Let the memory of our special Edward be with us forever
  • 70 years old
  • Born on November 20, 1942 .
  • Passed away on April 20, 2013 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Edward Orsini/Viens, 70, born on November 20, 1942 and passed away on April 20, 2013. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Samuel Orsini on 20th November 2018
Today would have been my Eddys 76th Birthday. Time goes by but to me it's as if you are always here. The hole in my heart will never be filled till we are together again.
Posted by SUSAN CARON on 20th November 2018
Remembering you with much love...Susan
Posted by SUSAN CARON on 24th November 2017
Remembering you with love always, Susan
Posted by Margaret Motola on 20th November 2017
And here we are Piglet ....... Your's and Bob"s birthday. so very sad that neither one of you are here, l don't like it one bit; You left a huge emptiness in our lives, time does not make it better .........My only consolation is that l met my best buddy and am so thankful for the too short time we had together, and the good memories you left us with... Rest in peace Piglet la Blanche.....Im appointing you to be a Guardian Angel for me for ever..... Now thats an order!!!! Love you.... Magi.....
Posted by Margaret Motola on 21st April 2017
Hello Piggy, Im talking to you as l write this ,can't hear you.. but then you knew l was deaf....wear hearing aids now .... thats what old buggers do. I do so wish you were here, cannot believe how much l miss you... you left a huge hole in our hearts and there are no repair people around to fix it.... God bless all of you up there, its become a nasty world down here and you would not have liked it one bit.....Piggy my best friend, we shall never never forget you.....Magi
Posted by Margaret Motola on 25th November 2016
Oh Piglet.... Yet another year that l cannot tease you about your "old age".......Still miss you terribly, l really think you were my very best friend in the whole world...l can't believe you left me alone like this....I didn't do that to you..so come back immediately, so that l can be your friend again. Lots of love always..... Magi
Posted by SUSAN CARON on 20th November 2016
Thinking of you as always. Miss you. Susan
Posted by SUSAN CARON on 20th November 2016
Thinking of you as always. Miss you. Susan
Posted by SUSAN CARON on 20th April 2016
You're always in my heart. Miss you so. Susan
Posted by Margaret Motola on 22nd November 2015
Piglet.. my dearest friend..now you join the rest of us in our SEVENTIES.Huh... who knew!!! Still missing you so very much..so many times l cannot believe that you are not the other end of the phone..... Piglet please watch over me this wednesday, l go for surgery at the Mass General, and lm appointing you chief Guardian Angel.......Lots of love always....Magi
Posted by Samuel Orsini on 20th November 2015
Happy Birthday Bip - 73 years old. Can you believe it? How we would have laughed today because suddenly we are both old men. It seems as if it was only yesterday that you left us - left us with an emptiness that will never be filled and yet the wonder of your life and the love you gave us will always be with us. Miss you, Miss you, Miss you!
Posted by SUSAN CARON on 21st April 2015
I love you Eddy and I miss you so much. I still can't believe you are gone. You are forever in my heart. Susan
Posted by Margaret Motola on 20th April 2015
Hey Piglet, So unbelievable that its been 2 years.. Miss you more than ever, its just not the same anymore, all you good ones have left us and we have no replacements… But, we shall always have the memories.. Keep smiling Piglet, We will love you forever……Magi
Posted by Samuel Orsini on 19th April 2015
Two years have passed. It still seems as if it all happened yesterday. You will always be my Best Friend and the Love of my life. Your with me during the day and ever in my dreams. You have left an emptiness that can never be filled. How lucky we all were to have you in our lives. You brought us love , laughter and your beautiful smile. I shall miss you till that day we are together again.
Posted by Margaret Motola on 20th November 2014
Hey Piglet… Its your birthday,pretty soon you will be as old as moi…. I know you and Bob are laughing your heads off as you look at us down here. (Bob's birthday yesterday)… We miss you so much, its quite an effort to carry on without you..Rest in peace Dear Hearts , until we meet again…. Love and hugs forever…..Magi
Posted by Margaret Motola on 2nd October 2014
Piggy, You were in my thoughts today for almost the whole day… I was remembering the hilarious things we used to say and do.. l could almost hear you saying " you write to Sammy, what about me? am l chopped liver or what?"….You know l miss you to pieces, Love you, my best pal. Nobody can ever take your place…….Magi …xoxoxoxo
Posted by Shanti Shaharazade on 16th August 2014
Oh Eddie, I miss you so very much. I can hear you telling me everything is alright. I can feel your arms around me. I know you are happy, home with source. I know you are soaring, flying free. I miss you for ME, cuz I know you are happy where your at. You are so often thought about and missed everyday. Thank you for being my angel...now and always. I would give much to hear your voice right now, so imma rest confident that you are right here next to me. I LOVE you so much.
Posted by Margaret Motola on 11th August 2014
Hey Piggy ,I found you, Miss you so much as do all the people who were lucky enough to have known you, Piglet, you left us way too soon, we still had stuff to do, like win the lottery, and run to parts unknown…..Rest in peace my dearest one.. We will never forget you… Love Magi
Posted by Judy Garland on 20th April 2014
one year ago you left us.....and it was because god NEEDED you bad to amuse and entertain. ask god if you can make a call and call me up so we can laugh and laugh and laugh again !!!!! i will miss you forever. HELLO BLANCHE !!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!
Posted by Jill Orsini on 18th March 2014
Uncle Eddie, These past few holidays haven't been the same without you! Everyone misses you loads--especially your sense of humour. Until next time. Jill <3
Posted by Judy Garland on 18th March 2014
DEAR EDDIE.....miss you blanche so much !!!!! think of you often and want to call you every other day !!!! i hope you are resting peacefully and having fun !!!! you were fun to all of us that were lucky enough to know you.....your friend, judy

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