Shared by Allen Reed on June 26, 2020
Ed was a great friend who I worked with, Spent time with and fished with. We always looked forward to our annual trout fishing trips to Worlds end State Park where we would rent a cabin and fish the Loyalsock creek. We would also travel the area in pursuit of other great fishing spots. One of our favorites was Rock Run in Ralston PA. Our fishing would involve a lot of hiking. Sometimes the weather would be good and other times we couldn't feel our fingers from the cold but we never stopped. We always had fun and made great memories. This world has lost a great man. Everyone liked Ed and his company. Ed always had positive infectious attitude. Ed will always be missed and I am thankful to have known him and for all the Great memories. 
Shared by Carly Schoch on June 20, 2020
I met the Pentecost family when I was around 11. Early memories started with Ed’s daughter, Taryn, who quickly became my very best friend. At the time I had switched middle schools and the Pentecost family wanted to help me adjust, so Taryn invited me to a weekend at her family’s lake houses. I had no idea the impact this weekend away would have on my life. It was there I caught my first bass, first time I rowed a boat, first time I enjoyed real pierogies from one of Ed’s favorite places, first time I rafted behind a boat.  Ed was so excited about his boat. We enjoyed every moment we could with it, as sometimes it wouldn’t cooperate.

The first time I ever went camping was with Ed, Jeanette, Taryn, and Tierney in the most amazing pop up camper while joining the Mitchell’s annual Knobels trip. And I can’t even forget all the soccer and field hockey games you were on the sideline cheering us on. 

When Taryn and I were in middle school,  I distinctively remember the joy Ed had taking Taryn and another friend of ours out on the back roads of Haycock in the Buick so we could spot deer. Oh the Buick. Then there was the tractors which were so coveted that when we started to bring boys around it was made very clear to keep the boys away from the tractors. And of course there is the Triumph. 

My last memories with Ed was during one of Taryn’s recent visits home. He took she and I all throughout his favorite Bucks County back roads, admiring the Delaware River throughout Upper Blck Eddy.  He introduced me to my now favorite restaurant, The Black Bass, and to my favorite coffee shop/general store, Homestead Coffee Roasters.

It was so easy for the Pentecost family quickly became my own. I remember how excited our family was when we realized we were at the Outer Banks at the same time as the Pentecost’s.

I am overwhelmed by all the amazing memories I shared with this family. I’m so sorry for the loss of your main man. He was truly one of a kind, gentle, loving soul. He had a way of making everyone feel welcome.  I feel so honored to have grown up in the presence of such an inspiring, genuinely kind, loving man.

Ed, you have left such a huge footprint on my life and so many other lives. To say you will be missed is an understatement. Your spirit will continue to live on through all of us and our wonderful memories of you. I hope you are at peace. I will forever be here for your girls. 
Shared by Jeff Barndt on June 19, 2020
 I met Ed as many did in the world of precast
concrete. A stellar salesman and gentlemen whose phone never seemed to stop ringing as we stopped for lunch between site visits.
We would chat together about the business, his endless list of people he knew, and his hobbies. He always insisted on helping me
with my duties post-tensioning culverts. He wanted to learn, but of course I would just always say "I got it". But with his muck boots in toe I would find him in the hole over my shoulder. When he stopped by Oldcastle for a final visit he looked for me but of course I was on the road so we didn't connect. I wondered the roads of haycock looking for his house one Sunday but never did find his house. So I'm left with the good times we had, the stories your customers still tell me while I'm on the road traveling about. Your a "good..good..." man Ed, missed deeply.


Shared by Sandy Peth on June 18, 2020
My wife and I knew Ed and his wife because in many ways our lives ran in parallel. The biggest connection was both our wives were pregnant at the same time. And lived a couple of houses down the road.
Ed was a family man doing extra work as a chimney sweep and wood stove installer to help make life better and secure for his family.
i was working two jobs myself when we met.
i went on a few jobs with Ed and I was impressed with his honesty and integrity. In short the customer is not just always right but deserves his very best.
As time passed our lives went in different directions, although we did not stay in touch our children did, even as his daughter ended up half a world away. I can not imagine Ed had changed that much. That being said the world is a lesser place without him in it. To soon

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