Posted by Terry Moran on October 29, 2020
Buddy, I'm thinking of you on this sad Anniversary. Your memories of Ed are priceless and I hope they bring you comfort. Ed was one of a kind and the world is a sadder place without him.
Posted by Christine Rich on October 29, 2019
I "worked " with Ed in the Cheltenham Players version of Sondheim's "Company", in which he was magnificent, always very touching & loveable, no matter how sarcastic his character was being! I miss him, he was one of the most natural comedians I've ever met!
Posted by Janice Beale on October 29, 2019
Was just telling stories about all the fun experiences I had with Ed with some friends not realizing it was so close to the anniversary of his death. Hope all your fond memories, Bud will sustain you at this sad time.
Posted by Terry Moran on October 29, 2019
It has been a year Buddy and i hope your grief is easing. ED still brings me many happy memories. I miss his humor and kindness. I hope you are well. Much love to you.
Posted by Rachel Ellis on November 18, 2018
I was so saddened to see Ed’s orbituary in the newspaper. I met Ed at Landsend several years ago and he always had encouraging words to offer me! Every time I drove by his house I would often wonder how he was doing and hope to see any sighting of him. No more pain my friend.
RIP dear Ed!
Posted by Janice Beale on November 7, 2018
So young. Too soon. Remembering so many fun times with lots of laughter. Helping me dress up my kids with makeup for Halloween . Showing his great flea markets finds and how he redid them always to my amazement. He had such a great eye for that sort of thing. Talked to him several years ago and now regret I didn’t take him up on the offer to visit. Will always remember Ed with a smile.
Posted by Anna Williamson on November 6, 2018
To all who loved Mr. Risell, my MOST sincere condolences to you all. Mr. Risell was my 5th grade teacher and by far my all time favorite. I was a "lost" child and Mr. Risell saved my life more than once. He taught me that I was worthy of happiness and not to settle for anything less. I will never EVER forget his infectious laugh, warm welcoming smile and kind heart. I was Little Bo Peep in our production that year and he made me a STAR that day. Peace be with you Mr. Risell keep smiling sir
Posted by Patricia Barnhart on November 6, 2018
My heart breaks for you with loss of your beloved Ed. He was one of a kind and I remember our fun times during the 80s. All we did was laugh. He was a delight to see onstage and he always kept us in stitches backstage. He's at peace now and I wish you the same peace as you grieve. I wish you well, my friend. Pat Roark Barnhart
Posted by Robert Thomas on November 5, 2018
I was looking through the Delaware County Times,and I saw Mr. Rissell's picture in the Obituaries section. I was so sad. I had Mr.Rissell as my sixth grade teacher back in the 1970's. He was a fun teacher who taught us to be strong, compassionate and caring young people. He used to play his record, the soundtrack from Lost Horizon, all the time. He was one of two teachers who inspired me to be a teacher myself. I taught for 33 years before retiring early last year. He will definitely be missed by all the students whose lives he touched throughout his long and distinguished teaching career.
Posted by Murray Callahan on November 4, 2018
Dear Bud,
I was so heartsick to see that Ed had passed - I have so many happy memories from before and after he met you. What a delightful, humane person - the world is diminished by his passing. I know you deserve much credit as his caretaker and loyal partner - I wish you peace in your own grief. Please let his family know that I - and so many others - have expressed our regards for a wonderful guy.
Posted by Terry Moran on November 2, 2018
Bud, so sorry for your loss
I met Ed in the mid 70's and we did many productions over the next 10 years or so. He was truly one of the funniest, gentle, kind, men ever. I was so happy when you and he became a couple because you were truly the love of his life. Please keep all the happy memories in your heart. Ed would want that. Rest in peace sweet Ed. Sing sweetly in heaven. ACCEPT ONLY LEADING ROLES.
Posted by Christine Rich on November 1, 2018
Ed was one of those souls you were instantly glad you met. He was so open and warm, and he gave you that feeling that you were safe with him, that you could be vulnerable and he would never cut you with sarcasm. He really was a natural entertainer, as devoted to keeping his fellow cast members in hysterics offstage as he was devoted to the show and his character onstage. There's a beautiful saying from a great old book: "He who makes his companions laugh deserves Paradise." Enjoy Paradise, my dear friend!
Posted by Steve Arcidiacono on November 1, 2018
Ed and I met in 1977 during a production of CABARET with the old Marple-Newtown Players, and we've been friends ever since. I doubt I've ever met a nicer, gentler, kinder human being than Ed Risell. We are all diminished by his passing. Rest In Peace, my friend.
Posted by Mary Mattero on November 1, 2018
So many Memories!
Thanks for:
Great decorations for Holiday concerts
Leedom's first Disco Santa
the Voyage of the Mimi
Camp Innabah memories
Bud's famous pound cake at staff celebrations
first and best "White Christmas" doo wop ever
opening your home and being the perfect host
...the list goes on
But most of all MY FRIEND, thanks for being you!
Posted by Terry Berge on October 31, 2018
Ed, you were one of my dearest friends, more like family, for a dozen years. You were one of the kindest, funniest, and most talented individuals I've ever known. I always looked forward to when you, Bud, and I got together because I knew it would be a fun time. I loved you dearly and will miss you even more so. You were one of the angels here on earth, now called home. Rest in peace, my dear friend, rest in peace.
Posted by Marissa Cleminson on October 31, 2018
Bud, I was so sorry to hear of Ed’s passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Marissa
Posted by Abby Hoffsommer on October 31, 2018
Mr Risell, thank you for the life, love, and faith in your students that you brought to your classroom. You were my fifth grade teacher at Leedom and with your help I was able to, for the first time, believe I was smart.
I’ll always remember your laugh and your heart.
Posted by Cathy Coffman on October 31, 2018
Dear Mr. Risell was our 6th grade teacher; he was young and we "broke him in" with humor and love. We never forgot him, and he never forgot mom was his colleague and friend, and his kindness and warmth were ever present. I'm happy to say Facebook brought us back together, and we had many great conversations, the last a a week before he passed. I loved him.
Posted by douglas lehnowsky on October 31, 2018
My deepest sympathy and sadness at this time. I know no words can take away the pain you are feeling right now . It's hard to imagine life without him but in time your memories will help ease your pain. I am sure everyone has funny Ed stories, and touching memories of all his kind acts and the lives he touched teaching. Of course I remember all the fun we had working together at Lands End . He will be missed but not forgotten.

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