Let the memory of EDITH AFOR FOMBAD épse TSOBGNY be with us forever.
  • Born in Mbengwi - Nyen, Cameroon.
  • Passed away in Yaounde, Centre, Cameroon.
This memorial website was created for Edith Afor Fombad epseTsobgny by those who love her truly and completely, and will continue to miss her. The impact she made on all of us who knew her has been beyond measure or words.  We do know we love and miss her terribly!  We will continue to cherish all those moments we spent together with her. Rest in perfect peace and until we meet again, your love will endure in our hearts and we will eternally keep this.  

 Sunrise: November 8, 1964 
 Sunset: September 15, 2019


You were gone before we knew it !
No farewell words were spoken!
No time to say goodbye!
Our hearts still ache in sadness !
And secret tears still flow !
What it meant to lose you!
No one will ever know!
Only God knows why !
We all miss you !
Your memory will live on forever in all of our hearts.

O Death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory (I Corinthians 15; 55). But who can question the ways of God!! As HE declares in Isaiah 55; 8 -9 His ways are not our ways and His thought are not our thoughts


Saturday 2 November 2019

Prayer resumes at the residence of the deceased at Messamedongo  in Yaoundé, Cameroon 

Wednesday 6 November 2019

7pm : Wake keeping service without  the remains, at the deceased's residence at Messamédongo, led   by  Presbyterian Church Nsimeyong,in Yaoundé, Cameroon 

Thursday 7 November 2019

11:00 am: Removal of the remains from the Yaoundé General Hospital
2:00pm: Funeral service at the Presbyterian Church Nsimeyong
8:00 pm: Wake keeping with  the remains at the residence of the deceased 
11:00 pm: Transfer of the remains to Baleng village via Dschang

Friday 8 November 2019

7am: Arrival
9am: Arrival of different families at the funeral
5pm: Funeral service
8pm: Wake Keeping

Saturday 9 November 2019

7am: Arrival
9am: Funeral service and eulogies
11am: Burial
12:30pm: Refreshments 

Contact: (+237) 673432349 / 693653809 / 670852532  (Tsobgnys)
Contact: (+237) 677749538 / 694337058 / 699974398 / 677103174 (Fombads)
Posted by Leila Marina on November 9, 2019
Dear Aunty Edith,
I am sincerely at a loss for words. It has been years since we last spoke, but you were a monumental part of my childhood. Due to your hospitality, and commitment to being a great mother to all, Nadia and I made irreplaceable memories with our sisters Bijou and Effie at Damas. We had sleepovers, celebrated birthdays, played board games, attended lessons from the home teacher, enjoyed snacks from the store, and even learned cooking skills from you. One memory of you that I always think about till this day was when you encouraged me to go to the center of the dance floor during a birthday; I am usually shy, but you encouraged me and cheered so much so that I didn’t want to leave the dance floor! Yes, there was Hardly ever a dull moment around you! Thank you for playing a part in making me who I am today.  Even though there is not much I can do to console my sisters and brother during this difficult period, I will continue to pray for them, and seize any opportunities to make them smile. REST IN POWER, REST IN PERFECT PEACE. Lots of love, Leila
Posted by Anita Mba Tchouanmou on November 7, 2019
My gentle, soft spoken big sister Edith, the breaking news about your death brought shock to me and my siblings just as it did to everyone connected to you in one way. Ma Adellys your friend brought us together very far back my PC Aziri Sunday school age and today we’re more than friends with you and your siblings. I can openly testify that I benefited the most from this “grandsoeur” relationship, I have amazing memories about my personal connections with you. We celebrated a lot together, I can only say thank you for special like, experiences and culinary expertise shared with me. You nurtured this relationship right through my secondary school , University and in Marriage ( Your in laws will never stop gisting me about how my sister knows how to handle the family , always cooking sweet meals to entertain them). What would I be talking about with Mr Nguetsop Michel and others this time ? . Sis you’re gone but I owe you lots of respect and appreciations for the wonderful “grandseour” role in counseling, mentoring me on how to be focus , setting high standards and ambitious personal goals to become successful and happy. Thank you sis for being there to serve my family, Being my husbands God Mother is nothing to regret , though he is now a Christian Orphan ( Ni Mbatcham left us with same kind of shock) I will continue to be the respectful and understanding wife as per your coaching. Grandseour this shocking disappearance is a blow, our hearts bleed, however, your Christian life on earth gives me reason to belief that you’re resting in the Lord, We so very much love you, regret to miss you, but for sure the Almighty giver of life loves you most. Needless to ponder with endless and unanswerable questions like why Edith? Why soon ? Why this way ? We give God the glory for your impactful life here on earth and will continue to pray for more blessings to your kids and siblings to thrive in your absence. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Shalom
Posted by Mfuh Hosiana on November 5, 2019
My tribute to a lovely family sister Edith.

Sweetheart, you are a big lost to everybody who knows you.
Our ways are not God's ways, because he knows it all from the beginning to the end.
"Why "had never change God's "Yes". We will forever miss you, but
"He Knows it all".
Posted by Blaiana Farel on November 5, 2019
Dear aunty Edith,
It's still difficult to accept that truly you are gone. Life is full of pain and sorrow, you're here today, gone tomorrow. If only we knew when we're going to die,we would all be prepared to say goodbye. Unfortunately we didn't have that time. Your passing away has taught us a real life lesson:' there's really nothing to worry about in life, we always need to live happily with one another no matter what'.
What a brave, caring and loving person you were, you always said what you had in mind with no reserve and made everyone around you happy. That's why I cannot say and will not say that you are dead, you are just away in an unknown land.
Posted by Jackson Jones on November 5, 2019
Dear Aunty,

This remains an absolute shocker my loving and ever kind aunty....even to people out of the family realms and....beyond.

Our good kind God knows best and we entrust our complete submission and acceptance to his very high Throne.

Enie had actually packed this Gucci stuff (you'r kinda tingy) which my mum had to bring to you!.....then the big bang just came so very unexpectedly crushing us all...so very badly.

We however remain so thankful for your loving kindness.

We trust you are looking down on us with a broad smile with loving Heaven Angels around you.

Adieu Aunty,

Jones & Enie Fombad.

Posted by Mercy Fon on November 2, 2019
Biggie. If tears were to build a staircase l will be in heaven and on my knees asking God to reverse his decision. Sis, l remember how we used to fight to wash your plates and mop your floor in mbengwi in those days in order to be called your smalls. Oh how generously you rewarded us with goodies. Your cupboard was always full and we were the envy of many . You were such a loving ,soft spoken and tender person. Your memories will never leave us. Since Gods'ways are not ours. I bow in humble submission. To you the roses and to us the tears . For ever in my thoughts. Be strong friends and family. To your lovely kids,they are in our thoughts and prayers. Shalom
Posted by Mah Fombad on November 2, 2019
Dear Aunty Edith,
Tried several times to write a tribute but I presume my disbelief in that you are truly gone prevented me. I still hope once I dial your number, you will pick up and I will hear your delightful voice say " Oh Mah eh! when are you bringing the baby to see me?'' You sadly didn't give me that opportunity for her to meet you.
You always brightened every occasion and made sure we were spoiled rotten with your beautiful meals every time we visited. The support we got from you was incredible and we are forever grateful.
Your untimely departure not only drove a shock wave up my spine but has created a vacuum which can never be filled. We are saddened and hurt to the core but who are we to question God?
He alone knows better and we will continue to be comforted in his word, knowing that you are in a better place.
May you continue to look down on us as you continue to rest in his bosom.
Rest in Peace aunty!
We love you forever and will never forget you!

