This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ede Akhere. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Ireno Oti on April 5, 2021
What a rude shock this is. As shocking but with great Thanks to God for the special person He made you to be. Ede Mrs O’s Ede. Wow... I know she loved you so much. We still talk about you every now and then.
It’s sad, it’s painful but air is well. God must be Praised.

Rest Well Ede. You’ve done all.
Posted by Maria Usifoh on April 2, 2021
Ede always brought joy & happiness, always smiling even when he tries to frown. There's always something to gist about. We will miss u dearly. Continue to rest in d Lord's bossom
Posted by Omolola Owolabi-Ibitoye on April 1, 2021
Ede, I'm still lost for words....
Posted by Theo Ukpaa on April 1, 2021
I have always heard the phrase
"God only takes the best"
"Everything happens for a reason"
Those phrases meant little until you passed Ede.
I still cant believe i am trying this.
Hard to accept the reality.
You had so many great dreams that you always spoke about.
The thought of never seeing you again brings tears to my eyes,
And even more so,
Because all of this was such a surprise.
But we should never question what God has planned,
Sometimes it’s not meant for us to understand.
You were a great guy
Always happy fellow,
Never actually saw you frown even when i know you should.
Your laughter so loud and vibrant.
Out of the blues you would just say "lets go and do lunch" and you would insist on the bill"
You are so free spirited and goofy.
So as i sit here and mourn the loss of a beloved friend,
I have to keep telling myself that we will meet again in paradise.

Sleep well Edewede Akhere. You will be missed.
Posted by Robbie Akhere on April 1, 2021
My dear Ede, we met so briefly Yet you had a profound impact upon me. My tears flowed when I received notice of your ascendancy to Heaven. I wanted you to visit me in US, now I light a candle for you this week. I am here for your Sister, and know I love you,Ede.
aka, Dr. Robbie Akhere
Posted by Oluwakemi Adeitan on April 1, 2021

Ede was a free spirit, kind, funny and thoughtful. Even though Ede had a lot to be concerned about, he always had a positive outlook to life and people generally.

I am really short of words because the world has again lost a very good human being.

I'll cherish the fond memories of you!
Posted by Vaso Obaseki on April 1, 2021
I really don’t have words to express how I feel. I have tried to avoid doing this for days now and tried to suppress my emotions since I heard you were gone but reality has a way of bringing us back to ground zero. Ede was my brother, friend and we shared so many fond memories. One thing I know about him was he always found a way to put a smile on people’s faces no matter how hard things were with him personally. I find it strange referring to him in the past because it just feels like it’s another fight we had and yet to settle. He always, always always was hard working, meeting néw people was he’s specialty and he hardly had any obstacle in anything he set out to do.
I’ll miss you Ede.
Posted by Ope Olomo on April 1, 2021
Hey Ede,

Really tough to accept that you're gone but happy with the impact you made in this world. Your compassion to others, willingness to help and the strength you lend to others define you.

I'm honoured and privileged to call you a friend. Rest well brother, till we meet again.
Posted by Kelz C on April 1, 2021
Ede was a special friend. No amount of distance or time could stop him from being the same friendly person he was known to be. Ede would ALWAYS welcome me with a hug like I was his lost brother and spend time gisting with me. He always had a smile or a laugh when we were together. That's how he lived life, full of vigour and fun.

Ede was a compassionate and generous warrior and we will always remember him like that. May God grant his spirit eternal rest. Amen
Posted by Ireremena Felix-Otuorimuo on April 1, 2021
I'm still in total shock! Haaaaaaa! This can never be easy for a woman you called mummy! You mean I would no longer have those pressing conversations about trusting God, marriage, friendship and love relationships and life generally with your laughter ringing in the background as you make your defense of one lady after another I either see you with in Church or on Instagram...

