• 70 years old
  • Born on November 20, 1947 in Maghull, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on March 9, 2018 in Middlesbrough, United Kingdom.

We've set up this page to help us remember our darling husband and Dad, Edwin Thorman.  We will add more detail about Dad in the days and weeks to come but for now, we just wanted to have a place where we could capture your thoughts and memories of him, and update you on arrangements for his memorial service.

We have been so moved by the outpouring of love and support that those who knew loved Dad have shown us both since he died.  One of the greatest comforts and joys is hearing your stories of how you knew Dad, what you loved about him and any funny anecdotes or special memories you have of him.  

Please, if you feel able to, use this page to share with us your memories and any photos of Dad.  The best way to do this is to use the "Stories" tab above, where you can write your thoughts and attach any photos or video you have.  Alternatively you can use the "leave a tribute" section below, or just add photos using the photos tab above.

It all means so much to us both, and it will also be helpful to have them to draw on for his memorial service.  This is taking place on Friday 30th March at 1pm at the Billingham Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Leeholme Road, TS23 3TA.  Afterwards, refreshments will be provided at the River Tees Watersports Centre, The Slipway, North Shore, Stockton-on-Tees TS18 2NL.  We would love everyone who knew Dad to attend both parts of the day, to help us celebrate his life.  

Thank you, and much love

Shirley and Faye xx

Posted by Rich Green on 7th April 2018
The example that Edwin gave, a loving family man who cared for those around him has always stuck with me. During the last conversation we had 23 years ago Edwin told me that I would always be welcome, should I choose to start coming back to the meetings. Kind and carefully chosen words which meant a lot (I was also likely wearing Edwin's suit at the time, he'd donated it to me a few years previously)! I have often thought of you all over the years, and the example that Edwin and others set made a huge difference. Best wishes to you both Shirley and Faye, my thoughts are with you all.
Posted by Peter Richardson on 30th March 2018
In 1985 I was asked by Cleveland Education Authority to act as headteacher, leading Primrose Hill Special School towards closure as part of a reorganisation that led to the new Abbey Hill School. They informed me that they would be adding a new member of staff to our team, a chap with some health issues, but with strong IT skills that they felt the school needed. I may have had concerns regarding the health issues, but soon realised that Edwin had such charm and such positivity towards life that he never allowed his health issues to impact on his important contribution to the school. I worked alongside Edwin in Primrose Hill for 2 years until the Authority was ready to launch the new school, I then became the first deputy head of Abbey Hill School and continued to work alongside Edwin until my protected headteacher's salary became an issue when the school became responsible for its own budget and I was made redundant in 1994. During our time together, Edwin witnessed my self-indulgence when I would give, each September, a tribute in an extended assembly to the pilots who saved us from invasion in the Battle of Britain. Obviously my enthusiasm and passion for the bravery and sacrifice of these young pilots made an impression on Edwin, something I wasn't aware of until some time later. It was after my redundancy when I was doing some supply work at Bishopsgarth School that Edwin suddenly appeared one lunchtime, walking into the school with a book under his arm. After exchanging greetings he presented me with the book, a gift, he said, in tribute to my 'Battle of Britain' assemblies. It is a picture book of the classic fighter aircraft of that period, the Spitfires, the Hurricanes and the Messerschmitt 109s...... An amazing coincidence is that a couple of days ago I was searching in my book cupboard for something entirely different but found this book. I took it out and opened it, remembering that Edwin had written a note to me. The message was generous and warm which is typical of the man. I will continue to treasure this book as I have since he gave it to me over 20 years ago. Suddenly though I am particularly drawn to its title; "Spirits in the Sky". He was a lovely man and we are all richer for having known him.
Posted by John Mccall on 30th March 2018
Dear Shirley and Faye I hesitated to mention this in my earlier comments.Faye when you were born your father was delighted at having you.Expressing his joy at your birth he said if anything ever happens to me my daughter will be there to look after Shirley.That comment had stuck with me always Faye because he said it with such sincerity and had worried about his health so it epitomizes him as someone whose thoughts are for others,a truly lovely father and husband.
