Ebere, 34, passed from this life to peace and eternity on May 11 , 2021 after a strong and courageous, 34 year old battle against sickle cell. She was a warrior.

Ebere is survived by her mother Christiana, her siblings Kelechi, Chiagozie, Chinedu and Obioma. 

Many aunts, uncles, cousins, dear friends and colleagues, extended family, and an entire community also mourn this great loss. 

We are heartbroken, but are comforted that she is with God where there is no pain and suffering. A kind soul, full of integrity, kindness and intellect, Ebere  prioritized helping people throughout her life and career despite her own challenges. She had a profound impact not just on our immediate family, but on so many people around her. 

Ebere is now resting in peace with daddy.
Posted by John Ikpe on July 19, 2022
NDA John as you fondly called, How far, you asked. I missed you. May God be with you till we meet again. Best wishes for families there with you.
Posted by Onyekachi Onyenwenyi on May 11, 2022
Dear Ebere,
It’s a year already and you’re not here. You are in our prayers and I can’t forget how intelligent you are.
May God bless your soul.
I miss you!
Posted by Ronald Ikpe on May 11, 2022
Keep resting in peace Bem Bem. I remember you every single day. You are sorely missed.
Posted by Adaeze Anah on July 17, 2021
You would have been 35 today. It's still somewhat unbelievable but I take comfort in the fact that you are free from earthly troubles and are at peace. Rest on my friend. Rest on.

~Adaeze Anah.
Posted by Adaeze Anah on May 21, 2021

Farewell Dearie! You fought a good fight. Rest on! You will be greatly missed. We celebrate a life well spent.Eby has passed from death to life. She is in a better place where there is no more pain. We mourn yet we celebrate the impact she made in this life. Farewell Eby! You are greatly missed!

My heart is broken
From Obiamaka

Eby is gone,she is resting...I can remember our chat days ago,she said"Nwamaka I am fine. You worry so much about me" Miss u Eby with a beautiful heart. May your soul rest in peace. Keep resting Eby,I m still finding it difficult dat u re no more,but God knows why. Cmf 2003 set loves u,miss u ogami

May her soul rest in perfect peace  Amen!!! We will surely miss her. From Valentine Obianodo

Gone from our sight but never from our hearts.
Rest in Peace Ogami.
From Mayor

Chai May Her Soul Rest In Peace, It Is Well.
From Oluchi Osaka

Rest in peace Eby
May God comfort your family
From Esther

That is her for you...she can be dying and still sacrifice her time for others .
From Nkechi

Still can't wrap my head around this. We talk all the time about her health and my school. Nne m you fought, jee nke oma eby nwanne m.
From Nkolika

Ogami, jee nke OMA!
Lioness, rest on!

Eternal Rest Grant unto her oh Lord and Let your perpetual light shine upon her May her Soul Rest in Peace Amen Jee Nke Oma Eby
From Nneka

Chai... May her soul rest in peace.
From Ekene

Chai..what a sad ogami..
From Chris

The most annoying part of Ebere's death is that she had so much to give and just couldn't for no fault of hers! So much life and brightness to give. Ebere, zuo ike. Ka ọdiba!
From Adaeze

This is so heartbreaking, It is so difficult to type this and tell you good bye my friend, we will never hear from you again forever, but God knows best. You broke heart Ogami. May your soul rest in peace.
From. Odinaka

Oga Mi...
God... U know why.
Just don't let her suffer anymore.
R.i.P enyi m öma.
May u ascend with Christ into Paradise... Amen

So many stories to tell but this was the best part of it all. Your warm smiles that very day that took away harsh words said out of anger, before my eyes the little one smiled again at the orphanage house,at your street was another jubilation, Now all that is left is echo of your voice. I shall keep same to myself knowing that I will never meet a being perfect like you. Peace be unto your soul Eberechi.
From Patrick

