“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” - Psalm 116:15
  • 67 years old
  • Born on November 22, 1946 .
  • Passed away on December 29, 2013 .

It’s been a year already! Your memory is as dear today
 as in the hour you went to meet the Lord. We think of you in silence,
no eyes can see us weep;
but still within our aching hearts,
your memory we keep. A beautiful memory, dearer than Gold of a father whose worth can never be told. Keep resting with your Maker and by His grace we will see again at the Lord’s feet. We love and miss you dearly !!!

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved Daddy, Ebenezer Falade, who slept in the Lord on 29th December, 2013 at the age of 67.We will remember him forever.

We appreciate your love, encouragement and support (in cash and in kind)and also for your prayers and comforting words and deeds during the final funeral rites of our father: Otunba Ebenezer Olusesan Idowu Falade. May your labour of love be rewarded by the Most High and may you live the rest of your days in excellent and radiant health. GOD bless and favour you always and in all ways. Thank you.

Funeral Programme for our Daddy FALADE EBENEZER OLUSESAN

Wednesday February 12th 2014 -  SERVICE OF SONGS
Venue: His Residence - 24 Solape Oworu Street, Olive Estate, off Ago Palace Way, Okota, Lagos.
Time: 5 - 7pm

Thursday February 13th 2014  -  COMMENDATION SERVICE
Venue: The Foursquare Gospel Church Festac District Headquarters, 421 Road, Cavera Estate, off 1st Avenue, Festac, Lagos.
Time: 9 - 11am

Departure immediately after to Ikole-Ekiti
Venue: Amuro's Palace, Temidire, Ikole-Ekiti, Ekiti State.
Time: 6 - 8pm

Friday February 14th 2014  -  FUNERAL SERVICE & INTERMENT
Venue: New Covenant Church, Amuro's Palace, Temidire, Ikole-Ekiti.
Time: 9 - 11am

Posted by Titilayo Ogunseye on 29th December 2017
It's been 4 years of your demise...How greatly I miss you dad! We have taken solace in the Almighty God that you are resting in a beautiful place...I will forever miss your advise....Till we meet at his feet....continue to rest in the bosom of the creator
Posted by Deji Coo JP on 22nd November 2017
Daddy, your memory is evergreen in our hearts. We miss you dearly, even seven years down the road...from time to time your love for hymns comes to mind and I always smile knowing that you are with the Elders beholding the beauty of His holiness...Adieu...
Posted by Rhoda Akindipe-falade on 22nd November 2017
Forever loved, forever missed. Rest peacefully and eternally darling. The Lord is taking absolute care of all that you left behind. Have a wonderful celebration of your birth date with the host of heaven and be forever blessed. Its well here and younder in Jesus name.
Posted by Oluwatoyin Famulegun on 29th December 2016
Daddy, you are forever missed.
Posted by Fola Soboyejo on 29th December 2016
They never die, whose memory remains sweet in the heart of loved. Sweet dreams for ever, Chief.
Posted by Fola Soboyejo on 30th December 2015
Great men live in the hearts of people through fond memories. So do you. Your rest in the lord is eternal.
Posted by Deji Coo JP on 24th November 2015
Daddy, you are fondly remembered today and always....you live in our hearts and memories.....
Posted by Titilayo Ogunseye on 30th December 2014
Dad, Words can't express how deeply and greatly I miss you. A year gone by already and its still fresh in our minds. Continue to rest with our heavenly father were peace reigns. Love you so much daddy....
Posted by Rhoda Akindipe-falade on 29th December 2014
Darling,today makes it a year that you left us to be with our Saviour who you loved and served with all your heart and whose love for you was also unquantifiable. It's been a whole year without your word of wisdom, comfort, gentle personality and a warm heart for all around you. You were such a source of strength for me and everyone that came in contact with you. Yours was a life wonderfully impactful. Thank God for the grace to use your God given talent for the benefit of mankind and the service of God. You were a kind Man with a bright and godly mind. I am grateful for the life we shared. It was such a rare but wonderful opportunity. God allowed us to work in love, in peace and harmony. It could only have been by His special grace. We thank God for His presence in our midst and for the wonderful testimonies of the last one year. We miss your person and your worth but where you are is a source of pride to us for we know that you are at peace on the right arm of our father because you lived and walked with Christ, His son and your exit is sure for a Higher service to Him. It still hurts, but i have learnt to think more of what would make you happy. This includes appreciating life more and getting closer and closer to God. It is, so that on the last day, we can see each other again. Resurrection after all said and done, is the only good ending to the story of life. Continue to rest in peace Oluwasesan "Ajilaran" omo Yeye. We give God the glory for giving us a hope and a future - Jer 29:11
Posted by Dele & Ronke Fariyike on 29th December 2014
A life that touches others goes on forever. You are held in our hearts for ever.
