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  • 59 years old
  • Born on August 4, 1953 in Newark, New Jersey, United States.
  • Passed away on October 15, 2012 in Clifton, New Jersey, United States.

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Walter Yarbrough, a friend since 1986.

Posted by Linda McRae on 17th October 2018
Dear Ed, this time of year is so full of memories. I met Walter in person on October 30, 2011. We were looking forward to you visiting us in Atlanta this month also but then we lost you. Your passing was so terribly hard on Walter. And he missed your daily calls. And then I lost Walter in August 2014. Hey - you know his eldest son, Greg. Turns out he had written to me via Facebook shortly after Walter passed, but Facebook never forwarded his message to me. It turns out there were a lot of messages never sent to people based on some algorithm FB was using. Greg said he had been trying to contact W. Lauren said they didn't know how to reach him. Phoey. Greg was probably calling an old phone number. I wasn't monitoring W's email etc. I guess I should have been. I was so overwhelmed. Anyway, I carry angst about all that now too. W's ashes are still with me. I know Lauren wants them. Greg said to give them to her. I'll keep some the rest along with his papers - mostly geology stuff to her as well. Ed and Hedy - I still have your photographs also. I will mail them back. Hedy - still the same address? I'll check the postage amount to be sure what you put on the envelopes is still enough. I'm trying so hard to get a job . . . and I can't drive my vehicle anymore. Rear axel falling off. When I get a job and am on it for at least 8 weeks I will try for this loan available - zero percent interest up to $5K. It won't be a fancy car but it will sure beat having to use the bus! Greg is married now and they have a son who was born shortly before W passed. They live in Washington state. I really do think about you often and would have enjoyed getting to know you more. Wish we all would have known each other back in the 80s when we were all in Northern NJ and me in NJ then White Plains NY at the same time. Hey - - If we used the right equipment would you and W be able to speak to us? I love watching those TV shows and want to try communicating. I believe there are ways and people like the L.I. Medium who can do that. Miss you. Hugs.
Posted by Patricia Garcia on 16th October 2018
Dear Ed, Why does it seem so much longer than 6 years that you are gone? Probably because we miss you so much! As you know we had a family gathering at our new home on your birthday. It was the only day that the caterer had available. I knew it would be perfect! Everyone was saying that it was supposed to pour rain. It did in the morning but by the afternoon it was a glorious day. I knew you would have my back! We missed you dearly! The girls are growing up to be beautiful young ladies. Krista is looking into different options of sports. Marysia is it her last year for her Masters. You would be so proud of both of them. Wish you were here! Love and miss you! Pat
Posted by Hedy Abramski-Hahn on 15th October 2018
Have been thinking of you most especially this weekend as autumn makes its entry. I know you would have enjoyed this weather. The leaves are turning and the Holidays loom before us, and once again I think of our times at Barnes & Noble and having our discussions and seeing you walk in bundled up on a winter's day. It is painful to not have you here doing all those everyday things and sharing in the gift of life. I miss you very much. For now I say, Sayonara, but you are never far from me and always in my thoughts. Much love from your 'sis', Hedy
Posted by Hedy Abramski-Hahn on 4th August 2018
And so dear brother, I am home from the afternoon spent with family at Pat and Victor's place just around the corner from Tunney Dr. You would have liked this place. Like all theirs homes it is lovely. We all miss your presence so very much. Joan and her grown up boys talked about your favorite ice cream at the Shore and your visits with them to the ocean. I wish you did not have to leave us so soon. I wrap my arms around memories of you and send you love from all the family. Sayonara for now...Hedy
Posted by Linda McRae on 4th August 2018
Hey, Ed! And Hello to your sis, Hedi, also. I still have your pics and once I have some cash I AM going to mail them back to her. It's been so long yet it doesn't seem like it. Recently I was even thinking about you taking the Chinese class. That was so cool. I might be getting to know a guy who grew up in NJ. Check him out for me, please. And between you and Ron could you please help me find a good job? Geesh, this is getting old. I miss NJ. I've been thinking to that when I first moved to NJ from WI that I was going to go to art school. Big mistake that I didn't. Now I'm so old and still want to. I do so hope you and Walter and causing commotion wherever you are. Laugh and play. Just like you used to. I love you, Ed. Peace!