May your gentle soul find perfect rest with the Lord. Ebyy, it's still very hard fore to come to realization that you are no more. Adieu Ebele!
From Ebuka

Rest in peace my dear friend Ebere(Ogami).you are forever in our hearts. Farewell Eberechukwu.
From Xlarge

Hmmmm oh chim o. it is another big blow for me.hmmmm Eby Nwanne m na so life be?, chai i dont even know what to say right now as am shocked.May God have mercy upon your soul and may angels of God welcome you to heaven am heart broken .nne jee nkeoma
From Uche

Oh,this is unbelievable. Tears run down my eyes as I write this! RIP Ebere Ikpe. May God have mercy on you, forgive all your sins and accept u in his kingdom.Adieu dear classmate.

NOOOOOOO I just spoke to her few days ago.
From Ify

Our hearts are heavy, and eyes teary on the demise of our very own Ebere IKPE. We miss your physical presence on Earth. We all Love you EBY! REST ON!!! From all of us! CMF 2003 Set.
Posted by Uchenna Onyenwenyi on May 21, 2021
Dear Eberechi, you're such a lady, a funny, witty and objectives cousin. The only female footballer I knew growing up. You will be fondly missed. I pray God to grant your soul eternal resta dn peace from all the pains and hassles these world has. Rest on dear Eberechi, Thelma Ikpe. Smiles
Posted by Chinweuba Ibe on May 21, 2021
A light went off on Tuesday, 11th of May 2021 when my beloved cousin Eberechi passed on. It was a shock, a terrible one. Eby, you left without our consent, trust me you have some explaining to do on that day although not any time soon(when we meet to part no more alright).

You fought a good fight to live but God knows the best. You were a warrior, an epitome of humility and above all very intelligent and caring.

I will stop this tribute with a feeling of humility and submission to Divine authority that you are in a better place, where there is no sickness, no weeping and no sorrow.

Adieu Eberechi
Goodnight Nwanne Madu
Posted by Ngozichi Obinwankwo on May 20, 2021
No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye. You were gone before we knew it.
And only God knows why.

If memories were a lane, we would walk right in and bring you back. You were lively and fun to be with and intelligent. Eberechi as you will be laid to rest, we will be left with memories. May we, on that last day meet at the feet of Jesus Christ. Amen
Posted by Chidimma Anaduaka on May 19, 2021
May your soul rest in Peace
Posted by Odunayo Juwasan on May 18, 2021
I still have beautiful memories of those days in Nekede, were the light in the room most of the time, funny, smiling, constantly making gest of me. I know you’re in a better place, free from the pains and stress of this world. We miss you Lovely sister. Rest on
Posted by Odiakosa Nwakuso on May 18, 2021
My Love, A good Friend turned Sister, My confident those days. The news of Your Sudden dismiss hit me hard. But anytime I remember You it beings smile to my face although now with tears. Ebere You were such a beautiful soul, can't remember seeing You sad any day. But I know You had those pains and I was sad in a way that it was You My Love. Dearie You Are a warrior, very strong, intelligent, with a strong will power to accomplish task given, You have the driving force. But Your stay Here on Earth was short. Rest on my Love. You will always be in My heart.
Posted by Stine Lyne on May 16, 2021
Hi Ebi, I just saw a message you had sent on Facebook to me for the first time. I had reached out last year, I am glad I did. Thank you for the wonderful memories, the laughter. In your message you said no dull moment with me; I never had a dull moment with you. You taught me your special noodles style. Your laughter. Thank you for walking this earth
Posted by Justice Igbiti on May 15, 2021
The battles never held back your cheer.... you always were amazing... earth’s loss, heaven’s jackpot.
Rest well dear.
Posted by Victor Oyoyo on May 15, 2021
Even in death you will always remain a warrior.
You will be missed dearly.
Rest In Peace Energy Queen
Posted by Joseph Ugboaja on May 14, 2021
Am in tears writing this now,we spoke on the 7th of may,I remember each time you call you'd always ask about my dad's health and mine,always carrying people along,can't love u less for your selflessness,we promised to meet each other during our proposed school reunion but unfortunately that would never happen again I know u are in a better place,till we meet again.☹️
Posted by Mojeed Jaji on May 14, 2021
Since the loss of Thelma,
I’ve learned to live for each day
And take it as a blessing,
Knowing it may not always be this way.
I’ve learned that when everything goes wrong to never give up on what is right because it can only make you strong.
But mostly,Have learned that life can be taken in the blink of an eye and only God really knows when
“Goodbye to a Good Friend*
Posted by Kezie Onyenwenyi on May 14, 2021
   I remember growing through my primary and high school education when I’ll often have random thoughts of what it was like to be the best student in class and I’ll wish I had the kind of wisdom and intelligence as that of Ebere. I always admired her academic standards and would brag to my friends about my lovely cousin who’s so intelligent and always buys baba Dudu for everyone or any other candy. Ebere had the best saving habit... she always had money.. and would always listen to my many Random stories and tell me hers.
There was one time I heard from Ebere on the 2nd of January 2021 when she called to share her concerns about a situation I was dealing with and she assured me that all will be fine. In that conversation, I told Ebere that we would find time to see but look at where we are now!

