Duy Ke Huynh
  • 86 years old
  • Date of birth: Apr 14, 1927
  • Place of birth:
    Guiping, Guangxi, China
  • Date of passing: Apr 4, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Sacramento, California, United States
He will live forever in our hearts

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Duy Huynh, 86, born on April 14, 1927 and passed away on April 4, 2014. A memorial service will be held at East Lawn Elk Grove Memorial Park on April 14, 2014 at 10:00 am.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Thanh Tu Huynh on 13th April 2014

"Before I share with you some of the fond memories of my dad, I would like to take this time to give all glories & praises to God.  I thank God for giving me a caring & loving father.  As you may know, my dad was a man with visions & passions.  He was a man ready to make sacrifice for a greater cause, & he believed in living his life to its fullness.  Dad could have been even more successful in his professional life if he had devoted more of himself & his time to it, but he chose to be with us, the family, as much as he could in spite of his busy schedules.  As a child, I was really excited each time dad took us to the beach, which was about 2 hours drive away from home, for a getaway weekend.  It was the time that he could give us his full attention, had fun with us, & we could eat out every meal, which was big for us kids.  At that time in Vietnam, we had school from Monday to Saturday noon every week, both mom & dad would take us to visit the zoo on Sunday for a family outing.  Since we lived in the school, he would play a game of basketball with us Saturday afternoon or Sunday.

Dad went to Vietnam to start his teaching career.  Not only that he was my dad, he was also my teacher.  I was in his 5th grade math class, he taught me how to think creatively when working on math problems.  I've turned out to like math.  He also taught me a lot of life lessons by modeling it.  Dad was a man of his words, he kept his promises.  He was a generous man & always ready to offer his help when his friends needed it.  Dad was a creative & persistent man; each time he encountered a challenge, he did not give up easily.  He would think of some non-conventional way to solve the problem.  Dad had a deep quest for knowledge; for him, learning was for life.  Even when he was in the labor camp, he learned to compose Chinese poems.  I was really encouraged when reading some of the poems he composed regarding how proud he was of us kids.  He always tried to learn new things & improve himself.  When personal computers, kindles, iPads were available, he embraced the technologies even though he ran into some difficulties while learning them.

Dad was a man of many talents.  He had exceptional memory & thinking skill.  On one occasion during dinner, he taught us how to remember the names of all Chinese provinces in a poem.  Dad loved humors, he would tell us jokes in family gatherings.  We always had a good laugh of his jokes.  This was one of the ways he connected with us.  He also loved music, he used to sing Chinese folk songs when we were young, & he learned to play the piano by himself.  He played the piano for Evergreen Fellowship when they had gatherings.  I have come to like Chinese folk songs because of him.  Dad was very athletic, he loved playing basketball.  Even in his old age, he went to the park to shoot some baskets every morning.  

These are the fond memories I have of my dad.  I love you, dad, & I really miss seeing you read newspapers or play the piano when I come home, but I know you are with our Heavenly Father at a better place, where there are no pain, no illnesses, no tears nor sufferings - just joy and laughter.  This is the assurance that God promises us, and I know someday we all will meet you in heaven.

在我與你分享我對我父親的一些美好回憶之前,我想利用這個時間將所有的榮耀和頌讚歸給神。我感謝神賜給我一個充滿關懷與愛心的父親。你們可能已經知道,我父親是一個有遠景, 有目標,和熱情的人。他是一個願意為有意義的事情作出犧牲的人,他的生命是非常的豐盛。父親本來可以在他的職業上取得更大的成就,但他選擇投資他自己和時間給我們。小時候父親在周末一有時間就會帶我們去海灘玩,那是我最高興的時刻。因為這是他可以給我們他全部注意力的時候,與我們玩得很開心,每頓飯都帶我們在外面吃,這是我們小孩子最喜歡的。當時在越南,我們每週上課是從週一直到週六中午,爸爸和媽媽有時候在週曰會帶我們去參觀動物園,這也是我們小孩子最開心的時候。由於我們住在學校,週六下午或週日也是他與我們打籃球一起運動的時間。

父親去了越南,開始了他的教學生涯。他不僅是我的父親,也是我的老師。我是在他五年級的數學班上,我還記得他教我如何用靈活的思巧做數學功課。我後來真的喜歡數學。他還以身作側教了我很多人生的功課。父親是說話算數的人,他答應了的事情就會實行。他是一個慷慨的人,他的朋友需要幫忙時候,他都隨時樂意幫助。父親是一個有創意和堅持到底的人; 每一次他遇到了挑戰,他並沒有輕易放棄,他會想一些非傳統的方式去解決問題。父親對知識有熱情的追求;對他來說,學習是一生的過程,即使在勞改營裏面,他學習寫詩造詞。當我讀到他寫的關於他對我們引以為榮的一些詩時,我真的很受激勵和被肯定。他常常努力學習新事物和改進自己,他學會用個人電腦,電子書,ipad,儘管在學習的過程中他遇到了一些困難,但他沒有放棄。


這些都是我對我父親一些美好的回憶。爸爸,我愛你,我每次回家的時候真的好想見到你在那裏看報紙或彈琴,但我知道你已經與天父在一個更美好的地方,在那裏沒有痛苦,沒有疾病,沒有眼淚,沒有悲傷 - 只有歡樂和笑聲。這是神應許我們的,我知道有一天我們都會在天堂與你相聚。"

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