This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Edward Purcell 59 years old , born on February 17, 1957 and passed away on March 26, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Linda Jean Busch on March 26, 2020
Hard to believe that it's been 4 years since your passing.. think of you often & the good times we all had... you will be forever missed but never forgotten.. RIP my friend...
Posted by Kathy Beard on February 17, 2020
Missing you today, Ed. Gin & I keep your spirit alive by reminiscing about you. Much love to you in heaven❤️
Posted by Linda Jean Busch on February 17, 2020
Happy Birthday Ed... another year without you.. you will always be missed but never be forgotten...
Posted by Tonya Grossi on March 26, 2019
Impossible that it's been 3 years. Still have such great memories that pop up and make me giggle.  Love you so much! Take care of the rest you are with. Give them all my love! Love you always!!
Posted by Kathy Beard on March 26, 2019
Another year has gone by and I’m happy to tell you that your daughter Sarah has grown into a lovely young woman and she has all of your best qualities. I’m sure you are with her in spirit and always will be her guardian angel. Gin and I miss you terribly. It’s not the same without you and whenever we’re together, we bring up something funny you did or a memory. We were just talking about when you threw rocks into Mr. Eckhardt’s pool. He suspected you all along. That’s because you were a terrible liar. The other thing we laugh about was when you and Tim decided to throw a dart at a bullet and it exploded and nicked your ear. Of course, Dad didn’t feel sorry for you, he just said ‘Jesus Christ! What were you thinking?’ Ha. Fun times at the Purcells. Miss you brother❤️
Posted by Linda Jean Busch on March 26, 2019
Still missing you Eddie after 3 years... RIP my friend... you are forever remembered & forever missed..
Posted by Linda Jean Busch on March 26, 2018
Remembering you on your 2nd anniversary in heaven.... RIP Eddie... you are forever missed...
Posted by Tonya Grossi on March 28, 2017
The only comfort to comprehend is that you have more loved ones with you now. Good for you, sad for us. I will always think of you as another father to me. So many memories! Thank you for making me a member of the family! Love you and all of them forever! Rest in peace.
Posted by Linda Jean Busch on March 26, 2017
Remembering a good friend today... you are forever missed but not forgotten...
Posted by Tonya Grossi on February 20, 2017
Still so hard to believe you're gone Eddie! You will always be a big brother to me and I will always miss talking to you. Kick Tim in the ass for me? Know you will! Love you always!
Posted by Linda Jean Busch on February 17, 2017
Remembering a good friend on his birthday today.... Henry & I want to thank you for some great memories we shared with you... God Bless you & may you forever RIP... you will never be forgotten instead we will remember you with a smile....
Posted by Peter Weber on April 19, 2016
Ed, I haven't seen you in ages, but I'll always remember you. Playing on the ECS baseball team and riding to the Yulan ball field in your Chevelle, always at the limits of traction.
Posted by Tonya Grossi on April 5, 2016
I know I posted before, but I don't see it now. Here goes a second time... This family has meant the world to me for over 27 years. I love you all so much. You have been through so much loss and I have been there with you. This one is a shock! I still have all my text messages from Eddie on my phone. Our conversations-no matter how dark they may get-always ended with laughter. Always "Luv Ya!!" My heart goes out to Sarah! Know how proud you Dad was of you and how much he love spending time with you! I will miss him. I hope he's with Margaret, Dad, Tim and Mom. I hope they had the Easter egg contest on arrival. No one will ever take the place, but I'm so grateful to have known and love you Eddie! God Bless!
Posted by M Frey on April 4, 2016
Jim, Kathy & Ginny:

I am sitting in my home office looking at the river, remembering the many days Ed and I spent exploring the shoreline, invariably falling in the water at some point. Those were the days when parents knew exactly where you only after you’d shown up at the dinner table.

We served Mass together at St. Ann’s Church, played baseball together for your Dad’s Little League team, caught crayfish from “Cool Brook” together, trapped small mammals with Lewis Eckhart together, fished together below the Glass Factory Falls, rode our bicycles together to the Riviera Theater, picked backyard apples together, ate ice cream cones together at the Tastee Freeze and we even fought each other on occasion.

(Obviously, that was before Ed grew to his full size, or I might not be here to write this.)

I suspect friendships at that age were based on geography as much as affinity, but we obviously sought out each other almost daily. Actually, most of our adventures started the same way-me knocking on the back door of your house and your Mother calling upstairs for Ed.

We largely went our separate ways after I moved a few miles away at age 13. But, about 5 or 6 years later we reunited for a summer as employees of the County Highway Department. I’m proud to say we immediately began acting like eight year olds who were foolishly entrusted with publicly owned heavy equipment. Details shall remain secret.

