With gratitude to God Almighty for a life well lived, we announce that our wife, mother, grandmother, aunt and friend, Mrs. Ebunoluwa Kofoworola Balogun (Nee Daramola) of Mopa, Kogi State, Nigeria went to be with The LORD on June 24, 2020 in Houston Texas.

Due to the current public health crisis, a private home-going service was held in her honor on June 29, 2020.

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Posted by Busola Solomon on June 29, 2020
I’ve known mama since I was a child, I remember always wanting to follow my parents to visit her and baba because I loved how kind they were and the homely atmosphere they created. She was a special woman, not once did she appear frail or drab, I’m still yet to meet anyone as high-spirited, at that age, as she was. she was a woman I aspire to be like.
I will never forgot mama’s presence and assistance at the beginning of my freshman year in university, she helped me navigate my way through the process of changing my course—a process which was enervating and confusing for me—and made it seem easy, she reassured me severally that I’d be fine, she was my backbone … this I‘m eternally grateful for.
I miss her terribly, she was a fantastic person and the loss of her is felt deeply by so many.
Rest in peace mama, thank you for your care, support, love and everything, your memory will live on within us.
Posted by Tony Akintomide on June 29, 2020
This is to commiserate with the Balogun, Daramola, Bamgboye and Olutoye families on the passing on of Mummy Balogun.
Mummy was a rare personality, a model who lived an unusual life of love, openness and selflessness with notable simplicity. She was a woman of substance and had style in everything she it fashion et al. I remember her stilettos which she dropped some years ago on medical advice and went for lovely flats! She was ever ready to give you gifts. We will miss the house parties, the homemade zobo to mention a few.
Mummy and Prof made a good pair, a partnership many admired.
Can these be easily forgotten?
This is to wish her soul sweet repose in God's bosom. May God comfort daddy, the loving children, the sweet grandchildren, the families and loved ones now and always. Amen.
Sleep on...
Tony & Laide Akintomide.
Posted by Prof. Lara Olusi on June 29, 2020
I cannot express my shock on watching your photograph and hearing about your demise as the last news on the Nigerian Television Authority,(NTA) yesterday night, 28th June. I was planning to come to Ile-Ife, next week to visit you. Alas! this is not to be anymore, I cannot explain how I got on the list of your numerous Associates for the last ten years. You were always visiting me, and most of the times you will leave a note and gift on my door. This I have interpreted to be as a result of your training as a social worker and Christ-like nature. You were so loving that I wish I had moved closer to you many years earlier. I commiserate with daddy, Professor Balogun and all your family members. I will miss your selfless and caring nature. You attended my inaugural lecture and promised to attend my send forth party, but you could not make it because you travelled home. Auntie one can write volumes on your friendly attitude. Adieu auntie, I wish you a very perfect rest in the bosom of your creator whom you served so faithfully.
Posted by Gbenga Omolokun on June 29, 2020
Aunty was indeed a force of nature. I remember when I got to Ife the first time and had some issues getting my registration through. Auntie showed up grabbed my hand and took me to the front of the line to get it done before the deadline.

There were so many instances like this through my stay in Ife where Auntie showed up like a superhero for me and gave me the words I needed to hear to get me through things.

Aunty Ebun was a second mother to me and I will forever be grateful for the role she played in my life as I dont think I would be where I am without the role she played.

Rest in peace aunty for your will live forever in our hearts
Posted by Oluwadara Adewole on June 29, 2020
Aunty. ....
You have always been a part of our lives. I was still laughing with Biodun the other day the way you and Mom printed it on our minds that you had been friends "since 1952". "1952 ni emi ati iya E ti nba ara wa bo". This is extremely difficult to accept, you left your friend and namesake Kofo, aka IyaTomi!

Your amazing prowess in the kitchen, we even had that herb you used for beef and chicken, that you grew in pots and we labeled "ewe Balogun". I'm yet to taste a cake or burger that can rival yours. Your home decor was so warm and full of light, just like you., Aunty.

In one of the most difficult times in our life as a family, you provided a home for Mom and I. BigSis, Tayo & I can never forget how you unflinchingly and unapologetically had Mom's back throughout that period and even years after. When I moved to America you immediately shipped me to Richmond the 1st chance I got from work, and you were the reason I got over my homesickness so quick. I had a home and family right there.

I cannot recall any family or life event that you and Uncle were not there for, by our side, by Mom's side. I didn't realise last year at Mom's 80th would be the last time I'd see you on this side, when you gave me that jug of your famous Zobo drink! No matter how far or near or short the notice, You would be there. All our engagements and weddings, grandparents' burials in Fiditi, Mom's birthdays, BigSis's honorary degree, among so many others. But then that was you. You would go through anyone, flatten any obstacle for those you love. Thank you Ma. E se, E ku ife, E ku aduroti.

Thank you for so many lovely memories you made and shared with us all. For your tenacity, your hard work, your uncompromising lifestyle. Anyone who knew you knew your faith and family were everything to you. You lived well, loved well, and now you rest well. God will uphold Uncle, the Olutoyes, the Bamgboyes and us all.

Love you, Aunty, and I wish I'd called more often but I'm grateful for that last call weeks ago. And now, you rest. Sun re o. Iya rere.

