My buddy Bubba

Shared by Jesus Lacarra Jr. on May 17, 2019

Jesus was in middle school and Dustin in high school when they first met and Jesus was so taken by Dustin that he talked about him all the time. Jesus's face would light up every time he talked about Dustin. When mom met Dustin and his marvelous mom Lisa, I knew why. Dustin had this aura of warmth and love about him, a warmth that radiated and touched everyone who was around him. For the past several years, as soon as Dustin was in the bowling alley on Saturdays, word spread like magic -- "Dustin's here. Dustin's here," and we all got so excited, everyone looked toward the entrance waiting for him and Lisa to appear. Smiles spread from face to face as soon as we saw him and we quickly felt that warmth spreading to all of us. Whenever we think of Dustin, we feel that warmth. We miss you Bubba.


Shared by Brigitte Bavousett on May 6, 2019

Dustin came into this world defying the odds. He inspired so many people, as these stories attest, he was our champion.  In hospice care, he defied the odds for days. Surrounded by his supportive family and the most-devoted, resilient, loving Mom possible, he left this life as we know it wearing his Superman shirt. No doubt ready for the adventures that lie ahead.

Defiant Dustin...

Shared by Nicole Riker on May 4, 2019

Since day 1 you defied the odds and consistently proved them wrong because you were Dustin and that's what you did and would continue to do!

I remember when I was in 5th or 6th grade I was given an assignment to write an essay on someone who inspired me. I was 10/11ish and I wrote about my 2 maybe 3 year old cousin, Dustin, who inspired me at such a young age then and continues to still.  Your sense of humor and witty sarcasm was hands down, the best I have EVER encountered.   Your sports knowledge was impressively outstanding.  I couldn't recite a starting line-up of any of my favorite teams if you paid me. Yet you could and did.  

So when I was diagnosed with MS at the age of 35, after the shock wore off, a 3 year pity party on my behalf commenced.  I can't remember exactly what you did, but it was bouncing back from a hospitalization and it was like getting knocked upside the head. The pity party was over! If you could do what you've always done, I could LIVE with MS, and I did and still do.

Part of me was hoping that you would do the same this time and bounce back because you always did.  But it was time and you needed to go. You are the strongest person I know.  And although neither one of us knew our grandmother, I always believed she was your guardian angel.

I love you Dustin.  

Shared by Lisa Phipps on May 6, 2019
Posted by Scott Todd on 4th May 2019
Ill never be able to write any words to express who Dustin is to me. He brought people together. He gave us all a common goal, which was to admire this wonderful human live his life. He is a gift to me and I am grateful I got to grow up with him and Lisa. I love you all.

Mr Phipps aka pickle aka bubba

Shared by Catherine Todd on May 4, 2019

Lisa and Dustin have been a huge part of my life for the past 31 years.  My boys thought of Dust as a cousin. I have come to think of Lisa as my sister and Dustin as my nephew.  Going to exercise with Lisa most days, i have had the honor of sharing lots of time with Dustin.  Before he was in pain, he had such a funny, wicked sense of humor that one would hardly expect from someone in his condition. Even lately, he occasionally pulled a pun out of the blue!

The best thing that i learned from that boy(or as he would correct me, man), was that people were good.  Lisa, Dustin and i would often go places such as a ballgame,wrestling meet,concert, art festival, etc; and people would step aside,  open doors, offer assistance,  allow for Dustin to move up in order for him to see better! It amazed me how kind people tended to be when they interacted with him! It was as though they found a better side of themself to offer him!

I am so glad to have been able to celebrate many of Dustin's birthdays at my house.  We really had fun and he sure loved having Walt Richardson play especially for him!

Lastly, i need to say that Lisa was the BEST mother ever for Dustin! There simply couldn't have been anyone else. A huge void exists in the world without him. He will be sorely missed. 

 Love you Dustin. 

Hulk Hogan

Shared by Michael Riker on May 4, 2019

I only met Dustin one time and it had such an impact on my life. On a business trip to Arizona, I was lucky enough to arrange Dustin to meet Hulk Hogan, one of Dustin's favorite wrestlers. 

Seeing the joy in Dustin's eyes when he first saw Hulk really brought joy to me as well. Even though they said the limit was only one picture and one thing signed, Hulk stayed there and took multiple pictures and signed multiple things for Dustin along with Hulk's daughter Brooke. They were so great.

Spending that day with Dustin and Aunt Lisa was the best day of my trip and my only regret is not spending more time with the both of them. I have such admiration for Aunt Lisa. You are an incredible mom and an incredible woman and should be so proud of what you and Dustin both accomplished. 

I really hope to see you soon so I can hear more stories about Dustin. 

Love Mike

Phipps Magic

Shared by Kim Piper on May 3, 2019

Dorothy always calls Dustin 'our miracle baby' but for me he was a magic man.  Whenever I hung out with Dustin, I came away happy, content & peaceful.   Spending time with him was a pleasure for several reasons and that was a big part of it. 

Asking if we could watch soap operas instead of sports.  Seeing him laugh at our silliness.  Singing songs from Santa to reggae.  Eric didn't want the chicken dance at our wedding but my mom & Dorothy told him Dustin really wanted it, so yes, we did the chicken dance!  Love remembering him lighting up his smile.  Santa, Walt, and especially the guys in the family, Dustin had a special smile that said how delighted he was to spend time with his favorite people.   

When he graduated and they put on the amazing event, it didn't occur to me.  But he's been such an amazing and magical person that every one around him wanted to share that.  I will give so much credit to Lisa for all the ways she worked with him and did for him.  Much of his magical spirit came directly from her.  But some was simply a part of him. A sweet boy/man who loved openly and generously.   He's been such a gift to all that know him, and I'm so glad and grateful for his time in our lives.   

We love you pickle head and we already miss you.  We are glad you don't hurt anymore. 

Eric  & Kim 

Dustin speed racer

Shared by Lori Suddarth on May 3, 2019

I remember the time he rode the go-kart, at our house in New River, and it was so much fun that he didn't even mind the three cholla balls on his head and face. It had to have hurt! But he was having such a good time speeding around the racetrack, that they didn't matter as much as the thrill of the ride!

We put him up on a horse. You by his side smiling, like everything was fine, but holding him on for his dear life, all the same.

He was the first friend my oldest three girls ever had besides each other. Christafer, Amy and Dana said he was their friend they had for the longest time too. When Scott and Bryn came along, they played with him too. Video games and wrestling. They all have many fond memories of good times with Dustin.

Your home was a community in itself. The children were all good friends. Each loving and supportive to each other, having been taught this kindness by you. Because of you Dustin has had hundreds, if not into the thousands, of great friends who loved him mightily in his life.
You enriched his life lovingly, in every conceivable way. Sing-along music, concerts, vacations with sunset viewing, baseball games, a custom pool, cool birthday parties, no, the coolest birthday parties! Dinner with the King and Queen, a hot rod wheel chair with a lay-down-trap feature...
No kiddo ever had it better! No child was ever loved more. You gave him the best life!

We are heartbroken that he is gone. We will miss him, and will treasure those memories for the rest of our lives.

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