Posted by Fongwa Gladys Tah on November 1, 2019
The motherly heart soon disappear like mist!

Sister Edith, You groomed me from a child to a young girl and then an adult that fits well in the society.

Why the quick departure is the million question in my mind.
The good soon are no more says Isaiah. To be taken from the corrupt world.
You have worked, imparted many, changed the family you went into as a wife. Not there to harvest the fruits. Your legacy will not vanish.

The minds and hearts that you have planted every where will tell the story of your glorious end.

Rest in the bosoom of the Lord where we meet to part no more.

Fongwa Gladys Tah
Posted by Beatrice Kwa on November 1, 2019
Gone so soon ,
Really it was so soon.

I still recall your acts of generosity to us in Yaounde.
We didn't see it coming.

Rest in peace sister.

Yes ,We will be remembered for what we did.
That is why we mourn today because you touched the lives of many.
Journey with the angels until we shall meet to part no more.

Rest in perfect peace .
Adieu Edith!

Your friend Kwa Beatrice
Posted by Edith Fongho on October 31, 2019
Good night my friend!
After 11am years, we spoke on a Sunday and on the 3rd Sunday you departed!
I don't understand, but of course we are never to understand.
You will be forever missed!
Posted by Stephen Lukusa on October 30, 2019
We apologize that we have run short of the right words to convey our deep sorrow for this great loss. Hence we have borrowed, translated and adapted the following poem sent to Mr. Du Périer on the death of his daughter about 4 centuries ago by his friend (the French poet Francois de Malherbe (1555-1628)).

(Translated and adapted by Professor Stephen Lukusa
University of Botswana)

Will your pain, Fombad, be eternal?
And will the sad speeches
Which fraternal friendship puts in your mind
Be always increasing?

The misfortune of your sister in the tomb descended
By a common death,
Is it some maze where your lost reason
Cannot find a way out?

I know what attraction her youth was full of,
And how, aggrieved friend, my unpleasant
Attempts to relieve your pain
Might seem to be.

But she was of the world, where the most beautiful things
Have the worst fate;
And rose she lived what roses live,
The space of a morning…

From the many testimonies I have read about our sister, I remain convinced that she feared God and believed firmly in Him. The final steps of her life on earth indicate that she felt God’s appeal deep within her heart that is why she prepared herself and was ready to depart and enjoy life in eternal peace. As Proverbs 8:34-36 says,
34 Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. 35 For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favour of the Lord. 36 But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death
May our sister’s soul rest in the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ till we meet again.
Posted by Felicia Ngwe on October 30, 2019
A tribute to my beloved Sister

Sister it's been a while that i have not heard from you, what is happening? i can't keep consoling myself that you are somewhere living a boundiful life though a voice keeps telling me;

i begin to Wonder how some of us will move on without someone caring like you? Sister, go and prepare a place for us. i will never forget that wonderful voice of yours which will always asked me to come to Yaounde and spent sometime with you. i would have come, had i known.

Sister, i love you so much but God love you more. May your soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Arit Ndifon on October 29, 2019
It"s kind of strange writing this to you; after so many years that we didn't meet ;i remember i last saw you some three months ago. I just look back to more than four decades ago when we were children,going to YP togther to study the word of God,the naughty things we did and how we grew up to be young ladies staying in the same hostel at the university! but marriage took you far away yet we talked now and then. i still see that little girl that you were and the dreams we all had, some fulfilled ,others to be fulfiled but death struck! my dear friend, childhood play mate, we came a long way and now you're gone! Adieu edith, bye till we meet again!
Posted by Fritz Fombad on October 29, 2019
It was shocking to hear that you have gone on a journey of no return. I began to wonder what might have happened,so suddenly to you, whom I knew to be very active especially in Nyen meeting. Your courtesy and your welcoming to everyone who came in your present cannot be left out. Your altitudes and actions was worth mentioning.You will ever remain green in our hearts. You have left a vacuum which will never be filled.May your gentil soul rest in peace.
God be with you till we meet again.
Posted by Tanwi Festus Nji on October 28, 2019

My Big sister Edith, before i commence pouring my tears...a quote from

2 Timothy 4:5-8,,,,You must keep control of yourself in all circumstances,endure suffering,do the work of a preacher of good news and perform your whole duty as a servant of God.
As for you,the hour has come for you to be sacrificed,the time is here for you to leave this life,you have done your best in the race,you have run the full distance and you have kept the faith,And now there is waiting for you the victory prize of being put right. with God the lord ,the righteous judge,will give you that day and not only to you but to all those who wait with love for him to appear

Sister Edith am lack of tears,words to describe your sudden disappearance in our midst. How i wish i heard your complaint from sister Loveline when i lastly visited Cameroon ? i should have been talking of our last seating now, i can't forget my childhood life in front of your eyes and the lessons i learnt from you as a teenager, to retrospect a bit of how i use to be consciously rushing to do my school home work when i knew you shall be coming home for weekends,i wish you see how i am a man today,thanks for your moral and accademics memories that will always remind and stuck in my brain.
Dear sis rest in peace till we meet again