I remember the grown up Ed as a gentler and more thoughtful version of his much younger self, though he still was not above getting involved in mischief, like me.

Thank you for sharing Ed with me. Our friendship provided memories I will carry forward forever.

My condolences to you.

Mike Frey
Posted by Kathy Beard on April 4, 2016
Now that the reality has sunk in, I am left with a great sadness that we won't grow old together. I'm saddest for Sarah and we will never be able to fill that void for her. Time heals, but there are times the pain comes back and it seems like a new injury. At your celebration of life memorial, it was wonderful to hear how many lives you've impacted in so many ways. I never realized what a joker you were with your friends and coworkers! You were always larger than life, doing things most of us couldn't imagine doing. I loved that about you and worried about you from the time you were young, but there was no preventing you from living your life at mach speed with your tail on fire. Miss you brother -- until we meet again.
Posted by Suzanne Purcell on April 4, 2016
I have so many wonderful memories of spending summers in Barryville every June to celebrate Grandma's birthday with all our Purcell aunts, uncles and cousins. Eileen and I both had the biggest crush on Eddie. We thought he was SO cute and he was always so sweet to us. We both got him in trouble one summer when he took us on a ride on his motor bike and we both burned our leg on the exhaust pipe even though he had warned us. Not a peep from us about the burn to Eddie but eventually we had to tell our mom. When Aunt Billie found out she was so mad at Eddie and we felt so badly that we had gotten our cute cousin in trouble!

Eddie - you are gone too soon like your brother Tim and your sister Margaret. The saying that only the good die young is so soon.
Posted by James Purcell on April 1, 2016
I always say that I grew up in Yulan and Barryville and will always remember the times we spent together as family, especially getting all dressed up for Easter mass and posing for pictures. Ed and I were born only 10 days apart and I wish we had stayed as close through our adult years as we were when we were younger. Ball games in your backyard, family barbecues, simpler times, for sure.
Posted by Michele Page on April 1, 2016
I will remember you Uncle Ed and I know that I did not get to see you for a while but now you shall rest in peace. I know that the time you came and seen us we always had a blast I am so sorry that you are now gone. May you forever live in our hearts.
Posted by Jim Purcell on March 31, 2016
God makes some people just a little too vulnerable. Ed, you were one such boy and man. You were kind and gentle, and ready to help. Generous. Probably too trusting. That aside, I know of no one who has tried to do more crazy things. Gads! After you were born, you immediately were put in my bedroom in our Barryville house. If that weren't bad enough, when Tim was born, he joined us! With you and I, it was always about baseball and fishing. You were by far the better fisherman, and loved the outdoors. I wish I had been around more, but after 1963, I was off doing other things, so much of your life unfolded without me there. Safe journey little brother, and may the fish be biting wherever you go.
Posted by Christopher Frey on March 31, 2016
To Ed's family and friends:

We were next door neighbors to the Purcell family in Barryville and our shared childhood lives were a combination of Sports Illustrated and Field and Stream. Ed was a vital part of that and i am so sorry to hear of his passing--way too young. My condolences to all who were part of Ed's life--childhood and beyond.
Posted by Tom & Flo Purcell on March 31, 2016
We were all in shock about Ed. I remember as kids, your mom and my mom had incredible timing. Jim and Mary, Margaret and I, you and Susan, and then Theresa, Eddie, James, Ginny, Mike and Tim.
Seemed almost like a contest. Time does fly and we need to hold onto the memories of the good times in Barryville and Yulan.
It doesn't seem fair that your family has suffered so much and three lives were taken way too early. I have a lot of questions that need answering when I pass on.
Florence and I are praying for strength and peace for your family.
Posted by Sharon Meehan on March 30, 2016
Ed left this Earth exactly a year to date that Thomas E Meehan did. Its comforting to know that they are together now. My prayers go out to his family and friends.
Posted by Karen Harrington on March 30, 2016
Our hearts go out to your family. Sending prayers and love.
The Comiskeys
Posted by Virginia Purcell on March 30, 2016
In a big family with 6 kids, we were the Irish twins, born 18 months apart. Frick and Frack, joined at the hip. You were my hero, my best buddy, my co-conspirator in so many life adventures. We have always been so close, that I don't know how to go on without you being there for me as I always was for you. So, I will share some of my favorite Ed stories, which is not easy because there are SO many to chose from. One of my first memories of us getting into big trouble together was when we were about 4 and 5 years old. We were in the basement playing together when you convinced me to help you paint the ping pong table, floor, and each other a bright blue oil based paint that you opened up. We were covered with paint when Dad discovered us. He was FURIOUS, but made mom get the Polaroid and take a photo of us before we got a spanking. Our expressions in this sad to say lost photo are priceless. Then there was the evening we were all watching TV, except for you. You were in the basement when we heard a loud bang, almost like a gun shot. We all rushed downstairs to find you clutching your ear with blood running down your fingers. You told us you had been throwing darts at a bullet when it hit and discharged nicking your ear. Years later you admitted that you had been using pliers to pull the bullet apart to get the gunpowder. You were like a cat with 9 used one up there, and there were many other times in cars you used more. We spent a lot of time in the woods and on the Delaware river together. Once we found an old bottle dump and started throwing bottles hitting trees when I cut my foot badly on a broken bottle. You helped me limp home and we snuck upstairs and you doctored me up in the bathroom with 25 band-aids and two pair of socks telling me you'll be okay. We didn't know Kathy was listening in outside the door and told mom, who rushed me over to Dr. Petkus' office for many stitches and a tetnus shot. Your motto was to rub some mud in it when we got tough you always taught me. There was the year you went by yourself to John Travers for a haircut and mistakenly told him "Take it off" and he proceeded to basically shave your head. You refused to take you baseball hat off all that summer. I think you had hair cut issues after that. You always let your hair grow long and thick, such a head of hair you had. I think my loss of hearing began as a direct result of riding in your beloved blue Chevelle with you and you amazing sound system blasting at full volume as you opened her up on Rte 97. Once we outran the cops heading in to Yulan at top speed when we hit the infamous Yulan Hill bump. We got a lot of air and my head hit the roof before we landed in a shower of sparks, but the cops never did catch us. I have a lifetime of stories with you Ed, 58 years of loving you my big brother. You were the most generous,giving, funny, gnarly, brave, hardworking man I will ever know. The world lost a beautiful soul when your heart finally stopped. Now my heart has a huge hole in it. I love you buddy.
Posted by Robert Welch on March 29, 2016
I may not have known ed as well as most i worked with him quite a few years ago for a short time and was reacquainted with him through training for work and he has left me with valuable information that i still use today that makes me reflect on our friendship he definitely had an incredible presence and could make anyone laugh, he will be missed dearly rest in peace ed
Posted by Karen Tan on March 29, 2016
Strong, kind, gentle, and a man who truly had a heart of gold. You will forever live on in our hearts and the hearts of my sons, Edison and Braedan, who learned so much from their Uncle Ed. Rest easy now, my dear friend. My deepest sympathies to Sarah and family. He was an awesome person! Fist pumps from here to Heaven.
Posted by Darlene Haas on March 29, 2016
Ed, I still can't believe you are gone. You were such a good neighbor and friend growing up. We had so much fun as kids. You putting me in a wheelbarrow blindfolded and push me around at night with everyone screaming, catching crayfish in the brook and chasing us girls, playing ball in your backyard. So many things. I also remember when you were on your bicycle and hit the car. My sister rode with you all the way to the hospital to make sure you survived. I am sure you were greeted by her, my mom and my dad with a big hug. Watch down on us. You will be missed terribly but will always remember those wonderful memories. Goodbye my friend, until we meet again.
Posted by Christina Anderson on March 29, 2016
"To live on in the hearts of those who love us is not to die." Ed's kindness and generosity has given him a place in the hearts of the many people who were made better by knowing him. While he may have left the confines of this mortal world, his heart and his spirit live on in each of us.
Posted by Mo Petkus on March 29, 2016
Sarah, Gin, Kathy, Jim and the rest of the extended family.
When I thought about sharing a memory about Ed,  I honestly couldn’t find a place to begin. That’s the problem and the blessing of childhood friends. They are so woven within one’s fabric of self that it’s hard to find the beginning because are a part of who you were, and who you are. That is how I will always hold Eddie in my heart. He was such a strong, beautiful guy who you could count on in a variety of areas (!) who had a good sense of humor, a strong connection to family, and was also bound by his love of nature. And of course, a love of the strong fast car! When I think of Ed, the scent of a fresh, crisp Northeast fall follows this memory. It is with this scent of fall, that I will hold in my heart as distinctly his. Love to all of you… Mo Petkus
Posted by Kerri Oulton on March 29, 2016
Ed was always a great friend to our family He had a heart of gold. To know him was to love him. He would do anything to help out a friend and was a good friend to all of us lucky enough to have had him in our lives. He was a caring and gentle soul. He was supportive to my daughter Katie when she was having a rough time. We will never forget him and how he touched all of our lives. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sarah and all of his family. Ed, we will miss you dude 
                 Love Kerri and Katie
Posted by Diane Gunther on March 29, 2016
so sorry to hear of Ed's passing, always a great friend to me in high school, a little older but always treated me with respect, rest in peace Ed. Hugs to the family
Posted by Kathy Beard on March 29, 2016
Ed, I am still trying to grasp the fact that you are gone. We will honor you by remembering the past and the wonderful memories we have of you. I think your heart was too big -- you gave everything of yourself to other people, and ironically, your heart failed you. I will write more later and include some great memories. I always said you were the strongest man I know and I will always think of you that way. I love you dearly and my only comfort is that you will be with Mom, Dad, Margaret and Tim. I can just hear Dad saying "Jesus Christ! What took you so long to get here?"
Posted by Alexis Mills on March 29, 2016
Ed, I am sorry you had to leave so soon. I will remember you as a kind, generous, loving young man who was nicer to me than my own brothers growing up. Plus you were so strong, handsome, and charming, you brightened countless gloomy days for me and my mom. Loved your blue eyes, gravelly voice, and crooked smile. The ultimate outdoorsman. Rest Iin peace, my friend.
Posted by Kathryn Ruppel on March 29, 2016
Dear Ed..... My heart aches for your family. I've known you since High School and our families are very close. I hope you are at Peace, You were one of the most generous and caring guys I know! I hope you are fishing with all your buddies, esp. Tim! That's the only comfort for us is that you are in Gods loving arms with the ones that love you.....
forever in my heart.....☮❤️
Posted by Michael Sigler on March 29, 2016
Art Koch and I gave Ed his first beer. After that we took him home , he drank out of the outdoor hose and went and laid down in the backyard. I spent a lot of time with The Purcell family and have greet memories of those days. Go with God my Buddy
Posted by Susan Weber on March 29, 2016
I remember Ed racing with the big powerful car he had in high school (can't remember the type) with my cousin Bill K.
Posted by Linda Jean Busch on March 29, 2016
My husband Henry & I new Eddie & his family for many years.& have many fond memories of the good times back in Barryville... may you RIP Ed... you may be gone but never forgotten.... God Bye my friend... our thoughts & prayers to his family & friends...
Posted by Cliff Yopp on March 29, 2016
Farewell for now Ed. I remember you as an integral part of the experience of growing up in Barryville, NY along with your entire family.  I was some years younger than you, but you were friends with my siblings and I was friends with Tim. I recall the great garden your family kept in the backyard, which was huge in my eyes and you guys having the best tasting string beans and corn. I remember you hanging out in the kitchen of our house on River Road, telling us about the latest movie you had seen ( likely at the Riviera Theater) or some other adventure with the sound of the Delaware flowing by in the back ground. I recall seeing you at Traver’s beach, with friends or family and it was always like some grand gathering of people, that gave it almost a feel of a family reunion every time people happened to meet up swimming there. I have recollections of you playing on the Eldred football team and watching games played at the Yulan field while the green uniforms slowly became covered in dirt and mud on cool overcast days and yet, still, your smile could be seen in the shadows of your helmet. Was fortunate to have met and known you in those days, and though I have lost touch with much of that past, it is obvious in hearing the remembrances of you from others, that you only grew warmer and of a bigger heart. It is a heartbreaking loss for all and I send sorrowful condolences to your family.

