Cody's Grad day
Dustin Peers
  • 18 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 17, 1994
  • Place of birth:
  • Date of passing: Jul 31, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Dustin is laid to rest in Calgary at the Queen's Park Mausoleum, on the second floor to the right of the water fall.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dustin Peers, 18, born on July 17, 1994 and passed away on July 31, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Charlotte Cadrain on 18th July 2017

"Happy Birthday Dust.
Wow 23 years, I am having a hard time with that. I'm not getting older , lol. I think about you every day. You are such an amazing person. Who knew you had such talent? I always could see your karizma. I always have you in my heart and prayers , I love you Dustin Peers. We will meet again. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by Janice Jackson on 17th July 2017

"Happy Birthday Dustin.......Your memory is held in the hearts of so many people not just today but everyday."

This tribute was added by Joyce Laidlaw on 17th July 2017

"We miss you Dusty every day. Our thoughts are with your family on this day. You were a light in all of our lives. We miss you Dust Bunny❤️"

This tribute was added by Katerina Gilbert on 17th July 2017

"Always remembered in our hearts forever."

This tribute was added by Laura Fabbro on 17th July 2017

"My dear Dusty, today is your 23 Birthday ,it should be a happy day,but I'm overcome with sadness and heartache.In my head I hear your crazy laugh and see your beautiful smile and remember the gift of your life that changed so many of us .You are loved and deeply missed.
Mom, Dad,Cody"

This tribute was added by lawrence fabbro on 17th July 2017

"Dear Dusty, We know you and your Nonna are together now & celebrating your Birthday today. Thinking of you with love always.
Auntie Gayle and Uncle Lawrence"

This tribute was added by Sandi Fabbro on 17th July 2017

"Thinking of you Dusty all the time ❤️ and  especially today , which is hard for all the people who miss you , especially your mom, dad and Cody , Hope your having fun with your Nona"

This tribute was added by Laura Fabbro on 28th June 2017

"My heart is heavy as your birthday draws near. Wondering what you would be doing now, how much you would have changed, but all I have is the memories of your last birthday.18! 5 years have passed without you, my heart aches daily So many moments when I catch myself in tears, no one will ever really know how much I miss you Dusty.... Love always and forever, mom"

This tribute was added by Mike Walls on 22nd June 2017

"It's been while since I've written to you, but not a day goes by where you aren't in my thoughts. Summertime is always bittersweet for me - I get to reminisce on the incredible countless days we got to spend together enjoying freedom from school! I also, however, deal with the heartbreak of your passing. I've been stressed out and down the last few weeks, however last night, it sounded like I heard your voice from my night-side picture of you and it said "Mikey." It's a realization from you that I shouldn't let certain events get me down. The path will eventually pave itself.

I know you are with me to guide me down that path - Corona's in hand.

Miss you so much."

This tribute was added by Janice Jackson on 6th January 2017

Grandmothers hold their grandchildrens hands for a while but holds their hearts forever. As you now take you Nona's hand may your love surround her."

This tribute was added by Janice Jackson on 26th December 2016

"Last night we had a lovely Christmas dinner and celebration with our little family. It was great food and good company as we are very close knit. For your family Dustin it was not a cozy Christmas. Not only were they without you but your Grandma is sick and their focus was on her also. But as we spent time reflecting..... your zest for life and embracing every moment should teach us all something important. I heard many people discussing different family dynamics because some families do not talk to each other. Because not everyone was welcome in the homes of family members. Why have people lost sight of acceptance and tolerance and being pleasant and civil for one day or one Christmas dinner.  There so much more than what a perfect Christmas is. It doesn't matter if we are all together at the same time or if the dinner is all ready on time and perfectly cooked. What really matters is time together. And Dustin I want to thank you for for helping us remember.
"Yesterday is history... tomorrow is a mystery....Today is a GIFT which is why they call it the present. And the gift of today should be treasured and never taken for granted.  Dustin you touched so many peoples lives with your love and ability to embrace life and the people around you.  We will never know all  those people personally but what you have taught so many of us is the greatest gift of all ....Love
So on this Christmas day may you be surrounded by the warm love of angels everywhere."

