A beautiful child of God

Shared by Christine Herring on February 15, 2012

Me and Dee worked together at MME and Supplies. My oldest child Christopher worked there as well. Christopher would always say how hard it is getting a job and being accepted by your co-workers being a homo-sexual (people can be so judgemental) and as a parent of a homo-sexual child, i have always noticed the stares and dirty looks given to my son. No one had new about this at the job and to keep Christopher from being judged, he kept it private. Around lunch time at work, Dee was in the warehouse and stopped my son and pulled him to the side and said something that made him cry. She told him that no matter what his sexual preference was, he was still a beautiful child of God. Only Angels can touch someones soul that way and I never forgot how she made me and my son feel. I am so thankful to have been one of her friends.

Shared by marilyn torres on February 8, 2012
Gram dean was a wonderful and special and amazing when I heard the news my heart broke and why did you take her I send my condolence to her family I will miss her so much she was a wonderful mother and grandmother love you grandma dean

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