and grant them solace.
Adieu our beloved Patron,
Adieu Prince Duro Oyinlola.
Boys' and Girls' Brigade - Bishop Adelakun Howells Memorial Church, Surulere.
Posted by Olu Odeniyi on May 30, 2019
After praying or reading a scripture, Daddy would often say "beautiful" and this same word sums up how we now look back and view his life.
Posted by Tolu Dawodu on May 30, 2019
Prince Ebenezer Duro Oyinlola was an honourable gentleman to the core. I first took notice of him in the church several years ago through my late husband, Ebenezer Kashimawo Dawodu. Every Sunday on our way back home from church service, he would talk about his admiration for his gentleness and the way his contributions in any discussion would lay to rest every arguments and disagreements. I thought his fondness for him may have been because they shared the same first name!
Prince Oyinlola's smile, gentleness, respect for everyone irrespective of their social status and his generous nature and spirit endeared him to me and many other people. His desire to make life worth living for others struck me during my tenure as Principal of Canon James Pearse Anglican College, when he and his family single handedly refurbished the Boys’ Hostel of the College. One can attest to the Oneness of the Family as his daughters supervised the project to a beautiful end.
I pray that the joy he spread around will flow into the lives of his family through Generations in Jesus name, Amen
Mrs Tutuola A, Dawodu
BAHM Church
Posted by Gbenga Olasode on May 21, 2019
He was a good landlord and father figure. We were accommodated with freindliness and joy at 4 oyinlola akowonjo. The few period spent with him was wonderful he will always be present with mummy at our birthdays. May God bless his soul.
Posted by Adedayo Oyinlola on May 15, 2019
My dearest Uncle, you’ll be sorely missed. Your devotion to GOD and care for humanity were exemplary.
I recall your efforts towards securing industrial attachment placement for me in Lagos; you warmly received me into your home at Akowonjo; Learnt a lot from the early morning family devotions and the evening Bible Studies @ Archbishop Vining Memorial Church...
My late father Prince Olapade Alexander Oyinlola spoke glowingly of your contributions to the family.
Rest On, Uncle and the good LORD preserve your family and worthy legacies you left behind.
Posted by Diana Oyinlola on May 9, 2019
Daddy Akowonjo, you stood out of the crowd, an icon in every right, a gentleman to the core, soft-spoken, a rare leader.
Your home and immediate family remains a model to pray for and work towards.
I will always remember how I found such peace and solace @ your home and with every single member of your family as a young Oyinlola wife especially when 'Yinka  went to be with the Lord. It hurts that you are no longer in this realm with us, but there is unspeakable joy in knowing that you are @ the bosom of Jesus. Rest on Daddy and good night.
Posted by Olusola Bolanle on May 7, 2019
Your demise did not come to me as a shock! A good soldier and ambassador of Christ that truely loved his GOD. You fought a good fight and I know you are reigning with HIM!Good night Daddy! Enjoy your well deserved REST!
Posted by Arin Adefila on May 6, 2019
Daddy Akowinjo the first uncle I met. A great family man. He loved and cared for all his extended family with such grace. When I was born in The Netherlands, he came all the way to perform the naming ceremony. Everyone in the community noticed his generosity, kindness, warmness and dedication. Throughout my life he continued to show this love, I will remember the many occasions he attended, travelling great distances and bearing gifts for us. He taught us Bible verses in Yoruba and lead worship like an angel. We will remember the loving uncle who supported everyone and always left an idelimnable Christ centred impression.
Posted by Omotayo Lawal on May 5, 2019
My darling Uncle, I thank God for your life, for who you were to me & indeed, to us all...
The news of your transitioning hit me felt like losing my Dad all over again.....but in all things, we give thanks...
Although we mourn....we do not mourn like they that have no hope....for the believers in Christ live with Him in glory, joining the cloud of witnesses...So, until we meet again at the feet of Jesus, keep resting well in His bosom...with love & light......❤
Posted by Davies Adebiyi on May 3, 2019
A gentleman, Father and indeed a man ready to go extra kilometres to make and maintain peace. A lover of God and humanity. You will indeed be missed. Enjoy your Well Deserved Rest in the blossom of the Lord your God. Yours is a celebration of life not of lament and sorrow. Rest on The Worthy Prince from Okuku.
Posted by David Ayodele on May 2, 2019
It came to me as a rude shock to read this morning from the platform of the BAHM Church Choir on WhatssAp about your passage. You were one of the few, the real breed, a father, a mentor to me during and after you retired from UAC of Nigeria Plc. You were kind, generous, accommodating and a lover of the young ones in the group then. You molded so many people who became big and prominent in their own rights. You were just not a Christian by mouth, your faith was fully demonstrated through your actions in your life time. My Chairman at the reception of the wedding of my only daughter, I love you very much because of your character and will miss you. I will not be around during your final rights in Nigeria, may your gentle and kind soul rest in perfect peace. My sincere condolence goes to your inseparable wife, who behaves exactly like you, your children and the family. Adiu till we meet to part no more Sir.
Posted by Adenike Orimoloye on April 30, 2019
Proverbs 10:7 The memory of the righteous is a blessing. Goodnight Uncle Duro.
Posted by Jolaade Balogun on April 28, 2019
Brother mi Durojaiye, your death has given me shock and pain that is too hard to bear. God gave you to me and has taken you back. You will always be remembered for the rest of my days on earth. You were a brother that I confided in, for expected unbiased, genuine and positive advice. You meant the world to me, with your big and caring heart. No one will ever compare to you. You excelled as a brother, father, grandfather and follower of Jesus. You lived a devoted life, full of love, and you have selflessly served all. Your mouth was constantly full of praise and encouragement. You will be sorely missed. Durojaiye, Ayinde Okin, you have fought a good fight, you have finished the race, and you have kept the faith. Though the time as come that I must bid you farewell, I will always cherish the memories. Sleep on in the Lord until the resurrection morning, when we shall meet to part no more. Sun re o.
Posted by Olajide Balogun on April 28, 2019
Daddy, you were a brilliant star that has slipped from our hands, and a vibrant jewel that has returned to its source. It is hard to believe that a light so bright and clear has flickered away, a beacon so bold and empowering has lied so quiet and still. We will not grieve like those who do not have hope in Jesus Christ. Our loss is a gain in heaven. I thank God for allowing us to have you, and I appreciated the fatherly role you played in my life. I can't help to bid you a farewell, though with heavy heart. Go forth upon your journey from this world in the name of God who created you, and Jesus Christ who died for you. May the Lord you served grant you eternal rest.
Posted by Samuel Olatunde Ajayeoba on April 28, 2019
Erin wó. Àjànàkú sùn bí òkè. Ódòwúrò bàbá.
Posted by Tinuade Abisola on April 28, 2019
Anytime I see ur face at okuku,I always call u,Kehinde Ajibola (babasale) .U are one of the person dt name Ajibola, to be call babasale, because I can remember when u told him dt his the one living at okuku ,and told them what is going on at okuku then.u are now babasale.still then up today .and lot to say about u daddy during my introduction day and many more,kehind babasale which normally I use to  call u ,u are too resemble,.daddy will love u but God love u More.Continue to rest in the bottom of ur Lord JesusChrist.goodnight Daddy we will surly miss u daddy akowojo