  From your junior (Nji) that you usually called, FETE
Rest in peace
Posted by Eldryn Tsobgny on October 28, 2019
Pain was never something I could personally relate to till September 15th, I still vividly remember how my whole world came crashing down when my sister said to me “Bij mum died in her sleep”. Obviously still in denial I picked up my phone and called my mum over and over again and I promise you what I felt listening to every unanswered call was indescribable , but you know what I still didn’t give up because everything , absolutely everything was better than accepting the news was true so I left a vocal message in the shakiest voice I’ve ever had and I said “Mum where are you ? I don’t know why Effie’s lying to me please call me so I can prove her wrong, please mum “. So yeah, I still haven’t received anything, but I haven’t given up either. Don’t get me wrong I have accepted she isn’t physically here anymore, but I know she’s with me, so I know she listens, and she’ll obviously answer me in her own way. Truthfully, I don’t even know what I’m supposed to say in a eulogy, but I know who my mum was, how she made those around her feel and especially what she meant to me so that is exactly what I’ll share. 19 years ago, I came into this world and I was welcomed by the most amazing mother a child could ever crave. Strong, brave, funny, determined, loyal, beautiful, god-fearing, kind, charismatic with a heart as big as the Pacific Ocean are just few words that don’t even have the potential to describe how amazing my mum was. If you know my mum, you know how special she was. I cannot count the number of arguments I have had with my mum regarding her forever mania of always forgiving those who hurt her , always ready to lend a hand , always willing to make a difference and obviously my young , lazy and stubborn self couldn’t comprehend and as years went by I started understanding what I couldn’t as a child . I finally reached the conclusion my mum was a woman. A real one who forgave truly, loved dearly and cared deeply for everyone around her and you know what? As soon as I grew up to realize this, our relationship became even deeper. We left from the everyday arguments to form such a strong bond. My mum was my literal rock, best friend, partner she meant everything to me. I can tell you how deeply anchored my mum is in my everyday life , like how the music I listen to are people like Tracy Chapman , Dolly Parton , Phil Collins etc. just cause we used to sing their songs to the top of our voices in her car or how I have some of her clothes cause we used to steal each other’s clothes or even how we spent our time ranting to each other about people that annoyed us. There’re just too many memories with this special being and of course that’s no surprise, I only spent my whole life since I came into this world with her. One of the most memorable moments I had with my mum was when I got dismissed in form four and she had to travel from Yaoundé to Bamenda and at that time I was scared of what she was going to say or do to me and guess what , she called me into the room and said to me in such a gentle but firm tone “ I won’t shout , just promise me when you go to your new school you will make me proud and put everyone to shame “ . Frankly, my mum was unmatched. She thought us everything, how to be strong, patient, caring, loving, polite and honestly, she did such a great job and I’m happy I made sure to remind her everyday of how thankful I am for everything. She was such a superhuman, she was great mum, wife, sister, aunty and excelled too at her office, and obviously got promoted. She was the actual whole package. I video called my mum on Saturday the day before she passed away and behold Ma’a Tsobgny like I used to call her was at the market and I’m sure this doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone , when she picked up I said to her “ Ma’a Tsobgny toujours au marché” and she laughed back( My mum’s laugh was so contagious and genuine )and said to me “I’ll call you when I get home baby “ and I said to her I love you mum and she said to me “I love you too sweetheart” . To tell you the truth, till this day I still can’t believe my pillar and sunshine isn’t here anymore. Sometimes I get sad thinking of how she won’t be present to see me grow up as a woman or even as mother, but soon after I hear her voice saying “It’s okay baby” and I want to scream “No mum it’s not cause you’re not here anymore” but that won’t ever bring her back so the only way I can ever hope to repay my mum for everything she did is to be strong, to keep on smiling, to keep making her proud , to be a good girl as she always reminded me and grow up to be at least half of the woman she was. I know my mum is watching each and every one of us from heaven and I promise you she will be by us through every step cause that’s just the type of person she was. Rest in peace mum, I miss and love you forever.
Posted by Immaculate Tedji on October 28, 2019
My beloved big sis and sister in-law.   So it is true,I thought it was a dream. The news of your demise was a bomb shell to me. Death what a mystery that God did not want us to know.Big sis,where have you kept your family? Soft spoken and caring Sister Edith.I will never forget the love you showered on the chongwain's family especially on my late father. It is immeasurable.Not to talk of the way you received Prof Madeleine into the Fombad's family.Heeeey where have you kept your bestie Prof Charles not to talk of Lovelyn and Olivia.Sis you are in a better place now with your parents and our parents to intercede for us to accept this shock.It's only God's grace that will be sufficient for us to accept this lost. May God almighty grant you eternal rest.Greet our parents for us and other members of the family who have gone ahead.
Posted by Sylvie Njweng on October 27, 2019
15th of September the day the clouds turned dark , the clock stopped ticking heaven seamed to break lose.mummy did you think of me before embarking on such a journey.where do i start from ? mummy we had plans, deals and hidden agendas.mummy u have dealt with me.I am confused, stranded and left with so many unanswered questions"will my life ever be same again".oh God hold my hand for i am in the middle of no where.I don't even have the courage to tell bebe Mujem grandma is no more.Goddddddddddddddddddddddd if it's a dream please someone wake me up.so painful to be true.
  Mummy thank you for the love you showed me, the advices ,the support ,the lessons and the decisions you helped me make.you have taken a part of me which will never be replaced.you have taught me lesson while you were alive and as well in your death.
   God teach us to know our days are numbered here on earth, to know we are passing and that we are here today and within the twinkle of an eye we are gone.
  mummy you left me in the middle of the road but your memories still live within me.this is a great loss but we shall overcome.mummy Rest in peace till we meet to part no more.love you mummy even unto death.Go well my heroine
Heaven just gained an angel.
Posted by Godfred Amah on October 27, 2019
Edith, though you are gone forever, you remain alive in my memories as our good times in the family and the joyful moments spent together continue to vividly replay in my mind till when I will be able to accept the fact that you are forever missed. Rest in peace.
Posted by Mujem Fombad on October 27, 2019
Sister Edith, my reflection to you is on the biblical lesson of
In Mathew 24:36 it is written:
“But of the day and hour no one knows, no, not even the angels of heaven, but my Father only”

Despite this biblical verse, I strongly believe you knew the day and the hour. I have this conviction for the following reason:
Sometimes before your demise, you called Ni Henry your brother with whom you share the same birth day (8th November), requesting him to come over from Bamenda (ground zero) with his family and spend some time with you. Ni Henry did come over with his family and they spent a record one week with you. They left on Sunday September 08, 2019 and one week later (same Sunday), you passed on. You knew you had just a few weeks left, that is why you insisted and got the visit.

A few days before school resumption, you scolded at me for not sending SALEM and KASHA to visit you throughout the third term vacation and insisted that I bring them to your house before taking them to the dormitory for school resumption. With my charged program and upon your insistence, I agreed to bring them over to your place on Sunday September 02, 2019, the day they had to leave for school. You prepared their favorite meal (chicken) which they ate to their satisfaction. You beat them farewell as they left for school. You passed into eternity two weeks after. You knew you had just two weeks left on earth.

On Friday September 13, 2019 at our Dynamic njangi that was hosted by our good friend Mr and Mrs ENOW KENNETH, we had so much fun. You normally do not drink Champaign but on this day you drank Champaign throughout the meeting. When you and your husband were departing at about midnight, Ella and I were not ready to leave. You greeted all those who were still staying behind. When you got to Ella, you held her and pressed her close to your chest for about 10 seconds and the said ‘ wona stay fine’. This was about midnight and 24 hours later you breathe your last breath. You undoubtedly knew that you had just 24 hours left in this world.

On Saturday September 14, 2019 at about 4pm, you called me and we commented about the dynamic meeting of the previous night and you complemented Ella’s make up and my hair cut. In your usual generosity, you requested that I come over to your place for us to eat a typical traditional meal that you prepared. I told you I had the Anglophone lawyers meeting but that, if I finish early, I would stop by. You insisted that you were waiting for me. Unfortunately, my time did not permit me to come, so I missed the unforgivable opportunity of sharing the last meal with you. By inviting me at that hour and insisting, it was unquestionably because you knew you had just about eight hours to stay alive.

These and several other examples.
Sister Edith, with all this analyses, there is no iota of doubt that you knew the day and the hour. The question that lingers now is ‘’did you know that you knew the day and the hour?’’