This tribute was added by Laura Fabbro on 23rd December 2016

"Our Fourth Christmas without you , our hearts still ache and the tears still flow ... if only we could have a minute to hug you,  to hear your crazy laugh one more time, We will never stop Missing you
Love mom,dad &Cody"

This tribute was added by Sandi Fabbro on 1st August 2016

"4years have gone by and Dusty we will never forget you , your beautiful smile , your great sense of humour, and many other things we miss , I'll always remember you saying after every end of a call Love you ❤️ Well Dusty we all love you and miss you very much ,and will never forget you"

This tribute was added by Heather Trainor on 31st July 2016

"Four years ago today, a beautiful a young soul was lost to us. Undoubtedly his light continues to shine today as bright as ever, bringing great comfort to those he loved here on earth.  Such was the quality of this beautiful soul.  You will be remember and loved forever Dusty."

This tribute was added by Heather Trainor on 31st July 2016

"Four years ago today, a beautiful a young soul was lost to us. Undoubtedly his light continues to shine today as bright as ever, bringing great comfort to those he loved here on earth.  Such was the quality of this beautiful soul.  You will be remember and loved forever Dusty."

This tribute was added by Katerina Gilbert on 31st July 2016

"To the bright star Dusty who is omnipresent and painting up the sky!
Miss you always"

This tribute was added by judith dwarkin on 31st July 2016

"Dusty always had a smile for everyone. That smile was Love.
And love is eternal.

Thinking of you today, as we think of you always.
Judith & David"

This tribute was added by betty peers on 31st July 2016

"This date marks the worst day of our lives, words cannot explain the sadness and sorrow we feel.  All we can do is cherish your memory and continue to love you and miss you forever.  Next week I am judging photography at Bentley Days and I'll be remembering how thrilled and excited you were after "cleaning up" all the art awards at that show."

This tribute was added by Gayle Erickson on 31st July 2016

I will never forget our last goodbye.... How you hugged me once & then came back and hugged me again. That memory will always be so special to me. When I gave you the peace sign as you drove away I never realized how meaningful that would be. I try to find joy in everyday things & the good in everyone I meet because I know you would have.....miss you forever!
Auntie Gayle"

This tribute was added by Janice Jackson on 31st July 2016

"Good byes hurt the most when the story is not finished. When you all  lost Dustin you did not just lose him at the stage he was at when he passed but every stage you will all miss without him in your lives.

"An angel came from heaven
to witness Dustin's birth
As he grew into a man she said
"He's much to good for earth"

May you try to find peace knowing that someone who makes such an impact on so many people here on earth is continuing making that same impact on his new journey someplace else.

With loving thoughts,
Janice, Melissa and Spencer"

This tribute was added by Laura Fabbro on 31st July 2016

"4 years have passed. The hardest part of loosing you has been living everyday since. I grieve for all the tomorrow's that will never be......
I loved you like there was no tomorrow and then there wasn't . Your in my thoughts  heart and soul always
Love you My Dust Bunny Mom"

This tribute was added by Dayton Stanley on 18th July 2016

"Happy Birthday Dusty. Looking back I came to realize that you were always living life to the fullest in every single aspect. Always positive, always made time for your friends and family, and always giving it everything you had whether it was with your jobs, with school, at the gym, the list goes on.. Ever since you left I've been pushing myself to take advantage of the time I have here and to chase after my dreams. I know that's what you would be doing.
There are times when I want to give up and then I hear your voice saying "Dayton ya big pussy" lol (I used to hate when you would call me that but now I literally laugh out loud every time it comes to mind and wish I could hear it again.)
Its a weird feeling to be growing up without you. I know you are watching over all of us and are with us for the special moments in our journey. I can't wait till we can celebrate one of our birthday's together when we meet again. Have a goodnight my friend, I hope you don't try to drink 22 beers.