I'm grateful I met you and we impacted each other's life. You pushed your gifts and talents beyond limits and never gave up after we had the conversation of Collar Job vs Business/Entrepreneurship, applying your God-given talents, until you got your break last year. Now you have done it again, left it for others to enjoy!!!!
I would ask if you charged them, but you would always tell me, mummy lets help them, they don't have money or they're up and coming Artist, they need help!!! Next time will come and you'll do the same thing - help them, all for the Kingdom!!!!

Ha, who will call me - "mummy, there's this business deal, what do you think? What should we do? Never anything for yourself, always with one friend or the other!"

EDEWEDE, Selfless giver, Giver of time, care and love for others to enjoy!!!!!
EDEWEDE, Gifted People Manager, dedicated RCCG TOD Café Manager or should I say, according to you - "Mummy O's Coffee Shop Manager."
EDEWEDE, Talented Videographer, Entrepreneur, Music Artist Developer/Producer
EDEWEDE, Helper, Encourager and the Multi-talented Young man who would sacrifice for other peoples' fame and glory!
EDEWEDE, my SON in Love!!!!

I wrote this on my Social media handles the same day I heard - "Truly loss is never easy! Especially when the person is such a Dedicated, Creative, Friendly Fun-loving and Funny young man @edeakhere. You used your gifts to serve the LORD, the Church @todhouseoffavor, TOD Café and @houseontherockchurch.
You looked out for others above yourself and pushed yourself beyond limits. Yet many took you for granted because you stuttered when you made pitches and when you were in painful crisis.
Of all my wonderful children in love, only you @edeakhere sent me this message on UK/Nigeria Mother's Day 2021 -

There is an endearing tenderness in the love of a mother to a son that transcends all other affections of the heart... Your influence in my life is beyond calculation.. Everything I am.. You helped me be..
Happy Mother's day mummy...

Love Ede...

My reply was - Thank you! When are you bringing home a wife? Love you much!
I requested for a wife and you gave me your Home Going! Haaa!
I'm so honored to have been part of your life. You fought and you WON! Even though we miss you dearly, Jesus needed you more! Cheer us on as you have joined the cloud of witnesses!!!"
Posted by Mojisola Kolawole on April 1, 2021
Mine, as I fondly call you. Your passing away was a rude shock to me, I don’t know how I will cope. Mine, is so full of life, strong, a fighter, a prayer warrior,jovial,lover of God and people.
You came to my life to show me real Love. You are caring, loving, you have listening ears, dedicated, you advice me, guide me in my business.
I remembered when I was sacked in January, you said , “what God can not do, does not exist”.You said when a door close another one will open. You always send me links of jobs even job invites to go for interview and you always pray for me.
Mine, you said when you leave the hospital, you coming to meet me in Lagos and we will make our relationship known to your family, you were suppose to take me home, but instead you it’s your home going I heard.
Seriously, I don’t know how am going to cope, you won the fight. Forever in my Heart Mine❤️Edewede Joseph Akhere ❤️

Your boo,
Posted by Timi Orubor on April 1, 2021
words can not express how terrible I feel hearing about ur passing on , when u came home to get ur belongings I never new that was the good bye u were telling me, we talk and laughed as usual , an i felt bad kindof kwning u were about to park out , all you told me was ,mama no worry we go dey talk na, I go chart u, And we laughed so hard mocking how the compound look, so u were telling me good bye Ede! , U were such a very nice guy, guy way no like trouble , always full of life, I will miss u Ede my gist partner , keep resting with the Lord, may Almighty forgive all ur sins , Amen.
Posted by Dekemisola Akinyede on March 31, 2021

I was just told we lost you and the memories keep coming. I remember you after HOTR services, friendly, laughing and making jokes, teasing, goofy.

It's so sad that we lost you now... too soon!

Rest, Ede. I pray your soul rests in peace; and that those you left here are comforted, knowing that you're in a better place.
Posted by Oluyemi Olude on March 31, 2021
Ede, baddest! Remember the last video call we had, you kept shouting "Lud" "Lud".

You were the sweetest of them all. Strong fighter.

Make sure it's popping when we meet up there.

