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Our Forever Neighbor

Shared by Katrina Ross on April 13, 2020
We were so saddened to hear about the passing of “our forever neighbor, Maiden(Ernest).  His first name is in parentheses because he was known and called Maiden by us.  Some of my family’s fondest memories include being neighbors with the Maiden Family, such as “the annual neighborhood block parties” and his “famous barbecue source.”  Being his next door neighbor made us feel as though we had a safety net.  I remember when I needed a ride to work and Maiden was there; our yard was mowed by Maiden; and when I ran for Judge, my sign was in his yard.  Although now, we are miles apart and don’t talk as often, he will truly be missed by the Ross Family. We love him and thank him for his kindness shown to us.

Game Changer

Shared by Joseph Harris on April 11, 2020
Over 23 years ago I was an active drug addict. Earnest “Cousin Bud” was visiting my mom (his 1st cousin) and I happened to be there.  My mom asked him to talk to me about the destructive path I was on. Earnest simple instructions to me were “consider your mother”.
He was simple saying; stop being selfish, you are affecting the one that loves you.
He was ministering to me out of “his strength” a love for family. 
I’ve been COMPLETELY drug free for almost 25 years and Earnest Maiden Sr. has some stake in my recovery!
Much Love to:
Betty, Earnest Jr., Stephanie and Ben 
Shared by Rosalind Horne on April 11, 2020

Hearing the news that you were no longer with us was the saddest and most hurtful news ever! Since I was around eight years old, every Sunday and many Saturdays you would come to visit my dad (Leon Parson). You were a brother to my dad and an uncle to my sister Cassetta and me. It was so funny when you knocked at the door. We would scramble all of our things up in the den so you could sit and be entertained in a clean room before you walked in. Lol.. We won't get to do that anymore.  :-(
You were a major part of our family. Many times my dad would take us to visit you and your family. You were always there for our kids, as well as, our special occasions, graduations etc.. And spared no expense on the gifts he gave us all.  You were the last person to see Cassetta alive April of 2018. Now we lose you April 2020. Please let Cassetta know we miss her!

Maiden, you will forever be inour hearts! I will miss seeing you when I come home to visit.

Rest In Peace Beautiful Soul! 


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