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Posted by Linda Jean Busch on March 26, 2020
Hard to believe that it's been 4 years since your passing.. think of you often & the good times we all had... you will be forever missed but never forgotten.. RIP my friend...
Posted by Kathy Beard on February 17, 2020
Missing you today, Ed. Gin & I keep your spirit alive by reminiscing about you. Much love to you in heaven❤️
Posted by Linda Jean Busch on February 17, 2020
Happy Birthday Ed... another year without you.. you will always be missed but never be forgotten...
Recent stories

Delaware River Experience

Shared by Randy Lane on April 24, 2016

 I have been sifting through memories of times we spent together perhaps looking for a funny one share. Ofcourse, I was involved in the toad business and felt as though I had made few power moves that rated at the top { hiding in a 5lb tub of Scallops.} I also think the Jello was my idea, but these clever moments don't really compare to the practical jokes you played on other people. So longer story short, my mind wandered more into the territory of how connected to nature, the woods and sporting you were. I first remembered a nice wingshot you made, grouse hunting, in the woods behind The Emerson's at the end of Varney Road. A great moment to share with a friend,as wingshots without a dog invoved, are very challenging indeed. So that was a great memory but not the one I was really searching for.      Last week a great memory surfaced. One that still fills me with respect and awe. On a warm summer day in Barryville looking for relief from the heat we { Ed, Ginny, Nick and myself} rented a raft or tubes I don't remember exactly and headed down the Delaware. The awesome part comes now! Ed didn"t get in the raft. He wanted to swim along so he could explore the bottom of the river looking for treasure lost by canoeists when they capsized. That he did!!! I swear Ed could hold his breath 3 times longer than any other human being. We went for miles with Ed disappearing below the surface for what seemed like way to long, only to surface thrusting some treasure high as he could in the air so we could see it. A lawn chair at one point. Ed was one with that river with it's Eel, Helgrammites, giant Carp, etc. I had never witnessed anything like that and never would expect to again. That was stunning Ed ! Thank you for that display of natural connectedness. I won't ever forget that afternoon. Peace and Love, Randy Lane

