This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Edward Jordan lll, 18 years old, born on August 1, 1987, and passed away on March 14, 2006. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Donald Siller on August 1, 2021
Posted by Regina Johnson on March 15, 2021
I miss you so much!!!!! ❤️
Posted by Donald Siller on August 1, 2020
Posted by Donald Siller on May 31, 2020
Lol!! Aye man I just read what your mom's said about that ring tone you had!!! What a girl wants what a girl needs, THATS HILARIOUS!!! IT RANG ALL NITE LOL!!
Posted by Donald Siller on May 31, 2020
Posted by Tacor Johnson on August 5, 2018
I Just wanted to say that I love you and that I am thinking of you. When I think of you, I close my eyes and am comforted by the memory of your smile. Then, not only do I see your smile but I feel the positive energy that you always carried with you, which gives me chills and brings a smile to my face. You were my laughing buddy and I miss that... but I continue to stay strong knowing that you are now an Angel doing God's work.
Posted by Kim Billingsley on August 1, 2017
Thinking of you!
Posted by Regina Johnson on July 27, 2017
It still seems like yesterday.. I still see your smirkish smile and you saying "come on ma" too funny! I'm doing alot better than i was at first. But it still hurts like hell bc your supposed to be her to bury me
Posted by Kim Billingsley on March 18, 2017
Still missing you, still thinking about you, your family misses you, especially your Mom which you already know that. Take care of everyone up there, my Mom should be right next to you, give her a hug and a kiss for me and tell her that I miss and need her so much. You are so loved and cared for.
Posted by Tacor Johnson on March 15, 2017
11 years! Wow!... It seems like just yesterday we were all cracking jokes over Sherron house, while you got your hair braided. I am blessed to still have your memories so fresh in my mind... Loving you & missing you, as always - your big cuz Tacor
Posted by Ashley McLaren on August 1, 2016
Happy Birthday Edward. Still can't believe it's been 10 long years since you've been gone, but I'll never forget you. Miss you a lot. May your soul continue to rest in peace❣
Posted by Samika Torres on February 24, 2016
Hey I can't believe its been 10 years since you've been gone.... Your family misses you so much. Your sisters are smart and beautiful your brothers are handsome and respectful. Your mom is so courageous and refuses to let your death be in vain, she's truly a strong woman of God. I really wish you were here to see your niece born but I know Branden will let her know about her amazing uncle, her guardian angel. We love you Edward and you will live in our hearts forever. ❤❤❤❤
Posted by Tacor Johnson on November 20, 2014
Hey cuz,

Just thinking of you. I miss you, and for some reason, today, I love you more than I ever did.

The holidays are coming, and I will be thinking of you more often.

That is just fine by me, because I have nothing but happy memories of you.

Right now: i'm thinking of us eating fish sticks that your dad Big Edward made us while we are listening to Bone Thugs N Harmony in your room on cassette tape, and its 1994. :-)