Posted by Kemi Falade on 29th December 2014
Darling Uncle, I can't believe a year has gone by since you answered a higher calling! I miss you so much; words are inadequate! Your legacy of peace, unity and service to the kingdom of God lives on. Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord till the grand reunion. Sun re o! Omo ugbo eho, oye ugba!. Omo alaye gbede gbede b'oni layin!, Omo Orubu loye! Omo a kini ranyin......
Posted by Deji Coo JP on 24th November 2014
Uncle, You are deeply missed. Trust you are resting in the bosom of the Lord. You went too soon but your memory will remain evergreen on all of our hearts. Adieu...
Posted by Fola Soboyejo on 23rd November 2014
Sweet blessed memory. Ao pade... lese Jesu. The Lord bless wife, children and loved ones left behind.
Posted by Wale Sotunde on 22nd November 2014
Today, we should all be at Okota, celebrating your 68th birthday and drinking from your timeless words of wisdom and experience, but alas its not to be so as you are in a better place now resting from all your travails and toils. You made a mark, difficult to erase. Your infectious smile, warm hugs and distinct voice still resonates through times and space and you are simply unforgettable. I wish to say HBD in absentia but i think a more fitting word to say today is ''Keep resting, Gods General, till we meet to part no more''
Posted by Rhoda Akindipe-falade on 22nd November 2014
Olusesan, my covenant brother and friend, today would have marked another day of celebration of your life on this planet earth but alas the Angels chose to have you amongst them and celebrate with you in heaven. We thank God because your exit from the stage is for a higher purpose. We also celebrate your life today. a life well lived in the service of God and humanity. Our God has stopped the tears and my grief is suppressed by the knowledge of who you were and where you are right now. I celebrate your worth, your weight, your spirituality, your strength, your impact, your influence, your purpose and all that you stood for. I hold on to my heart, fond memories of our lives together. I am comforted, knowing that those we love never really die as they live forever in our hearts. I can imagine your nice smiles as the Angels celebrate your birthday today. Enjoy your day darling and rest on peacefully, we will meet again for sure, at the Lord's supper. - your loving wife Abimbola
Posted by Tubosun Famulegun on 11th February 2014
Great Man of God,Awesome dad,i get confused anytime I hear about the death of Good people. Thank you for the role you played in my life,and the special love you and mummy had for the famulegun family. So many things to say about you,but how I wish I could ask some questions,but we server an unquestionable God. Mummy,all shall be well with you. Rest on DAD till we meet again.