Posted by Hedy Abramski-Hahn on 4th August 2018
Happy Birthday Ed! Will be celebrating and remembering your birthday at the Garcia's new house at the Shore. I know you will be with us. I think of you often and speak of you to my friends too. I wish we could see each other, not just today, but other days too when we would meet at Barnes & Noble and talk about life, books, the "boys" and the future as well as our past. Heather was up from Florida and we all paid a visit to you and Mom and Pop and Joe. You are all on our minds and in our lives. Miss you so. "Sis"
Posted by Patricia Garcia on 15th October 2017
How ironic that I have been thinking of you so much recently. Krysta had her first college swim meet. Walt and Karen were here and I know you would have been here being so proud of her. Marysia is going for her masters in Speech at Montclair. How excited you would have been for both of them. Please continue to be a guardian angel to both of them. Watch over all of us as we continue here always remembering you. So sad you are gone so early. Look forward to the time we meet again! But not too soon hopefully! Love you and miss you so much!
Posted by Hedy Abramski-Hahn on 15th October 2017
Missing you always and thinking of you everyday. So much I wish I could share with you in the live of the "boys" and their families. How much I miss you! Wish I could have done more for you....the constant lament of the living I suppose. With love from your 'sis'.
Posted by Linda McRae on 28th October 2016
Oh, Ed. My heart aches so much for Walter. I spoke of him in a group discussion this morning. If only you had stopped to see us in Atlanta as planned maybe both of you would still be here. I so wanted to meet you. You were such a dear friend to Walter - the Only one, in fact. He loved your daily calls and felt so lost when they ended. Walter goes where I go. I'm homeless currently so he rides with me in the car, even. I didn't meet you but I love you. -Linda
Posted by Hedy Abramski-Hahn on 15th October 2016
It is so sad to recall this day. It is a glorious autumn day and I wish you were here. Meet me for coffee at Barnes and Noble okay? Missing you so much. Sis
Posted by Patricia Garcia on 6th August 2016
Dear Ed, as you know, I have been thinking a lot about you. I can't believe that we are marking another birthday without you. Things are moving along however I wonder how different it would be if you were still here. Another caring person to talk to. So few of them left here. Everyone is so busy however you always took time. Miss you so much! Love always., Pat
Posted by S Reed on 6th August 2016
Happy birthday, Ed. I'm sure you and Walter are having a grand time together. Miss you both very much. Hugs and kisses go out to your wonderful sister, Hedy. With love - Linda McRae-Yarbrough
Posted by Hedy Abramski-Hahn on 4th August 2016
And so today I remember your birthday. Walt and I were looking at some old photos and there you were in your stroller. Gail and I would take you for walks up to West Side Park to watch the boys play baseball, Looking at all the pictures of you as you grew was bittersweet. I miss you everyday and often think of you struggling with your Japanese studies. Well I guess you are fluent now! Thinking of you with love and some sadness and loneliness. Your sis, Hedy
Posted by Hedy Abramski-Hahn on 15th October 2015
Hi Ed, Can't even find the here in Brooklyn, thinking of you and how you would always be concerned for Alex. As it happened, she outlived you by two years. So many people gone now. I have not stopped missing you and I suppose I never will. That is just how it is. Wishing we could have a few more coffees together, and those philosophical discussions. The void remains, and it hurts. Love you, Sis
Posted by Linda McRae on 15th October 2015
Ed, Another year? How are you and Walter doing? I miss you both. Please tell Walter how much I love him. Ask him if he actually was there during the Skype time I had with the medium a few months ago. I would love you to join us too. I'm taking Walter with me to Wisconsin . . . I'm having to move back there, Green Bay, no less. When I left WI (Elk Mound/Eau Claire) in 1979 I swore I would never move back. Never say never. At some point I want to bring Walter back to the places he loved - a couple of places in SC, NJ, NY, PA, VT. VT was his favorite and I have the address. Ed, you are a wonderful person and I so wish I had met you in person.