Your guy,

Posted by Sandra Sandy on March 31, 2021
A heart made of pure gold have stopped beating, one of the most hardworking hand has been put to rest as a way of God, Showing me he is only interested in the best. Even if I search the entire universe, I am sure I we never find a good friend like u, who is loving and caring as you were to me, You loved me regardless of my imperfections. Even as you are no more,your memories lives in my heart you were the best teacher of wisdom, I wish you were around a little longer to teach me more on how to be peaceful and honorable in all my deeds. Continue to rest in glory of the lord, rest on my hero.
Posted by Daniel David on March 31, 2021
TRIBUTE..... MassiveDan

There's a rare breed of people that go the extra mile for others... This people hardly receive the same passion & efforts in return yet they never allow the cold world to change them....
You were a giver,
A forgiver,
A free spirited fellow and
A selfless lover of all...
You always took every moment to ease tensions & put smiles in the face of people... Humanity will never forget you, Farewell.
Posted by Jane Omokhui on March 31, 2021
My sweetheart .....that's what I call u, though u were my sister's guy. Am short of words, can't still believe u are no more. I remember the last time u came to my house, we were all in my kitchen with my children cooking and chatting.....I miss u so much. My husband and kids miss u too. If there's reincarnation....I pray to know and see u again. May God rest your gentle soul. . U will always be remembered in my family. 
Posted by Owakuza Otiki on March 31, 2021
It's hard to believe that you are gone dear Ede, I'm still in shock and even lack words to pen down as a tribute to you....having you as a friend was priceless..... You'll forever be remembered. Rest in peace
Posted by Nengi Cassandra Pepple on March 31, 2021
My sweet bully Ede.

Sigh* wow! I cant believe am writing this, and am a good writer o. Wonder why this is so difficult to pen. Maybe cause i pray, this is a nightmare, one that one can wake up from. Some people ought to live forever, selfish thinking right? (lol). I learnt Rock media is filled with cool people, humble, accommodating, kind, nice, brilliant but you are on another level (lol). You never looked down on anyone, you literally treated us the same. But guy.. you troubled me sha o, on the group chat, on the phone, as if that wasnt enough, even physically whenever you see me. I literally called you a bully " you're so sweet ( chuckles). I remember the last time we saw in the MCR. You made a public announcement how am your wife to be and I kept running away from you and you were running after me making that day sweet for me" now that i think of it. Truth is, i will give anything to have those troubles, the bullying, back in a snap. God knows best and He love you so much. Like a colleague said "Dont trouble them there o (Haha). Sleep well bro. You are truly loved and a true friend.
Posted by Akinola Odunukan on March 31, 2021
My Hero....

If anyone said that shout will be a tribute at this time, I would never have believed it, but time rests in the hands of the Almighty one who exists out of it and He spins it like a wheel, knowing the right stops.

Ede, there was always that excitement in your voice. Full of energy that belied your gentle frame. You never do sad, with happiness the constant theme. The idea was to always find a solution. You chose happiness and you lived.

You really won the condition and fought it on your own terms. Not letting anything hold you back, you ran your race. Gone to somewhere better now.

You will always be my brother, here, now, wherever else. You and I know, this wasn't the plan but God definitely held better than we could plan.

Hmmmm Ede, your favourite shout, but that's what you are now... Not just my brother or friend .... You will always will be My Hero!!.

Rest now with the all knowing, all seeing and Preeminent One - The Maker who knows all.
Posted by Imuwahen Ordiah on March 31, 2021
Oh my dearest Ede!. I can't even believe it, but I guess it doesn't even matter now. You were a whole bundle of joy Ede. Ever so gentle, and happy against all odds. You were one of the first friends I made and you were also my neighbour. Haven't seen you in a while, but you always showed up in my thoughts. I just will miss your whole positive energy and your witt as you were just a joy to be around. Rest on my dearest Ede.
Posted by Adekemi Ayodele on March 31, 2021
... Ede, it was a great shock to hear of your demise... I am thankful for a platform like AIESEC that brought out the creativity in all of us and gave us the opportunity to know more about ourselves...