This tribute was added by Maggie Boyes on 17th July 2016

"Happy Birthday Dusty, you are a beautiful soul who is missed everyday, the world isn't as bright and wonderful without you and your beautiful smile....keep a watch.... especially over Cody and your Mom and Dad....❤️"

This tribute was added by Janice Jackson on 17th July 2016

"All children are miracles......even if they can't stay very long.

Love Janice, Melissa and Spencer"

This tribute was added by Sam Dundas on 17th July 2016

"I worked at Earls Westhills for four years and this was all the way back in the summer of grade 10 when I was just a bus boy. Dustin was working at Sports Mart in Westhills after having just graduated high school if I'm not mistaken. I always went to that store for the sole reason that there was always this super cool guy that worked there that I always waned to talk to.

I had been picking up my basketball/volleyball gear from there for quite some time before that and always had the chance to speak with him. As time passed with my visits there we would always chat and he would always give me a discount. I could brag to my friends that I had this awesome connection at this store where I picked up all my gear, and that the guy working there was this legend from Central.

He told me all about his high school experiences and how it was such an amazing time to meet new people and have experiences we would remember for the rest of our lives. He always encouraged me to make sure to get involved and to leave high school knowing I didn't leave anything out on table.

We had lots of mutual friends seeing as many people from Bishop Pinkham Junior High fed into Central, and I was pretty good friends with the grade 9's at Pinkham when I was in grade 7. I'm pretty sure he even invited me to a couple parties but I was grounded at the time for being a goofball with my friends.

My brothers birthday was in mid-August and I always wanted an excuse to get out of the house, so my last visit with him was pretty cool. I went in and they had a clearance on these simple, different coloured hoodies, so I picked up three of them, one yellow, one light blue and one red. He said he had a few of them too and recommended I pick them up.

I gave my little brother those hoodies and no word of a lie he loved them so much he wore them until holes appeared eventually.

Like I said, I never knew Dustin as well as I had wished to, but I do know I have thought about him just about every day since the tragedy. He didn't need to be my best friend for me to have been so touched by his words of advice and I live every single day like that 16 year old kid I was, with the gracious and appreciative mindset of how lucky we are to be on this earth. How precious life is.

I learned so much from your son that I could spend hours trying to explain, but he really will always be a part of my life and I will always take him wherever in the world I go. I will tell my kids about him and teach them the importance of appreciating every day on this wonderful earth we live in, and I know I'm one of thousands that Dustin has had that affect on.

Thank you for letting me share that with you,

I'd love to keep in touch.


Samuel Dundas"

This tribute was added by Charlotte Cadrain on 17th July 2016

"unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality . Emily Dickenson .

Happy Birthday Dust Bunny . I love and miss you.

This tribute was added by Allan Chuley on 17th July 2016

"Happy Birthday Dusty your Love and Compassion and Caring are still alive and burn brightly in all those you touched in your time here.
Happy Birthday Dusty!!

This tribute was added by Gayle Erickson on 17th July 2016

""There are some who bring a light so great into the world, that even after they have gone the light remains".
Happy Birthday Dusty!
Thank you for bringing the sunshine today.
We miss your joy, your smile, your hugs
Love Aunty Gayle & Uncle Lawrence"

This tribute was added by robert laidlaw on 17th July 2016

"Hi Dustin, We think of you all the time and especially around your Birthday and this time of year. We have spent a lot of time in the Mascot room and think of all the fond memories. Also, all of the fond memories around everything at Stampede, The Parade, Chuckwagons, etc. You would be very proud of the great job your Dad is doing and the wonderful support your Mom is giving him. We Miss You ! Love Rob & Joyce (Alex & Ryan)"

This tribute was added by Laura Fabbro on 17th July 2016

"You will always be the first thing we think of when someone says "Make a Wish" Happy 22nd Birthday! Love Mom, Dad and Cody"