Posted by Pastor Adebayo Justice Be... on 8th February 2014
OTUNBA S.E. FALADE "Uncle Sesan, you were a pillar in Temidire Kingdom. A man of many wisdom, full of Godly counsel, a moderator. Whenever I visit Uncle, I am never in a hurry to leave and when I eventually leave, I am always loaded with so much knowledge and wisdom impacted through his words. The word of God in Jeremiah 1:4-5, can be used to describe Uncle Sesan . It says " Before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." You spoke like a Prophet, you walked and lived in the fear of God. You trusted in the Almighty God that you served even to the very end. You said to me the last time we spoke that '' when all medical, physicians fail, God will never fail" The Almighty Father has taken you to rest from the labour of this world You are resting in the bosom of Abraham. We your brothers and the young ones will follow in the legacy that you have left behind. And on the Resurrection Day we shall all meet to part no more! ADIEOU UNCLE SESAN IDOWU EBENEZER FALADE Suun re ooo ! ! ! Pastor Adebayo Justins Bewajioluwa -Falade (fondly called bro bor by you) Goodnight OTUNBA Olusesan
Posted by Falade Tunji on 7th February 2014
OTUNBA EBENEZER OLUSESAN FALADE(aka Uncle). 'THE EXIT OF A COLOSSUS' Uncle, Your exit was indeed very painful and has deeply grieved us. Day after day, year after year,we had fervently prayed and had hoped that you will eventually overcome this repressive hand of illness that has gripped you. All the same, we are gratified that you are in a better place, you are with the Lord, you have finally gone to rest far away from the pains and vicissitudes of this world. Now, the stark reality that has crept on us is that you have left us. Undoubtedly, it is excruciating, but we have come to accept the painful reality. You were one of a kind, unique and positively different in many ways. You were brilliant, knowledgeable, articulate, versatile, plain and forthright. An embodiment of ideals. Different people see you from different perspectives. In all, everybody saw a desirable shinning light, an icon, a colossus, a giant, physically, mentally and spiritually. We will miss your warm and humane nature. Your gentle and disarming smile that has come to represent your personal trade mark will be greatly missed. However, your exit was not without worthy and remarkable contributions to all those who have crossed your path in life and mankind in general. Against the background of family generational mentoring, you were not slack when it got to your own time. In the 60's and early 70's when we were young amd impressionable, you gave us effective mentoring especially when we entering secondary schools. As our uncle who was available for us, we looked up to you for leadership and guide which you did successfully. As a role model, you set a good precedent of legacy of focus and relentless hard work. You discreetly fired up our zeal, courage and determination to be successful in life. Indeed, your good works will never be forgotten . In a seven hour deep interaction with you two days before your transition unto glory, you spoke eloquently on diverse subjects bothering on the intricacies of family, business, politics, health, The Amuro Royal Family etc. Little did I know that it was a valedictory. For ever, all those profound valedictory messages will remain green in my memory. In all of these, one thing is crystal clear. You remain 'UNFORGETTABLE' in our minds. You have fought a good fight, you have done your best, you have kept the faith. As we are busy rounding up on your burial programmes, Sleep well Uncle!!! Continue to sleep well in the bossom of your Lord and creator!!! Kato rerin o digbo, Kato refon o dodan!! Katori Ebenezer Olusesan omo Falade, O dorun alakeji, Sun re o baba oninure, aguntasolo!! Remembered by your nephew Prince 'Tunji Falade. (Fondly called Tee-Jay by you).
Posted by Wale Sotunde on 6th February 2014
The greatest joy of living is in giving. I'm sure you derived this joy because you lived your life for others. You touched many lives with your smile and deep word of wisdom. You were an icon of unwavering faith till you breathe your last, i have a feeling this world no longer deserved you, thats why God took you home, otherwise your faith would have seen you through. You fought the good fight to the end, now you are with the saints triumphant. Rest on Daddy, we will see you on the resurrection day.
Posted by Titilayo Ogunseye on 1st February 2014
Dad....hmmm! Not knowing where to start from is to say a whole lot happened. I will never forget the day I told you I wasn't writing JAMB again and the impact you had in my life, never can I forget my pregnancy challenge, how knocking on your door @ 2 a.m, you were there to answer me and all you did was to pray by speaking in tongue and your words were'I will carry it to term'. Even though in all our discussions you were still strong. Your words keep coming into my memory, as I won't forget your phrase,'Ni igbe aiye omo eda eniyan'. My few discussion with you was,'the day you walk with your legs is the day you'll know you are better''. Little did I know you will be walking with father of all fathers. I miss your wise counsel and would never forget all your prayers and advice. You never played with God's words, you struggled even death. I take solace in the fact that you are peacefully resting in God's vineyard where there is no pain or struggle. I LOVE YOU DAD! I MISS YOU DAD!! GOOD NIGHT DAD!!!
Posted by Dele & Ronke Fariyike on 1st February 2014
When God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be. He put His arms around you and whispered, "My son come to me". Although we loved you dearly we could not make you stay. Oh! a golden heart stopped beating. Hard working and loving hands to rest. God broke our hearts to PROVE to us "HE only takes the best. We shall meet again at the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sun re o.