You were a wonderful, cheerful and fun filled soul who radiates joy everywhere. You lived beyond your health status and defiled the norms.

We can't question God but grateful for the little joyful moments we are privileged to have spent with you.

Continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ..

To Ede
Posted by Ogbe Isibor on March 31, 2021
Goodbye bro. You were a good friend and a strong man. You will never be forgotten. May God rest your soul.
Posted by Prince Okey-joe on March 31, 2021
Difficult to accept that you are no more .
We spoke few days after your father's burial. I equally queried you for not inviting to your country home for your dad's s . We discussed the issue of marriage . I told you that this is right time to find the beautiful babe .
All is but story now .

Posted by Esther Esievo on March 31, 2021
Ede, my friend, gist partner, prayer partner and lover you were more to me. Never knew it was a goodbye. We were together for a month hoping that you return next week for my birthday but death took u away. Neva thought u will be gone too soon, may God show u mercy and accept your soul.. Rest on my warrior
Posted by Mimi Okpara on March 31, 2021
“Forever is a long time”
Your words to me
You made me smile always
I cried sometimes
I hate that this tribute is for you
I’m startled at this information
Now I’m gonna miss you forever
And it’s such a long time
I miss you E!
Love Always
Posted by Oluwatimilehin Falomo on March 31, 2021
My gee, my buddy and my good friend. I am still not convince that you are gone. We had plans to live big and to explore the world. Even after your Dad's burial, we were to explore a project which i am still following up with your proposal. It saddens me and I am so sad that i don't even want to talk about.

I will surely miss you bro. We started the journey together from 100 level from UNAAB till date that over 15 years ago. I know some day we will all die and we will take it from there. Good night my brother and rest in the lord's bossom.
Posted by Aghedo Maureen A. on March 31, 2021
Ede, I called you about 2 weeks before your passage just to cheak up on you after a very very long time and you sounded very healthy. How sad it is to write this tribute in your honour. As sad as it may sound, I believe that God knows best.

May the memories we shared live for a Long time... Extend our greetings to your dad Prof Jim Akhere my mentor.
May the Lord grant you pardon for your son's and grant you eternal rest. Amen
May your soul rest in peace. AMEN.
Posted by Martina Uyi on March 31, 2021
Love leaves a memory no one can steal,but death leaves a memory no one can heal.
It’s sad to know that Ede (dearest)left me exactly a decades ago but again it a loving memory for me when I think about the life of my dearest & all he did for me in short time we spent together.The good memories remains with me forever,knowing the ability impacted by my dearest Ede into my life.All the good things that he taught me.....An intelligent and intellectual man full of joke
always stresses the importance of education and hardwork in life to become a great person..... Ede my heart bleeds each time I remember that you are gone,but you loving caring friend role will continue lingering in my humble heart.i don’t know where to begi all I keep thinking is how I wish I had “one more opportunity to see you Ede to hear your sweet voices and to see ur smile or even cracks a were everything to me you were the brother that I never had.i love you dearest Ede,you were my hero.....The legacy you left me is what made me what I am today and keep me progressing in life......your memory will not die in me....thinking about the time will spent together do bring smile to my face and I remember your smile also.Ede my dearest you in my heart and you are here in spirit ever as I’m typing you I love and miss you Ede....
Continue to Rest In Peace dearest Ed....Adeiu !!!!!
Posted by Onyinye Okereke on March 30, 2021
Ede my love, I knew u were going to die someday but I never knew it was going to be this soon and I won't be by your side when it happens. I was ready to go through life with you, sharing your pains and worst moments but your life was cut short.
Ede you left without saying goodbye and I don't think I will ever recover from this trauma and pain your death caused me.
My love the one who brought peace and gave my life a new meaning. Just as we were about getting to the last bus stop, you left me.....
I can only pause here because a thousand words are not enough to describe what you meant to me.
Rest in peace babe as I always call you......I will always love you even in death. May the Lord rest your soul 
Posted by Eno Ehi on March 31, 2021
Awww Ede!!! Am still in shock of your departure. You were full of life, loving and friendly, always eager to help joyfully. You were brilliant and versatile in knowledge. I will surely miss you. You became my gist partner and motivator when we tried our hands at GMAT exams. Ooo!! how I see us walking together down the paths of Obalende roads for lessons, gisting and laughing. Or the times you came to my office, sit comfortably and we spoke of our plans. There was never a dull moment when we gisted expecially when I know the die-hard introvert l was then. U sure did had a magic wand to get me talking.
Aaaahhh! Ede!!! I surely will miss you my gist partner and friend.
You have left a great mark that cannot be forgotten.
Rest on in the Bosom of Our Lord..... Till we meet again.
Posted by Omawumi Ogbe on March 30, 2021
EDE!!! Going through my phone and seeing so many pictures and the videos brings all the beautiful memories and some mad waka we’ve done. Then I would drag you “Ede follow me let’s go to so and so” meet me here, and you would oblige.