This is where God remains supreme for he makes us to know, but makes sure we don’t know that we know the day and the hour. The justification for this is obvious; God’s judgement has no appeal and so no one can change it.
For your own particular case sister Edith, if you knew that you know the day and the hour, you would have done the lifesaving gest that could have kept you alive. In that way you would have defied god’s judgment.

Sister Edith, Rest in perfect peace and meditate for us until we shall meet again and to part no more.

Mujem & Ella FOMBAD
Posted by Mah Solange Forewah on October 25, 2019
Dear mummy,

It is with so much pain in my heart that I type this message. I just realised I have to learn to say goodbye to you. I want you to know that it has been a very hard decision to make. I have baby Daniel in my arms as I type this message, with uncontrollable tears flowing down my cheeks. Mummy why so soon? Why at the moment when I should be rejoicing, better still we all should be rejoicing for the gift of life, our new baby Daniel? Oh mummy! So your call on that Saturday was to find out if aunty So (as you call me) would be strong enough to take the news of you leaving? My aunty So is back are the words I keep hearing because those were your last words to me, in joyfulness. I called you back when I arrived home from the hospital on that Saturday but I didn’t get through to you. Knowing fully well you will call back when you see my missed call. Only to wake up the next day to hear you are gone. What happened? Gone to where? How? All these questions I asked wailing and confused. God knows best.
Truly you are gone to rest. Please watch over us like you told Heidi in her dream. We miss you already. Heidi and Maija miss you very much. They mourn for their grandma in Yaoundé. Heidi says she will keep your number in her phone because she has a lot of voice messages from you that she will love to listen to whenever she thinks about you. Maija is so sad that she won’t get the chance to have lots of fun with you again and be grandma’s baby when next we visit Cameroon. Baby Daniel didn’t get the chance to see you but we will tell him all about you when he grows up. Uncle Rogers will be at your funeral to say goodbye.
You were a strong force to reckon with in this world. Your presence in any place was remarkable. You changed my life in ways I can not begin to explain. You taught me how to take care of one’s family. I will forever be grateful mum. Your place in my family is irreplaceable. We love you, we miss you. Go well mum and rest in the Lord. I will try my best to follow in your footsteps. RIP
Posted by TIch Fombad on October 24, 2019
Dear Aunty Edith,
It was with great shock and pain that we heard the sad news of your sudden death. As a family, we continue to ask ourselves why such a sudden death? We find solace in the fact that there is an Almighty God who  knows our end from the beginning.

Dear aunty, I still remember as if it was yesterday, how you welcomed us in your home when we visited Cameron. You spared nothing to make us feel at home. I remember the wonderful moments we spent with my cousins Eddy, Effie and Bijoux. You will be dearly missed. The thought that we will not see your face or hear your voice or eat your delicious meals is painful indeed. 

Our hearts bleeds and the pain is very deep. May your soul rest in perfect peace. May the Almighty God who is the God of all comfort give us the strength to cope? I continue to pray for divine healing particularly for Eddy, Effie and Bijoux and my dad, your brother. We are comforted by the following scripture in Psalm 73:26 “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” For sure, we know although your heart failed on September 15, the Lord remains your strength forever.

Tichanung  Fombad (nephew)
University of Pretoria, South Africa
Posted by Nicole Pene on October 23, 2019
Dear Edith,
    Even though dead is inevitable, you have left a huge vacuum in my live.
     You were not only a sister-in-law, but more than that. You were a sister, a friend, a confident.
     “ Ma’a” as we affectionately called ourselves, WHERE ARE YOU RUSHING LIKE THAT WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING ???
     I remember, when I will come to Yaoundé , we will spend the hole night talking, while talking , you will to shake me,asking me, «  Ma’a, tu dors déjà ?
      When I was angry at you , to make me smile you use to call me
«  Mâhbâh «  which means grand mother.
      You where whole hearted, very caring , and so loving.
      My friend, I will miss you.
      I’m running out of words, but all I have to say is REST IN PERFECT PEACE.
       Your friend sister-in-law Nicole Pene.
Posted by Triphine Fombad on October 20, 2019

Writing a tribute to you is one of the things I had never thought will happen this 2019. It is a nightmare to me. I am so confused that I don't know what to say. 

Since your departure on September 15th I have been going through your pictures and have pondered over the last conversation we had on WhatsApp and to think you are no longer therefore us to chat again is really a dream to me . Our conversation was as follows:

“My dear l am proud of my boy before giving thanks to u and papa to God be the glory my phone got missing with all contacts l took yours just today”

“Thanks for that honest and motherly remark. Can only come from you. AHH let's have these remarks that would naturally come from "Mami for Aziri and Mami for country"

“How times n people have changed”!!???

“To God be the Glory” “I was in yde last we l came sick and came back sick that my sister-in-law  in yde Agie is very sick so l came to see her greet papa for stay “

“Ok dear, plz even if you come for Agie call n if l can come see you l will be glad. Just look at the situation, when next will l come home to see my family”??

You supported me on the 6th of December 2014 when I was burying my beloved husband Chinje Chi Augustine. Who will stand by me on the 9th of November?

Fombad Triphine epouse Chinje
Posted by Juliet Fombad on October 20, 2019
My beloved Edith


My beloved Edith, with pains in my heart I struggle with what to say. This is the third time I have picked up my pen to write but couldn't continue. I am still in a trance.

There are so many beautiful things I would love to say about you, is it the kindness in your heart? The depth of your love for us? The care you showed us when we suddenly appeared at your home in Yaoundé? Or the lots of jokes and joy we shared together all so remarkable. I am saddened and shocked by this event, you shall forever be in our hearts. Death is real and is for all of us but truly not this early, however in my heart I know you are at a resting place, which puts my soul at ease. 

I pray God to give us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, to give us wisdom to change the ones we can and knowledge to know the difference. 

May your soul rest in perfect peace.

Mummy Juliet Fombad
Posted by Doris Ningo Mbah Maikem on October 20, 2019

You would answer Maik’s.
Where are you to do so?
I am still in a state of denial. Wonders shall never end. But when I turn to look at Eddy, Effie and Bijoux I say we have to be strong for them.

Your stepping out of the stage of this big drama called life is a very big lesson. Things are closing up. So my dear Af's.....Afor fare thee well sister. We will keep watch over the children. We will keep close to Loveline. It will not be easy for her as well.

Only the Almighty knows why. 
Adieu Booh. Adieu Ma friend.

I am Keff!

Ningo Mbah Maikem Doris
Posted by Lucy Mbu Acibor Alias Lul... on October 20, 2019

Dear Edith,
I was overwhelmed with shock when I heard the sad and tragic news that you have left us. I waited tirelessly for someone to phone and say it was not true.

Madam Edith Afor Fombad esp. Tsobgny. "THE CHIEF ORGANIZER" "WOMAN NO REST” I wished it was attending the funeral of someone else, you would have already kept everything in order. You were "A WOMAN OF THE PEOPLE".