Posted by Bolanle Adeojo on 29th January 2014
Otunba Sesan Falade from memory to Treasure No doubt, the death of Otunba Sesan Falade is a personal loss to me and my family members. What a fine gentleman, who would not like to hurt even a fly. He was always ready to take care of your needs beyond personal comfort. In every situation, he would welcome you with his cheerful smiles. He’s memories would linger on and on since he had passed from memory to Treasure. Fondly remembered by Adelusi’s, Ado-Ekiti.
Posted by Funke Adelaja-odetoyinbo on 28th January 2014
Tonton my own Tonton ...a man in whom was found no guile a pillar of support to our Aunti Rhoda , his immediate family and even some of us at the "village". I remain ever grateful for the role God used you to play in my dark hour.When dawn broke ,you also openly rejoiced with me at Feyisikemi's dedication .Thank you ,you were indeed an angel on assignment!! Had death ,illness and pain been on our payroll ...we would have gladly paid them off .But God, the Alpha and Omega,the begining and ending of every good thing (life) knows best... and He will COMFORT all your loved ones in their innerman. Amen Ever smiling Tonton...goodnite Olufunke Adelaja-ODETOYINBO &daughter French Village Badagry
Posted by Bolanle Adeojo on 28th January 2014
Igi daa! Erin nla lo laga! Ajanaku subu ko le dide O darinako! O doju ala, Kato reni rere to lo! An uncle in a million You were second to none You were so nice, considerate and loving You were a rallying point. You bore no grudge against anybody You impacted my life positively and the lives of everyone that ever came across you You were a source of inspiration You showed genuine love You always went out of your way to please others Unfortunately death did not allow you to live long enough to reap the fruits of your labour. During the period of your health challenge We prayed and kept hope alive, but you never survived it We have since submitted to the will of God because God knows better We loved you but God loved you most I will surely miss your wise counsels, my family and I will forever miss you Continue to rest in perfect peace Adieu. MY GREAT UNCLE Fondly remembered by Bola & Taiwo Ade-Ojo
Posted by Dairo Ayeni on 28th January 2014
TO A GREAT ICON, MY UNCLE – A TRIBUTE I am most terribly saddened on the news of your exit from this earthly sojourn. Uncle, your death came too soon and shocked me and my wife to the marrow just as we were hoping with prayers that you will soon overcome your health challenge. You were a pillar and a stabilizing substance, a bridge that connected the old and the young ones in the entire family. My Uncle like no other one is gone. One of the finest human specimens that ever lived is gone. A man of tremendous sacrifice who cared relentlessly for the well being of his people is gone. Uncle, your cherubic and smiling face is gone, your encouraging voice in the face of challenges, your penetrating words of advice, your words of wisdom that you constantly fed us with, all shall be missed for ever. Haba! My great Uncle, your passage was indeed painful, demoralizing and disheartening but we are consoled that your soul will find a peaceful and an everlasting rest with your creator. Amen! Erin wo! Agun t’áșọ lo, Ọkunrin lo. Fondly remembered by Dairo and Modupe Ayeni.
Posted by Olumuyiwa Falade on 26th January 2014
The Otuba of Temidire Ekiti, Otunba Olusesan Ebenezer Falade popularly known as UNCLE in the Falade family circle. Sun re o. We give glory to God for a life well spent, it is not in the number but the impact upon the lives of people around. I was barely 15 years old when you told me of your promise to your mum and my grand mother Yeye Ewi, Chief Comfort Tinuola Falade of blessed memory, that you would bé a source of Joy to her and the family, you have kept your promise, at your own expense you serve both your seniors, comtemporaries and your juniors, you were a rallying point for both the young and the old, you made sacrifices which ordinary mortals would have turned down, you stayed the course with all through the thick and the thing, you were a pillar that many rested on, a counsellor that many believed in. A brother that many people did not have. I recall my elementary days when I first in my class, you took me to Kingsway stores in Ibadan to shower me with gifts to underscore how important you valued educational excellence, I remember, when it was time to go to high school, how you coined the names of excellent schools to guide our choices of secondary school, we had to memorize it. "Kings College, Lagos. Igbobi college Lagos, Governement college Ibadan, Loyola College Ibadan, Olivet heights Oyo, Christ School, Ado