This tribute was added by patti walker on 17th July 2016

"It is said that Time Heals All Wounds - I totally disagree. This is a wound that never heals - yet it does change. Sending you a healing hug Laura, Dana and Cody. Love Patti Walker"

This tribute was added by Sandi Fabbro on 17th July 2016

"My heart is full of memories ❤️ with  pride I speak your name , Though life goes on without you , It will never be the same . There's this boy who stole my heart , he calls me Aunty , HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUSTY ❤️WE MISS YOU ❌⭕️ Hope the Angels are singing to you in heaven"

This tribute was added by Samantha Cox on 2nd July 2016

This is always the toughest time of the year and as the days get closer to 4 years without you and to what would have been you're 22nd birthday, my heart seems to feel a little heavier. You were such a wonderful addition to my life and without you, life has a little less sparkle. I often find myself thinking of you throughout the day and I am reminded of just how precious life is everytime I feel your absence... Something I wish I had known while you were still here. For the past nearly four years you have been in all of my prayers, 11:11 wishes and any other way that I can attempt to ensure that you are happy and safe. I will never be able to fill the piece of my heart that you had when you left and I will forever continue to look for the little moments that remind me of you. 'You are so wonderful to think of, but so hard to be without.'
Until we meet again; all my love,
Your Sammiebear <3 xo"

This tribute was added by Laura Fabbro on 19th June 2016

"Fathers Day 2016 for u Dad
A raindrop landing on your cheek is a kiss and hug from me in Heaven, letting you know that I'm watching over you"

This tribute was added by Laura Fabbro on 8th May 2016

"Missing you so much today Dusty, Mothers Day will never be the same without you here...  I am so grateful for all the cards and special gifts u made me.There is know pain like that of a grieving mother . There is a hole in my heart and soul that will never be filled, love you to the moon and stars"

This tribute was added by Iona Chalmers on 11th March 2016


You came to me the other night in a dream, I've given it a few days to try my hardest to remember what you said but I just can't. It was so nice to see you and hear your voice again. It's amazing to go through all these tributes and see how much you have impacted everybody that had the privilege to know you whether it was a long term relationship or a five minute encounter. You are so missed and I feel so lucky to of had many memories with you that will never be forgotten.


This tribute was added by Melanie Warner on 25th February 2016

I was thinking about you a lot today, and was lucky enough to come across an old picture of us at Mike's house. I wanted you to know I am so grateful to have met you, and to have called you my friend. Your smile was truly unforgettable and one of a kind. You are missed terribly, but I hope you're resting easy up there.
Love, Mel"

This tribute was added by Samantha Cox on 15th February 2016

For the last 3 and half years, I have gone to bed every night praying that you are safe and happy up and heaven, woken up everyday missing you and been constantly reminded of you by the little things that I encounter in my everyday life. There is so much that you would love, that you never got to see, new songs, new places and new people that I have come across since you've been gone. Every day is filled with so many wonderful reminders of the joy you brought to my life and yet everyday is also filled with the pain and sorrow that I feel missing your presence. I don't think that missing you will ever get easier, there is still many days where missing you is simply too much and today is one of those days. When I'm feeling sad I like to re-read the notes you wrote me or look at all the beautiful gifts you gave to me. You truly were the most amazing person in the entire universe and you touched my life in a way which no one else ever has. I still cannot accept that you are gone, sometimes I wake up from dreaming of you, waiting for a text or call and others I think I hear you laughing or smell you in a crowd and I'm reminded you are gone and lose you all over again. You were the most important person in my life and you made an imprint on my heart that could simply never be erased. I am always thinking of you and everything I do is for you. I will be a teacher in April and I am moving out in May, I wish that you could be here and I often wonder what you'd be doing today if you were. Some days it doesn't feel fair how far I've come and all the things I've done that you never got the chance to do, I would want nothing more than to have you here with me experiencing all the new things that come with growing up and getting older and it breaks my heart that you're not here to do it all with me. I love and miss you more than my heart knows how to explain and I will forever my dear. You are a part of me.
Yours always,
Sammie Bear

This tribute was added by Sam Dundas on 4th February 2016

"Hey Dustin, can't believe it's been 3 and a half years and I just wanted to say how much I know you're missed. Although we never had the chance to become really close, I wanted you say how cool it was being able to say that I knew you. Being the age today that you were almost three years ago really makes me think about you and I know you're up there watching down on all of us.

