This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Edward Marquis, 74 years old, born on June 11, 1936, and passed away on March 25, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by kristy dodge on March 25, 2012
Dad it has been a year today but seems like forever! We miss you so much and think of you every single day!                        Love Always and Forever       Mom and Kristy.
Posted by kristy dodge on December 25, 2011
Posted by kristy dodge on November 24, 2011
We miss you so much its just not the same without you, I know you said it will take time but it seems like forever. We all love you and Mom is doing her best. Wish you were here!
Posted by Edward Marquis on November 24, 2011
dad, Thanksgiving is here, I remember this being one of your favorite holidays, all the family could gather for just a little while and eat together. The family picture was the best of all, we miss you, love Eddy.
Posted by Edward Marquis on September 26, 2011
Dad, six months have came and went by it still seems like yesterday I was waiting at the bus stop for you to open the door and say "Get in Eddy" I knew you would always stop. Even in a big city I was not scared because I knew you were watching over me, and still are today!
Posted by kristy dodge on June 19, 2011
Happy Father's Day Dad! Wish you were here,we miss you each and everday! You are and always will be the BEST DAD EVER. LOVE KRIS AND MOM
Posted by kristy dodge on June 11, 2011
Happy Birthday DAD! We miss you so much, I miss seeing you so happy when we would bring over your presents. I am so glad I got to share all those birthday's with you I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. We think of you Everyday. Love Kris
Posted by kristy dodge on June 11, 2011
Happy Birthday my Love "I love you today more than yesterday and tomorrow more than today" I miss you so much. Love Bertha
Posted by Edward Marquis on May 19, 2011
Dad, I was thinking of you today when me and Kristy checked our tickets, knowing you are watching from above. Soon we will talk again, and I know you will be with us at Winchester, I miss your love, Eddy.
Posted by Edward Marquis on April 16, 2011
Dad, Friday was three weeks since God called you up, I know in my heart you are in a better place, I miss you everyday! Ed
Posted by Kathy Dougherty on April 8, 2011
Today is DAD and MOMs annervisry.I kissed MOM twice once for MOM and one for DAD.
Posted by Kathy Dougherty on April 4, 2011
Dad has won the best prize of all.Hes in Heaven watching over us all.
Posted by Ann Spitz on March 31, 2011
When I think of Mr. Marquis ... I see him sitting at the kitchen table filling out contest forms...when I hear that someone from Indiana wins the Lottery I expect to Mr. Marquis. He and Mrs. Marquis deserve to win! Godspeed Mr. Marquis.
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Posted by kristy dodge on March 25, 2022
Missing you Dad 11 years seems like forever!  We miss you Always & Forever ❤️
Posted by Chad Dodge on March 25, 2021
Flash, I can’t believe it’s been 10 years. Although in a way it does seem longer. So much going on here, nothing we can’t handle but, it would be nice to have you here for your advise and wisdom. Golf season is about to start, always think back to our Fishback days...Great memories. Tell everyone we said hello. We miss you !
Love, Chad.
Posted by kristy dodge on March 25, 2021
Dad it’s been 10 long years! We miss you each and every day! I know your with mom and that gives us peace also with Karen,Eddy and Kelly. You are all thought of every day! We love you Dad ❤️ Always & Forever Kris
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Shared by Kathy Dougherty on June 16, 2019

Hi Dad happy fathers day 

Also happy late birthday 

I love you miss you so very much.

Love you kathy

i Dad happy fathers day

A ride on the trains

Shared by Edward Marquis on March 25, 2012

Dad, it has been one year today you were called up to heaven, it still seems like yesterday. I looked through the camera of the train tower and remembered waiting for you to slow down and sneak me for a ride on the caboose. I felt proud to ride with you on the trains, I was riding with my hero! The only thing harder than missing you right now is trying to fill your shoes, it can not be done! I love you dad, and will see you again, Eddy!

Merry Christmas

Shared by Edward Marquis on December 25, 2011

     Merry Christmas Dad, I know how Christmas made you smile all of the family gathered together in one place. I remember when I was little and one time I rode with you to pick up the tree, I was so excited to have you stand out a nice tall tree and ask me "Does this look like a good one" I said "Yes Dad" riding home I was proud to have you as my father. I was with my dad! Nine months have passed today, I will see you again dad, I love and miss you. Thank You, Eddy!