Your culinary expertise will ever be remembered. Late Mama Rose Fombad Ake bequeathed her talents to you and you did not spare any efforts in transmitting these to your siblings. This explains why your brother, a renown  lawyer in Cameroon, Barrister Fombad Stanley Mujem pounds “Ahu" and prepares "yellow soup" like a woman. Aunty Olivia is a perfect chef in barbecue. Loveline is just an overall of everything. She would prepare food for everybody to eat to their fill and would be satisfied if they were satisfied although you had not tasted anything at all. Thank you! Thank you!

You were a very devoted wife. You were a wonderful mother to your children and laid a strong foundation for them. I am confident that all who loved you will love and watch over your children and make sure that they live a great life full of your values . My wish is that your beautiful spirit should live on through your children and they will always know how much you loved them.

We are reminded again from your sudden departure that this world is not ours we are just passing through. We love you but God Almighty loves you most.

Edith, what pains me most is the manner in which the cold hands of death snatched you. I would have been happier if you had complained of headache and a tablet was administered to you.
Rest in peace my dear Edith! The toiling is over! Who will call me “Aunty Huck” again? Greet Ni John  Mami Rose Ake Pa Fombad and Ma 0

Adieu, Adieu from me for now until we meet to part no more 

Posted by Annet Njoh on October 20, 2019
Ever since you left and as days go by, the hardest thing to cope with, is accepting the truth that I shall never see you again in this life. Why? I don't think I will ever understand.

Questions left unanswered. Your voice is still, losing you is unbearable. Time and time again, I have tried to come to terms with it but there is none to convince me.

How l wish I came the Saturday you called me to come, before you passed away. But we agreed that Sunday was okay. Mummy, what actually happened? This is too much for me to bear. It is very unfair that you can no longer be here with us. How can you leave us so soon? If only I could have you back for just a little while, then we could sit and talk again, just like we used to do. There is something you must know; you are missed. We miss you a lot.

I can't even say Rest In Peace, my darling sister because I don't know where you are going to you break my heart .The fact that you are no longer here will always cause me pain, but you are forever in my heart until we meet again.

Your sister Annet Njoh
Posted by Bernice Bb on October 17, 2019
Dear mummy,
I don't even know what to write or say because I wasn't prepared for this. Mum I never imagined I will be writing a tribute to you this soon. Mum your death was the most shocking experience I have had. I couldn't believe we were all together on Saturday night, ate and chatted before going to bed and in the morning when we were all up to go to church, you were still asleep never to wake up again. Mum I am so sad and I heart is full of tears because this was my first holiday with you. It pains me soo much that you had to live me home alone even when my time of holiday was not over. But I am also grateful to God for giving me a chance to at least live and learn alot from you just within my short stay. I love you mum but God loves you most. RIP Mummy
                    From your daughter Tifuh Bernice
Posted by Therese Fombad on October 17, 2019
Dear mum
It doesn’t feel right to me , I wish I could tell you these words but not withstanding, the world deserves to know the jewel mother earth has called. You stood as a pillar to my business, you were an editor to my articles, my cook instructor , an aunt and a mum. You are a model to many and to me in particular. Mum your energy, selflessness and defense where like fuel to me. I lOVE YOU MUM. RIP

Your niece Therese FOMBAD
Posted by Serges Alain Kamga on October 17, 2019
Ma sœur Edith! Tu es venue! Tu as combattu le bon combat. Tu as contribue a l’humanité a ta manière. Va repose en paix et que la terre de nos ancêtres te soit légère. Tu resteras a jamais dans nos cœurs. 

Famille Kamga en Afrique du Sud
Posted by Tosah Fombad on October 14, 2019
A Special Tribute to my Beloved Aunt

How incredibly sad it is to learn that you are no more, Auntie.

Memories that were distant suddenly become vivid.
When I last visited Cameroon as a kid, our first stop for two days was at your home in Yaoundé. I remember how you affectionately took care of us and always prepared the most delicious breakfast, lunch and supper. How we had such a wonderful time interacting with Eddy, Effie and Bijoux. I remember particularly how we would, with competitive spirit, play PlayStation games.

I have very good memories of how my Dad always told all of us about you and just how dear you were to him.  I5 September 2019 will always be a day of lament. It will be a day that we will never forget in our family. It is the day that your golden heart stopped beating and your hard working hand went to rest.

I was about to go to church in Pretoria when my Dad, away then in Stellenbosch, called me and was in tears, asking for my mum who had already gone ahead to church for Bible Study . He then told me the tragic news. I went and broke the sad news to her and she immediately abandoned the service.

It was a dark Sunday: the tears flowed freely as we all cried and reminisced. How could this happen to our Aunt. We worried all day about how our Dad was coping. It was our longest Sunday.

Oh Auntie, how could this happen; at a time when we were daily praying that the situation at home improves for us to reunite. It is no consolation; but I am happy that I sent you the first fruits of my long years of studies and first month at work. It was my way of showing you the deep affection that I and am my siblings have for you and the wonderful times we spent with you.

At this sad moment, I pray that the God of all comfort, comfort Eddy, Effie Bijoux. May He see them through this terrible moment; give them the strength to get over this and become the successful people that she desperately wanted them to be.

Oh Auntie, rest in perfect peace in the bosom of the Almighty God. Say hello to my grandparents Pa and Ma Fombad and also Pa and Ma Chongwain . My other brothers and my sister are also sharing this deep pain and emptiness. May we be comforted by the scriptures, which in Revelation 21:4 says this:

"He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old things have passed away"

Rest in peace auntie, until that glorious day when we shall meet again and enjoy your wonderful kindness and cuisine forever.

Fombad Tosah Fombad (Nephew)
Werksmans Attorneys, Sandton
South Africa
Posted by Jennifer Fombad on October 12, 2019
Dear auntie Edith,

Infact death is actually a mystery.
Oh! Its a great loss for us in the family.
But God who give has taken.
We will do not need to ask questions.

We will miss that smile and the jokes you make,
When we are in a family gathering.

We love you but God loves you more !

Adieu auntie Edith till we meet again.

Jennifer Fombad
Posted by Loic Fombad Simen Musaga on October 12, 2019
A tribute to my beloved aunt by Loic Fombad Simen Musaga

Dear grandma,
It was great shock to learn at school of your sudden departure on the morning of the 15 of September. I have not been able to focus in school since then. I have asked God several questions and realise I have no answers because God knows it all and knows our end from the beginning.

Although you were my mums’ dearest sister, I called you grandma because you were more than an aunt to me. You were like another grandmother to me, because you gave me the love, care and support that could only be compared to that given to me my late grandparent’s mama and papa Fombad. My mum told me your name Afor was also named after my great, great grandma.

Even though I existed only for a shorter part of your life, you have been there for all of mine. You were part of my earliest and fondest memories and always will be. Growing up I spent most of my school holidays with you together with my sisters Effie Bijoux and my brother Eddie .I was part of your life and home in Yaoundé and you welcomed me with open arms You were concerned about my education and encouraged me to be the best in order to make my mum proud.