Love your big cuz,
Posted by biology homework on August 23, 2014
Edward I was just sitting thinking how I still haven't took that fact you're gone, and how I'm just now finding out. My heart hurts I loved you. You were my first, and I finally found you & found out you are gone. I love you! I hold our memories  in my dreams. I remember when I first moved to Michigan how it sadden you, we kept in contact, but we grow apart life & age and distance. I wish I would have known you died when you did so I could have came to see you. I love you!
Posted by biology homework on August 15, 2014
Happy Belated Birthday my friend... we'd be the same age now.. Remember how we'd debate about you being older .. Nope you'd be 27 two months more than me. I just can't believe this happened to you. You were such a humble person.
Posted by biology homework on August 15, 2014
Edward I can't sleep. All I can remember is your beautiful smile and how I'd come home from school and open the back door and you'd be right there smiling waiting to help with my biology homework. You weren't a pervert or anything. The world was different in 2002 , I just don't understand. All these years I've been wondering how you're doing, what you've accomplished, kids, marriage and I find out your gone. I've always thought about you and your beautiful eyes, smile, and how smart you were. Every time we were on the phone you'd be interacting with your siblings. You were such a sweet heart. Rest my friend ! I loved you
Posted by biology homework on August 15, 2014
I'm in tears now. I've been searching for you since 2005 and I had to find out you're no longer here, I'm in tears you were such an sweet, amazing, smart guy. I met you in Parkway in 02 when I was 14 you were 15. You helped me with my Biology homework you were a sophomore & I was a freshman. Gosh! I hate Chicago you've been on my mind all these years and I had to find out you passed. you were a great person to know & I never forgot you. We had good phone conversations, when I met you all of your braids were taken down and you were just wearing your hair curly. I pray you're in heaven .
Posted by Kim Billingsley on August 1, 2014
Happy Birthday Edward the third!
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on August 1, 2014
Happy Birthday in Heaven....
Posted by Regina Johnson on August 1, 2014
Happy 27th BD Edward, I know probably would have been a great dad by now, Missing and loving you so much.
Mom :-'''''''(
Posted by IamTischina FreeKhiry on March 7, 2014
My prayer and condolence to you and your family.. may GOD continue to uplift you during this time and keep his arms around you..
Posted by Malinda Clayton on March 6, 2014
Rest Well Edward.
Posted by Tymika Smith on March 6, 2014
We grew up together in the Rosenwalds, we were basically family. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that you were always a good person and friend that will never be forgotten about... Continue to watch over your mom and siblings, Love you, may you continue to rest in peace....
Posted by Kim Billingsley on March 6, 2014
Hi Edward, you are definitely one of my regrets in life. I regret that I did not keep in touch with your Mom so that I could know you better. Your Mom and her family was there for me for a long time, and I regret not being there for you as an aunt. Everybody miss you, especially your Mom, which is understandable because you two had such a great connection and it was beautiful to see. I'll talk to you on your birthday, Love you.
Posted by Jacqueline Craft on March 6, 2014
may you continue to rest in heaven sweetie, I wish I had the pleasure of meeting u im sure u were a great person just like your mom
Posted by Regina Johnson on August 1, 2013
Well ur 26th bd is finally here. Too bad its not you instead. Just so lost for words rite now. Everyones still the same missing u. But we will get through this somehow. UGH, JEEESUS!!!
Posted by Regina Johnson on January 18, 2013
I miss you Edward :(********
Posted by Kim Billingsley on August 1, 2012
Happy Birthday Edward you are greatly missed. I know Virgie is up there with you and everyone else so you're good. Take care of your family they really miss you and your friends too.
Posted by Carletha (Candie) Ousley on August 1, 2012
This is your day angel ..... Shine on your mother and let her feel your embrace..... Happy birthday!
Posted by Tacor Johnson on August 1, 2012
Happy Birthday Cuz!!! I love u... I almost had my son LJ on ur bday, but he came a day early. I thank God that he came in time to be my comfort on ur special day. Love u miss u.
Posted by Kim Billingsley on March 14, 2012
Edward you may be gone physically but you are not forgotten, may God bless and comfort your family always. Kim
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on March 14, 2012
Good rest young spirit.
Posted by Regina Johnson on March 13, 2012
WOW! Can't believe tomorrow it will be 6yrs you have been gone/taken from me. I miss you man, more than any words can say. But imma try my best to be strong. I love you Edward and I always will. # Mom
Posted by Perrijean East on March 7, 2012
The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for Joy and I will give thanks to him in song. The LORD is the strength of his people, a fortress of Salvation for his anointed one.
Posted by Shelby Holmes on March 7, 2012
May the Lord keep your family under His divine care and your son in His loving arms. Please except my prayers Gina, for you and your family during this season.
Posted by Karen Whitehead on March 5, 2012
Edward my heart aches with every rememberance of you. I still remember our last conversation. I rejoice in knowing that you are with Mama and Daddy. I look forward to the day when we will be together again. I will always love you. Auntie Kan RIP, nephew
Posted by Regina Johnson on January 2, 2012
I love you son, on march 14, 2012 it will be 6yrs since you've been taken from me and your dad..But just know that no one can/could eva take you from our hearts and by that we shall never part:) Love you always and forever and a day! Your mom:)
Posted by Samika Torres on August 2, 2011
Posted by Karen Whitehead on August 1, 2011
Wow, Edward words can't express what I feel when I think of you, your loving kind ways. I still remember our last conversation lol you were a great kid. I try not to think of you because it hurt so bad as I type these words my eyes are burning from the tears. Forever in my heart.
Posted by Shelby Holmes on August 1, 2011
May the lord continue to keep edward in his loving arms. I pray for God holy spirit to comfort you regina in this time of rememberance. Know that my prayers and alwasy with you and your family. love...Shell
Posted by Kim Billingsley on August 1, 2011
Edward happy happy birthday didn't say that the first time so now I'm saying it.
Posted by Pamela Gaddie on August 1, 2011
I remember being a coach watching him play ball in Washington Park with his friends. He was so happy. I truely enjoyed his presents in my life. R.I.P. Edward. Regina you are a wonderful mother. May God bless you. Peace my sister. I love you.
Posted by Miyoka Davenport on July 27, 2011
Hey Edward I didn't get a chance to meet you, but it felt like I know you because of your mom is a very special friend. Regina you and your family are also in my prayers, BE BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Kim Billingsley on July 27, 2011
Hi Edward I didn't get to know you like I should have your mom was my best friend for a long time and it hurt me when you left. In a weird way I feel you looking down on us and I'm glad. I ask that you comfort your mom and family because they miss you more than any of us.
Posted by Regina Johnson on July 25, 2011
Hey son, today really isn't a good day for me. Raven turned 18 yesterday. And your bday along with Brandens is next. I always have to prepare myself mentally for it.Depression has set in but that always happens to prepare me for ur bday. I love you Ed n missin u to life. DAMN!
Posted by Kevin Gee on March 15, 2011
Ed bro our circle is broken but not crushed. Everytime we get together u come up. Me and Toney was just talking about how unfair it is that your gone..... I know oneday we will all be together again putting on some cheap cologne to go see some girls
Posted by Samika Torres on March 15, 2011
EDWARD...I am so at a loss for words right now... I know the "right" thing would be to say that "I know you're in a better place" and you are, but it would be so much easier for everyone if you were here.
Posted by SHARON SIMMONS on March 14, 2011
Posted by Tacor Johnson on March 12, 2011
Thinking of you... Love you forever!
Posted by tellis mcgee on March 11, 2011
God has taken you to soon, but he needed you more then us. You were a blessing to your family for the time you spent with them. May God hold you close to him because that is where you suppose to be.
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Posted by Donald Siller on August 1, 2021
Posted by Regina Johnson on March 15, 2021
I miss you so much!!!!! ❤️
Posted by Donald Siller on August 1, 2020
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We made a bet!