I remember one time you brought a business deal and we had to go to some place we’ve never been to on the mainland and got lost so bad, and how we struggled to drive back home laughing at ourselves and reliving the foolishness.

Ede you are a courageous human being, a warrior, a kind soul. Always there for others even after making mouth to me aside that you won’t go and you won’t help, but you still did because that’s who you are. Even in your pain, you will show up and work, never complained.

Never asked for pity or sympathy, always a brave front. always so full of laughter and joy ready. All the restaurants and that spa treatment you promised me since 2yrs ago, na so you go without fulfilling them. I can’t believe you aren’t here anymore. I’m sure Jesus knows someone has landed. Rest on Warrior, no more pain where you are. A true soldier and an amazing guy. I will miss looking for your trouble and getting all the in-gists from you my Gee. Jesus!! It’s too surreal and so sad. #RestInPeace
Posted by Ikedieze Ndukwe on March 30, 2021
Ede You came, You saw and You conquered.
Though we have sorrows, but our consolation is that you've gone to be with the Lord.
We will forever miss you. Sleep on brother.
Posted by Idongesit Idiodemise on March 30, 2021
"Sunshine" is what I always called you because "Ede" didn't explain your energy and joy.
Your friendship, laughter and encouragements can't be forgotten. Your departure is a great shock but I  know heaven just got more fun with your presence.
Rest and Enjoy in the Embrace of Jehovah.
Posted by Genevieve Richards on March 30, 2021
We knew each other’s plans and aspirations.
He knew me so well.
Never misses to check on me and check me when I default. A people’s man. The very soul of any gathering. He had no enemies. Everyone loved ede and he loved even harder!
A lot of people would say “he’s in a much better place” but.... to me... I wish we had more time...
He’s got no replacement...
My Ede.. But thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our lord Jesus Christ.
I am going to fulfil all my plans we talked about in your honor..
Posted by Ejiro Ono on March 30, 2021
A friend for all seasons
A friend closer than a brother
Humility you can touch
Always upbeat
Never dull
Always gracious
Never malicious
Grandiose in ideas
Loving in conflict
My brother, my friend
My heart breaks
My soul aches
This was not the plan
Rest well Ede
Posted by Tinuke Amoo on March 30, 2021
Ede, you were a friend to many and today we honor this. We will forever remember you for all the days gone that we were privileged to share with you. You were amazing, unique and special. Never a dull moment with you. Today you are earth's loss but Heavens gain for we know you are in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Posted by Stephen Oshilaja on March 30, 2021
You always brought Joy and Happiness. You will be sorely missed. I just stumbled on our last chat and it reminded me of you. Rest on in the bossom of your Lord and Master.
Posted by Ijeoma Aniebo on March 30, 2021
He had an ernest energy about him. One that pulled you in, no matter how reluctant you might be. Ede was balance in itself, high energy and the centre of attention but empathic if you calmed down long enough to get him in aside.
The good ones always leave us too soon. Almost like we cannot allow the world to taint them with its darkness. Where you are going my brother, darkness doesn't threaten. Till we meet again, i hold your spark in my heart and your laughter in my mind. You will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Felicia Adegbite on March 30, 2021
Ede was the life of the party, he has his way with words. He knows what to say whenever you are with him. He was very compassionate and very loyal. Always willing to go out of his way to help people.
You left a great mark that cannot be forgotten easily.
Rest on Ede
Posted by Adebola Olomo on March 30, 2021
I can’t believe I am writing this but Ede, we will miss you sorely! The RockMedia team has lost an invaluable gem but never to be forgotten. I won’t forget our hangouts, working in the studio till late, your jokes, even the dry ones, your tag-along; really, serving together was great.