Posted by Constance Abrifor on June 29, 2020
Words can not describe the emptiness I felt on receiving the news of your passing.
I remember the first time we met in my Principal's office ( Mrs A.O.L Adeniyi.) You told me to be good and never to lose focus of who I am.
You are a great mum to mummy Adeniyi, and a devout confidant. You stood by her like a rock and always ready to fight for her. You were more than a friend to mummy Adeniyi. You are a woman with good spirit and you interacted with everybody alike without discrimination.
Life is quite cruel. In my day dreams, I get the feelings that you would be back soon. How I wish this is for real. So this is life! Your soul and love that you gave to many, will never die.
God's will we must accept, rest in peace mama Balogun.
Abrifor Constance
Posted by Funmi Oladute on June 29, 2020
Mummy Balogun!
It’s taken this long because the right words fail me. You were so energetic and youthful I thought you would be with us the next 15 years at least. Someone said to me they couldn’t believe you were past 80!
You were a true example of the Biblical virtuous woman. You were loving, giving, kind, disciplined, resourceful, joyful, strong, God-fearing, I could go on and on...
You loved God and you loved all people especially the disadvantaged. You told me the story of how you became so passionate about fighting for those that were oppressed. You organized a (DBMM) mission trip in Ife and took part in other trips. You took care of the whole team making sure we were well fed. You were truly one of Gods Generals.
Mummy Balogun you have left a wonderful example to all of us your children to follow. What a remarkable legacy! All the testimonials are evidence of your life of impact.
Our heartfelt sympathies and prayers for Daddy Balogun, the Olutoye’s and the Bamgboye’s.
In the midst of our sorrow there is joy in knowing that mummy is translated to eternal Peace and Joy. She lives forever in the hearts of us all and in the presence of her Lord and Savior. It’s goodnight to Mummy Balogun. Rest on in glory
From the Oladute’s
Posted by Dipe Adedeji on June 29, 2020
Ma. My earliest memories of you are from visiting your home on Road 11 (that always smelled of something baking)...

The fondest memory is of the first time I saw and ate aniseed on a burger bun... It was at yours... Aniseed... those little things... Who would've thought...? I guess that's why they say "it's the little things that count...".

Rest well Ma. It is well deserved...
Posted by Yinka Olutoye on June 29, 2020
From Deacon J A and Deaconess F O Ogunwuyi

It is unbelievable that your last visit shortly before you travelled to the US and our long discussion via whatsap was going be the last.
You were a beloved sister and friend. Knowing you on our getting to OAU Ile- Ife in September 1978, through my friend late Mrs Aderonke Amao was most outstanding and astounding because you were very warm and affectionate radiating true, pure, genuine love.
You dissected information and probed to get the facts looking before you leaped into any issue. You committed yourself wholly to justice and fair play. You had no time for unwholesome associations. Very Frank and straight forward.
You pursued to logical conclusion any cause you believed in like getting the Computer Centre for Ebenezer Baptist Church Ile Ife.
A rare gem, a true great friend who stayed through the thick and thin seasons of life. Constant as the Northern 'Star.
You were an example of a true mother and wife not allowing challenges to stand in your way to train and care for them. An outstanding role model. Frank,fearless, energetic, outstanding, genuine, humane, selfless, loving and caring. A beautiful life.
Will definitely miss your visits and our genuine heart to heart discussions. So long, farewell, have your deserved rest and peace with your Redeemer.
Your darling husband and constant companion is definitely missing you. The Almighty God will console him, Toyin, Folake and their dear husbands as well as all the grand children and relations.

Deacon J. A. and Deaconess F. O. Ogunwuyi
Posted by Olubunmi Famurewa on June 29, 2020
Mummy Ebunoluwa Balogun, a virtuous and loving woman.
You are sorely missed. May your soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Mercy Olukemi Layokun on June 29, 2020
Sweet Aunty I saw you last when we went with the Solomon's to Kwara for a wedding. I shall miss your candid advice and love. Goodnight dear God will give Daddy and the children the fortitude to bear the loss. Odigbose. Mrs M O Layokun
Posted by Oluwaseun Adeniyi on June 29, 2020
Grandma Ebun Balogun was truly a gift to everyone who came across her. She was kind-hearted, fearless, charming, fashionable and took interest in everyone's wellbeing. I always marveled at how strong and agile she was, being involved in so many charitable works, yet never failed to show up at our family gatherings, with trays of her signature doughnuts, cakes and kegs of zobo drink, which were undoubtedly relishing.

I enjoyed accompanying my mum to visit her, as there was never a dull moment with her and this also gave us an opportunity to re-admire her well beautified surroundings and nicely decorated kitchen. Grandma's thoughtfullness came through as usual, when she volunteered to plant flowers around our new home in Ife, because she knew my mum greatly admired hers. She single handedly planted and nurtured them, and the flowers beautifully surround our home today, courtesy of her green fingers.

Since hearing the news of her passing, my emotions have been mixed. Tears, for I know she is gone never to attend any of our future family gatherings and laughter, for I know she is planting some Golden Tulips as she walks along the Streets of Gold leading to her final abode.

Sleep on Grandma, Sleep on my mum's confidant and friend, it was a pleasure going through part of life's journey with you.
Odaaro ma! Odoojo ajinde!!
Posted by Achenyo Idachaba-Obaro on June 29, 2020
From Esther Idachaba

With a heavy heart I struggle to write this tribute. I never dreamed of doing this, at least not now. But I have to now. Mrs. Ebun Balogun, Mama Toyin as I usually called her, the friendship between the two families started in late summer 1967 in Hyde Park, Chicago Illinois. I had no idea that the friendship would be a life long journey.

The news of your passing on hit like a bullet and shattered me. Who could have known that our meeting and staying together in Lagos last September (2019) would be the last time of our seeing face to face! What can I say at a time this? All we are left with are memories. Can I ever forget what you did for me? You took and cared for Achenyo, a baby of under a week old when I had to go to the hospital on admission. But that was you, compassionate, caring and loving. Throughout the years of our friendship, I never heard of you being sick. You were such a vibrant, energetic woman, never a dull moment with you. But the Lord wants you home and so we have no choice but to say farewell Mama Toyin. May the Lord who has called you home be with all those you have left behind. May He protect and comfort your dear husband, Toyin, Folake and their families and the rest of us all. Rest in Perfect Peace.

