Let the memory of Dustin be with us forever
  • 33 years old
  • Born on November 24, 1979 .
  • Passed away on June 15, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dustin McCune 33 years old , born on November 24, 1979 and passed away on June 15, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Kimberlee Kimberlee on 26th November 2018
Dear My Cousin Dustin, I knew you when we were children as we played in our innocent ways. Time and distance has left a big gap but I will always remember you and your goofy laugh when you were trying to be serious. Your candle blew out too soon and before your time but I know you left this world knowing that most of all that your mum Kathy, your sister Meghan and your dad Gary loved you deeply. We all miss you and will forever be in out thoughts and prayers. Love your cousin Kimberly
Posted by Robb D on 5th October 2015
To KATHY MEYER: I have to call you out on your BS. Anybody who knows Dustin knows you were a driving force in his exodus. You posted a lengthy Facebook rant about how much you loathed Dustin and his presence around your daughter. He even copy/pasted your message on his own timeline shortly before his death. You had nothing but NEGATIVE things to say about him while he was alive...and you even kept that vicious torch alive when I contacted you on Facebook after he died. So everything you have just said here is full of shit. You didn't care about Dustin, so don't even try to fake it now. I actually saved all of my correspondence with Dustin, so of course your name is all over his final messages. Here's his response to that horrible post you made of him: ""O.K, I generally find FB drama tacky, but, when I was informed of this…it… it was too much. There is a LOT of back story to this, and I admit I'm not always in the right, I can be hard to deal with, and I might even be a bit, and I quote, a "scummy smart ass". But this woman (my girlfriends mother) STEALS MONEY FROM HER BLIND DAUGHTER, and apparntly spends a lot of time stalking me on FB. I have watch he dole out the cruelest most petty behavior onto myself and more importantly Jessica (who is a person who vaules the love of her family to a crippling degree). Due to the fact that we were kicked out of her house, because her BROTHER stole EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS from us and then tried to attack us, we decided that is was best not to associate with them any more. I would just assume ignore this if it wasn't so fucking entertaining: Kathy Meyer https://www.facebook.com/kathy.meyer.5811?fref=ts scroll down to see a complete tyrad self righteous nastyness directed at me, as a sad and desperate plea for attention on her part…. And for all of her bitching and moaning the simple minded farm animal is oblivous to fact that I wasn't even talking about her, in my origional post!" What's really interesting is that the rant against Dustin that he was referring to was mysteriously deleted from his account POST MORTEM. Gee, I wonder how that happened? But the point I'm getting at right now(besides Kathy Meyer's role in Dustin's death) is that her words that she shared on this webpage are total BS. She loathed Dustin and made it known right before(and after) his passing. Don't believe a single word this horrible woman said. Dustin did not like this woman and she did not like him. She's a habitual liar. I had even asked her about the message Dustin was referring to and she straight up DENIED it...even though I read it myself on Dustin's page. She's full of s**t. Do not believe this woman's lies. I had my ups and downs with Dustin, too. But I would never have said the insensitive things to Dustin that KATHY MEYER said to him. She is poison.
Posted by Robb D on 5th October 2015
Dustin was as original as they come. Not one person who knew him can ever argue that fact. I miss the guy. During discussion, absolutely nothing was taboo. I had good times and bad times with him. His energy is released and will never fade. He now knows one more thing that us "breathers" don't know. ...and I'm down with that. He's got us all one-upped...like an inside joke.
Posted by Kathy Lamb on 24th November 2014
Happy Birthday Dustin. You are always in my heart.
Posted by Kathy Meyer on 18th June 2014
Dustin was the light of my daughter Jessica's life. He was a funny, intelligent young man with a flair all his own. I do believe he was too far advanced for most people to understand him. He and my husband would talk about things that I could only just shake my head at but they could talk forever. His humor was witty and some didn't get it but I did appreciate it. I only wish that he could have stayed longer on this earth but I know he is around us forever and it comforts me knowing his forever watching over those of us down here. I will never forget those beautiful eyes!
Posted by Danica Gasior on 17th June 2014
I will always remember your laugh .
Posted by Xavier Goudreault on 3rd February 2014
i miss you so much

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