This tribute was added by Lysa Jones on November 21, 2020
I remember mother's day 2015 when I came to deliver your chocolate bouquet ordered by auntie Elinge.I was in such awe at the way you read aloud every word on your card in excitement. I was even more surprised at the fact that you could still read without glasses at age would think at that age little surprises like these will mean nothing to you, but no, I watched you Express your excitement and appreciation in every ways that you could.
You'll be fondly remembered Mama.continue to rest in power.
This tribute was added by Teckla Njimini on November 16, 2020
Mama, you will forever be remembered! You may have left us but your legacy and memories will live on!
May your gentle soul RIPP!
This tribute was added by Janet Gwananji on November 15, 2020
Dear Mama, it is with great sadness that we learned of your passing to eternity. I fondly remember our years in Buea. You were a great inspiration to me and baby Norita. You opened your heart to us, you brought us so much joy, and you were always there for all who came to you. Though we miss you, we are comforted by the fact that you are now resting with the Lord. Thank you for being a great mother to us, and thank you for your love, support and guidance over the years. Though we mourn, we are reminded that, “A mom’s hug lasts long after she lets go.” Rest In Perfect Peace ♥️
This tribute was added by Evelyn Joe on November 14, 2020
Mama Catherine Ebie Musoko, I just learnt you are known as “Makaty” and a legend on merit as you blazed many paths. I never met you but your accomplishments and the values you instilled, as exemplified in one of my Best Friends Forever, your daughter Susan Elinge, whom you named after your own mother, say it loud about your purposeful-driven life in our transient world. Intellect, Grace, Compassion, Ethics are your legacies that would never fade in the circles and communities you inspired. Let the Angels sing along with you as you reside in one of the mansions of your Heavenly Father. Let your cherished memories nourish the souls of your dear children and family as they wearily come to terms with your transition. Long Live Makaty! as those who rest on the side of the Lord never die.
This tribute was added by Lilian Njo on November 14, 2020
Ma, you were more than a tutor to some of us. You treated us like your own children. The love you showed has given us the confidence we have today, even in the mist of life's turmoil. Thank you so much and rest in peace mama. You will be greatly missed.
This tribute was added by Grace Ndam on November 14, 2020

Rest in peace Mah!
I remember as a little girl in Saker coming to you for help and you never hesitated nor failed me. I know God directed me to you because throw out my life He puts great people in my path.
Mah you were a great English teacher, who never missed a single opportunity to correct my crooked grammar even outside the classroom. I have two words that are forever associated with you and they bring your name and a smile every time I use then.You corrected me and I remember like yesterday.
Thank you Mah!
I remember you matching the whole class in a straight line to the Newspaper office in town to have a lecture from the editor.
Thank you for the lessons and the great memories.
I think of you this morning with tears in my eyes but I know the smiles will return.
Go well Mah and rest in peace!
This tribute was added by Catherine Ahone on November 14, 2020
I miss you so much Ma--ma. You touch my life on many ways. You will forever be Loved.
This tribute was added by Lovis NNOGGE on November 14, 2020
Farewell Mama Catherine MUSOKO 
You touched our lives in ways that you could never imagine. Thank you

This tribute was added by Catriona Ekollo on November 13, 2020
My Iya Mbombo, my mother, my friend, my guide,
Gratitude overwhelms me such that my words could never explain, but some of your favorite words come close "Thank you, Thank God"
You are with me forever and I am with you forever, and that's how it will remain, forever.
Iya Mbombo
This tribute was added by Susan Ekollo on November 13, 2020
My mother!!!!@ Gone with a part of me but leaving a huge chunk of you in me, tucked in peacefully, rest perfectly!!!! I will LOVE you forever and te na o bwindea, till we meet again to part no more!!!

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