Esther Idachaba
Posted by Funke Ogunkoya on June 28, 2020
On behalf of the Ogunkoya Family (Unife), l express our sincere condolence to your family. May God Almighty strengthen and comfort you all at this difficult time. Mrs Balogun was a Good friend to Prof and Mrs Ogunkoya at the University and the children knew each other very well.
Pele Toyin, my warm regards and will continue to keep you all in our prayers. Greetings to awon Daddy. All keep safe. Rest in peace Ma.
Posted by Samson Cole Daramola on June 29, 2020
My dearest Aunty Ebun, i was shocked at hearing your passing on to the great beyond. You were a wonderful person to me,although when I was a child I feared you greatly yet had a lot of respect for you. I remember when every weekend mum will drop me off at your house at OAU ile-ife and i would play when u are not around but when you came I was so quiet till mum came to pick me up.
I remember your words of encouragement to me in 2009 when I called you.
My condolence Uncle Dayo, Sister Toyin and Sister Folake, I believe Aunty has gone to a better place and I do believe we will all meet there to part no more in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen.
Posted by Angela Benson on June 28, 2020
My dearest Auntie Ebun as I always call you, you are the last of my paternal aunties to leave us from the OLOMWO OMOLOKUN FAMILY, the largest clan in Mopa. You have left a big gap in the OLOMWO OMOLOKUN Family. You were so full life and energy that death never crossed my mind for you at all. Anyway our times are in the Lord's hands. As Christians we know that physical death is not the end but our souls live on to be with the Lord God our Saviorand Redeemer.

Nobody goes to visit you and leave hungry.. You will make sure we all eat the most delicious food ever .That is auntie Ebun always....Just being in the kitchen with you cooking made me learned a lot about excellent ways of cooking delicious healthy food... You are one of a kind in the art of cooking, auntie. What about being neat and hard working...whenever I come to see you in Ife, I would ask who is helping you with would reply that you do everything yourself, and yet your house is always spotlessly clean and well decorated...You are an example for all women in that respect.
What about fashion and looking young...I would tease you of not seeing a single gray hair in your hair auntie and you are forever looking young, you would smile and say even those older than you do not have grey hair ...referring to your senior brother late Prof. TAIWO DARAMOLA (laughing) and the fact that all of us look young in this family OLOMWO OMOLOKUN FAMILY is because it's in our GENES!! Then we would laugh together happily, thanking God for His blessings.

I will miss you auntie Ebun but God loves you best. I will miss your stories of family events that happened when I was born, young and growing up. When I would call you even few weeks before you passed away, we were still chatting away and laughing...yes I want to remember you in a happy and bubbly way auntie Ebun as you were.

May God comfort Uncle Dayo, Toyin, Yinka, Folake, Chris, the grandchildren, nieces nephews, cousins and all relatives and friends. May your soul rest in perfect peace and light perpetual shine upon you. Amen

From Angela Bola Benson, Nee OMOLOKUN
Posted by Yinka Daramola on June 28, 2020
Goodbye for now, Aunty Ebun.

Most of all, I will miss your fierce hugs. I pray that God will comfort and strengthen Uncle Dayo, Toyin, Folake, and your families.

I think heaven is a better place, so we can still celebrate you, and cherish the good memories of you. Your life had an obvious and resonating positive impact, so we know that your legacy will live on for many generations after your departure.

I know the family will miss you very much but let us instead try to stick together and comfort and love one another in the time we all have left. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do, or if there is any way I can be of help.
Posted by Olubunmi Ayeni on June 29, 2020
Mummy, mummy as l fondly call you, words alone cannot express my heartfelt pain on your exit. You were such a loving and caring mummy. I was looking forward to seeing you in Nigeria when l learnt of your travel, so that we will welcome you back to the United Sisters' Society. I recalled the warm working relationship l had with you when you were the Chairperson of our Society as your Secretary. When l informed Tunmise of your exit, she was dumbfounded. I, however, bring to mind Apostle Paul's words in l Thessalonians 4:13. I pray that the good Lord will console daddy Balogun, the children, grandchildren and the entire Balogun family. Sleep on, sweet mummy, until that glorious morning.
Posted by Mausi Adewakun on June 29, 2020
My dear Aunty
You are truly appreciated and sorely missed.
I have such lovely memories of the special role you played in my life.
When all hope seemed lost over 40 years ago, you made sure my birthday parties were celebrated alongside Toyin's. In addition to this
I always looked forward to those endless sleepovers I spent in your home.
Thank you soooo much.
At my wedding you contemplated putting on both head-ties (Geles) since you were closely knit to both families.The list goes on......
Aunty, you are one of a kind.A rare gem. Full of love.Always buzzing with so much energy. A genuine Giver.A Blessing!
You have indeed left an awesome legacy.

Rest in His Perfect Peace
Much love
Mausi Adewakun

Posted by Adenrele Adebowale on June 29, 2020
I felt the shock that you passed on when the sad news came to me. I am grateful to Almighty God for showing me a very organized mother and grandma, loving, wonderful, forgiving, straightforward, hardworking... I wonder where she got her energy from in her life time. May your gentle soul Rest In Peace Mummy Balogun.

Adebowale Adenrele-Orishabiyi
Posted by Omobolaji Olutimehin on June 28, 2020
I write in Memory of our Dearly Beloved Mummy Balogun.
Mummy Balogun has been so loving to us and especially to me.
As soon as I met her through sister Toyin, our chemistry connected immediately.
She is a selfless and honorable individual. She is very tough and tenacious and yet continuously showed her tender love.
She led a very purposeful life.
She always had something she was taking care of each time. There was no dull moment in her presence.
She was always productive, with activities going on, both at home and abroad.
She was always asking about each of my children and she is very well known by all my siblings and the other members of my family.
Whenever I have a family obligation in Nigeria, she stands right by my side and with Daddy too.
She wakes up early in the morning to make sure she is there for me also on time, always asking what she can contribute to our midst.
Life would generally be such a better place if everyone was to be like mummy.
What you see is what you get.
She was so generous both with her tangible and emotional gifts.
She is such a loving mother that never held back in showing her love.
It's still like a dream that she is no longer with us.
To be absent in the body is to be with our Lord.
We are comforted that she is resting in the bosom of the Almighty.
We love you very much Mummy but our Lord loves you more.

-With his agape love,
The Olutimehin Family

Posted by Taiwo ‘Seesin Adeniyi on June 28, 2020
There was never a dull moment with Grandma. She celebrated all the Adeniyi family events from graduations to inductions, both within and outside Ile-Ife. Even when my parents couldn’t be bothered about small feats like my matriculation into OAU, Grandma still came bearing gifts and food to celebrate with my friends.