Shared by Edward Poole on April 6, 2016

So I learned the gift of the gag from working with ed one time while I had the carburetor off a vehicle at the shop ed kept repeating to me "rumor has it those things smoke bad when you rebuild the carbs on them me being young had no clue what he was talking about but sure enough I fired that thing up and it filled the entire shop full of smoke all the while ed stood back by his tool box laughing see I told you those things smoke bad little did I know as I was contemplating what I had done wrong ed had dumped half a quart of tranny fluid down the opening where the carb went when I wasn't looking .then and there I started plotting my revenge and a couple weeks later my opportunity for pay back came ed had the heads off a Ford pickup belonging to the local ford dealer when he wasn't looking I dumped an entire quart down the exhaust pipe and waited for him to finish finally I'm gonna get him back well just as he's finishing up I look over and exclaim hey rumor has it those things smoke bad when you have the heads off ed just looks at me and smiles that sly smile of his and fires it up it's sitting there running huh no smoke well I didn't realize that exhaust has gotta get pretty hot before she'll start smoking but boy didn't she smoke it filled the whole shop full of thick smoke only problem was two sales guys from the dealer who owned the truck happened to be there while this was going on one of them say to the other wow hope that's not one of ours me and ed just laughed it took a road test almost all the way to freeport to clear that thing out filling both lanes of Rte 1 with smoke ya me and do kept everyone on their toes that year. Me and ed hit it off right from the time we met guess there's truth to the saying birds of a feather.but sad to say ed moved on we stayed in touch for awhile but then life came ed moved out of state children were born and we lost touch for along see genny at the supermarket and always asked her hey how's ed doing we'd chat and then off to finish shopping very recently after much pressure from family I caved and got a Facebook account and the first old friend I searched was ed and low and behold there he was should have done it along time ago but my own stubbornness stopped me.we chatted caught up it was nice after all those years.imagine the shock when I open Facebook to learn wow Eds gone I can't even believe it .rest in peace ole friend some day we'll meet again who knows maybe those things smoke real bad when you rebuild them in heaven 

Shared by Elaine Reiser on April 6, 2016

Ed....the muscular kid with the blonde hair and blue eyes.  Always a gentle soul, yet loved to laugh!  I remember one Halloween there was an old bathtub across from the Eldred Inn just sitting there.  Ed and a few others decided to lift it and put it under the light in Eldred.  Just as they got it under the light, along comes a car!  Ed slides down inside that deep, claw foot tub, hoping that the car doesn't didn't, but you should have seen the look on his face!  Eddie, leaving black marks with his boots on the wood floors in the classroom.  Peeling out, like he was driving a car...noise and all.  Eddie...mooning the cars following the bus around town before the bonfire at the school.  

I think my favorite story that Mike tells about he and Eddie is their rides to work at Ed Smith.  Every morning, the one driving that day would call the other and make sure they were up.  Mike said they would go as fast as the car would take them down 97 up the hill to the Hawks Nest and into Port Jervis.  One morning one of the old guys that worked with them said, "Come on boys, tell me, when was the last time you went 100 mph?"  Eddie turned to the guy and said, "What time is it?" Eddie was with Mike when they flipped the Duster on Route 55, out by Fox's garage.  Mike and Eddie going to English Town to the Drag Strip.  The Weinie Wagon.  (I posted a picture of it.)  And how can I forget how Mike talks about how every night Ed would wipe every one of his tools down and line them up in the tool box before they left.

Mike and Eddie had not been in touch in many years.  Niether knew what had happened to the other.  When I moved to Charleston, WV, we found Eddie on facebook, got his number and kept in contact with him via phone conversations.  It was like all the years melted away.  Mike and Eddie were best of friends, and Mike misses him horribly.  Every day he makes a comment about Ed.  We had planned for him to come and stay with us for a visit.  We are just so very sad that it never happened.  We love you, Ed!  Wish this was just a dream, but save us a place.  See you on the other side, Ed!