Posted by John Dinsdale on 30th March 2018
Happy memories of a happy man and lovely family. Nothing can take that away. Love to you both x
Posted by John Mccall on 30th March 2018
Dear Shirley and Faye Jackie and myself want to express our sadness to you at the loss of such a lovely faithful brother and to you a loving husband and father.We pray Jehovahs loving care to you both as his arms are strong.Ed was a long serving giving elder alongside us brothers and had earned so much repect for his diligent input to the needs of others and his work with the HLC.All that will be sorely missed ,but what a record he has left with Jehovah and what joy it will give him to remember our brother in the new world.Hold on to that Shirley and Faye ,that moment when he opens his eyes and sees you again.He ll be dearly missed and we pray Jehovahs peace to sustain you both.All our love to you John Jackie Mccall
Posted by Stephen Clark on 29th March 2018
Carole and I are really sorry to hear of the passing of Edwin. Our deepest condolences to you Shirley, Faye, and family. Edwin had been part of our lives since our courting days back in 1983. Edwin was always so generous in giving of his time and advice and we greatly benefited by having him taking a personal interest as we started off on our married and then family life. We have many fond memories of these times. When we moved away in 1989 we still kept in contact, primarily with our annual visit to the Newcastle Convention. A highlight of the Convention was meeting up with Edwin and yourself Shirley. As you know Edwin always took great personal interest in our growing family over the years and all 5 of us appreciated his interest, care, and concern as the years rolled by. We always felt very upbuilt by these brief opportunities for coming together. Our time together was unfortunately always limited – but we truly felt 15 minutes in his company was worth 1000 hours elsewhere! He will certainly be missed by all of us, so along with yourself Shirley, Faye, close family and friends, we very much look forward to the time prophesied in the Bible when we will all see him again restored to full health and vitality! With many fond memories. Stephen & Carole Clark (Rebekah, Deborah, and Abigail also join with us in sending much love and affection) xxxxx
Posted by John Youdale on 29th March 2018
I've never found it harder to find the words to pay tribute to someone at their passing. Edwin was a shining beacon for his faith, with a soul to match. I will never forget my lunch hours where he and I would talk about the eternal verities with a genuine honesty, despite our differences of opinion. He was the kindest and gentlest of men and possessed a formidable theological intellect. I was privileged to call Edwin my friend and I will miss this remarkable man until my time comes along too. He lives on in the memory of all who were lucky enough spend time in the presence of greatness. He was a great man.
Posted by Dave Ritchie on 29th March 2018
Dear Shirley and Faye, we both remember Ed came to see us when we first started studying back in 1978. We have fond memories of that time when we first started coming to meetings. Ed was always positive and encouraging. When Dave had a bit of a ‘wobble’ on a couple of occasions, Ed came and gave some lovely spiritual encouragement. He was always patient, very engaging, good humoured and a lot of fun. He remained so even through illness We remember him telling us about a job that he once had which involved a lot of driving. To break the monotony and mix things up a bit, he once tried crossing his legs so that he could operate the clutch pedal with his right foot, and the accelerator with his left foot. I think he only did this on motorways. If this is the first you’ve heard of Ed using this method of driving you’ll be able to tackle him about it when he’s resurrected. We always tried to follow his spiritual lead, but ignored his ideas on driving. Love and sympathy to you both and to others affected by Ed’s passing Dave and Anne Ritchie
Posted by Seungki Lee on 29th March 2018
When I first came to England from Korea, everything was so unfamiliar. Thanks to Edwin&Shirley, I was able to adjust to living there. Also, I learned how to enjoy congregation life from them (even couldn't speak English at all). Time has passed for almost 15 years but I still remember their warm love. The work and the love he showed for Jehovah will never be forgotten. I'm looking forward to play chess again with him near in the future.  send love, seungki Lee