  It beats me to think that this is even happening now.
I pray that God goes with you and you shall dwell in his kingdom Amen!
Sending all my Love to you ♥️

I will forever miss you!
Posted by Akuta Eberechi on May 14, 2021
I remember my first year in was stressfree cos I didn't have to worry about what to eat,what to cook cos I came back to the best meals specially prepared by you. I wondered why people said school was stressful.
You treated me like your little sister.
I billed you like it was my right and even when you didn't have, you still helped.
I can't forget the birthday credit alerts. I'm gonna miss the long calls but I know you're in a beautiful and better place where nothing can even try to hurt you. Rest on dear namesake
Posted by Eze Nwokoma on May 14, 2021
Terrible as this may sound, yet i find solace in the fact that you lived a life of cheer and laughter. You were a source of joy to anyone who encountered you. "My Guy" like I used to call you, You will be missed but for sure you are resting in a better place. Adieu My guy!
Posted by Sercy Morre on May 14, 2021
Thelma am really short of words
Am Speechless
Words have failed
Can't believe you are gone
But we take consolation in the Lord.
Rest Well Sweetheart
Posted by Oluyide Olatunji on May 14, 2021
Your energy and willingness to always reach out to everyone is something we will fondly remember. We looked forward to our Secondary school reunion with high hopes but Life had other plans. We will miss you and we understand that God has deemed it fit for you to come and find eternal rest in His bosom. These are trying times but we will be comforted knowing you are in a far better place away from this imperfect world. Adios Thelma Ikpe
Posted by Olayinka Afolabi on May 14, 2021
Can’t believe am typing this, we last spoke about bedrock students reunion and I was looking forward to seeing you again, it’s just so sad I won’t get the chance to see your lovely face anymore. We all love and miss you Thelma we pray that you are in the arms of God rejoicing in heaven. Rest In Peace, Till we meet again ❤️
Posted by Ikpe Chiagozie on May 14, 2021
Eberechi ikpe.
How do I really pen this down. Words cannot describe or explain the imagery and memories that has been in transition through my mind since your demise . You were a warrior just like me, kelechi, chinedu and obioma are just mere soldiers( shebi u know?). You were the second in command, always gingering kelechi to work faster, do things faster no matter how fast he was actually executing a task or project. You wanted immediate perfect results in all your endeavors.

We all are gifted with intelligence in the house but you were the best academically ( no offense to others). Your handwriting was simply calligraphy. You were a mobile library that daddy used to consult you for clarifications especially when it was about chemistry/ physics.