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Posted by Muyiwa Oyinlola on July 2, 2022
Happy 84th Birthday Daddy.
You are sorely missed but we continue to celebrate your life and legacy.
The memory of the righteous is a blessing.
Posted by Nikke Ogun on July 2, 2022
Rest on, rest well, my beloved Dad. Miss you so much. Hosanna in the highest.
Posted by Gloria Olabisi on April 19, 2022
May you continue to Rest In Perfect Peace.. Daddy, you were indeed the father of all!
his Life

Prince Ebenezer Durojaiye Oyinlola transitioned to God’s glory on 18th April 2018 at the ripe old age of 80. He was a devout Christian and had an illustrious career spanning several decades. He chaired various boards, presided over several institutions and held executive positions in Nigeria and abroad in his service to humanity. He is survived by his wife Mrs Afolashade Oyinlola, children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters. 

Recent stories
Shared by Felicia Onoviran on June 29, 2019

Bro Duro, as I always call you. Missed even though we do not see often but that radiant voice and loving heart you possess was always and forever be remembered

I remember a long time ago at Surulere, Papa, of blessed memory sent me to Sister Sade who was not at home. Bro Duro was concerned about my welfare, school etc. He does not know how far that went because I came that day disturbed and worried about my WEAC result.  I was not sure what do was even thinking suicidal because there were condemning walls all around.   His words that day made a big crack in that wall that cracked even to the foundation. When other came with their discouragement it never wall me round again

Your truthfulness and sincerity cannot be easily forgotten. For space and time I will stop here.