Posted by David Farrant on 28th March 2018
Dear Shirley and Faye Pauline and I first met Edwin when he and David Shepherd were assigned as special pioneers in Leeds nearly 50 years ago. Like many others, we were drawn to him by his warmth, wit and great sense of fun. Yes, we do remember the incident referred to by Morris and Helen Jakubovic: we were having a day out with Ed and David in the grounds of a country house (possibly Harewood House). They suddenly disappeared inside a small church on the estate to emerge a few minutes later from the vestry both clothed in black surplices; they proceeded to prance around the grounds for what seemed like an eternity! Sadly, we didn't manage to capture the scene on camera, but it lives on in our memory, as do many other moments we shared. Over the years, we met up periodically with you and Edwin. They were always very special occasions. I cannot think of a better summary of his character than Paul's description of the new personality: he was truly 'clothed with the tender affections of compassion, kindness, humility, mildness, and patience'. For these qualities he was loved by all. Additionally, Edwin loved Jehovah with his heart, mind and soul. He had an alert and inquiring mind with a real thirst for knowledge and understanding. We shared a common interest in education. I recall the day I spent with him at Abbey Hill School: it was clear to me how much he was respected and loved by both staff and pupils. "One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood." (Seneca) For this reason and many others, Edwin was a true friend to so many but a unique friend to you, Shirley and Faye. Warmest love and affection David & Pauline Farrant
Posted by John Kitson on 28th March 2018
I first met Edwin when he came to Peterlee as a special pioneer to replace me in my assignment when I got married to Margaret. He breezed in with all the positivity, humour, happiness you could every wish for. We had three months together and what a joy it was. My partner Paul and I had an isolated group of Bible Studies where we lived in our house and inside a week or two he had them all jiving to the latest pop records of the day after the Tuesday night book study! Happy Days and needless to say these fledgling studies saw how balanced and broad minded we were. Edwin had some wonderful qualities, kind, generous, warm and considerate. He was a fine student of God's Word and an excellent teacher. Thank you Shirley for looking after him so well, Jehovah will be delighted and so proud of you. Much love, John and Margaret.
Posted by Monica Coake on 27th March 2018
I will remember Ed because of his wise words, extremely warm, welcoming smile, and cheeky twinkly eyes. Someone once said “you don’t always remember what someone said,- - - - - but you always remember how they made you feel” Well, Ed always made everyone feel wonderful. That is one reason he will be missed so very much. We yearn to see that smile again. It’s with a very heavy heart that I leave this tribute Shirley and Faye.
Posted by David Lewis on 27th March 2018
We have not known Edwin and Shirley for very long compared to many other people. During the past 5 or so years we have always appreciated the concern and caring attitude that Edwin showed when Noeline was diagnosed with cancer and her subsequent ongoing medical problems. What we will remember about Edwin was his twinkling eyes, loving smile and his humurous replies during our conversations, plus he always obliged Noeline when he was on the platform, by wearing his glasses after he had his eye operations - because she said he did not look like the Edwin she knew without his glasses on!!! We know he enjoyed the "Thinking of you" cards that we sent him at intervals, to cheer him up and let him know we wished him well and that it would be a joy to see him and Shirley at Billingham Kingdom Hall. He deserves his rest now but he is a great loss for Shirley and Family and all who knew him!! With our Christian love, Noeline and David Lewis. XX
Posted by Martin & Julie Copeland on 26th March 2018
Edwin was a genuinely good man who put himself out for so many people over so many years. He and Shirley have helped both of us in a variety of ways over the years and Edwin certainly proved to be "like a hiding place from the wind, a place of concealment from the rainstorm" for us on more than one occasion. A dear friend, much loved and sadly missed.