You cared for everyone around you. You used to give people you barely even know outrageous gifts atimes I ask you if you knew what you were doing? Since your demise, it's been only me in the house. Countless times I have walked past your room searching for you. The way I wept yesterday, I did not weep that much when daddy died. Your death has shattered me completely because I know exactly how you must have been feeling before you finally rested ( nobody will understand this)

I am not sure anything can hit me again or pain me again like your death. We both had frequent disagreements. I am very happy now that i never let it degenerate into physical scuffle. " I dey find your trouble, u were also finding my own trouble BUT WE NEVER FOUGHT!!!
Sometimes, maybe after 45mins or 1 hour after we quarrel, I will just see ShopRite nylon on my bed( rice, chicken, burger and Coke). That was how u used to say "calm down my bro".

I used to encourage you to remain strong all the time that things will soon be better for us. You had great plans. You were the key to everything in the house, you never allowed kelechi to slack/ waste time in anything he was doing. Even in this my last PROJECT, the moment you decided to get involved, you raised almost half a million naira for me under two days( ebe How did you do it).

I can go on and on and on. All my life I have never wept this much, NEVER!!!
Because am as tough as you are( certainly you were tougher). Or is it how we shared medications? Ebere now u can rest. Nothing and Nobody can disturb or hurt you again. Greet daddy for us. I am still here, I will represent you here in all things. I will take care of mummy like you used to. REST IN PERFECT PEACE, AMEN!!!!!
Posted by Staceygold Chinazor on May 14, 2021
Eby dear,EZIGBO oyim , every moment with you was always filled with joy, you were so exceptional,I miss you so much,I'm happy I was always coming to your help throughout your last days on Earth,my only pain is that you never said goodbye, you only told me I don't know how I'm feeling, Stacey I will come to hospital tomorrow Tuesday,be around, never did I know it's your dead body I will see, you said thank you to me last week Wednesday when you came t noo hospital for transfusion,now I understand the meaning of thank you you said,Ebi I can't question God because he knows better,I'm convinced and consoled within myself that you are well now,I love you ebi,Adieu Ebi,rest in peace.
Posted by Chinwe Ikpe on May 14, 2021
Ebee, Nwa di hot, as I would call her was an epitone of love. Your years of stay with me was so much fun and beautiful to behold as you had your eyes on everyone and could spot when anything wasn't going in that right direction in the house.
You made so much positive impact on the kids.You were so dear to Uzoma and Jessy and showered them so much love too.
So intelligent, hardworking and dedicated to your job.
Nwa di hot had solution to everything, all you needed to do was to ask her and you can be sure she would provide solution to your need or knew someone that knows someone that had the solution.
You were my gisting patner and fun to be with. Ebe, you were so dear to my heart that I couldn't stand seeing you in pains all those days.
We had recent plans on how you shall hammer and we just started the business to make it happen.We chatted three days before you left unceremoniously leaving me heartbroken to say the least.
Uzoma can't still understand it neither can I.
You meant so much to us but we take solence in the fact that you are with the Lord, where there is no more pain.
You are a legend  and would be ģreatly missed.
I love u but God loves you more.
Rest with your maker.
Rest where the saints are, dearie.
Posted by Nwamaka Nnebo on May 14, 2021
Ebymmm as I foudly call u,my best friend ever,my bestie for life ..d news of ur death is still a shock to me..u visited me last two weeks to console me for d death of my mum,now Ebymm is no more..U re my paddy,u re always tell me Nwamaka u worry so much about me,I ll be fyn,we had dreams together,u re always ready to help even with ur last kobo,Eby I know u re resting now where there is no pains...OGAMI,u ll still be my bestie for life...miss u so much Ebymmmm,Nwamaka loves u...Jee nke oma