You did not hesitate to scold and me and tell me the bitter truth in love. “Fat boy” you will call me when are you cutting down “Fat is not good for your health” You would say. Grand ma, the hardship of school has gotten me in to shape. I wish you were there to see me when I come home during this Christmas holidays.

A few months ago you did all you can to make sure Effie come to school to bid me bye on her way to Canada.

Grandma, you went too soon without waiting to see us live out your expectations for us and give back to you? My heart is heavy.

The only way we your children can all remember you is to keep up with your legacy and live up to your expectations.

Rest in peace grandma and say hello to the really grandmas Mama and papa Fombad.

Your grandchild (Nephew)
Loic Fombad Simen Musaga.
Posted by Steve Aldric Tongo on October 12, 2019
Très chère Grandma!

J’ai décidé de t’écrire une petite lettre pour te dire au revoir !
Je dis bien au revoir car j’espère qu’un jour on se reverra.
Mon père m’a promis de te l’amener cette lettre, là ou tu te reposeras, sur ton tombeau ... Grandma, tu vas me manquer considérablement ; me manqueront ton sourire, tes yeux doux et tant apaisants, ton visage serein et tes mots de réconforts.

Tu as été la personne plus pure et plus innocente que je connaisse.
J'espère que tu es en paix là en haut.
Tu seras dans mes pensées et dans mon cœur.
Tu fais partie de moi, de mon existence.
Merci, merci et merci encore d’avoir été la plus douce des Grandma !

Toute ta famille garde de toi un délicieux souvenir.
Beaux souvenirs du temps d'avant qui va alimenter notre avenir.

Ta mort Grandma, est juste un départ pour le paradis des belles personnes. Car la parole du Seigneur dit dans Apocalypse 21:4 "Il essuiera toute larme de leurs yeux, et la mort ne sera plus, et il n'y aura plus ni deuil, ni cri, ni douleur, car les premières choses ont disparu".

Repose en paix très chère Grandma!
ADIEU Grandma!

Ton neveu
Steve Aldric Tongo
Posted by Jac Fombad on October 11, 2019
My Dear & Loving Sister,

The news of your unprecedented passing unto glory shocked me to the bones, & rendered me speechless. l took it for a joke in bad taste, until l came to your house in Y'de & did not see u, but met a crowd of sorrowful looking people, that it dawned on me that it actually was no joke.

l cannot forget how during every phone call you will ask when l will come to stay with you for some time, & l kept procrastinating until, behold, you are there no more to receive me, just when l was contemplating to come.


The Holy Spirit joined, & the Three-In-One decided your time was up!

Who are we to question, why you,why now ?
ln everything we give thanks to God.
We only pray that God Almighty would forgive you all your sins, & receive you to join Jesus at His right hand, till we meet again to part no more.

We loved you very much, but God loved you most.

We also pray that God would grant us the fortitude to bear your loss.


Posted by Manga Fombad on October 10, 2019
My dearest Aunt.
Words cannot describe the sadness that washed over me upon hearing of your passing. Although it has been a while since I last saw you, I still remember the energetic and passionate lady who always left me in owe when I was younger! I remember how I always looked forward to visiting your home when I still lived in Yaounde, how you will always introduce me to strange and wonderful treats I had never had before... like cornflakes :) . We will have preferred for you to be with us a little longer, but I guess God had different plans. Please look favourably upon us from your vantage point above and guide our steps as we navigate this world without you.
Posted by Beatrice Mbony on October 10, 2019

You broke our hearts to lose you!

You did not go alone,
For part of us went with you,
The day God called you home.

You left us peaceful memories,
Your love is still our guide,
And thought we can not see you,
You are always at our side.

Our family chain is braking,
And nothing seems the same, but as God call you we know you are beside him all the time and your spirit is always around us.

Love you big sister!
We will forever miss you!

Rest In Perfect Peace until we meet to part no more.
Posted by Colette Tamhoua Tsobgny on October 10, 2019
Avant tout, je voudrais vous remercier au nom de la famille d’être venu, parfois de loin saluer une dernière fois une connaissance, une collègue, une amie, une tante, une belle-sœur, une cousine, une maman, et ainsi nous accompagner dans cet au -revoir si douloureux. Il est difficile de résumer en quelque ligne une personne comme Edith, ma belle-sœur, ma sœur, ma complice, mon amie. Mais je dirais avant tout que tu étais l’amour à l’état brut, parfois sans concession, toujours sans limites. Tu avais un cœur en toutes choses.

Ceux qui nous connaissent savent que nous avions une relation particulière, fusionnelle, une complicité sans faille. Tu m’appelais, beau-père ou Maah, jamais par mon prénom. Je t’ai aimé sans te connaître, juste à travers la description de mon frère. Oui, il t‘a aimé, il a su me décrire par téléphone les qualités humaines que tu avais ! l’amour de sa vie. Tu étais encore étudiante à la FAC de Yaoundé. Je suis tombée sous le charme. Je t’ai rencontré, tu étais respectueuse, bienveillante, pétillante de vie, accueillante usant de beaucoup d’humour pour distraire tes hôtes. Tes qualités humaines et ton altruisme faisaient que ta compagnie était recherchée et appréciée.

Je me souviens de nos fous rires à rendre mon frère jaloux de cette complicité. J’ai attendu avec impatience votre mariage  en 1994, et la venue d’EDDY en 1995 sans oublier les filles bien sûr ! Ces évènements m’ont comblé de joie. Tu as été une épouse aimante et dévouée pour mon frère, sa famille. Ta rencontre avec lui  l’a transformé et vous ont comblés de bonheur avec 3 magnifiques enfants, sans oublié tous ceux que tu as rencontrés et élevés.  Tu as été une béquille sur laquelle il pouvait s’appuyer. Tu as su l’élever, l’aider à traverser plusieurs tempêtes.

Aussi, Tu savais cultiver l’amitié à Merveille. Etre ton amie c’était être dans ta famille, être ton frère ou ta sœur de cœur. A cet effet, je me souviens de nos multiples séjours chez tes parents à Bamenda. Leur accueille, cette maison si chaleureuse, qui a su accueillir tous  les enfants lorsqu’ils étaient en vacances au Cameroun. Le départ soudain de tes parents fut également un choc pour toi et aussi pour nous tous. Embrasse- les chaleureusement pour nous.

Aujourd’hui, tu vas manquer à toute la famille, les enfants, les beaux-fils, les belles-filles, les petit- enfants, tes frères et sœurs, tes belles-sœurs, et particulièrement à papa comme tu l’appelais affectueusement. Ils sont tous orphelins de toi et de ton amour pour eux.

Ta mort est un dernier enseignement que tu nous partages. Elle nous donne encore plus à penser à l’importance de vivre pleinement chaque instant comme tu savais le faire. Sans rancune, toujours avec le sourire, infatigable,  à chercher à faire plaisir, les étreintes chaleureuses, le moindre mot doux pour chacun de tes convives.

Après Mao, c’est toi ! C’est terrible pour nous. Nous sommes dévastés, perdus sans toi. Mais le seigneur sait pourquoi il a fait ce choix. Nous dévons l’accepter et te laisser partir !