Posted by Richard Angles on 26th March 2018
Dear Shirley and Faye It is many years since our paths last crossed but years melt away quickly when we remember with fondness those amazing people we have had the pleasure of knowing on life's journey. I was therefore very saddened to hear of Ed's recent passing. When I think of Ed, the words that immediately come to mind are considered and considerate, thoughtful of others even when coping with healthcare issues of his own, hardworking to ensure care was provided in a very practical way, fun loving (with more than a healthy dose of mischievousness!). More recently, I know my sister, Rosie, was so very appreciative of Ed's calming support when my brother in law, Andrew, was hospitalised. Like so many others posting tributes on here, as a family, we have been on the receiving end of the very positive way both you and Ed have touched our lives. And although I am many thousands of miles away from your family at this time, please be assured that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Richard
Posted by Barbara Welch on 24th March 2018
I have always appreciated Edwin's kindness in making time to help others even in the midst of his own problems, I remember well when we used to host the Elder's meetings in our home and hear Edwin's joyous laugh ring out through the walls and wonder what was causing such amusement. Mick is the best one to tell this tale and here is what he said; I have many happy memories of Edwin's qualities, but Edwin's sense of humour was priceless! I remember one particular Elder's meeting held in our front room. At that time we had a seemingly insoluble problem of young lads collecting outside the hall and attempting to disturb the meeting. Trying to think outside the box I said could we ask for Bob Lister's help. Bob who is also sadly no longer with us was, at the time, the largestbrother we had. He was very tall, broad and bearded and could look quite fearsome. So, we suggested that we ask him to stand at the front door as a deterrent. Building on this Ed came up with his master plan! As the ultimate deterrent Bob could burst out of the hall door with a roar, dragging all the elders with him as they tried to restrain him with ropes! Well at this vision, half a dozen elders now bereft of all dignity, rolling round the furniture, holding their sides and giving an impression of monkey world was a joyous sight. I look forward to the time when I can once more say "Ed do you remember when?" and we can laugh together all over again. Our love and heartfelt sympathy to you both xx
Posted by IAN NEWTON on 23rd March 2018
Dear Shirley and Faye, Val and I were so sorry to hear of Edwin’s passing, what a sad loss to all who knew and loved him, but especially yourselves. As a family we have known you all for many years, Personally I always loved Edwin’s humour and wit, we often laughed together when we met up. For several years Edwin had to telephone me on occasion, as I was an electrician in my secular work, he would start the conversation with “Ian, could you put some wall lights in my living room”, knowing it was most beautifully decorated, and would wind me up !! On a serious note, which has been expressed many times in the tributes here, serving alongside Edwin was the greatest privilege to me, trying to learn from a master, how he did his talks, items, the Watchtower and Congregation Bible Study. His deep knowledge of scriptural and theocratic procedure was outstanding, and I cannot thank him enough for having the chance to watch, listen and hopefully learn. As a family Edwin cared for us many times with his HLC work, our daughter in law was at deaths door, been berated by surgeons to accept blood, he and another brother spiritually supported us all for several days, while also carrying out their assignments at our district convention. Jehovah’s blessing on you all Our Warmest Christian Love Ian and Val Newton. REV 21:3-5
Posted by Dorcas Coggins on 23rd March 2018
Dear Shirley and family, myself(Sylvia Mason and family) were so sad to hear of the passing of Edwin. We have such good memories of him , especially when he first came to our congregation in Peterlee. He was such a happy person and had a contagious smile. We used to look after him along with Paul Honeywood and John Kitson when they were special pioneers. Every week they came to us for a meal and I would do their washing and ironing. When clothes were ready we would take them to our meeting place which was a a type of village hall. This particular week however was an exceptional experience!! We took the clothes and left them in the usual place of the foyer. After the meeting they could not find them. To their chagrin..the Salvation Army, who also used the hall, had taken them for their jumble sale!! Well they had to laugh and the whole congregation had a whip round to help them out with new clothes. They never forgot, nor we, and it was always a source of amusement and close friendship. May Jehovah look after you all and we look forward to welcoming him home once more. All our love XX
Posted by Georgia Henson on 22nd March 2018
About 5 years ago, Ed and I were interviewed as part of an item at the circuit assembly. Behind the platform I was sat next to Ed, terrified of going out there, my hands were shaking and I didn’t think I’d be able to manage doing the interveiw. Ed then held my hand. He didn’t say anything, just squeezed my hand tight. It wasn’t until after the assembly finished and I went to thank Ed that I realised who he was and that he had been a good friend of my grandparents. He had been a special pioneer in Peterlee when they were very new to the truth and had fond memories of my mum and her siblings as they’d grown up. He was always referred to as ‘Uncle Ed’. After that, every assembly and convention I would make and effort to find Ed and more recently during our assembly catch ups he’d show me pictures of his gorgeous granddaughter. I was over the moon that he and Shirley were able to attend my wedding back in August, it meant so much. Uncle Ed as he was fondly referred to in my family was kind to his core and I will miss him greatly. One of the kindest, sweetest men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. We all send our heartfelt sympathy and love. X
Posted by Marlene Newman on 21st March 2018
I will always have fond memories of Ed and a special place in my heart. He was the kindest man I know, always thinking of others, making sure we were well looked after under his watchful care. A wonderful teacher who lead by example. He never complained. Ed was fun loving and had a cheeky glint in his eyes. It was wonderful to see Ed dancing with Shirley at my Mam and Dad's 55th anniversary celebration and generally having an enjoyable time. Looking forward to the time when I see you again in Jehovah's new world. Shirley I am always here for you and I love you dearly.