Like a ray of sunshine, she lit up every room she was in. I’ll never forget my very first conscious recollection of visiting the house on Rd 13. Grandma picked my siblings and me up from our house on Rd 19 and treated us to such a fun time, that we told our dad we weren’t ready to go back home when he came to pick us up.

These and many are the moments that will live in our hearts forever for they are ones that death cannot touch.
May the Lord continue to comfort all those she has left behind and pave her way into eternal life.

Miss you dearly, Grandma.

- Taiwo ‘Seesin Adeniyi
Posted by Bunmi Agboola on June 28, 2020
Mommy was so full of life. Very sharp and alert. She remembered everybody’s name, including the children. She made everyone feel special. Good night mommy, you ran a good race. Love you,

Gbenga, Bunmi, and Tinu Agboola.
Posted by Ajibike Oyewumi on June 28, 2020
I thank God for Auntie's life. She opened her doors to us as Toyin's friends. She loved us and fed us. She cared for everyone around you and taught us to value everyone.
Auntie, today, we CELEBRATE You and your wonderful legacy.
Posted by Pastor Leke on June 28, 2020
The last enemy to be defeated is death. Be comforted, Profs Toyin, Yinka, Daddy, and the entire family. Pleasant in the eyes of the Lord is the death of his saints. Heaven has gained a gem in mommy. May the Lord keep you, and all yours in Jesus name.
Pastor Leke Banjo
Posted by Gbonjubola Adeyemo on June 28, 2020
My deepest Condolences to Daddy, Toyin , Folake and the Entire Balogun , Daramola, Olutoye and Bamigboye Families. I pray Gods comfort and strength upon you all in Jesus Name, Amen.
Mummy Balogun is indeed unforgettable, she was one of a kind ! she was a trailblazer I can never forget her, she was a mother to all of us, she was consistent, bold, classy, loving , passionate, energetic, funny and generous. Her zest for life was spectacular, her depth of hospitality uncommon.
Professionally she was a Social worker Per Excellence, she cared and loved deeply.
My Xmas memories as a child would be incomplete with out mentioning her.
Her house was the starting point of our xmas festivities. Every xmas eve which is Toyins birthday . She spoiled us like her own and disciplined us when needed. She took no nonsense from anyone. Her barbecues were second to none , Her Fried Chicken was delectable, her fruit punch was the best, her cookies and cakes were special. Her xmas trees were simply beautiful, totally decked up. As a child I always admired her stellar dressing , her accessories were always matching , she was just a classy mommy .
I thank God for her Life and exemplary legacy, and pray that God will grant her Eternal rest in Jesus Name.
Sun re o Iya Rere , we love you and we will will miss you sorely.

Posted by Omotakin Omolokun on June 28, 2020
Aunty Ebun will be sadly missed. Thank you for all your kindness towards me. I am most grateful for how you touched my life in so many ways. I recall how you walked me into the CMD's office in Ile ife in 1995, when I was seeking to do my internship. He had no choice but to listen to you. I still can't believe the simplicity with which you took the situation. God bless you. And may God comfort the Balogun family.
Posted by Ronke Semowo on June 28, 2020
Grandma, you will be missed. We pray that the Almighty Father grant you eternal life and may the whole family be strengthened at this time.
Posted by Olayiwola Oladele on June 28, 2020
Mummy was loving, caring, hospitable, organised, thoughtful, Godly, and of integrity. She opened her home to us, accepted us as her children and our children as her grandchildren as well as gave us choice gifts periodically. She was of immense help to us in our time of need. Her dress sense and ambience of her home were remarkable. Everything she touched turned out sparkling. She loved truth and decorum. She was courageous. 'Remi, 'Dolapo, 'Damilola and I will miss her. May the Lord comfort Papa and our 'siblings'.
Posted by Gbonjubola Adeyemo on June 28, 2020
Posted on Behalf Of My Mum Dr Mrs Sike Olorode

I was shocked and saddened by the news of the passing of my beloved Auntie Ebun Balogun. Her late Brother Professor Daramola and my Father worked together as operating room nurses at the Baptist Hospital Ogbomosho before I was born. Her closeness to my late Auntie Late Mrs Aderonke Bolarinwa Amao brought us closer together. She was a unique person , in a special class all by herself. Her loss is irreparable. She was loving , kind , generous, loyal, her hospitality was legendary. Her legacy of love and service should be a consolation to Prof ,Toyin, Folake , the whole family and all of us mourning her loss. May God grant her a well deserved eternal rest till we meet to part no more on the Resurrection Morning.
Posted by Yinyinade Ijadunola on June 28, 2020
"Mama Balogun" as we fondly called Mummy, was a joy to be around. She had a piece of herself for everyone all at once. She was such a pleasant and ever loving hostess. She got it all covered and would always reciprocate visits. Mummy made people feel special and welcomed.
Mummy gave me my first Christmas wreath...she placed it on our door post and left a beautiful message for us. She was super spectacular. Mummy visited me at home and at my office, we talked for hours and I would still not want her to leave. She made me feel super comfortable, as "IKT's wife" and as a daughter, she made me feel I had known her longer than IKT. She would call or come on my birthdays bearing gifts...she did this ever before our children came. She fondly called me "Yinyin" and loved our children dearly. They always looked foward to Grandma Balogun's doughnuts...she made the best...."I wish I got the recipe from Mama" of our last discussions. We will always be grateful for the chilled drinks in a gigantic cooler (it took you days to complete the delivery) and the oven cooked jollof rice you gave us for IKT's inaugural lecture. Your jollof rice fed us and our friends from the USA for days on end....
Dear Mummy B, we miss you, our children miss you...if we knew that our last call would be at Easter, I would have asked for all the recipes to live a worthy life as you did.
I know you are in a better place and I know you are in heaven. May we remember your legacy of love, caring, concern, selflessness and generosity, so we may live a worthy life like you....
Rest in peace my Mum....Mummy Balogun.
Posted by Grace Aderinto on June 28, 2020
Am at a loss of words but I will just say that mommy Balogun was a principled, firm and tough lady in character. She was kind and nice as well. I will not forget your display of love for me and my siblings during my mom's burial. You saw to it that every detail was met, and that we were made comfortable and looked well presented. I pray you rest in peace in heaven. Say hello to my mom for me. God rest your beautiful soul.
Posted by Moses Akanmu on June 28, 2020
Mama Balogun as fondly called by us, it is very difficult to believe that you have gone despite the fact that we spoke with you sometimes ago hoping that you would still come back to meet us again in Nigeria. We have the assurance that you have gone to rest with the Lord after serving the Lord through all your contributions to the upliftment of humanity. You have served the Lord faithfully in various ways as Social Worker during the active years that you still continued during your retirement till the end of your life. You loved to give generously and also contributed to assist those who were in need around you: the physical challenged, children and others who are too numerous to mention. Our family greatly appreciated your motherly role in our lives. We thank the Lord for your life. "Mama has fought a good fight, she has finished her course, she has kept the faith". We pray that the Lord will continue to uphold Baba Emeritus Prof. Balogun, the children, family members and the loved ones she has left behind. Also pray that the grace of God will be sufficient for us all to bear the loss. We will really miss you mama. Prof. & Dr. (Mrs.) Moses, Taiwo Akanmu & Children
Posted by Oyebode Oshobi on June 28, 2020
This is an extremely difficult tribute to write for Mama who has been a larger-than-life personality from my childhood until adulthood. All I will be able to recount here are sweet memories of: Okin biscuits and fruit juice, donuts, zobo drink, your bear hug, your overwhelming hospitality and, your loyal friendship to our parents in their lifetime and afterwards. Our prayers are with Daddy and the entire Balogun, Olutoye, and Bamgboye Families at this difficult time. May God's comforting arms envelope you all in Jesus' name. A kú araférakù.

