Posted by Kathleen Valentine on April 29, 2022
Hi Ted,
The boys have grown so much since you last saw them. Caleb has hair the same color that your's was! Elijah is now playing the Bass Viola. You have a new granddaughter as well as a new grandson! I know you would have been thrilled. Katie and Ernie's daughter is named Elora and Kelly and Ricky's new son is named Jackson. Megan and Michael are doing well. Your family is strong and successful in their lives. You have left behind a beautiful legacy.
Posted by Megan Milner on April 27, 2022
Dad, I cannot believe it's been 3 years. Still feels like it was a month ago. I miss u everyday. We do everything we can to honor you and celebrate u by doing the things you loved in your honor. The boys miss you. It's not an assumption they actually tell me they miss papa. We will sit and talk about you and I reassure them we all have a special guardian angel now. I love you so very much dad and I look forward to the day we meet again. All my love.
Your Daughter,
Megan ❤❤
Posted by Megan Milner on February 26, 2022
Happy Birthday dad. I cannot put into words how much you are missed. We love you so much. The boys and I miss you. ❤
Happy Heavenly Birthday. Please watch over Mikayla for me. I love you. ❤❤❤
Posted by Kathleen Valentine on February 26, 2022
Happy Birthday Ted!! Hope your travels in the Superstitions are peaceful.
Posted by Kathryn Jeror on February 26, 2022
Remembering Ted and his loved ones on his birthday.
Posted by Kathryn Jeror on April 27, 2021
You are not forgotten. Hoping that the pain of your passing has eased somewhat for your family, so that the fond memories can bring joy to those who love you.
Posted by Megan Milner on February 26, 2021
Happy 74th birthday in heaven dad. The boys and I miss you so much. I love you and wish you a happy Birthday in heaven. Keep Mikayla safe for me until i get there. All my love.
Posted by Kathleen Valentine on December 23, 2020
Merry Christmas Ted. This was always your favorite holiday. At first it was what gifts Santa brought you and sleepless Christmas Eves. Later it was the joy of giving gifts to your children and grandchildren. You didn't have much, but what ever you had you would gladly give. Happy Trails in your travels through the Superstitions.
Posted by Megan Milner on April 27, 2020
I love you.
One year ago today I heard news that shattered my heart, there is a hole that will never go away where you belong. I still remember being at you apt a year ago and believing "this cant be real, I'm not ready to lose my dad, my kids love you so much and aren't ready". I am grateful for being able to see you just days before and Caleb, Elijah and I got to spend what we didn't know would be our last Easter with you. Easter will never be the same with out you. My heart physically hurts just writing this. I love you with my whole heart, and think of you daily and miss you so much. I thought it would be easier with time but it's not. I still hurt like the day you went to heaven. The only comfort I get is knowing Mikayla is being cared for by such a loving, caring, kind, and generous PaPa. I love you dad!!!!! You saved me from myself many times and I never got to truly thank u for that. I hope you hear me in heaven. I LOVE YOU DAD! 
Posted by Kathryn Jeror on April 27, 2020
It's hard to believe it has been a year already since your passing. You are remembered as a man who loved his sister, children, and grandchildren with everything you had. You are missed and live on in their hearts and in the memories you made.
Posted by Kathleen Valentine on April 27, 2020
Well Ted, it was one year ago today that I found that you had left my life forever. It was one of the worst days of my life and I continue to miss you everyday. To repeat a phrase I once read, "I shall miss loving you". You were all I had left of my family and the last who knew our history. You always gave the best gifts that always made me laugh and smile. May God hold you in the palm. of his hand.
Posted by Kathleen Valentine on February 26, 2020
Happy Birthday Brother! So sorry that you are not here to celebrate it with us.  I miss our conversations and sharing of our common history. My hope is that you are with Nana, Mom, Aunt Gert and Dad. You were one tough dude for sure. You made it through some difficult and trying times.
Posted by Megan Milner on February 26, 2020
You wouldve been 73 today, you always said you would never make it past 60ish, well you did! And i am eternally grateful you did!! Your grandsons are too, we all love you so much. Keep an eye out in heaven as we will be sending a special message up to you this afternoon. I hope you are smiling down on us and im doing my best to make you proud. And i know you will be in the next couple months, we have big changes coming! You would be so happy to see Caleb will be at saguaro next year and Elijah's last year at pima is next year. I miss you so much. Cant even delete you number out of my phone. I love you dad and am so appriciative that you made such an impact in my kids lives. They will remember and love you forever. Happy heavenly Birthday Dad. All my love,
Posted by Pamela Fleege on May 5, 2019
I never had the opportunity to meet Ted face to face but feel I know him through the vivid and funny stories Kathy has shared over the years. The three things that ran through the many stories she shared with me was Ted's love for his children, love for his sister and the ability to find just the right gift to delight people. It was evident he listened when many thought he wasn't. He stored those nuggets up to be used for birthdays and special occasions to the delight of the recipient. He may not have shared how much he loved everyone but it was in the little things. All were well loved by their brother, father and grandfather.
Posted by Kathryn Jeror on May 1, 2019
I was able to meet Ted during the time he lived here in northern New York. He loved his sister, children, and grandchildren. I also remember how he loved his Cadillac. I know that love, care, and communication over recent years brought Ted and Kathy closer over shared memories and history. You came to understand each other better and were able to reminisce about your childhood. Even when he had little, he loved to be able to give gifts. He is a brother, father, and grandfather who will be missed.
Posted by Kathleen Valentine on May 1, 2019
We went through so many difficult times in our lives together. The illnesses and loss of both of our parents was a sorrow that we always silently carried. Through good times and bad, that bond was always there. Always wanting to provide the support that was lost too early in our lives. You made it through many, many disappointments and illnesses, I thought you could do this too. You are gone way too soon and I will miss you.

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