We all know Dwayne loved the Lord. Here are some sayings he left with us on Facebook. For those who haven't see the messages. This is how he spread the word to us all. It let's us all know how he felt about his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his wife... He loved them both so much.


October 27

"Anytime you depend on anything or anyone other than the faithfulness of God can lead to complete frustration. Rest in His goodness."

October 17th

Jesus didn't do miracles to show off, he did miracles because He was moved with love and compassion.

September 5th

To be anything great you MUST come to a end of yourself and see your need for HIM(JESUS). Trust in His ability and not in your ability.

August 27th  (This day he made many entries)

As long as we keep placing our value of life on material and money we will never truly see what True Great Love God has for us through HIS SON JESUS! We are successful because our life is identified by HIM not by us.

Since when did we have to take back what the devil stole! That's a lie! Everything that's given to us comes from the Father! We can't take back what was never taken. The only thing the enemy can take is what you freely give him. We must stay rooted in CHRIST alone. Stop placing value on life by money and material things...

As long as you keep thinking the devil stole your blessing, your gonna keep fighting a battle that you have ALREADY won!! You already got the victory in CHRIST

You don't qualify for salvation because your good, you qualify because He is good.


August 10th

God doesn't give you the ability to figure everything out. He gives you the ability to trust and depend completely on Him.


August 5th

Jesus at the center of all Things! Trust in HIM! He's unfailing and so kind! Best love you can ever experience in Life! He's so wonderful!


July 30th

My life is wonderful because I have Jesus at the Center. I'm not talking religion or personal ability. I depend on Him every single day and He is always faithful — feeling wonderful.

July 13th

Everyone has their thoughts and opinion but Lets stay mindful that we are doing just what was expected after the verdict. We see the color of someone skin more than the heart. I didn't think he would walk free but let's not stir hate to one another because of color.... Because we see color and not the heart we train our minds to Look for racist acts.. Just saying.. We all have a choice to love or hate by our own judgments not because of what some else did.

July 6th

No matter how good we are at ANYTHING or how much we have! We must TRUST Completely in HIM period

June 26th

We must stay mindful that God is with us always and HE fights our battles no matter what we face. We must continue to rest IN Him and abide in His goodness towards us! He is always unfailing! Romans 8:28.

June 26th

Wanted to give a special shout out to the woman of my life who's good to me not just on holidays, birthdays and anniversaries but who's good to me all the time. She always reflects true character and a willing heart! I thank God for a good wife! Valisha Cockrane

June 25th

GOD is with us in everything . there is nothing at all that can do separate us from the love of GOD

June 21st

You’ve got to love the math of the new covenant: How many sins did Jesus commit before he was made sin? None. And how many righteous acts did you do before you were made righteous? None. God did it all! The moment you put your faith in Jesus, you were stamped “righteous” for all time and eternity. At one time you were unrighteous, but you were washed, you were sanctified, and you were declared righteous in the name of the Lord (1 Corinthians 6:9–11). ~GITW

June 11th

Just wanted to take the time to wish my wonderful wife Valisha Cockrane happy anniversary for another great year in marriage! my wife has been my best friend, my support system and life partner! she has operated at such a high level with the love that she give me everyday and she shows her loyalty to our marriage EVERYDAY! i can depend on my wife to help me with anything. she keeps a smile on my face and her heart is Full of love. i am truly thankful and blessed with her. I believe she has been the best thing that has ever happened to me since ive been saved! I am a blessed man with a AWESOME WIFE!

June 7th
For when we Boast in our Strength the Father's power if made void But when we Boast in our Weakness HIS Power is always made manifest for HE is faithful to us always!! WE must COMPLETELY TRUST IN JESUS AND HIM ALONE.. Our jobs,house,cars or even family can never do for us like HE CAN!! HE IS TRULY GOOD TO US.

May 31st

A good Father always takes care of His children. So today Look to your Heavenly Father and know that He is faithful and always work EVERYTHING out.

May 11th
My wife Valisha S. Cockrane is the Most amazing person I know! I'm truly thankful to have such a wonderful wife who makes marriage fun and easy! Her heart is full of excellence!! I'm Truly a blessed man!! God truly gave me His best!

April 19th
Which will you choose. Fear or Faith?

February 1st
God has a abundant Love for us all, we must see His love and not think He is against us! He desires for us to have what we want more than we do!