'Diran Oshobi
Posted by Bosede Ako on June 28, 2020
What! Auntie Ebun I keep remembering our time in Baptist High School, Agbor. A loving but no nonsense Senior. Always fair and truthful. After many years we met at Ife where we lived as neighbours. Our children were/are like brothers and sisters. You remained that principled person I knew. She played an active roll in our Church group: The United Sisters. We spoke a few weeks ago and there was no reason to doubt you remaining for many more years. Auntie rest in peace. We all miss you. May God be with Prof and the rest of the family.
Posted by Dapo Ako on June 28, 2020
Dear Aunty Ebun or popularly known by us 3 boys as Mrs EK. Words actually do fail me but as I have those flashbacks, all I have are good memories. Tough, principled and kind you were. Really trying to write but cant get through with the emotion that your leaving brings. Say hello to my brother in heaven. I am trying but I really can't write....REST ON Mrs EK.
Posted by Sola Asa on June 28, 2020
Mama Ebun Balogun. A great mother. A wonderful disciplinarian. A faithful and dependable disciple of the Lord. A very bold, strong and fearless personality. She was an example of what a man can do a woman can do better.

Little did we know when we were on phone with you on April 11, 2020 for 14 mins 46 sec, that it was going to be the last. You were a mother to us. The welfare nature in you was evident. We appreciate your visit which all of the time was not without either donuts, cake, etc. Ah mummy, how can I forget Zobo. All of which she prepared herself. A very skillful, hardworking and dutiful mama.

A very good lover of evangelism. A great supporter of us at Good News Baptist Church, a Preaching Station of Ebenezer Baptist Church, Ile-Ife. The Church is missing you already. You were a great encourager. A righteous fighter. It was nice working with you on the board of ICT of Ebenezer Baptist Group of Schools. Your period as the Chairperson of the Board was awesome. Indeed you were again an example of what a man can do a woman can do better.

Your passing on to glory is a loss. We are only consoled in the fact that it is Heaven's gain. Sleep on dear mother. Sleep on dear faithful mother. See you on the resurrection morning.

Very fondly
Abiola and Sola Asa
Posted by Yinka Olutoye on June 28, 2020
From Rev’d Joseph O. Olabiyi


My name is Rev'd. Joseph O. Olabiyi from Ebenezer Baptist Church, Ile Ife (Nigeria).

I and my family want to thank God for the life of Mama Ebunoluwa Kofoworola Balogun, she was a blessing to our family, Youth Fellowship and entire Ebenezer Baptist Church, Ile ife (Nigeria).

Mama Balogun was an active member of our Church, a one time very strong member of Church Council and past Chairperson of School Management of Ebenezer Baptist Group of Schools. When was the chairperson of School Management, she used her resources, family resources and her influence to take the Church Schools to a very great height. She was very loved by all teachers and students both the secondary and primary sections of the school.

Mama Balogun is a lover of youths and children. The Youth fellowship of the Church will miss you a lot.

Mama Balogun was an advocate for the less privileged and unrepentant generous giver. She was never tired of giving to help the helpless.

Mama Balogun was an epitome of boldness and a no nonsense woman. She was not afraid to speak the truth any time and any where.

Mama Balogun has zero tolerance for dishonesty. If you are not honest you can not be her friend.

Mama Balogun loved Church worship and she believed in Prayer. She always thanked me for my prayers.

Mama Balogun married a wonderful husband, Prof. E. E. Balogun, she loved her husband, her children and grand children very well. She often discussed them with me. Baba Balogun and family will miss you a lot.

Mama Balogun, was very hardworking and energetic. Her house was always neat and well arranged. I never saw any full time house helper in her house. She was always up and doing.

Mama Balogun was always accountable, if you give her money on any project, she will give you the details of how she spent the money.
These are the few things I want to say about this great Gem for now.
I and my family will miss you a lot.

Mama No nonsense, a great visionary, a lover of youths and children, a generous giver, an advocate of the helpless and a lover of God.

I pray that God will comfort her family and her Children will continue in her good works.


