• 31 years old
  • Born on January 19, 1985 .
  • Passed away on March 14, 2016 in California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Edward Lau, 31, who passed away on March 14, 2016 surrounded by loving family and friends. He is remembered by his wife, Asuka; his mother and father Edith and Wilson and his sister and brother in-law Sandi and Andre. 

Known for a big heart, a zest for life, an obsession for climbing and a belief that all fears can be conquered, he inspired every person he happened across during his journey in life around the world. 

Ed, you made memories around the world and will be dearly missed. There are simply no goodbyes. Wherever you are, you are always in our hearts. 

Posted by Hassan Sharghi on February 4, 2017
Edward, you were a great friend and study partner. You always had a nice way of cheering me up with your light-hearted humor. I will certainly miss you. I hope God bless your soul and give strength and comfort to your family and loved ones. Rest in Peace my dear friend.
Posted by Marie Stein on January 19, 2017
One's life can be measured by those he leaves behind. Dick and Marie Stein
Posted by Sandra Andersen on July 19, 2016
It's funny how after all this time, I still don't know the right words to put up on this wall.

Every year on my birthday I knew to expect the words "happy half birthday to me" from Ed on my FB wall. Some quirk of fate had us spaced exactly 3 1/2 years apart and it was a running joke that never got old. And this year I'm missing that post. Smart mouthed and witty, but he never forgot my birthday.

I always believed that everything happened for a reason. For better or for worse. I'll say again that if I could I would have rewritten history so we wouldn't have to be here today. But at the same time, Ed's memory makes us realize that we need to enjoy and live life to the fullest; to love beyond capacity, and to always be kind no matter what because kindness matters.

For his love, and his spirit, and to memories never forgotten; miss you, love you, may you continue to chase your dreams in the sky. Happy half birthday to you.
Posted by Edith Lau on June 14, 2016
Eddie, today mark the 3rd month since you were gone. I read many, many beautiful, heart warming tributes in your FB, this is the one I like to share here (with the permission of Vitaliy M. who wrote it on March 16)

"For the last few days I have been stunned by the passing of a friend. A week prior, I saw him in the hospital. Although he was in an induced coma, I was sure he would get better and recover enough so that we could go climbing in a few month, or AT LEAST have a chance to speak. It is VERY difficult to accept his departure because he was a very rare breed - I NEVER witnessed him being dishonest, mean or negative in ANY way. We spent hours and hours talking about the life, things completely unrelated to climbing, work, the past, present, the future and of course we spent many days climbing in beautiful places like the Yosemite Valley, Tahoe, the High Sierra and Indian Creek. Based on all that, I'd say it is close to impossible to come across people who are as sincere, thoughtful, positive, hard working, kind, trusting and even innocent in a way. Happily married, well-educated, fit, with a lot of passion for climbing, Calgary Flames hockey and seeing what else is out there around the globe (he loved to travel!).
No matter if you follow organized religion, a cult, are an atheist, spiritual or don't really give a shit, it is sad to lose friends who should have another 60+ years on earth. Such events lead one to wonder about the meaning of life - the ultimate question for many. What are we here for and what comes after? The truth is that no one really knows...Why do things happen? Because they could, because they will in the future. Unfortunately none of Ed's friends or family can hang out with him in person, but we sure can improve by adopting and sharing some of his spirit, it would make the earth a better place.
Again, we are reminded HOW fragile the life is. Even for the healthy, fit and AWESOME people, there are no guarantees. No matter how badass or angel-like you or your friends are, the days are limited. It is easy to love the dead, but don't forget to appreciate the living. Personally, I value the lessons our friendship taught me and am sad it took an event like this to consider how lucky I am that our paths crossed in Yosemite in the fall of 2010. Climb on Edward Lau! I learned a lot from you..."

Eddie, I love you, I miss you and I am very proud of you ....
Posted by Terry Robb on May 28, 2016
Wilson and Edith
Kathleen and I are so sorry to hear of Eddie's passing.
Our hearts are heavy and saddened.

There are no words to express our deep sorrow and shock.
My fondness memories are listen to his piano practices and getting my ass kicked shooting hoops in your driveway when he was around 10.

