The Love of Linda

Shared by Linda Corney on September 28, 2011

I feel breathless as I watch and witness my father prepare for his inetivable fate.

Though he cannot articulate words, he communicates with his expressions and eyes, letting me know, he knows.

As I deeply empathize with him, I know he is fearful of his unknown destiny yet he is prepared to move on.

The greatest gifts I've recieved from him are is heartfelt Love and Compassion for life and people.

I know I will miss him dearly and I know my world will be completely different without him in it; yet, after years of sacrifice and suffering, I wish him eternal peace, serenity and tranquility.  Despite the challenges he endured throughout his life, this has yet been his most difficult. 

I am OK with letting you go Dad, despite the vast emptyness I will feel and I will try to fill that emptyness with thoughts of you being with those who have gone before you and Love you - Mom has waited a long time for you.

With my overwhelming Love for you, Dad...Go in peace, you have endured enough hardships and deserve happiness now.  A big piece of my heart will always be reserved for you therefore, you will always be significant in my life.

Sweet Dreams.

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