Posted by John Ikpe on May 13, 2021
Eberechi as I will call,and you will reply nda John !how far?, Ina kwala ahuslar, then laughter will takeover inbetween the whole conversation. The previous contributors or writers , portraits exactly your lifestyle, I am proud that who ever knows you , knows you are kind hearted, as part of your features.. May God keep you in his arms Amen
Posted by onyenwenyi onyekachi on May 13, 2021
Ebby as i fondly call her, was an exceptionally intelligent girl. I recall her telling her parents that ' i dont want to make a first class' even though she came out as the best graduating student, she was humble in coming out tops in academics. We miss you Eberechi! ❤️
Posted by Johnpaul N. Nnakwe on May 13, 2021
Life itself is a mystery as we do not choose who our family will be or our siblings. I know this is a trying moment for the entire family expecially by reflecting on the beautiful memories shared over the years. I pray God comfort you all in this period of mourning and grant her soul eternal rest. May we be comforted by the promise of resurrection. Please do accept my condolence.
Posted by Obi Ugwuegbulam on May 13, 2021
Indeed this came to me as a huge shock! She's one of my closest Cousins if not the closest of them all. There's nothing we didn't talk about. A very daring,courageous,bold,blunt,kind hearted,loving,highly intelligent,and fun human being. She was also a cheerful giver,a free soul,who says it as it is with no fear.I have a lot to say,I will miss u. I love you,but God loves u more. U fought well my dearest cousin,u are in a better place without pains. Rest in Perfect Peace in Jesus Name..Amen

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Recent Tributes
Posted by John Ikpe on July 19, 2022
NDA John as you fondly called, How far, you asked. I missed you. May God be with you till we meet again. Best wishes for families there with you.
Posted by Onyekachi Onyenwenyi on May 11, 2022
Dear Ebere,
It’s a year already and you’re not here. You are in our prayers and I can’t forget how intelligent you are.
May God bless your soul.
I miss you!
Posted by Ronald Ikpe on May 11, 2022
Keep resting in peace Bem Bem. I remember you every single day. You are sorely missed.
her Life

Eberechi Thelma Ikpe

Eberechi Thelma Ikpe, more fondly called Eby by family and friends was born some 34 years ago. She was supposed to turn 35 some weeks ahead before Heaven decided that an angel was needed up there. Eberechi was born in Owerri. She grew up in Owerri, Lagos and Anambra.  Eberechi started earning accolades at an early age as her intelligence was something to marvel at. 
She was the second child in a family of 5 children, the first of two girls. Eby was smart, intelligent, witty, dogged, beautifully stubborn and determined to get whatever it was that she wanted. 

As a young girl, Ebere enjoyed playing football and table tennis. She was very good at these sports that she practically beat most if not all the guys in school. Her dribbling skills were second to none. She was so good at it that most folks wondered if she was a boy. She was popularly called a tom boy as she regularly challenged the guys to football contests. 
She was an A student in school as she always chilled among the top students of any class she was in at any point in time. She attended Marjos International Primary school, then Bedrock College, and Nkisi Comprehensive Secondary School. University was Madonna University and she went ahead to do a post graduate degree at FUTO. 

She had a lot of interest in teaching/ tutoring which led to stints in some top secondary schools in Lagos. She was also a private home tutor to some children.  She was very good at her job: dedicated, punctual, and most importantly knew her stuff. Till she became an angel, most of the families that she taught still kept in touch with her ( which really counts for something). 

Ebere lit up a room just by walking into it. She didn’t need to be seen but he was certainly hard to miss! Not only very outgoing, she also had a very large heart. She was sincere, easy-going, and eternally positive. Ebere valued relationships, and made sure she kept in touch with classmates from school. On the home front, we called her Ebe. At times, we teased her that she should have become a lawyer because she knew how to argue and always stood her ground. She was very vocal and assertive.

Ebere was determined to crush sickle cell. She always had a very positive outlook most of the times. 
We prayed and gave her all the support that she needed. However,  it gives us great peace knowing she no longer has to fight and is finally at rest. She is free from all the body pains, the countless needle pricks, the endless blood transfusions, the occasional bouts of depression, the almost non healing ulcers, and the dependency on pain medications. 
We are eternally  thankful to know that Ebere had a strong faith and belief in God. Our hearts break, and will continue to do so, that she is no longer here with us; yet, her legacy will live on.
The joys, progress and little achievements of her family and friends were the joy of her life. Being involved in our lives was very important to her.
Her kind spirit, respect for others, determination, doggedness, intelligence and wittiness is alive and will carry on through those she left behind.

