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Shared by Kathy Dougherty on June 16, 2019

Hi Dad happy fathers day 

Also happy late birthday 

I love you miss you so very much.

Love you kathy

i Dad happy fathers day

A ride on the trains

Shared by Edward Marquis on March 25, 2012

Dad, it has been one year today you were called up to heaven, it still seems like yesterday. I looked through the camera of the train tower and remembered waiting for you to slow down and sneak me for a ride on the caboose. I felt proud to ride with you on the trains, I was riding with my hero! The only thing harder than missing you right now is trying to fill your shoes, it can not be done! I love you dad, and will see you again, Eddy!

Merry Christmas

Shared by Edward Marquis on December 25, 2011

     Merry Christmas Dad, I know how Christmas made you smile all of the family gathered together in one place. I remember when I was little and one time I rode with you to pick up the tree, I was so excited to have you stand out a nice tall tree and ask me "Does this look like a good one" I said "Yes Dad" riding home I was proud to have you as my father. I was with my dad! Nine months have passed today, I will see you again dad, I love and miss you. Thank You, Eddy!

Father's day

Shared by Edward Marquis on June 19, 2011

Dad, I will always remember father's day with you. A card and some lottery tickets always made you smile you were so easy to buy for. I can close my eyes and see you smile when I would give you an old silver coin, I have one for you dad, and will bring it with me. Happy father's day Dad, I love you Eddy.

Driving Instructor

Shared by Edward Marquis on June 2, 2011

Dad, remember when you taught me to drive your car? We would stop and get you a road soda, and go out in the country and you would say "take the wheel son" I thought that time would never end, I would drive and drive and you taught me more than driving, you taught me about life, things I could not learn in a book. I miss you dad, Love Eddy.


Shared by Chad Dodge on April 4, 2011

I have many great memories that I could share with everyone. Here are just a few : We took Ed to his 50th class reunion and found out that he was the fastest kid in class, set records in track and got the nickname Flash. So we went to the mall and had a cap made with his high school colors and the emblem of a man running with Flash wrote on the back. The look on his face when we gave him the hat was priceless, it was as though he was handed a million dollars. One of the funniest memories I can recall is when we went to Union City to the Root beer stand. Ed and Bert sat in one booth and Kris and I in another across from them. Ed reached over and grabbed the ketchup to put some on Bert's plate for her fries. The lid fell off the ketchup bottle and ketchup went all over Bert's food ! The look on Bert's face said it all. We wanted to laugh soooo bad but knew we would be in trouble. I will never forget all the fun times we had playing golf, and all the laughs we shared. I feel very honored to have had such a great father-n-law. I will cherish all the memories and am very thankful that my wife has such a great photo collection so as I get older I will never forget ! Godspeed Flash, I'll see you in that fairway in the sky !


My Hero (my Dad)

Shared by Kathy Dougherty on April 3, 2011

I will never know anyone as wonderful as my Dad.He taught me how to be a good daughter,mother,sister&person.Also taught me that family is one of the most imporant things in life.He wasnt just my Dad he also was a Father to my 3 childern.He helped me raise them & taught them good values also.I sometimes wonder where I would be today if my Dad hadnt Loved,Cared&watched over me & my kids.I will never forget riding to Indy from Union City with Dad & counting Semis.Its something I still catch myself doing.Our trips on the city bus,trips to the airport& riding in the airport limo.Teaching Karen & I to drive in his little black mustang. Oh what fun we had.My Rock My Hero is gone, but he taught me good& I will do good to make you proud Dad.I Love You & MISS YOU SO MUCH save me a spot in heaven.


Shared by Nathaniel Marquis on April 1, 2011

Grandpa where do I begin? so much of my childhood involves you. I remember walking to school at Central from your house on North street many years ago. I remember sleeping over at your house with Cole and mamaw making us stop playing Nintendo and get to bed. Then you would let us go back in and play Nintendo after mamaw feel asleep. I remember going over to your house after my basketball games and telling you how I did and you were so proud of me. I remember everytime i came over you always asked "you wanna a pop?" You always told the best jokes, and you always made me laugh. Ill never forget when rap music starting getting popular and you said "rap is crap" at the time, being the kid that i was thought that you didnt know what your were talking about but you were right, it was crap lol. I remember playing with legos from the big blue bucket on the floor with Cole while you sat in the chair watching sports and playing with your teeth. You were everything a great grandpa should be! I love you and miss you already. A week ago today we lost you, the same day my first daughter Lucy Jean Marquis came into this world. I cant help to think that your passing was giving Katie and I a little miracle.

Forever my Dad

Shared by kristy dodge on March 30, 2011

Dad where did the time go! I remember most my mouse house you got me when I came home from the Hospital when I was 4 it was the best present ever! We had such fun growing up lifting me up to shoot my first Basketball,you always included us in everything you did, You were always there to listen to our troubles, cry to and share our secrets with. I have so many memories you always took the time to explain so we could learn. You took the time to teach us , I have a love for soo many things thanks to you from Collecting Coins,to Photography,Dancing  to caring so much about animals, to playing sports , even fixing my own car!  I remember you telling me even though I was the youngest to help mom and watch over the older ones when you were gone on Runs with the Railroad, I was 10 yrs old and running behind mom after Kelly and Kim with my own switch telling them mom was going to spank them, they were so mad and got even with me when they got me alone, you know it didn't matter it was a promise I made to you to watch over mom and help, you always said if there is one thing you do in life you always keep your word!  I always thought I had to protect you and mom, In the end there was nothing left for me to do, but hold your hand and tell you THANKS FOR BEING MY DAD and I Love You. You always said Goodbye and Be Careful..I'm going to miss hearing that. Goodbye for now DAD  you will be forever in my Heart.

Just One More Day

Shared by Edward Marquis on March 29, 2011

I would give everything I own, just to have one more day with the greatest man I know. I will always remember dad telling me "Big Boys Don't Cry" It hurts inside but I know in my heart he is in a better place. Thank You Dad, you have taught me to be a man, and I will fulfill my promise to look after mom, who now must carry on without you. No matter how bad my life seemed, you always stood by me and I will never forget your understanding, and wisdom you have passed on to me. One of the many memories I have to keep is when I rode on the bus years ago, and when someone looked at me I said "That's my dad driving" you are still driving, teaching, and loving. I am crying now, and I will pass on a silver dollar to my beautiful grandbaby, and when she ask about you, I will tell her "you were the greatest man I know".

My Wonderful Husband

Shared by kristy dodge on March 29, 2011


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