On October 26th, 2010, one of the world's bright stars faded prematurely, losing his 29 year battle with cancer. Edgar's quick wit, tenacious spirit, and wacky sense of humor will be sorely missed by all of us who knew him and loved him.  

Edgar lived his dream as long as he could, designing lighting and stage effects for hundreds of bands & productions during his short career.  His website has photos of just a small fraction of the impressive work he's done over the years.  With his last show completed just months ago for Corey Feldman's Band "Truth Movement", Edgar did what he loved most for as long as he could and ultimately "He Danced Til He Dropped".

We will remember Edgar forever, because after all, how could we possibly forget him????

Edgar's obituary and a related story was posted in Lighting and Sound America Online.  LSA had done a lengthy feature article on Edgar back in December 2004 highlighting his work and his battle with cancer.  Today's story is located at the following link.

Posted by Marci Geller on November 4, 2010
I met Edgar through our mutual friend Jim Dexter. I knew him mostly through Jim's telling me about what an amazing person he was and his long journey with cancer. My Dad always told me that you live on through the people who's hearts you touched, and Edgar lives on through many; for his courage, his strength and his fortitude. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Walter Sargent on November 4, 2010
I went to High School and Jr. High School with Edgar. He was unforgettable - his intelligent, cheerful spirit, positive attitude and kindly soul.

I had no idea he was ill. We reconnected on FaceBook recently and he didn't mention it. "Just sayin' hello..".

Rest in peace, Edgar.
Posted by Eric Reagan on November 4, 2010
Edgar (you) will be missed. Great sense of humor and a great help when I was getting started. May not have always seen eye to eye ie... as mentioned by Profaca that Cory show gig was ridiculous but you were always still a great friend and a great inspiration.
Posted by Michele McTernan on November 3, 2010
Edgar was one of the first friends I made when my family move to Stony Brook in 1968. He was the epitome of my father's definition of 'class' - "it is measured by how comfortable you make other people feel." When I peruse my memories of school-age peers, no one was of a larger stature than Edgar.
Posted by gracemary ponzio-sjolin on November 3, 2010
I'm just absolutely in shock. Edgar was probably one of the funniest people I knew. I remember going to the 20 year high school reunion along with my boyfriend, of course, Edgar talked to him like a long lost friend Joe graduated in 73 but found Edgar really interesting. Edgar you will be missed my friend. Gracemary Ponzio-Sjolin Rest in peace my friend
Posted by Michal Miller on November 3, 2010
We, Michal & Miriam, Nada's & Bandi's Daughters, (from Israel) want to share our deep sorrow with Beruria's loss.