Mais, en nous laissant sur le quai de la vie, tu nous a quittés afin de partir vers des contrées certainement plus reposants et paradisiaques.

Il nous faut faire notre deuil et te laisser partir en paix ; il nous faut accepter que la mort fasse partie du chemin de la vie, et nous devons la concevoir comme une étape de notre destinée personnelle.

Cependant ta mort, ne peut effacer tous nos beaux souvenirs et nos belles pensées pour toi.

Nous penserons à toi chaque jour, avec douceur et plein d’amour ; nos pensées affectueuses t’accompagneront sur ton nouveau chemin.

Le pays ou tu es arrivée depuis le 15 septembre, est certainement un pays sans douleur, sans stress, tu y a rencontré tes parents, Mao et tous ceux que tu as aimés et qui t‘ont précédés. Je pense qu’il y règne l’amour et la sérénité permanente. Repose donc en paix dans ce monde délicieux ou je sais que tu nous observes et nous écoutes avec affection. Alors, continue de prendre soin de nous comme tu savais le faire et particulièrement de papa, ton chéri, ton amour comme tu me disais !!.

Nos larmes et nos pleurs sont des mots d’amour envoyés au ciel afin de couvrir ton cœur de bonheur dans ta dernière demeure.

Merci pour tout ton amour Maah
Posted by Celestina Bi Ngochia on October 10, 2019
We called you, Edith,
Some called you mummy,
Others big sis,
And that was the recognition of the big sister title you wanted.

That night l saw you in my dream, your face was not very clear, it all showed we were in a funeral ground, processing to bury a loved one. ln that dream l was so busy in the organisation. Few hours after it was dawn and woke up wondering why l had such a dream who was actually gone or about to go.
Then the phone call came from your sister Loveline in Douala screaming your name. I found myself going through that dream again and again, wondering why you hide your face from me.

Edith, how l wish l could stop you from dying, how l wish l got up and no phone calls came?

We will forever miss you, no matter how hard we all cry, you are gone to prepare a place for us. You were so full of life, Vibrant and cheerful. you opened your doors to everyone. You celebrated birthdays and born houses for us, you emptied your food store to feed people. You were always ready to enter your kitchen ant any hour of the day or night to cook and feed people.

The past weeks have been the worst to me, but you know what they say, God only takes the best. Everything happens for a reason. You have left a big family, who will never stop talking about you, because you touched so many lives while here on earth.

Hmmmmmm big sis fare well and remember we love you and will continue to love you till we meet to part no more.

From Celestine Ngochia. (Family Friend).
Posted by Joyce Ashuntantang on October 7, 2019
Rest in Love Edith: A Collective Tribute from Sister-Friends in the USA

It is hard to even fathom that we are writing this tribute for you Edith! Afor, you would even be surprised to see some of our names in this group. Yes, your friendship and love brought us together. We got to know you at different times in our lives and in different climes. We each had our own relationship with you and shared different memories – some in primary school ….others in secondary and high school, others at the University of Yaoundé and others on the long corridors of life as children, teenagers, young adults and grown women.
Our experiences with you may have been different and varied, but we now share something: the impact of your sudden death on us. The news came in suddenly like a potent bomb on that September 15, shattering that calm Sunday morning.
The tears have not stopped flowing especially as we agonize over what could have been done differently to prevent this early return to your maker. You were hardworking, diligent, strategic, purposeful, thoughtful, and generous. You were blessed with an uncanny knowledge of the world around us. No wonder your sudden departure hurts. You had made us to believe that you understood the contours of life and could overcome any challenges you encountered, but death found you Edith and you closed your eyes just like that!
What do we tell your children, Eddy, Effie and Ake? Everything still seems like a mirage. Your peculiar soft-spoken voice still rings in our ears, your enchanting smile still invades our quiet moments, and your boisterous laughter still echoes in our thoughts. Indeed, memories of your joie de vivre make acute the pain of your departure and the void increases with each passing day.

Yet, who are we to question the ancestors and the almighty God we serve?

All we have left are prayers for the sweet repose of your soul. Rest in love Edith! Rest in Peace Afor! Until we meet to part no more…

Your sister-friends,

Regine Neh Achu        Rose Lum Anye          Joyce Ashuntantang
Maryland, USA          Maryland, USA          Connecticut, USA

Adellys Mbah Binyame,  Victorine Ambe Dwamina Gladys Nchang Fru
Massachusettes, USA    Minnesota, USA          Maryland, USA

Geraldine Ngum Nchotu  Mary Niba,              Kristy Tchaptchet Pafe
Maryland, USA           Maryland, USA          Texas, USA

Helen Taiwani           Beatrice Toche           Olivia Bih Tumanjong
Maryland, USA          California, USA           Maryland, USA

Posted by Fombad AKE Gaele on October 7, 2019
I'm still in Dubiety. Yes, it's a nightmare for me. I will not like to ask God why because I will never get and answer only him and him alone has the final say.

My icon, your ways were such an example i always want to follow. Aunty your zealous and hardworking ways always gave me the courage to have same ambitions. Despite the trial moments my wedding preparations boasted the bond as one family. You ask for my wedding to be done at your mansion and when I disagreed you insisted to be the chair lady and informed me of the task you were to take. Jesus! am I writing a tribute to my chairlady? What a wedding without you, the void in my heart is unbearable. You always call me with a soft voice and say "my baby what has grand MA done to you? please forgive me" ooh! Those lovely words are all gone in the physical but my memory will forever retain it. My to be husband was happy he will meet you on the wedding day after only talking to you on phone but the cold hands of death just snatched you within the twinkle of an eye.

I pray may your gentle soul continue to rest in peace.
Please do say hello to my dad and granny's for me.

Adieu! Aunty.

Posted by Anyoh Fombad on October 5, 2019
Aunty!! I tried to write something the last couple of days, but I lacked the words. Daddy Rudolf asked me why I didn't write yet, but I explained to him that I get emotional every time I try. Since your passing, I have been overwhelmed with a rush of so many feelings - sadness, fear, anger, terror, etc. Life is just too short!! Every time someone expresses their condolences to me, the wound opens up all over again.

Aunty, you and I had a special connection! You were a straight shooter - always told me like it is. We cracked jokes together and you never failed to "throw shade" at me when I made a promise to call and never fulfilled. "My mannequin" or "my baby" - that's how you always called me! I spoke to you three weeks prior to your passing and you were telling me about all the delicious meals you prepared for my father daddy Rudolf. You will say that to "make me langa" so that I should come visit too. Your last words to me were to always keep in touch and look out for Eddy, Effie and Bijou. They say hindsight is 20/20 and looking back, you were unknowingly getting things ready for your departure. Aunty, I heard you well and I will look out for them!

It still feels surreal that I am writing a tribute. All your wishes for me came to pass and just when I was going to update you about the state of things, you left me hanging, aunty! September has always been special because it is my birthday month, but things will never be the same again. Aunty, I pray for your soul; for your eternal rest in God's bosom. I pray for us all as a family; for strength, peace, closure and comfort. This is not goodbye, but see you later, aunty! I love you forever!