The part you played in releasing your staff, vehicles to convey me and your in-laws for my wedding at Ashi in Ibadan in the then Oyo State remain an amazement to me. Your support at that time is fresh in my memory. God bless the family you left behind. Got loads more but shall stop here. Thanks for a life well spent in be good. Those smiles and the deep voice command respect at 9, Kufeji

Street,  sadly burnt down now .

Bye brother -in-law like a blood brother. 

I  pray for my sister and the rest of the family that the gap left due to your exit would be filled  by the Almighty.

We love you but God loves you more. 

Bye Felicia.Omolola nee Ayodele

"Every father needs a father"

Shared by Michael Asuelime on May 20, 2019

Daddy was many things to many different people but he was special to all.

He was a great counsellor, a builder of faith, a great friend even to the unfriendly, a kind hearted man even to the undeserving, a wonderful father who loved all his children even those that are not his biologically. He was a loving husband to just one wife.
He was first to rise up when help is called for and last to be seen in a chaotic situation, always there to bring calmness and peace.
He was first to apologise even when he had done nothing wrong and last to pick offence when he was clearly wronged.
He was as gentle and patient as a lamb when you have trouble within and fierce like a lion when trouble comes against his own.
He loved all with all his heart even those that hated him for being "christ-like".
He was a father to many and he lived his life as a child of the one and only God.
His name was Ebenezer ...the sign, symbol and remeberance of God's love.
Indeed "Jesus is God and there's no place for argument"
I love and will always miss you daddy.

Your son.

An all around great man

Shared by Gloria Olabisi on May 20, 2019

I pondered about how to start or even write this for a while now, more because I have tried to find a name for the relationship, I had with you and your family as a whole. I am not an offspring, relative or any of those supposed familial titles but I was just as hurt and pained when I heard that you had gone to be with your maker but then in the same breath happy because I know that without a doubt you left to go be at the right hand side of God. You were indeed a father to so many people, myself included, I became close friends with your daughter whilst in school and got blessed with another father in the process. Indeed, I was welcomed with such warmth and yours was one of the few homes, I slept at growing up. I remember, when you would call me daughter, just like you called your daughters and I felt extra special. You were an embodiment of what a Christian should be. You showed it in your actions and in your complete devotion to the almighty. I was a partaker of those early morning devotions at the house in Akowonjo, a recipient of many “Every Day with Jesus” devotional booklet. It is so funny that all the time, I was at the house, one hardly got out into the living room before you and mommy. Those morning devotions created an indelible mark on my heart. With one barely awake, the praise and worship eventually would ginger you up. Awesome memories. There is a story, I tell anyone, whenever I want to describe, someone who to me is a Christian and the story is about you, daddy. I will share the story here, especially to let the world know that you not only showed love to your immediate family but to anyone who came your way, regardless of ties and all, it was when Toun and I were getting ready to go for our industrial attachment, I believe it was in our 3rd year of university and we were both looking for placement in one of the oil & gas companies. Of course, daddy knew we were both on this quest and unbeknownst to me, so was he. One day, I was called to come in and see someone at Exxon Mobil, on getting there, this lady whom I had never seen before in my life, greeted me with some warmth and the next thing out of her mouth was “ Are you the girl, daddy said if we didn’t have 2 spots, should forget about it?” my jaw dropped, of course, my friend true to her nature never mentioned it to me, so I was there so surprised, amazed and impressed. He said and did this behind my back and was ready for his own daughter to walk away from such an opportunity, if I wasn’t included in the package. Who does that? He didn’t have to do that but due to the person he was, genuine, loving, man of God, indeed and above all, great human being, of course he did. I had great love and respect for him and his family before that but you can imagine the level of my admiration afterwards. We both ended up serving our industrial attachment at ExxonMobil that year. Many Years, later it still gets me! While my friend traveled for school and I was still working in Lagos, I would drive to Akowonjo, just to chit chat with the old folks and I was always welcomed with warmth and grace. The last time, I saw you in Houston, I kept telling myself after you left that I didn’t take any photographs with you and mommy, which is so unlike me, I always like to catch and have memories, I guess I was just so carried away and felt, I will get it the next time, well now you are gone, even though, its sad you are not here with us physically, all your works, your devotion to God and the examples you laid for both your family and others like me will live on forever. To know him is to love him. That smile and calm that eased one when one visited, will be greatly missed. May your gentle, uniquely wonderful soul, rest in peace…..