Ekiti" etc. These were the schools, we applied for and passed the exams one by one, when there was a stalemate between my choice of FGC Kano vs Government College Ibadan (GCI), you broker the peace meeting enabling me to head to Kano. You were a pillar during my wedding, 22 years ago, at my father in law's burial, you were there standing tall. How many more of such interventions can one recall, they are too many. Everyone felt your impact, you were a reknown family spokesman. You were something to everybody, to your friends, to your colleagues and acquaintances, to the immediate and extended family members, all felt your impact in and out of seasons. Although you did not stay long enough to enjoy the harvest directly, my strong believe is that the harvest will not ellude the family, for God is the rewarder with benefits transfering from generations to generations. We are grateful to your generation for their pioneering effort, we rode on you peoples' back for all the glory we celebrate through God today, our duty is to build on the legacy you have laid, the foundation is strong and will carry the structure beyond the skies. We miss you, Temidire misses you. However, the bible says mark the righteous man, his end shall bé peace, we appreciate the peace and tranquility you left behind. Rest in the Bossom of the Lord, where we shall meet to part no more. Adieu My Uncle $ Otunba Falade, May your soul rest in perfect peace. Your Aburo, Prince Olumuyiwa Falade (aka -iiwa ni)
Posted by Nike Aiyeola on 24th January 2014
Dad, u have fought a gud fight n have kept the faith..,, A Crown of righteousness awaits u @ THE GREAT BEYOND. Okun o Awe.... Sun re o!!!! We luv you but the great I AM desired u more... Rest on sir in d PALACE OF THE KINGS
Posted by Faith Bose Adeleke on 24th January 2014
Dad Falade, you are one in a million father, brother and a mentor to all who know you. What i cherish most in your life time is that you know the Lord your God whom i believe you are sleeping in His bosom right now. Sincerely, i miss you so much remebering your words of encouragement to me personally. May your soul rest in peace. E sun re o,
Posted by Eyitope Odukoya on 24th January 2014
Uncle as we fondly call you, i write this with mixed feelings: sad at your loss but the thought of you bring warm memories. You were caring, loving, and very forthright . One is never left in doubt where you stood on any matter. Always understanding, always smiling, always by your wife's (my Aunty) side, always family oriented. Now, you are with Him who redeemed you by His blood, yeah! You were a born again child of God, which is our greatest consolation. Sleep on beloved Uncle!
Posted by Deji Coo JP on 23rd January 2014
Uncle S, The news of your call to glory was a shock to me, Felicia and the children, especially Okiki and Iyin, who had the privilege of staying in your house when they visited Nigeria for the first time in 2007. As it was my custom, I rang Mummy on New year's day to exchange greetings only to be told that you'd gone too soon. It was such a great opportunity to have met and spent time with you. You were a genuine Christian: resplendent with child like purity, humility, love, care and interest in the well being of others. Your conversations were replete with prayers. I recall the family prayer time I witnessed when we stayed in your villa; we sang loads of hymns which I'm sure you have joined the Hosts of heaven in giving to our Master. You came. You fought the good fight. You finished the race. You have kept the faith,. and now you have laid hold on eternal life where unto thou art also called. Rest in the warm bosom of our Lord...till we meet to part no more. You were a unique gem. Adieu Uncle. With kindest regards from the Coo Clan. Dublin, Ireland
Posted by Segun AFOLABI on 22nd January 2014
Maa sun lo Olufe ko si maa sinmi Gb'ori le aya Oluwaa re A fe o, sugbon Jesu fe o ju Sun re, sun re, sun reeeee! Good nite,daddy.
Posted by Adebola Oyeleye on 22nd January 2014
Dear Uncle,i thank God for the beautiful life you lived,reading the tributes clearly showed the legend you were!!Your candle may have burnt out long before it should,you will forever remain a legend....YOU LEFT TOO SOON!!!However,the bible says we shld give thanks in ALL things so we are soo thankful for your time with us..I pray for strength for Auntie Bimbo,Kunle,Nifesi and the rest of the family
Posted by Bunmi Abdullahi on 22nd January 2014
Dear, brother now that the other side has become a reality for you , I wish you a joyfull awakening to joyfull activities of The Lord.the journey is far but attainable. Do not look back but around you for helpers are there wanting to help and take you home .