Your mannequin,


Posted by Tako Eddy Tsobgny on October 5, 2019
A tribute to my Beautiful Mother (My Northern Star)

Every prayer I ever made in my life; my first lines were God guide and watch over my Mum. Mum you were my Northern Star, the Star I will look up to in times of darkness and confusion to lead my way and guide me.

Words won’t describe how I feel right now Mum. You were my everything from when you gave birth to me to this day you remain my everything. I love you unconditionally and I will always love you unconditionally. You are the best thing that happened in my life and I thank God for blessing me with an amazing mother like you.

Waking up every morning and having to relive the memory of you not being around anymore is the hardest thing to face. I honestly get scared when I think of having to face life without you by my side to guide me. However, you were a woman of great strength and will want me to keep on fighting the good fight and keep on living in your footsteps and memory and that is what I will do. I thank God for your life and for giving you the wisdom and strengthen to raise me to the man I am today.

You always told me of how proud Effie, Ake and I made you be. Honestly there was no better feeling to me than knowing I made you proud. That is what I lived for, making you proud. Now more than ever, I will keep on making you proud. I will watch over my two baby sisters like you taught me to always do Mum.

We will never forget you My Mummy your soft spoken voice when we spoke over the phone, your beautiful smile that brighten our days, your advises that guided us in the hardest times and your forever present love towards us that always made us feel loved. We will continue to love and carry your legacy in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

Rest in Peace my Beautiful and Amazing Mother.

Your First Son Eddy or Tako (My Father) so you called me.

Posted by HELEN Tanwani on October 5, 2019
Goodbye, Too Soon
Edith you are not only a friend but a sister to me. You were such a nice solf-spoken lady with a ready smile for everyone. We were always together until I and my family left for the United States of America and we had many experiences together. But each time that I visited Cameroon you and the husband will invite me for lunch or dinner. Last year when you guys invited me for lunch, I remember us eating on the table and discussing our past how we struggle through University together. We also discuss about our children and how we are growing old. I never for one moment thought that it was my last lunch with you. Edith your passing away so sodden has taught me that we cannot know what God’s plan is for us. What we can do is to live our lives as best as we can with purpose, love and with joy.
Although you are gone, but the memory of the times we spend together as friend and sisters will remain with me and my family. May your soul rest in eternal peace
Posted by Grace Fombad on October 5, 2019
“Mummy, I wan ask you why you tek we Pa away? Weti you tink sey you don do fo dey family”?
“Mummy, dey way you an pa dey enjoy fo Addis I dey jelos, oh”!When will I come to see you people”? Afor, if I was dreaming about these words and loving accusations from you, it is no longer a dream now! We waited too long for time but the time ran faster than we could plan as humans. Your Pa could not carry all the food you prepared for me and the family as if we were starving in Ethiopia. It doesn’t matter what is available here, you showed your usual motherly love caring for all. No wonder the children always talk of Auntie Edith did this and that and “spoiled” us! You touched them as you touched us all. Time seemed to have been in our hands. What an error to think that way!
My candle was burning in the wind and I did not realize how fast it was going to be blown out. I let the law of nature play out on me that the older will go first and Sunday 15th September was too late a wake- up call! God’s ways are not our ways. If it were dependent on me, I would get a cane and whip you to get up and continue your job because it is not yet finished, or so I believe, but the Lord your Protector, Redeemer and Saviour says it is time to come home. Who am I to question Him? Time on earth is never too long where there is love and so my dearest sister-in-law who also saw me as a mother, it was too short our time together.
Many have said so many things about you, but I want you to know your soft spoken words continue to echo in my mind like a sweet melody that no fire can burn out or water can quench. You burned out yourself to give love to others and in particular those you love and care for. You will be greatly missed physically but not spiritually.
Rest in Peace my darling until we meet to part no more.
Grace Fombad
Posted by Maggie Fombad on October 4, 2019
Awang it's very hard for me to bear this shock!
We discussed and you never mentioned anything like ill health!
The following week when I heard was unbelievable,
Your departure from this earth!
My sister and the same time my in-law,
I will forever miss you most!
May the Almighty receive you in his bossom!

In-law FOMBAD Margaret from Douala
Posted by Rose Tosam on October 3, 2019
Hmmm I cannot believe this Edith. I can remember seeing you the Thursday
and Friday before your death.God made me to see you .we were in the same ministry..Each time I see your colleagues I cannot imagine you are no more.look how hardworking you were, in your home and in your office. Your appointment a few months ago proves this .Only God knows why you have gone at this moment when our family and the Education family needed you most. Greet ma and pa fombad and also my father Pa chongwain who also took you like his special daughter.We do not argue with God.Rest in perfect peace
Posted by William Fombad on October 3, 2019
Tribute to Mum/Aunty
The news of your sudden demise left an empty hole in my heart. I am still in denial and shock! Mum, I remember my first day at school in Azire, you held my hand and walked me to school. The fond memories of your multiple trips to Bamenda, were always filled with excitement. When I furthered my studies in Yaoundé, you mentored and instilled confidence in me.
  Mum, you instructed us to write every book of the Bible, placed in every room to aid with our daily devotion.This practice, instilled in me faith and appreciation for humanity.
 You were very disciplined, always offered advice and never held your tongue when I drifted. You have touched and nurtured countless lives, your legacy is forever enshrined in our memories.
Despite the storm, God is constant.  His love never fails.  His hope endures for eternity. Mum, May your gentle soul Rest In Peace. Adieu!

Psalms 23 4
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
William Fombad.
Posted by Rudolf Fombad on October 2, 2019

Tribute to Edith Afor

When the bomb shell news fell on the morning of September 15, I begged God that it was a mistaken identity, but I was wrong. My sister was gone indeed! I could hardly believe that we were together three weeks before in Yaoundé and you reminded me of the delicious food our parents used to cook for us. Your calls were an alarm to remind me breakfast, lunch and dinner were ready. You reminded me of our youthful days that I would not have wanted to see ended but I had to return to the family in Addis Ababa,
Sister, you did not tell me bye-bye but made me believe we were separated for a short time by distance!! You did not tell me you were sick. In your sleep you shut the doors on me and the whole family. I guess you were not even aware of this moment and so my questions of “why” will never be answered by anyone of us. All I know is that our parents have welcomed you home in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 
Afor, the gap you have created will be difficult to fill as no one can ever take your place. Your home was a welcoming place for all family members and friends. Your laughter and great banquets that filled the air and fed everybody have come to an abrupt end. A replica of our parents whose pots were never empty or washed for the night and the mid-night visitor had something to eat. We will all miss your warmth!
Sister, you are gone and never to return to us. Like David, we will come to meet you and our joy will be complete singing songs of praises to our great King, Jesus Christ, the master of ceremony. Rest in peace, baby sister and carry our greetings to big Papa and Mama of Nyen, Mami and Papa of Azire; and all the other Family members who have gone before you for us.
Adieu Dear Sister.

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