Rev'd Joseph O. Olabiyi.
Posted by Yinka Olutoye on June 28, 2020
From Rev'd and Mrs. 'Lowo Mamadelo

Never knew that our discussions that ended with "safe journey" was for a forever journey! Painful when you miss an individual, who, when committed to a cause would pursue and discharge the duty with a high sense of commitment and faithfulness! Ever neat, assiduous, frank, honest and diligent: that's the Ebun that we pastored for nearly a quarter of a century! Your services to the Lord at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Eleyele, lle-lfe, Nigeria, and the Church's Group of schools won't go unrewarded. They still bear testimonies to the kind of Christian you were. You served humanity as a social worker like no other! How your memories ran up and down our minds while writing!
   Though your smile is gone forever,
   And your hands we cannot touch
   Still, we have so many memories
   Of the one we love so much.
   Your memory is our keepsake
    With which we will never part.
    God has you in His keeping;
    We have you in our hearts.

To your dear husband, we plead comfort from above. Prof, you aren't a widower, but the husband of a wife with wings! As and when needed, the "still small voice" of the Holy Spirit shall minister to you.

Folake and Toyin, it is well! We commit you and your spouses to the divine care of the Almighty God. Satan and satanic forces shall neither take advantage of any of you, nor arrange your earthly journey contrary to God's arrangement for you in Jesus' most precious name. 

Rev'd & Mrs 'Lowo Mamadelo
Posted by Remi Samuel on June 28, 2020
My dear aunty,

It saddens me to hear of your passing, but I take solace in the fact that you have been called to glory and are in a better place. I have many fond memories of your loving and kind nature, and I'm blessed to call you family. You will be sorely missed. May your Beautiful soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus's name (Amen)

- Oluremi (Thomas Bello Olorunsola) Samuel
Posted by Mary Omolayo on June 28, 2020
I am so sad to hear of your passing lovely Mom. You were a mother to all of us (my siblings). I can’t forget how you took care of us, stood by us, poured your love on us when our mom passed. You made sure we lacked for nothing when I came home with my sister. Mom words cannot express how sad & the hurt I feel inside at this moment. Thanks to you and Dad for taking me in, giving me my first job in Ife and coming all the way to my wedding. The Lord will rest your soul in perfect peace mom. May you continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. The Lord be with Dad, my Aunties, children and families. Love you Mom ❤️❤️
Posted by Tokunbo KEHINDE on June 28, 2020

Auntie’s death came to us as a rude shock; very painful! We met Auntie and Uncle, Professor and Mrs. Balogun, early in our careers in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. They were both our seniors and we respected and admired them a lot. We fondly call them Uncle and Auntie.
In later years, our families got closer getting to a point where we were always invited to important events in their household. We celebrated their 50 years wedding anniversary together, Uncle’s 80 years birthday party, etc. One remarkable thing about her was the way she and Uncle brought up their children who grew up respectful, respectable and with the fear of God. What a blessing!
Auntie would stop by one’s office in recent years just to visit. On many of such occasions, she would be told that she was looking so good for age, well-kempt and that, to everyone’s admiration. 
Auntie was an epitome of love; when she got any good news about you, she would rejoice so much that one would think that she was at the center of it all. We found that very touching because that was the demonstration of the heart of a mother.
Auntie loved all; a people’s person, classy, joyful, elegant, yet her love transcended all classes. She loved all the people that she had dealings with, young and old. What a beautiful soul!
We will surely miss her. We are comforted by the fact that she is resting in the bosom of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Our sincere prayer is that the Lord will comfort and keep Uncle, her children, grandchildren, and loved ones that she left behind in Jesus Name.

Professor Kunle and Mrs. Alaba Kehinde
Formerly of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, NIGERIA.

Posted by Tolu Majasan on June 28, 2020
May Grandma Baloguns soul rest in the Lord and Holy Spirit comfort be with her family.                                            It was shocking to hear of mamas passing, she was always so lively. The memory and legacy of mama will continue to live on and be remembered. Her zeal and care on missionary trips in Nigeria from what Ive heard & all the other testimonies Ive read.            I will always remember her genuine motherliness everytime I encountered her & especially her visit when I was sick.
It is well, till we will all meet again in Christ, by His Grace amen

Posted by Oluwatoyin Odukoya on June 28, 2020
I had the privilege of being taught English Literature by Mama Balogun at Our Lady's Girls High School, Famia Road, Ile-Ife. While her husband was a lecturer at the University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University. Apart from being a wonderful Teacher, who saw us through very good grades in our WAEC examinations, she was a very good Mother and friend to me while I was in school. I remembered one particular incident when she rescued me from another Teacher in school who was teaching her students the wrong thing and I had the boldness to correct her. Your memory lives on in my heart Mummy. Sleep on in the bosom of our Lord, till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Labo Desalu on June 28, 2020
Mummy Balogun as I fondly call you. Hmmm, I am not able to wrap my head around the fact that past tense is being used!!! 
I knew mummy B before I really knew Toyin. I remember her as a “fireball”. She said it as she saw it!!! One of the ladies from the Eleyele Baptist church  I always admired her whenever she visits the Oshobis. As I knew Toyin and became blessed and honored to be one of the numerous children she adopted, I saw that big heart that loves deeply. I loved how she reasoned. She will leave me in stitches laughing with her jokes. Loved how she kept her home. I remember her owl collections. Yummy donuts. Her stories to let you know that she had a very humble beginning and she is where she is because of God.  Seems like 2 seconds ago when we talked over the phone for almost one hour. She was full of prayers for me and mine. She cracked me up. She encouraged me. She gave her testimony of how she is blessed with the people in her life. She told me she was doing good and I believed her even though that voice that never needed a microphone ( in the Health science lecture theater C or anywhere ) sounded a wee bit weak to me. I thanked her for spending time with me and her prayers. I thank God I had that last chance with her. 
Mummy B, I know you are up there, telling it as it is, periodt!!!! ;). A beautiful woman with a heart of gold. She has left the painful days that were of recent and the weak body. For those of us left behind, we will keep your memories in our heart and smile when we remember. To my dear friends and sisters from another mother, Toyin and Folake with their hubbies, e pele gan. Big hugs. Daddy B, it is well sir. 
 I pray for God’s comfort and peace at this difficult time. I will miss her greatly. My mentor, encourager, lecturer, mother and friend, adieu ma. XO.
Posted by Oyasola Adedayo on June 28, 2020
From : Ebenezer Baptist Church, Eleyele , Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.