Shared by Tacor Johnson on November 20, 2014

I was living with my Auntie Gina, and me trying to be slick, I challenged lil Edward to a bet:

Whoever learned the lyrics to Ludacris' song "Roll Out", First, would wash the other person's dishes for a week.  

That boy learned that song so fast you wouldv'e thought he made it up! lol

Needless to say, I was busting suds for 7 days on his behalf.

Its 2001, or maybe 02... 


He aways smiled at me

Shared by biology homework on August 15, 2014

He was like an angel. I don't know why he was sent to me, but I could never forget how handsome he was and those eyes, lips, how when he's hair wasn't braided he'd just walk around with it untangled . I met Edward in 2002 I was 14 and he was 15. I was walking to my then home(Parkway Gardens) and he was talking to someone & stopped me. I never saw him before till this day. It was so awkward he was so polite and I was attracted by how handsome he was. The next day he came to my house to see if I could come outside and we would just sit on my back porch and talk and talk. school begun the next week I was a freshman and he a sophomore . We both were born in the same year, but Edward was before September 1st deadline I was salty I was a freshman and him a sophomore lol we'd debate about how we were a couple months apart. My mom liked him he was like my first boyfriend if you'd want to call it. Back then kids weren't as horrible as they are today and he always complimented me on my outfits and  my looks.  He and I would talk on the phone while his little brothers would bother him, but I could never recall him being mean. He was always respectful to everyone. I told him I couldn't get my biology  class & he said since he had taken it last year bring the book home so he could see if it's the same one he had because they change the text so many years ( he was so smart ) next day I got off the king drive bus and he was waiting for me. Did all my work turned it in and got an A. We were good friends then my mom got a better job opportunity in MIchigan and I moved. We spoke on the phone a lot after , but eventually we lost touch. I think I spoke with him last in 2004 he said he cut his hair, but he could have been playing a trick on me.  I moved back to Chicago in 2012 and I've search Facebook, YouTube, everything looking for him. He didn't live in Parkway it was hard to find him considering the fact that, I never go to parkway any more so I figured I'd see him on Facebook eventually. Never in a million years would I have thought he was dead!  Last night I found a page of one of his friends and saw his picture and it said RIP ... I couldn't believe it. He had died back in 06 and I'm just now finding out in 2014. I can't stop crying because he was a sweetheart, he never bothered anyone and he had "Both" parents and you could tell they loved him dearly. His siblings too! I was so excited to touch base with him to see if he had kids, graduated etc. Just catch up! My heart hurt because he really made an impact in my life & he was my handsome angel who was smart... I regret I had to move now. I was looking forward to catching up on old times and him having good news for me on his life and where he's been cause I had some stories for him, but now all I can do is cry and write on this wall. I wish someone would have told me so I could have came and payed my last respects.  I love you Edward and I'll never forget how you treated me and helped me. 


Sun Glasses

Shared by Karen Whitehead on March 5, 2012

 The last time Edward and I spoke on the phone he called me a week before he left us and he asked if I had a pair of sun glasses that he could wear.  My response was "Edward what are you going to do with a pair of ladies sun glasses" he resonded and said "me and my friends are going to the mall to meet some girls and we wanted to walk around and look cool with our sun glasses on" I told Edward "you are going to look like a fool not cool if you walk around the mall with sun glasses on.  I said no, Edward I don't have a pair that you could borrow.  He said ok and the was the last time we spoke.