Posted by Taiwo Oyeleye on 22nd January 2014
Eerin wo!!,Ajanaku sun bi oke!!Oninure lo!!Omo Gabriel Osasona Falade kan ti nje Ebenezer Olusesan Falade tun ti sun ninu Oluwa..Mo ki gbogbo idile Amuro of Temidire ku aseinde eni rere to lo... I am deeply grieved about your demise..I pray that God will console ALL of us your loved ones..You came,you saw,you fought and now you ve won the battle at last(ETERNITY)!!Your life,though was shortlived was packed with true and worthwhile legacies..we will continue to follow your footsteps and i am certain that the Lord will see us through by HIS grace.To my darling sister/wife and lovely children,Jehovah God will empower you and give you fortitude to bear this irrepairable loss..Egbon mi sun ree oo till the day we will meet to part no more....
Posted by Olabimpe Akindipe- Oladim... on 22nd January 2014
Dear dad, I cant believe I am writing this cause it just feels like u travelled and will be back soon. Infact, I woke up recently with a ridiculous feeling that u were coming to gist us how heaven is just like u gist about your other short trips. Hmmmm....u were so strong @ all times even in d midst of d storm. I remember gisting with u 3days b4 u passed on and u were so lively and had asked after me severally before I came in. I know u are in a better place full of joy and free from pain, sorrow or sickness and u are smiling down @ us all. Dats my consolation! Rest on dad till we meet @ Jesus' feet.
Posted by Olakunbi Lawal on 22nd January 2014
"Daddy, I'm still in shock over your death. It's hard to believe you are gone. I was talking about you to a friend on my birthday not knowing you were ascending unto glory that very moment. I looked forward to bringing your grand daughter to visit you little did I know you will leave so soon, God had better plans for you. You must have loved me so much when you chose to join your creator on my birthday and baby's dedication. Your grandchildren can't stop asking about you and wondering where you traveled to without your mobile phones, truly you are in Jesus' house. Thank you for your prayers, words of encouragement and for taking good care of Mum. We take solace in God to meet again on the day of resurrection where we will meet to part no more. Adieu Daddy, sleep on in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ whom you loved and served till the end.
Posted by Oluwanifesimi Falade on 22nd January 2014
Dad, I love you now As I did back then I just hope... one day I will see you again I am so proud of you Brave and strong to the end Now when I ask “how are you?” There is no need to pretend We all love and miss you so much, sleep well and take care of all who went before you Forever in my heart....
Posted by Fola Soboyejo on 22nd January 2014
A kind, gentle soul has gone to rest. Grant repose, O Lord, to the soul of the departed faithful. And comfort to his darling wife - dear cousin Bimbola -, the children and the family at large. Olorun adile mu o. Fola & Titi Soboyejo, Lethbridge Alberta Canada
Posted by Tobi Falade on 21st January 2014
He was a great man, a great uncle and a great father, he was strong and will be dearly missed. I thank God for the life he lived and the legacy he left
Posted by Banky Ogunlola on 21st January 2014
Rest in perfect peace uncle you will be missed
Posted by Fola Adeshola on 21st January 2014
Daddy, I woke up one fine morning to the news of your demise and all I could do was cry! I don't do well with losses and this is such a huge loss! It is a blow too hard to recover from. I spent the rest of the day talking about you with my siblings. I remember your smile, your laughter, your quiet mien and how you would clap excitedly when driving home a point. I remember you being present at the hospital for the birth of your first grandchild; praying loud and almost in fear (because of the dicey situation), entreating God on my behalf. I remember your anguish whenever I go through storms and your deep grief when I made up my mind....... Your grandchildren say "that's grandpa's song" when we sing: 'Unto the lord be the glory great things He has done....great things He has done, greater things He will do..." And now I get teary eyed when I sing the song. So many memories! Best of all though is that you were a great companion to mum, a good dad and a well loved grandpa!......we will see again! (By His grace)
Posted by Alawode Stephen on 21st January 2014
Daddy Falade, I will forever cherish those wonderful moments that I spent with you just before the Lord called you into his peace. Continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord.
Posted by Olaniyi Owoeye on 21st January 2014
I remember the last time I saw daddy. He was frail yet his grip was as strong as ever as he shook my hands and held me to his side in a warm embrace. I could see the physical pain in his eyes yet he smiled warmly as he asked about every member of my family! Daddy Falade had such a good heart, there was a special place in it for everyone! He loved his children to the core, he was like mother-hen! I am glad he has gone to rest in the bosom of the Lord who loves him more than we ever will. Sleep on sir and Good night. May God grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss. God be with you Kunle and my dear sister, Nifemi.