Posted by Patricia Garcia on 5th August 2015
Dear Ed, Miss you much lately! Happy Birthday in heaven. I'm sure you are celebrating with all the best up there. So many great people to be with. I'm sure you are not lacking for fun. So Many Things happening here. Please continue to watch over us especially my girls. They miss your guidance still and all the fun they had with you. BIG HUGS to you! Love you. Pat, Vic, Marysia and Krysta!
Posted by Linda McRae on 4th August 2015
Happy Birthday, Ed. Because you have moved on to another dimension doesn't mean we don't keep celebrating your birthdays. I am laughing and smiling right now as I remember your phone calls to Walter. He so looked forward to those calls and the smile and laughter on his face was Amazing! He loved you so much. You supported him through the pain of his horrendous divorce, being homeless, etc. and I can assure you that he appreciated you through all the pain. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. I so wish I had met you and i look forward to when I do. I LOVE YOU TOO!
Posted by JOAN GUEMPEL on 4th August 2015
Hey Ed, Happy Birthday!! Wish you were here, miss you so much. :( !! Been thinking so much about you this summer... The ocean has been rough and fun, just like the way you, Jake, Bret and I like it. When in the ocean I think about you and my Dad, and how much fun my boys and I had with both of you. The crazier the water the more fun. Every time I go to Sunny Hunny with Bret, I ask him. "do you think they will ever open Twilight Icecream?" Then we talk about the fun times with you. So badly miss your visits to the beach. Love and miss you with all my heart. Cousin Joan xoxo
Posted by Hedy Abramski-Hahn on 4th August 2015
Wishing you were here to celebrate your birthday today. You are still always with me and in my thoughts. If there is a spirit world, I know you are with Yarborough and Joe. Maybe you are having 'discussions' with Alex too. Somehow, I live around the void that your death has left in my life.Missing you ALWAYS. Your sister sends her love to you.
Posted by Linda McRae on 27th July 2015
Hi, Ed. I do so hope you and Walter have met out there and are having a joyous, happy time together again. I can't believe it's been almost a year since I lost him. Please hug him for me. Thank you for all the times you were there for him when nobody else cared. With much love - Linda
Posted by Hedy Abramski-Hahn on 15th October 2014
Was at Pete's place and just back from France tonight. Thought of you as I gazed at the big sequoia at La Meslerie where I put some of our ashes. Missing you a lot. So now Alex is gone too and Walt Yarbrough as well. You are with me. Sayonara for now.
Posted by JOAN GUEMPEL on 16th October 2013
Hey Ed, Where does the time go - no clue. The summer was not the same-the shore quiet,no Twlight ice-cream, but most of all N0 visit from you.What a great tradition we started & what the hell you had to stop it. As you watch over us, you can see that all the times we talked & I told you,"The boys & I talk about you is soooooo much" is soooo true.God do we miss you in so many ways.Love ya
Posted by Hedy Abramski-Hahn on 16th October 2013
..and so a year has passed and your memory is strong in my heart. I continue to have our talks in my head and you are often with me as the seasons change and I take you with me through them all. Your buddy, "Walt Y" is in dire straits and I know he is looking to you for strengfh. I miss you always. My love, your sister Hedy
Posted by Linda McRae on 15th October 2013
And for those of you who do not know, Walter - who set up this memorial site for Ed - was born Ronnie Dockins. A forced adoption into a nightmare began with his renaming to Walter Yarbrough. Please all pray for Ronnie/Walter. I love and need him so. Thank You.