Posted by Kevin Tingle on 20th March 2018
Hello my dearest Shirley, what a shock I got this morning to hear such sad news. We remember Ed with such affection and love. I am now serving in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Jehovah will never forget his loyal ones, how he must yearn to restore Ed to life again. What joys await us. Warm love. Kevin
Posted by Mike Vening on 19th March 2018
Shirley and Faye, Posting a tribute to Ed using the latest technology is, even for a technophobe like me, just as it should be. Though being the same age as Ed our command of technology set us apart. He had a romance with technology and a very good understanding of its potential while it played to all my weaknesses and phobias. Always respectful of others abilities Ed ensured that despite my technological abilities Iwas always included in our conversations about the future developments of the use of technology to enhance the learning experiences of the children and young people that we served. Gradually he arranged support for my technological development and did so with a humour and a respect that made me feel engaged and comfortable with this process. In this as I so many other aspects of our work together Ed brought with him wise counsel, a flexibility of thinking and a glorious sense of fun and of the absurd . Thus our meetings with significant others around the development of our school technological provisions became something to look forward to and a pleasure to be involved in.
Posted by Linda Sawyerr on 18th March 2018
Today March 18 2018 would have been the 12th wedding anniversary of Caleb Adigun and I. But he died on August 7 2011. I got to know Edwin and Shirley through Caleb. He spoke glowingly of their love and friendship towards him when he was at TTE for training. They were a source of encouragement and support for him while he was faraway from home in Nigeria. I got to know about the famous UNO nights and the meals that he enjoyed with the Thormans and other friends. Edwin and Shirley sent us a box of Edinburgh Crystal glasses for our wedding. I've still got the gift and the card they sent with it. Caleb and I finally got to visit Edwin and Shirley together in January 2010 at Norton and enjoyed our short time with them. Edwin struck me as the kind of person I could tell anything to. He was gentle and kind and generous. I still have his dog-eared contact card as a member of the Hospital Liaison Committee. I just kept it all these years after I found it among Caleb's stuff. After Caleb passed, Edwin and Shirley were of immense support to me, emotionally and spiritually. Now that the roles have been reversed, I hope that I can be a strengthening aid to Shirley as well. Shirley, I am sending you lots of hugs from Nigeria. I still have the email Edwin and Shirley sent to me after Caleb died. I'd like to share it below: "Dearest Linda, I have been sitting in front of the computer screen for over half an hour, nothing would come to mind that I felt was in any way adequate or mildly comforting to you at this most dreadful moment in your life.   The voicemail messages that we receive are very poor quality, drifting and out so we get very little of what you say.  We hope that we didn't miss anything that you asked of us, we weren't sure if you really wanted us to call you on such an occasion, we hope we got it right. Linda you sounded graceful and dignified and we feel that Jehovah is supporting you along with your loving family, brothers and sisters including ourselves.  It is almost time for our Dear Caleb to be put to rest, so very very safe in Jehovah's memory and will remain in ours too until the day we can all be together again, what groaning we have for that day. Yes your wonderful memories will help and sustain you.  We just knew he would be a wonderful husband when we first met Caleb and we remember him so clearly texting his Linda with such excitement.  You said just how much Caleb had helped you, you will of course have helped each other in so many ways to grow and to mature.  Those things are and will remain of such value to you Linda, and Caleb, I am sure, would want you to go on using and developing the things you have learned from each other. Linda, your faith in Jehovah will sustain you, you are now feeling shocked, and battered and now is the time to seek complete refuge in Jehovah.  Please allow those who are close to you to help and comfort you. Your spiritual and physical energies will be at an all-time low, but Jehovah will raise you up. My mind turns to Isaiah 40:29 Don't let go of Jehovah's Right Hand of Righteousness, Isa 41:10,  in that verse he emphasises three times that he will REALLY fortify, help and keep fast hold of you, please allow him to do that. When you feel able, please read and ponder over these verses and imagine that we are there with you too, through the uniting power of Jehovah's word we can be close to you. We embrace you and hold you in our hearts. Your Brother and Sister and friends Shirley and Edwin"
Posted by Pamela Pangbourne on 18th March 2018
It was a privilege to have known Edwin. With love and affection Rod and I will always remember the many happy times spent with him and Shirley studying the Bible, having days out together and passing many an hour just chatting. With his strong beliefs,wisdom,understanding and compassion he certainly made a difference to our lives. In his busy life, because of his unselfishness, he had time for us all .