The sweet memories that she created in our lives will live on till the end of time. 
Eby always looked out for others even when visibly sick. She was full of empathy and was always willing to go the extra mile once she committed to something. 

She was and is still a gem. 

She will be SORELY MISSED.

We hold dear memories of her in our hearts as we grieve. 
Recent stories
Shared by Obioma Ikpe on May 13, 2021
The memories I share with you will forever be cherished.
Ebe, as i fondly called you is the best sister one could ever have and I am grateful to God to have given you to me as my only Sister.

Ebere you were strong, caring, committed and a go getter which was visible in all aspects of your life.

You always looked out for me, calling to let me know whatever was going on in the family as I was always the last to know because of my position.(my personal information minister)Lol

I remember most of our time spent over the phone discussing one project or the other and sharing ideas and encouraging me always.

Even times when I called to complain about something, you will keep saying, 'Don't worry it will be fine'. Or times when I was scared about an exam, you just say 'is it not you again', dont fear jor'.

All the advice you gave me concerning my career path and how you always pushed me to be the best and wanting to know my next step. Or is it times we spent over the phones sharing secrets about relationships and all the laughter inbetween.

I have fond memories of whenever, I come to the house, you will always want to give me the best things you had or something you randomly bought for me. Or when you would go out and call to say, Obioma, should I buy anything for you? Always ready to pamper me at any given opportunity.

The last time we saw when I encouraged you to continue with life that everything will be alright. You also told me to continue to be the best version of myself. Your last prayer for me was ' God will continue to guide and protect you. He started this journey with you so he will be with you till the end'
I can go on and on......

Ah! Ebere I cant believe you are no more!!!!!!

We planned to travel and see some places in the world together! Who will be my sister??

I take solace in the fact that you are now resting, free from all pain and sickness.

I love you my dear Sister ♥ 

You will forever forever be with me.

Shared by Ronald Ikpe on May 13, 2021
I hold so many beautiful memories of my sister Ebere. She was the life of the party. She brought life with her hilarious jokes and hearty laughter. 

My best moments are our numerous conversations because they were real, honest, and deep. She never failed to share her feelings and honest opinions about whatever issue it was. 

I remember times when we would sit together and plan things, or spend hours over the phone discussing different life issues or nothing in particular. I remember our very last conversation which was over 2 hours long. We talked about our childhood dreams, where we were now, and where we we hoped to be in the next few years. We talked about how life has been without our dad who had become an angel 6 years ago. 

She asked me what it was like to be a dad. I told her it was a mix really as my daughter was quite a handful as she always heard me shouting on the phone "come here" " don't do that" "stay here". She wanted to know how i was coping considering my job, side hustle and the home front. I was like parenting is no mean feat as you have to be so many things at once. 

At some point she was like "Your daughter is so smart" and i told her " she carried the family brain", and we laughed. She always came through for my daughter with gifts and i am so glad that you got to spend some time with her. 

She always reminded me how lucky i was to have a beautiful wife. 

She asked about my career steps, and next plans which i eagerly shared with her. She threw in her own words of wisdom and advice, and never stopped checking, in to keep me motivated.Then she ends by saying "Do not worry, God is in control" and I always take that home all the time because it was very comforting and soothing. 

I really miss my sister. 

I love you Eby and will sorely sorely  miss you. I hope you will always remember. 

So no more conversations, no more laughter, no more calling me big head. 

I will always check in and i hope you hear me. I will hold you dear to me every single day. I will tell Bunny rabbit that you have gone to be with the Lord.  

You were a rare gem and a shooting star.