Ws want to lite a candle for Edgar's blessed memory.
Posted by Carol Blair on November 3, 2010
I only knew Edgar through through the cancer email list. He has helped so many people through his tireless work. It takes a selfless person to have put forth so much effort so that others didn't have to go through what he did. I wish I would have met him, especially after reading the stories and seeing the pictures. My heart aches for his friends and family left behind.
Posted by Roger Earl on November 3, 2010
Edgar was beautiful. I met Edgar when he was just starting out to light up the world. He worked with Foghat at Boogie Motel He was exuberant almost to a fault, always smiling and being very positive. He fought this beast inside him with great courage and tenacity. Edgar was always seeking ways to help people and further his knowledge. He was a joy to anyone that he met. I will miss him!
Posted by Michael Veerkamp on November 3, 2010
I had been wondering why the sunsets lately have been particularly colorful. Rest now Edgar.
Posted by corey feldman on November 3, 2010
Edgar started working with Truth Movement in 1994. He enjoyed the challenge we presented, turning small venues into a concert experience. It was Edgars passion for this production that kept him aboard for the next 16 years. I give Edgar credit for the spectacle our show has become.Throughout his battle with Cancer,he created til his last breath. I am grateful his final vision was also with us.
Posted by Eric Profaca on November 3, 2010
I am so sorry to hear this, he was so brave and so strong for so long......the last show I did was the Cory Reunion Show at a small club in LA....the gig was ridiculous, Cory was rude to say the least, but we had sooooo much fun.......I will miss him!
Posted by Tamar Sebok on October 31, 2010
I'll always remember all the crazy fun it was to speak with my big cousin Edgar on the phone. All his stories about theater and music and life, from his unique and beautiful point of view. A poem of wackiness and joy! Heartful thoughts to Bruria and all those who knew Edgar and share his memory with a tearful and tender smile.
Posted by Leslie Auerbach on October 30, 2010
Edgar would have turned 52 today. A moment of silence -- & perhaps a moment of the noise of your choice, as well: fitting tribute to a great sound & light man.
Posted by Heather Miller on October 30, 2010
Edgars genuine emails to me as I started my own journey with ACC has had a huge impact on my thoughts and treatment. My family,my doctors and I scoured his Website and emails for information. What he created is an amazing gift to those of us still fighting... How much strength he had, to give that to us! Thank you Edgar!
Posted by Leslie Auerbach on October 30, 2010
My first memory of Edgar is as a preteen dressed in my red miniskirt, playing a nymphet in a Polish play. A decade later, he designed & lit a Romanian play for me. Edgar was brilliant, nutty, generous; he should have lived to a cranky old age. His service to those who suffer from acinic cell cancer was invaluable. He was well & truly loved. And he is already missed.
Posted by Sandy Ross on October 29, 2010
Edgar,cousin once removed,we were always trying to figure that out.As far as I was concerned you were my first cousin.Despite the good little girl I was, somehow, with you we always managed to get into mischief and trouble growing up-Stonybrook, NJ and most memorable Israel!But your mother was always on our side-defending us! I will always cherish my trip to Seattle last February. With love always
Posted by Marc Rosenthal on October 29, 2010
From moving seats out of the Slavic Center, to all kinds of Fine Arts Center fun, through Devastation Dan meets Pet of the Year, to moving out to LA (Come Edgar, you'll love it!) to working on projects, we've had a long, long friendship. Even the last "Corey" show was pure Edgar: overcoming all insurmountable obstacles to create by all accounts an incredible show. Well done! You are sorely missed!
Posted by Jim Dexter on October 29, 2010
Edgar asked me to dress up as an elf for one of his Devastation Dan shows and...because he was my boss at the well as my friend...I agreed. I had a LOT of fun and felt very supported in the pantyhose I had to wear.Thanks Eddy, for so much FUN!
In Qenya,an actual Elven language created by J.R.R.Tolkien, I name you :
Bronwe athan Harthad ....Endurance beyond Hope
Posted by Michael and Rosemary Shei... on October 29, 2010
Most gentle boy, Brave man, Mensch. Flights of Angels, Edgar ,Flights of Angels.....
Posted by Donald Cooper on October 28, 2010
I was touched when Nancy C. put a post on Facebook, transcribing something I had wrote about Edgar. I responded: "RIP Mr Stroke! Many years ago, you (and, perhaps, something I smoked) inspired me to write those words. I, for the life of me, do not now know what I meant then. But, for the life of me, YOU meant a great deal!"
Posted by david rotem on October 28, 2010