Regardless of being super special, you lived your life for others, always there to help, to support, to cheer, and never making a big deal of your disease. As you always said - some miracles are invisible

From you, I learned how really powerless sickle cell was because you showed it who was boss and we had forgotten it was there till alas, our Heavenly Father said it was time to grace His presence.

Death has nothing on you, you win Ede! You do and we will speak of you and your love and strength continuously. I can’t stop the tears, but I know you will just say ‘Debz, behave yourself’

We love you bro and till we meet to part no more - rest on! The pain is over, joy everlasting is now ahead.

It is well...

Posted by Chika Ezeabiama on March 30, 2021
It's been a hard reality to take, hard to swallow this painful truth that you are here no more.
I sit around and wonder as the days goes by, my mind drifts to Wednesday March 24th 2021 in Edo state, we saw, we talked expecting to see you the next day.....I just wish I could turn back time to that Wednesday, maybe just maybe you would still be here today.
But now it's time to let you go, your spirit is now free, your being is now free, for you are seated at the right hand of God where sickness nor death can not touch you.
You're free!
I will always remember your kindness and love to others, your smile and your ability to put a smile on people's face when they're down.
The help you gave me and your words of encouragement, you're more than a friend, you're a brother and I will miss you.
You fought the good fight, in your pain you fought to help others, you're a warrior and a faithful friend, selfless and kind, always with a smile and laughter. Truly the heavens just gained an angel.
So I weep no more cos you're in a better place and God did RESCUE you.
Rest in peace my brother till we meet again.

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Posted by Ireno Oti on April 5, 2021
What a rude shock this is. As shocking but with great Thanks to God for the special person He made you to be. Ede Mrs O’s Ede. Wow... I know she loved you so much. We still talk about you every now and then.
It’s sad, it’s painful but air is well. God must be Praised.

Rest Well Ede. You’ve done all.
Posted by Maria Usifoh on April 2, 2021
Ede always brought joy & happiness, always smiling even when he tries to frown. There's always something to gist about. We will miss u dearly. Continue to rest in d Lord's bossom
Posted by Omolola Owolabi-Ibitoye on April 1, 2021
Ede, I'm still lost for words....
his Life
Ede epitomized love, service and joy. We will always remember him that way.
Recent stories

You will be missed.

Shared by Chinedu Ahuchaogu on April 3, 2021
Edewede, you put live into everything you did with jokes and slangs. You will be missed.

Happy buddy

Shared by Olawale Talabi on March 31, 2021
What a very rude shock to hear of your demise, you fought with happiness all through and I am really grateful for knowing you.

You were so full of life and you made everyone around you smile/laugh. All the slangs I learnt from you are still what I use till date and I laugh whenever I use them because it always feels like we are facing each other and throwing jabs.... rest on brother 

Rest well warrior...
Rest well Ede..

Ede my guy

Shared by Olugbemi Olajide on March 31, 2021
I really don't know how I will break this news to Iya is a rude shock to me so I dont know how she will take it....thought you survived it after all you went through in the University.  

The last time we set eyes on each other was at Deji Martins wedding and it was absolutely fun. I went to check the pictures and all I could see was a fun loving gentleman that deferred the odds to stay why?

Continue to live where you are enjoying every moment and I'd extend your greetings to mum when I can summon the courage.

Ede my guy