We want to appreciate the Almighty God for the meaningful and fulfilling life of Mama Ebun Balogun.
  Though her departure to meet with the Almighty God was so painful to us as a Church, yet we have an assurance that she had gone to REST.
   Mama impacted positively in the children, students and Youth ministries, her efforts cannot be overemphasized. Ebenezer Baptist Church Group of Schools will forever remember her contributions to the school especially the establishment of ICT centre when she was the chairperson of the school's management committee.
   Her humanitarian services, vision and purposeful life, determined and committed heart, her heart of sincerity, rescue mission for the less privilege, lover of all children and Youths irrespective of whom you are nor background, and to crown it up her giving and caring for all, will forever be remembered.
   In fact, Mama had left behind an indelible footprint and a great vacunm which words cannot express.
   Our prayer is that the Almighty God will comfort Baba, Prof. Emeritus Balogun in time like this and His grace will be sufficient for him and the entire family.

               Bro. Oyasola Adedayo .O
              Church Secretary.

Posted by Bamidele Faleye on June 28, 2020
Mama Balogun will be greatly missed in Ebenezer Baptist Church, Eleyele, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria where she made serious impacts. Her contribution to the development of Ebenezer Baptist Group of Schools can not be forgotten quickly. May God strengthen Prof. Balogun, comfort and bless all that Mama left.
Posted by Kayode Ijadunola on June 28, 2020
How does one begin to describe the life and times of Mama Ebunoluwa Kofoworola Balogun, whom the Lord
has called to be with Him at this time. A mother, a grandmother, a teacher, a social worker, a philanthropist, a counselor, a church worker, an activist and an "agborandun" . Yinyinade aptly summed up her life thus: "Mama Balogun gave a piece of herself to everyone she came across and had a relationship with". All of us friends of her children were her adopted children, and she was our adopted mother. Toyin and Yinka, please, be strong for Daddy. We are pained, shocked, troubled and short of words, but our solace is in the resurrection of the dead. Rest in peace sweet mother.
Posted by Funso ADESOLA on June 28, 2020
Great grandmother!

You'l never die in our mind of mind!!

You needed not be consaguinealy connected to us to stand so grand, kind and motherly unto us.

We needed not to see your Certificate to know that you were a quintessential 'Social Worker'.

No one needed any further convincing to say that you were a great 'fundraiser' and a 'fighter' for the oppressed, women, children and 'things of the kingdom'.

Good night, Grand-Ma.

{Prof. Funso ADESOLA & family}.
Posted by Adekunbi Taylor on June 28, 2020
Aunty Ebun, my mummy, my mentor and one of the best persons that God gave me the grace to know. I was a student at University of Ife in the late 70s when I knew you and practically grew up in the most fun and loving environment ever. You were kind, compassionate, adventurous but very firm. You were the MARIA in Sound of Music! I loved you so much I named my 1st daughter Marian Ebunoluwa Kofoworola after you. You and Uncle attended my 60th birthday 2 years ago and had fun. I saw you last at Ife after Kola passed. I will forever remember you as I have done over the past 42 years. My tears flow right now but I will focus on all those fun memories of you and turn them to laughter. May the Lord strengthen Uncle Dayo, Toyin, Folake and their families. You will be soooo sorely missed. Adieu aunty love and rest in peace. Goodnight ma.
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Posted by Ibironke Balogun on July 12, 2020
Mummy, I still can’t belief you are no more but I thank God for the beautiful life you spent and your legacy. Your memories will forever remain with me. The love and kindness you showered on me & my family cannot be quantified. To say I'll miss you is an understatement. Hmmm.. I will miss you for so many things- your motherly advice whenever we are together and most importantly your smiles. I pray God will comfort daddy, the children and the entire family, amen. Adieu mummy! May your beautiful soul rest in peace, amen.
Posted by Angela Benson on July 5, 2020
A Colossus Takes A Bow.

Shared by Prof. & Mrs. Michael Mesubi.

My husband and I knew Aunty Ebun for a short time. In this short time we got to know her as very energetic and wanting to do things in a perfect manner. She just returned from the US then and the Nigerian way of doing things almost drove her crazy. She would stop on the road and tried to correct any wrong doing. She desired to get things working in Nigeria as they were where she came from.

She was very friendly and very amiable. She achieved her heart’s desire through her efforts, good examples and through the love she showed to many people.

Uncle Dayo, Toyin and Folake be encouraged by all these and take heart that your loved one did not just pass through this earth but has left indelible foot prints behind.

Aunty Ebun continue to rest in the bosom of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Posted by Daniel Obaro on July 5, 2020
Auntie Ebun,
Not long after you and your family returned from the US to join the faculty at the University of Ife, I began my undergraduate program at the same University in 1976.
It was in my interest to have had regular weekend visits to your home because you fed me well!
Your hospitality is legendary.
On behalf of the many that you served meals, I say thank you.
her Life
Born in Ila Orangun, Osun State Nigeria on December 30, 1938, Mrs. Balogun attended Holy Child College Lagos, Queen’s College Lagos and Baptist Girls High School Agbor, Nigeria.  She obtained her undergraduate degree at Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia, USA in the 1960s where she played an active part in the civil rights movement of the time.  Her activism led to a career in social work where she had been an unflinching defender of the oppressed, a champion of the under-served and a promoter of social justice. She obtained her Masters in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin, in Madison, Wisconsin. She continued to reflect these ideals even long after her retirement.  She impacted many lives through her work at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, the university hospitals, and numerous other projects in schools as well as career development centers in the city of Ile-Ife and around.  A dedicated member of Ebenezer Baptist Church, Ile-Ife for over 45 years, she was actively involved in the Church school and projects.  She supported visiting missionaries and was well known for her hospitality.  To have known Mrs. Balogun is to have experienced her infectious energy, love of life, no-nonsense stance, can-do attitude and a general commitment to, and investment in, the lives of everyone she met. She fought the good fight, has finished her race, and is resting in the arms of our Lord.

