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We miss you so Blaine!!

Shared by Cyree White on October 30, 2011

I speaking for Big Mama & Big Daddy, as well.  We talk about Blaine & smile just remembering his handsome face & his caring sweet & wonderful personality. It's hard to believe that it's been one yr. since we've all lost our Blaine.  We all wish we could turn back the clock & say or do alot more than what we did. 

We miss you so much Blaine but, you're not suffering now. We know where you are & you're at peace. 

Lots of Love & kisses from your Big Mama & Big Daddy, Cyree & Randy


Shared by Brent Dunlap on September 10, 2011

I miss you so much brother.

Everything that we did when we were kids. The places we've been, the friends we had, the trips we've been on, just our childhood all together was great. I know we had some times when were kids, but we were kids and what kids dont. I dont ever remember fighting with you about nothing when we got older.

I loved it when we were kids though. Cedar Point trips. We got to take our friends. Family friends, John and Shane and just had a good time.

The Michigan trips from Kentucky. Always played games up at the college there, the 4 of us, John, shane, me and you! Its was always a great time.

The New years eve time and the Arnolds. The parents always went out and we stayed in and played football in the living room. I will never forget that!

Just so much in our life brother and I never thought something like this would happen the way it happend. Seeing you in the hospital while you were going through Kemo. Just seemed like everything was looking good and positive, because you kept it that way. But when reality struck in after seeing you when you got home, I knew it wasnt alright. But you still told me that it was. Just so much I should of told you and shared with you that day and night before you went back to hospital. Seem like you have a lot of time but in reality you dont. People dont think about that until something like this happens.

I will never forget you Brother. NEVER! I think about you all the time! You will always be my BIG BROTHER! I will see you again 1 day Brother. Until then I have to take care of things around here with my family and my kids! Sara is going through her stages of life like a typical soon to be teenager. Madison, she is Madison. Shes little miss independent, polite and when shes around daddy, a daddy's girl! I know you see her in your own way everyday, I just wish you could of been here in person.

Watch out for us Brother, Look over us! I know you are cause I know you are there.

I love you Brother!

Your little brother,


Shared by Brent Dunlap on April 4, 2011

I remember arriving to your house waiting on you to get home from the doctor. I hadnt seen you for awhile but when I did, it definately wasnt you. We got you inside to sit you down and I didnt leave your side. We talked for a bit and you told me everything was going to fine. I wanted it to be fine, but I knew deep down it wasnt. You didnt complain about it at all to me. The whole family was there that night when you went back into the hospital. You were slowly fading and there was nothing I could do about it. I just had to sit there and watch you. I wish I had to talked to you more that night. I wish you got to see Madison more other than what you did. There was alot of things that I wished for but never acted on them. Everyone was by your side the next night. We were praying and I stayed there holding your hand as long as I could. You died that night, late, and Dad broke the news to me. I was upset and couldnt believe it. I didnt wanna believe it and I still dont. I thought praying would help, work, or do something. I feel like I was let down by that. I always told you I didnt want to be alone if something ever happend to Mom and Dad. It would be us and our kids growing up. Now its going to be me and my kids and your son. Its hard as hell not having you here Brother. I wanted to help you so bad with everything that you were going through and now I wish I was there alot more than what I was. I will never forget you as my BIG BROTHER. The times we shared, the place we have been as kids. So much in our childhood that I will remember about us that I will never forget.

Its unreal to me still Brother and it will be for a long time to come. I am going to miss you and feel the pain of missing you for even longer. I love you Brother and I cant say it enough.


Cedar Point

Shared by Brent Dunlap on March 31, 2011

I remember when we were kids and we took a trip to Cedar Point. We had gone several times it seemed like. I took a friend and Blaine took a friend. We are still friends with them to this day and I consider them family. We stayed a couple of days at a Hotel close to the Park. We stayed up it seemed like for hours cause we were so excited about getting to go the next day. My Brother was a big roller coaster freak. He always loved hitting the big rides, I was too scared! Blaine and John would always wander off together and Shane and I would wander off. All I know is we had a great time and a very tiring time. We would get there at opening time and not leave until close. We would go 2 days in a row and do that. Its a memory I will never forget with my Brother. I just wish we all could have gone again with our children and re-lived the memory with a new one. I am happy to say that we are going to, hopefully this summer. Its going to be Me, Ashley, Madison, hopefully Sarah and Austin, along with John and his son Zach. I am hoping Denise, Alyssa, and Morgan too. If this happens, I wanna make this a great memory in honor of my BIG BROTHER who I love very much and will miss until I see him again.

I love you Brother and I miss you everyday!



Shared by Brent Dunlap on January 31, 2011

I share these pictures on here and it reminds me of our childhood. The childhood of how excited we were of just being kids. Pictures of us, you getting older. Picture of you graduating, going to the NAVY, and becoming a father and marrying the love of your life. Always smiling and being happy even through difficult times.

I will have these pictures and memories for the rest of my life. I will tell your Nieces and nephew what a "BIG BROTHER" you were to me. I will tell them the good times we shared as kids, teenagers and adults. I just wish it had been more time!!

I love you Blaine,

your little Brother

Kids In Adrian, Michigan

Shared by Brent Dunlap on December 11, 2010

I remember when we were kids in Adrian, Michigan on Lincoln Ave. I used to get up really early in the morning before anyone and watch my Romper Room onTV on the bean bag in the den. Dad would get up a short time later for work and mom would get Blaine up for school. I would always go to the front door to watch my brother leave for school and wish that I was going with him. I would cry sometimes when he left. I would go back to the den and lay back on the bean bag and watch tv until I dozed off. I always knew when my brother would come home from school so I would be there at the front door waiting on him to get there because I would be so excited to see him when he got home.

I sure do miss you Brother, I love you!!


Christmas Time

Shared by Brent Dunlap on December 7, 2010

Its almost Christmas time(12-7-10) and the closer it gets it reminds me when we were kids brother. Waking up in the middle of the nite and fighting the urge of going downstairs and peeking at whats under the tree. It was hard to fight the urge but we did!  Everything we ever go we always shared with each other and it also kept us busy for hours. I think about alot of things when we were kids and these memories of us brother are always going to be there. I miss you brother and I was always proud to have you as a bigger brother!!  I love you Brother and I'll keep sharing memories from now until I see you again.


Shared by Brent Dunlap on November 26, 2010

I sure do miss being kids. I remember living in Ormsby Village( the mansion). We explored the old building out there and got into all kinds of things. We rode our bikes all around the village there and played with our friends that lived out there or close by. Summer time was a blast out there. We went to the pool that was out there and would stay all day long. It was a picnic and vacation right by the house. My brother always looked out for me, he wouldnt let us get bored for nothing. I wish I could have those days back, you werent sick then. Theres alot of things that I will remember for the rest of my life brother and share with my kids. I love you brother, I miss you very much!!


When we were kids

Shared by Brent Dunlap on November 6, 2010

When my Brother and I were kids were had the best childhood. We had so many friends we were never bored. My brother Blaine was heavily into sports, especially football. His favorite team was the Pittsburgh Steelers, go figure!  After every game he would want to go out and get our friends have a football game in the back yard. If it was raining outside it would be indoors. I have so many stories and so many memories that he will be in my heart forever.

I love you Brother,


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