January 24th
We beat, kick, spat on, betrayed, denied, joked and even whipped and He (Jesus) turned around and said I love you anyway and saved us completely for everything we done wrong. Amazing love

January 17th

It's not about getting it done according to your ability, it's about seeing it already done according to Jesus ability. #REST

January 5th
Fear was created by the imagination of man but was destroyed completely on the cross by Jesus

October 12, 2012

It was never in God's will for you to be afraid nor feel guilty! What you were afraid of has been destroyed and what you felt guilty about Jesus has already forgiven you! #freedombyblood

September 26, 2012
The Greatest things that have ever happened in my life is Salvation through the blood of JESUS and Getting married to Valisha S. Cockrane!! SO now everyday I get to experience a Wonderful savior who always takes care of me and a Awesome wife who is amazing that treats me Good!! LIFE IS AWESOME!!!

September 10, 2012
God is sooooo awesome and my life is sooooooo blessed, its not blessed because all my prayers that i pray are answered but because God has given me complete peace, Rest and NO worries! Im living in heavenly places and not because of money or my job and not even because my bills are paid but because JESUS is FAITHFUL even when I don't deserve it!! abundant peace
that GOD has given me is priceless!! #BELIEVEINTHEBLOODANDHISLOVE

August 28, 2012
Many times I’ve posted a lot of things about God's Grace and Legalism in the "church" today. I've been saved for over five years and in the beginning I put sooooo much effort in everything I did for God, trying to prove my love for Him and trying to earn my relationship with God and even trying to earn BLESSING AND MIRACLES. I must say it was one of the most frustrating things I’ve experienced by trying to earn what GOD Has ALREADY done and trying to PROVE to Him what HE ALREADY KNOWS!! BUT the LAST 8-10 Months of my life has been the most restful, fruitful, and fullness of HIS favor. ALL BECAUSE GOD showed me that He blesses and heals not because I do deserve it or earned it but because I don’t deserve it. So HE makes sure that we understand the fullness of His love is beyond our effort and good deeds. That was the whole purpose of His SON JESUS!!! So when JESUS DIED the veil was torn and the tablets of stone(LAW/Commandments) were broken. IT WAS COMPLETELY FINISHED at the point of the cross when HE expressed His grace and love... The new Covenant is the fullness of resting in grace of the finished work! The old covenant is a reflection to obey so that we can get from God. For the law is what we mean to GOD but Grace Means what God means to US!!! Understand that steps to get success profit nothing but human effort, but grace profit the effort of what Christ done on the cross, so that we can be bless effortlessly! IM FREE from condemnation and i enjoy everyday now with my relationship with CHRIST!!! LIVE free people and know that JESUS loves you! and understand that grace doesnt mean we willfully sin but that when fall even more in love with WHAT JESUS DONE FOR US

August 5, 2012
Don't look to anything at all but the Cross and thats it! Don't look at the people, money, career or even to the pastor! Just look to JESUS

July 21, 2012
It's funny how we try to fast and pray for Hours to get God to move for us, when in reality If we would just sit calmly, exercise Patience and look to HIM then you'll see that God Has ALREADY provided for you the very thing you need in HIS own way and time #Heisawesome

July 17, 2012
One of the greatest relationships a man can have outside of God is his wife! I truly have the greatest wife and I appreciate her for being who she is as a person! I've never met a woman like her! She's awesome!!!

May 13, 2012
Love from Jesus is the greatest asset I have that produces peace in my life! No matter what's goin on! He truly is indescribable and His love shows me that I don't have any problems.

April 17, 2012
U don't need 8 steps to be successful! All you need is 1, look to Jesus
as your forever provider and source! That's were U see true provision.

April 10, 2012
God saw me as man and knew that no matter how much I tried to be good on my efforts that I could never be perfect.. So He sent His Perfect Son to fulfill everything that I couldn't do so that I can receive His true Love and grace

April 7, 2012
I was having a conversation with my wife an it made me really realize how much my FATHER has blessed me with the most simple things of life and I ain't even talking material things.. Gives me a even greater appreciation of what Jesus did on the cross!!

April 4, 2012
If God's favor doesn't open the door then why try to break it down with your efforts!

April 3, 2012

There's more people going to Church today trying to understand how to get more money from God rather than get more understanding on the Love of Jesus

March 27, 2012
Prayer is not something you do to God so that he will give you material things. Prayer is apart of relationship development with you and God.. Focus on Him and not on material things.

March 26, 2012
Grace is Grace and the law is the law. There's no in between or mixture..

March 21st  2012
We are not qualified by good works or disqualified by bad works. We are qualified because of Jesus's Finished work