She was preceded in death by her brother Professor Taiwo Daramola and her son Kolawole Balogun.  She is survived by her husband of 54 years Professor Ekundayo E. Balogun, her daughters Professor ‘Toyin Olutoye (‘Yinka) and Mrs. Folake Bamgboye (Chris), grandchildren – Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye II (Adedola), Olutomi Olutoye, David Bamgboye, Lizabeth Bamgboye, Rebeka Bamgboye and numerous other “children”, nephews, nieces, family and friends.  She will be sorely missed, but all our lives have been made better by her impact. We rest in the comfort that she is spending eternity with Jesus Christ.

Recent stories

A Star goes Home

Shared by Adejoke Fatunde on June 29, 2020
I couldn’t hear enough about Aunty Ebun as soon as my parents and siblings arrived from their sabbatical year at the University of Chicago in 1970. She was the younger sister mom never had, a bundle of energy, a go-go person who is never daunted by the most challenging situation. When she got to visit, I was in boarding school and missed meeting her. I kept trying to picture her in my mind and, with all my broad imagination, I was not prepared enough for the real Aunty Ebun when we eventually met.

August 1981, I just arrived with my husband in Madison, Wisconsin after our wedding the same month. I got a call from Aunty Ebun, telling me the story of my life and that she was holding a wedding reception for us the following Saturday. My husband comes in and my first question was, ‘Who is this Mrs. Balogun here in Madison? ”He told me his version - Mrs. Balogun is the mother for all Nigerian students at UW (University of Wisconsin). I told him we have been mandated to attend our own wedding reception the next Saturday at her house.and his answer was - I hope you told her yes, because no one says ‘No’ to Mrs. Balogun. It took me aback and I wondered why no one will say no to her but, I soon learnt that was because she exuded love to everyone around her and constantly made herself available to help others.

I was still wondering who this Mrs. Balogun is - she knew so much about my me despite never having met me, knew each of my siblings and parents so well, and now wants to hold a wedding reception for my husband and I in Madison, Wisconsin and I can’t say no?. Next, I picked up the phone and called my dad in Nigeria to inquire about this Mrs. Balogun. He was excited that I would finally get to meet the Aunty Ebun they had always talked to me about. When I told him she was holding a wedding reception for us, his answer was ‘that sounds like what Ebun will do’.

Come the Saturday, we headed to the Balogun’s residence in Madison, WI and virtually all of UW’s Nigerian community was there for a lavish reception. I was overwhelmed that someone I had never meet would go to that extent to celebrate my husband and I. That was only the beginning! Aunty Ebun was constantly in my life, checking on me, asking about my siblings. She never tired of following up on us and encouraging me in every aspect of life. When I needed to take my board exam in Richmond, Aunty, Toyin and Yinka were all on deck to support me. Whenever she visited Toyin & Yinka in Houston, I was sure to get a call and when I would go visit, I got all the pampering needed to last me till the next visit. Her mission was hospitality and caring for others and she was ever accommodating and loving. She was endowed with extending grace and kindness to everyone she met.

Talk about her energy, I'm yet to find another human being that's a match. In 2013, my daughter proposed to collect data for her MS. Thesis from OAU Hospital in Ile-Ife. Once I told Aunty Ebun about this, she went to work, got in touch with all the officials needed to get approval for the study at OAU hospital and sent the feedback regarding the procedures for her to follow to get approval. When we arrived at Ife, I could not keep up with the speed with which she moved around to get through through the process. I opted to sit back, watch her in action, knowing for sure that she'll get job done excellently. I enjoyed being pampered while admiring how she had harnessed nature in her beautiful home. In 2010, she shouldered part of the arrangements for my brother’s wedding and got things ready before my arrival in Nigeria and in 2017, in spite of schedule conflicts that she had expressed to me, she still showed up with Uncle Dayo and Toyin at my son’s traditional wedding. It was a surprise how she juggled the schedule to be there for my family and the other event but it was no surprise that Aunty Ebun will do whatever she needed to touch each person.

Aunty Ebun has been more than I imagined; selfless, energetic, compassionate and relentless in seeking to help however she could. She gets wind of a need and off she goes, garnering all her energy and resources to help even before she’s asked. Her sense of humour was a magnet that not only drew people to her, but often helped to lighten whatever burden one might have been carrying. She had a word of encouragement foe each situation.

Chuck Palahniuk said ‘The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.’ Aunty Ebun certainly has left her footprint in the sands of time. She has impacted my life immensely, and I am sure the life of many others. She has left us a legacy that holds her dear to each of her hearts and has touched many lives. As Buddha said, ‘Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death can erase our good deeds’ while Mother Theresa claimed that ‘Death is nothing else but going home to God, the bond of love will be unbroken for all eternity’.  Aunty Ebun will always live in the hearts she has touched and will be greatly missed. One thing is certain, her legacy will surely live on as she rests with her Savior. The heavenly star has now returned home after beaming her light on this world.

Sleep on Aunty and enjoy your deserved rest. May the Lord uphold and sustain Uncle, your biological children, grandchildren and the numerous other children that you have cared for. Amen.

Shared by OLUYEMISI AREMU on June 29, 2020
Mrs Balogun was a family friend. Very loving woman and friendly. I could not believe it when I saw her at my 50th btd. She travelled all the way to lagos from Ife. May her soul rest in peace. 

‘No man is an island,

Shared by Anu N on June 28, 2020
‘No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a minor of thine own
Or of thine friend’s were.
Each man’s death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee’.

John Donne (1572-1631).

It was only last year, on the 22nd of June, to be precise that Aunty Ebun was in the thick of activities to lay our mother, Mrs Hannah Olambimpe Obaro, her cousin by blood but Aunty in practice to rest in Ayetoro Gbede, Kogi State, Nigeria.
Now, one year and a week later, Aunty Ebun has transitioned to join her!

How greatly diminished we have been in a year as human beings and as a family.
Uncle Dayo, your grief and sense of voidness will be the greatest. We can only imagine.
‘The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.’
(Marcus Tullius Cicero)
Though cousins by blood, but Auntie in practice, Aunty Ebun, your life continues in our memories. We pray that the good Lord will let all the good seeds that you have sown germinate and endure. May the Lord help your offsprings and families fulfil their destinies

Uncle Dayo, the all powerful God will uphold you.