Before there was Devastation Dan, there was E-Man the super hero. As a child, he wore a cape with the letter E. Family was always so important to well as his friends. Despite the circumstances, he always had an incredible sense of humour and a passion for living. No one was more loyal, committed and proud of him than his mother, Beruria. She was his rock and will keep his spirit alive.
Posted by steve pollock on October 28, 2010
"Devastation Dan" will live on in my memory. After SUSB,in California, we began a very different relationship, evolving through work at Yosemite and then, when I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in 2008, Edgar became my cancer coach and mentor, teaching through example to take responsibility for my health. It's like an AA member losing their sponsor! An unforgettable and selfless friend!!
Posted by Ken Copel on October 27, 2010
Edgar, I love you and I miss you. And I'm a better person for having known you. Your love of life and sense of humor are an inspiration to us all. You're a part of our family and will be forever.
Posted by Cheryl Mintz on October 27, 2010
Edgar was such the leader at StonyBrook, artistically and as an organizer. He pushed the limits and created projects that were outside of the box. I last saw him about 4 years ago when he was in the Princeton area, he contacted me at McCarter Theatre and we met for a few hours. I learned about his story then. I too am glad he is not living with all that pain...what a brave man he was.
Posted by Bruce Unser on October 27, 2010
Edgar, thanks for fun times, and there were plenty of them. I'll always remember those times with a smile, whether they were late at night striking a show or during the day getting ready for made them fun. I learned a lot from you. I'm still doing theatre part time. Every time I focus a light or fire up a light board, I'll think of you. Rest in peace. You made a difference. Thanks
Posted by John Mitchell on October 27, 2010
I had the great fortune to know Edgar in college and we kept in touch from time to time through the years. I have never known anyone who approached just about everything he did in life, and life itself, with such intensity. I admire the courage he exhibited in his battle with cancer. He will be missed.
Posted by Nancy Cusumano on October 27, 2010
One of the last times I saw Edgar, he & Jim Dexter & I went to a balloon festival at Brookhaven Airport - the kind of balloons people go up in. The Doobie Bros were playing that night. We had a blast watching the balloons being blown up, and the Bros were terrific, too.
I too am SO glad he is free from his pain. Relieved. Love you, Eddy.
Posted by Chickie Bornschein on October 27, 2010
I Will always remember Edgar for his love of sticky notes through out the house. while washing my hands i noticed his best note ever.... yellow stickum over hot water nozzle says ........( Hot water is hot ).... Rest in Peace
Posted by Kimberly Boysen on October 27, 2010
I have known Edgar since 2005 - working around his house. The most funniest moment is while we where working on his house scraping and painting Edgar sent us in his garage and to my surprise there was a shelf on scrapers with yellow stickums on them labeled lite duty heavy duty and so so scrapers. i will always remember him every time i see a scraper....You will be missed ......
Posted by Daniel Harrison on October 27, 2010
I knew crazy Edgar since 1979 - and he was a "classic". He will be sorely missed. He touched so many lives that we are all glad to have made his acquaintance over the years. He lived his dream...something so many of us wished that we did. I am sure he is in heaven now...doing the lighting and sound for Michael Jackson, Elvis and Corey Haim. I am sure they are happy to have him there :o)
Posted by Dan Addiss on October 26, 2010
I'm glad that my friend suffers no more, but in another more selfish sense, I know that we were robbed too quickly of his amazing wit, crazy humor, outstanding talent and gregarious smile. Edgar was a devoted friend that will live on in our hearts forever. Rest now my friend, you've earned it. And as one of his favorite comics, Steve Martin, would say "He was one wild and crazy guy!!!"
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Posted by Terrie Silver on October 26, 2019
Every year I leave a tribute to you as each year, I live life with Acinic Cell Cancer as well. I am in remission for now. but as a recurring Cancer, we just found a new nodule in my cheek. This will be my 4th attack at this rare cancer. We're trying to beat it! Miss the smiles.
Posted by Michele McTernan on October 30, 2018
I was thinking about Edgar just a few days ago. We weren't close, just in classes together in school & then acquaintances at local venues in the late 70s. However, his heart & personality were huge. His reactions to people & events are the things that I remember so clearly. It was one of those that brought him to mind. With a smile, of course.
Posted by Terrie Silver on October 26, 2018
Edgar, thinking of you today and always. I am on my 3rd excision and remission of ACC of the lower salivary glands, since 2003. If not for your presence, I would have been forever missed, as well. I intend to beat this very rare disease. Thank you for being there for me. Love ya, Eddie.
Recent stories