Posted by Linda McRae on 15th October 2013
Can't believe it's this time already, Ed. I do so hope you are at peace and know how much you were and ARE so loved. But I ask you this favor if you can.As I sit here with my Ronnie lying next to me in an ICU bed fighting infection. Please talk to the powers to be and ask them to give me more time. 2 years is Not enough! Your times will come. Please. xxoo
Posted by Hedy Abramski-Hahn on 5th August 2013
Woke up at 3A.M. on your birthday and you were with me all through the night and day. I guess you wanted to remind me, but I never forget you. You are in my thoughts daily. Sorry you did not make it to celebrate your 60th, but this mortal coil is tough, perhaps you are better off where you are. I wish you were her for me to love in person. Miss you. "sis"
Posted by Jeff Pluchino on 8th January 2013
and for Everything that you have taught me, I will be Forever Grateful!
Posted by Jeff Pluchino on 8th January 2013
Much of who I am today… on a Personal level as well as a Professional level I have learned from and owe to this Great Man, Neighbor, Brother, Mentor and Best Friend Forever EDWARD ABRAMSKI. Thank You for being the Best at being You…. Knowing you has Definitely made a Significant Difference in my life…and for that alone, you have Succeeded! Till we meet again, I will Miss You…
Posted by Marysia Garcia on 2nd December 2012
Uncle Ed, i'll miss turning on my lights in my room when i get home after a weekend away to have my teddy bears fly off my fan across the room. Thank you for helping with my homework and eating my Ben and Jerry's red velvet ice cream. Miss you and love you Big HUG!!
Posted by Farley Norton on 1st December 2012
Ed, you have left us to soon when you were starting on your new path. You are deeply missed. What a true and caring friend you were to (Zeke) Walter. I spoke with you briefly and wish we had been able to get to know each other better.
Posted by Krysta Garcia on 28th November 2012
Uncle Ed, I wish we could have spent more time together and had more BIG hug. Though you are gone I know you will have front row seats at all of my swim meets. Thank you for always being there to help me with my homework. Lots of Love
Posted by Patricia Garcia on 25th November 2012
To our dearest cousin & Uncle Ed, Can't believe you have joined that "party in the sky". Will remember our special times from how you joined us when we were just married and each of our moves along our way in life. You were always there to listen like a big brother, counsel like a friend and be there when so many others couldn't. Will miss your visits even when we weren't here.
Posted by Patricia Garcia on 25th November 2012
Was looking forward to your wisdom in college choices for my girls. Please guide & protect them from above. Will miss all the times that should have been but believe that you will live on in the hearts of those who love you! Life is too short!
Posted by JOAN GUEMPEL on 23rd November 2012
Dear Ed - I can not believe I am doing this! This S _ _ _ _! I will never ever forget our last get together-in Lavallette. Our long talk-Loved it. "Getting our ass kicked"as you said in the ocean with my boys. Never laughed so much under water.BBQ,arcade...You taught me so much-not just Math but about life. You always had time and the right answer.
Posted by Peter Hahn on 20th November 2012
Uncle Eddie - Wish I could have spent more time with you over the years. Wish you could have met my kids. But no regrets right? We'll all see you on the flipside... Love
Posted by Hedy Abramski-Hahn on 18th November 2012
Dear brother Ed, Domo arigato for our many talks. When my heart was breaking u were there to listen & soothe with ur gentle words. I will miss that & our meetings at B&N to talk over life, the future, my sons, books, etc. Most of all, I grieve the loss of the years that have been stolen from u. You inspired & mentored many with ur focus, smile & empathy. Wish you were here. Sayonara, "sis"
Posted by Walter Yarbrough on 14th November 2012
Dude, U beat me in the race that has no winners... only grief for those left behind. I miss ur calls, ur humor and ur insight...
Posted by Linda McRae on 14th November 2012
We never met but became friends with your calls to my dear Walter Y. and his calls to you. W. was always eager to hear your voice, encourage your studies, laugh with glee at your stories. I thank you for that medicine. Please do stop by for a chat when opportunity presents. Hugs.

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