As a kid, I always looked up to you, and to this day I know I still can.


This tribute was added by Laura Fabbro on 15th January 2016

"This may help understand the inner heartache we bereaved parents live with"

This tribute was added by robert laidlaw on 3rd January 2016

"We miss you sooooooooooo much Dusty. In your Mom, Dad and your Bro you will live on forever, and trust me we will never forget. We really miss you and love you. Rob, Joyce, Xander, Ryan & Tucker"

This tribute was added by Laura Fabbro on 2nd January 2016

"As much as I wished that I could trade the shoes I was now filling,the shoes of a bereaved mother,I knew with the utmost certainty and greatest conviction that I would never trade the role of being Dusty's mother: the only mother my son would ever have...And I was the only woman in the world to be given that privilege.
I hate my situation,& yet I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to know and Love my Son.... The son whom I could no longer hold"

This tribute was added by lawrence fabbro on 25th December 2015

"It's so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone"
Miss you always Dusty ❤️
Love Auntie Gayle"

This tribute was added by Sandi Fabbro on 25th December 2015

"Merry Christmas Dusty , Olivia and I miss you , you will always be in our hearts forever ❤️"

This tribute was added by lawrence fabbro on 25th December 2015

"Our family Christmas is not the same without you at the table.  I miss your “goofiness” buddy and the way it made us all smile and laugh.  
Love Uncle Lawrence"

This tribute was added by Patrizia Tardivello on 24th December 2015

"Nessuno muore sulla Terra finchè vive nel cuore di chi resta.

This tribute was added by Mike Walls on 21st December 2015

"Dear best friend,

Why have I not written to you? This last semester has actually been my roughest and I've found myself down quite often. I've found myself grabbing your picture and wondering why I couldn't have you here with me to fix my problems; I didn't need a solution just your energy, that Dusty optimism and love. I've missed you and felt alone these last couple months

However, I did feel you on my run a few weeks ago. Usually I try and have an intense mindset to push myself, but this time everything was at peace, I was so calm and I felt quite content.

Please come to me in my dreams buddy. I love you


This tribute was added by Laura Fabbro on 8th December 2015

"Dusty this is so hard, I miss you so much,my baby, I Love you,Mom"

This tribute was added by Whitney Hutchin on 13th November 2015

"I've been thinking about you a lot lately, listening to 90's rap/dance songs helps me feel you grooving next to me haha. ....I miss you SO much, I thought it would lessen with time, but it doesn't, it just gets different. I used to be able to feel you with me, actually feel like you were here, and now I'm not sure if it's just my imagination. But when I'm around your family I can feel you and it's like heaven, thank you for that. I think about your family a lot as well and I send them my love always.  Dustin, you are with me in everything I do, I love you, I miss you.. I hate you for leaving us but I love you, you'll always be my best friend :)
I'm far too serious now after you leaving, but every time I laugh too hard or dance like no ones watching, I know that you're there laughing and smiling with me.
Also will always remember when you pretended to have a prosthetic hand and wore your moms sparkly glove in public!!! ahahaha.
It brings me so much happiness and laughter, seeing pictures of your art and remembering what you said while you were making them, some of the comments were ridiculous! I'm so blessed that I was special in your life.
....Love you forever loser. xoxoxox

This tribute was added by Nancy Bertolissi on 3rd August 2015

"Laura, Dana & Cody.  Our thoughts are with you on this difficult day. As the years go by it gets easier but you never forget the pain of having lost your loved one. I truly believe as I know you do,  that Dusty is still part of our lives and watching over us.  Celebrate his life !!!  Don't continue to mourn his death.
Love you all  Your  Sault Ste. Marie Family"

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