On hearing of Edgar's death

Shared by paul mccue on June 14, 2012

On hearing of Edgar's death


The phone rings

far too late for good news


Dear friend

So long

The time has passed for jokes and jibes

You fought the fight

How long?

Ten? Twenty years?

Eating away at your insides

Tumours the size of grape fruits

That's how you described them

On your spine, on your chest

Riddled throughout your beautiful body.


And no one knew

What to do

For yours was a rare one

Not found in the books

And so you fought

Oh how you fought

For life. To life. Lechaim!

And then the doctors and the experts

And in the end Death itself.

And those who might have known

scratched their heads and just moved on.


A brave fight but in the end

Death has had its way

And the shell that lies before me now

I can never recognise

For it's not you

You were so much more

And now your light is gone,

but not forgotten

Never forgotten.

Oh Edgar where have you gone?


And Beruria, you who have survived it all

From Nazi guns and troublesome son

Now you too must say goodbye.

A pain no mother should ever feel

But for you who gave him all his life

You who gave him all you had

All your love

All your love


And now you're gone, my friend dear friend

My buddy, my fine young man

Buried in the sand of sins

That sand we both called home


You touched us all. And we touched you

We say goodbye today

And see you off on your final trek

We'll meet again one day


Dear friend, farewell. Farewell, dear friend

We'll miss your smile, your face

Without your laugh, your elegance and grace

This world's a sadder place


Good bye, farewell, your time has come

As ours will surely too

Goodnight sweet Edgar. Sweet dreams, dear friend

Long life. Much love. Adieu.


Man of Many Hats

Shared by David Cohen on November 6, 2010

There are so many stories to tell about time spent with Edgar, and I'll come back for others, but the 1st one I want to share is about going to the West Hollywood Halloween parade years back. This is a huge event where they close off a big part of West Hollywood for people to have a street party on Halloween. Everybody goes in the most outlandish costumes they can put together, and any kind of wild behavior is acceptable (any wonder this a favorite event of Edgars?) Anyway, this year I show up at his house where he's been spending the day figuring out his costume, but without settling on anything. Finally, we have a stack of hats from his huge collection of costumes, props etc. he kept hoarded. And he gets the idea to cover himself with hats -- not just on his head (where he put 5) but his whole body. "I'm a man who tries to wear too many hats!!" A great costume -- but far from a disguise! 

Stories of Obsession...

Shared by Warren Cross on November 4, 2010

Two stories come to mind, amidst the haze of memory, gerry rigged fog machines and burning wires...

We had a reoccurring discussion concerning how to stop his turntables from skipping during the Devastation Dan gigs. Well, I went into one of my lengthy absurd engineering rants about, "in a perfect world, if we had infinite mass attached to the turntable console, and suspended the console on some kind of shock dampening system, we could probably get past most of the problems". I though this was a theoretical discussion ... it wasn't. There we were, Edgar, Dan, myself, (and maybe another member) rebuilding the console to house (Dan, help me on this) a couple of slabs of slate or soapstone from a lab table. This crazy road box console was built and sent on its maiden voyage (rather hastily if I remember correctly). The first time I grabbed hold of that thing with Dan, I remember giggling,.. (No F...W.....!!!) We faithfully loaded that obscene console into that precious van, tires flattening, and made our way to the End of the Bridge. I hate to admit it, but it worked pretty well, but,.. I don't have words to explain what it felt like packing out at the end of that long night.

Edgar came to me and asked if I wanted to be involved in an audio play of sorts, Stripes. Stripes was an epic project, recording the reading of his play and random conversation, and editing the tape into all its separate characters. I said yes, having no idea of the ensuing madness. This was reel to reel tape days. Every line of the play was extracted, cut by razor blade, and bracketed with leader tape on both sides. Hundreds and hundreds of cuts later, knee deep in discarded magnetic tape, we ended up with something. I don't quite know what it was, but Edgar did, that's all that counts. I had never edited that much tape in my life, nor since, but the experience was priceless. That experience pushed, and expanded, the limits of my attention, and my craft.  

I'll never forget his nutty, flailing craziness, jumping around the stage, with seemingly endless energy. There was always the next project, the next scheme. It was fun to share the journey for what now seems like such a short time. He taught me a lot, on many levels. His strength and tenacity will be with me, always.

Dude, I'll catch you on the flip side...