Posted by Abimbola Rhoda Falade on 20th January 2014
My Darling, my Friend, my Companion and Confidant. A devoted & loving Husband, a doting & wonderful Dad, and an adorable Grandpa, who showed love in so many different ways to all whose paths crossed his. A tribute here cannot do justice to all the years of love,friendship & companionship that we shared in peace and togetherness as words cannot describe what we meant to each other.
It is indeed joy to me and the children when we think of so much that you kindled into life. An exemplary life of passion for God and compassion for men. I shall thank the Lord forever for your life and say of Him that He is good!
Thank you for passing on to us a legacy of a loving and God centered family. Etched in our hearts shall remain pleasant memories of you and your last words and prayers.
To say I, Abimbola, will miss you is to say the obvious but i shall not grieve like those without hope for I know where you are.
Oluwasesan, you are not dead, just gone ahead. By His special grace, when the roll is called up yonder, i shall be there with you in glory.
Till then,your memory I shall hold dear and our God shall remain the strength of our family life and forever our portion in Jesus name.
Sleep on beloved and have your well deserved rest.

 Your darling wife, 
Abimbola Rhoda .
Posted by Adedoyin Adewole - Steven... on 20th January 2014
Uncle Sesan, I was heartbroken when i heard about your transition unto glory but i console myself knowing that you are in a better place.I have not seen you for a while now because of distance but the memory of your sweet smile will always be there for ever. Sleep well my dear Uncle in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Temi Sonuga on 20th January 2014
Shared by Temi Sonuga on 01/20/2014 My Egbon as I usually referred to you. How sad to hear the news of your passing on to Glory. You spoke to both Dem and myself on the phone very warmly and with a very genuine sense of humour. I know the Lord knows why HE took you away so soon. What a big loss for everyone who knows you. Our thoughts and prayers go to our dear friend Abimbola and the entire family. May God be their support . Rest in Perfect Peace. Engr Dem and Dr (Mrs) Temi Sonuga Edmonton, Canada
Posted by Grace Villa on 20th January 2014
Dear Uncle, I received the news of your departure with great shock; of course death is a debt we all owe but it never occured to me that you were going to pay off the debt so early. You were one of those I loved so much that it never occured to me that you could even fall sick; my thoughts of you were of a super strong man who never falls sick but I guess I was wrong......, in my days at Unibadan, no matter how cash strapped I was, just a visit to 'Broking House', your office, puts me back in 'black'...; Uncle Sesan, you were a counsellor per excellence. Your words of encouragement and guidance all through the years contributed to moulding me and many others; I know you have peace where you are so no more pains......, goodnight my dear Uncle Sesan till we meet at Jesus' feet
Posted by Kemi Falade on 20th January 2014
My darling Uncle, big brother, father, counselor and encourager all rolled into one, is that it? Are you really gone from this earth? Oh it's so so painful! There so much I will miss about you; my birthday will never be the same when you and Auntie would stay up till midnight so you're the first to wish me "Happy birthday", or your wise counsel, love, prayers, gisting....till late into the night: Thank you for who you were to us your family, be rest assured that your legacy of hard work, respect, integrity, love and family unity (and the love of Christ whom you served keenly to the end) will be upheld especially within us your family; Auntie, all your children, grandchildren, nephews nieces and cousins. You fought a valiant battle and now it's time for a nuch deserved rest. Say hello to Dad. Adieu my darling Uncle, It's truly been a privilege Sir!!! May your gently soul rest in the perfect peace of our Lord Jesus. Amen.
Posted by Bola Adelakun on 19th January 2014
Dear Daddy, It's so sad that you are gone too soon. The consolation we have is that you are in a better place, cheering us up to keep running the race. You will be forever missed. Sleep on, beloved Daddy.
Posted by Kunle Adelakun on 19th January 2014
Daddy, Your passing on is a great grief to us. We love you, but Jesus loves you more. Continue to rest in the bosom of The Lord. We will forever love and cherish you.

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