Rest in peace our friend.
Posted by Sarita Luna on May 19, 2016
Hi Ed. Not a day goes by without thinking about you. The last day we hung out, you came up to SF and we did a history tour of Chinatown. Then we went to Exploratorium. Then you watched me sell my crashpad. It was such a simple, ordinary day, I thought I would see you again soon. I wish I could go back to that day and tell you how much you meant to me!
Posted by Marie Stein on April 16, 2016
Dear Lau family, there are no words to express our deep sorrow and shock on the passing of Eddie.
I knew Eddie since he was a young boy, as he studied piano with me for many years. Eddie was diligent, attentive and quietly determined to learn. He became a skillful player.
What I hold so dearly in my heart are Eddie's surprise visits. His last surprise visit was with Asuka several years ago on Christmas Eve. Around our kitchen table we talked and ate for many hours.  Dear Eddie and Asuka, my family and I will remember you forever.
Marie and Dick Stein and family.
Posted by Edith Lau on April 14, 2016
Eddie, 1 month. When I look at these pictures, I remember you hugging your favorite soft yellow pillow and came ask for a good night kiss, at least till grade 4. You grew older, when I stared at your innocent, peaceful, handsome, angelic sleepy head (similar picture in the photo gallery, check the above tool bar. But this picture was taken in Patagonia, Chile, 2013 around Christmas by Asuka, his wife), I couldn’t resist, but stole a kiss to you. Then you left for university, and later the States. Our love and bond grew stronger than ever. I didn’t realize it till 3 years ago. You cancelled your Christmas Central America trip with Asuka to come home the minute I told you I found a lump on my breast. I told you I didn’t know if it’s benign or malignant. You said, ”It’s ok, I’ll book it again if it’s benign.” The day I had the operation, anxiously you called Sandi several times at work to find out my conditions despite both you 2 were on a super busy, high stress job. You got upset and accused Sandi for not knowing. You demanded to read all my medical records, all the treatment plans and medication, all the handouts from the doctors/hospital, what I should eat, not to eat, should do, not to do …… Then you wanted to come home every weekend and said you had enough emergency fund to cover all the air fares. Even Asuka told me, “You know Eddie loves you very much, once he found out you had cancer, he claimed he had to go home every weekend to visit you." During those agonizing 4 weeks in the hospital, I got to witness, not just to me, but to many, many people you had inspired, whether it’s engineers, professionals from the top high tech companies, or medical professionals from Stanford, or staffs from the climbing gym. Your zest for life, your genuine, kindhearted nature had inspired, and touched so many people you came across along your path. The 1450 paper cranes they folded for you in the hospital waiting areas, on the chairs, or on the floor, or on the counter, was impressive (again photo in the photo gallery). Each one carried just one same wish in their minds. Eddie, you were my pride and a mother’s best dream! Now, it’s all just a bitterly sweet memory. There is no time for me to return all these loving care of yours, and love you as much as you love me. There was not even a minute to say goodbye, nor tell you that I love you? Eddie, you will live in my heart forever …
Posted by Edith Lau on April 14, 2016
I Miss You Edward
Today, it is exactly one month since you passed away. I have tears everyday because you meant so much to me. Everyday, I look at your pictures and am heartbroken - you just turned thirty one and had a successful career and a lovely wife. I wish I could have told you how much I love you before you went into coma.
All relatives and friends have broken hearts because you always offered help to people who need help, you spent time with friends when they were down. Your friends explained to me why you are well liked by people around you.
Even though every word is splashed with tears, I am very proud of you , my son , because you know the importance of love and friendship. True love and friendship are the best gifts in life. Love and trust are what give our life meaning.
You have given us true love and friendship. You have a big heart.
I enjoyed sharing my visions and insights with you because you are my son and a trusted friend.
Edward, it is my honour to be your father and your friend. Even though we say goodbye, spiritually, we are always connected. Your picture is always in my wallet.
Love you, for ever.
Posted by Edith Lau on April 4, 2016
Eddie, 3 weeks now, you must be too perfect to be true, miss you, love you, my most precious boy! rest in peace!
Posted by Christine Black on March 29, 2016
Wilson and family,

I'm so sorry to hear of Edwards passing. I can't imagine how difficult it must be. I'll be sending you my positive thoughts and prayers. I hope in time you may find strength in cherished memories and love.

Warm Hugs, Christine Black
Posted by Florence Yeung on March 25, 2016
Dear Edith & Wilson, Sandi & Asuka:

We felt your recent loss of Eddie who has left at such a youthful age. The pain that no word can describe! We are so sorry for this terrible loss, your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

May you find the courage and strength to move forward in peace to know that his life was well-lived. May you find the comfort of the beautiful memories from his extraordinary spirit and smile, all survive in time of sorrow!

With our deepest and most heartfelt condolences,

Florence & Eric Yeung from Edmonton
Posted by Dennis Hale on March 23, 2016
Wilson, Edith, Asuka and Sandi
I was shocked and so saddened to hear of Edward's passing. May the care and love of family, friends and colleagues give you some comfort and peace in the weeks ahead. Edward is in my thoughts and prayers.
Dennis Hale
Posted by Juli Sacco on March 22, 2016
Wilson and family,
I am very sad to hear about Edward. I hope there is some small comfort in knowing that your colleagues and friends are thinking of you.
Juli Sacco
Posted by Mary Pelland on March 22, 2016
Wilson and family,
Wishing you peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your heart.
So sorry to hear of your loss,
Mary Pelland
Posted by Vida Dix-Cooper on March 21, 2016
Wilson, Edith, Asuka and family, 
We are so very sorry to hear of your loss. It is very sad indeed to loose someone so young and in the prime of his life. We wish you peace and comfort in this time of sadness. 
Our prayers and thoughts are with you,
Vida & Victor Dix-Cooper

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