Posted by Mike Vening on 18th March 2018
I had been in my new post as Headteacher at Abbey Hill School less than a month when I was informed that I was to represent the school as the lead school in a European partnership programme. The meeting was to take place in Bessano del Grappa a small Italian town in the foothills of The Dolomites and I was to go in company with the school Finance Officer a colleagueI knew hardly at all called Edwin Thorman. I was less than enthusiastic about the proposed meeting as I had many other pressing matters that I was keen to address. We travelled to Bessano and towards the end of our stay we’re allowed a half day respite from all the planning meetings. We had a small hire car and Edwin drove us up into the mountains. My fear of heights and his speed of driving at the edges of huge drops left me fearful and exhausted. Edwin dismissed my protests as paranoia. As we made our way back to Bessano My fears were partly vi discarded when Edwin drove a little too close to parked vehicles and our wing mirror disintegratied. Somehow we also managed to be late for our return flight home and managed to get stuck in Amsterdam overnight. With our free package of paper underwear and tiny toothpaste and brush we were directed to a hotel near the airport that was a bit sleazy. By this time Edwin the stranger had transformed into the best of travelling companions and a great and enduring friendship was begun. There are other stories, all with humour and challenge that showEdwin to be the master of thinking on his feet while being one of the nicest and kindest of men and one who set the example that inspired others. He was true to his values and to the high standards that he set for himself. He was a great colleague and a lovely friend and I am delighted that he and I met, and went to Bessano and stayed in touch in retirement.
Posted by Yvonne Draisey on 18th March 2018
Edwin we have very fond memories of you. You were our first group Elder when we moved up to Stockton from Birmingham. We will always remember the homework you used to give to the group! We look forward to seeing you again soon. All our love Yvonne, Mick and family.
Posted by Mike Vening on 18th March 2018
It was a real privilege to work with Edwin at what started out as Abbey Hill School and became Stockton First Federation over the many years that we worked successfully together. It was a fact which I think Edwin secretly enjoyed, that most visitors to the school thought Edwin to be the Headteacher. He dressed like a headteacher and walked and talked like one. He had presence and provided a warm welcome to all. People were genuinely slightly disappointed when it turned out that the “headteachers” sidekick (me) turned out to be the HT.
Posted by Kathryn Jakubovic on 18th March 2018
We can't believe it is 50 years ago that we first met Edwin! We were newly married pioneers in Leeds. Ed and his Special Pioneer partner, David Shepherd, had also been assigned there. He was 'special' then and has remained so in our hearts ever since. His ready humour was always bursting through when he was a young man and it never went away. We wish we had a picture of Ed and David coming across monk's habits in a half ruined abbey somewhere!! David and Pauline Farrant may remember the details of that little incident! :) We also met up on family holidays a couple of times. It was in the Yorkshire Dales where little Faye sadly dropped her cuddly toy in the fast flowing River Wharfe. (Did we spot this relic on the picture of Ed and his granddaughter by any chance?) Ed waded straight in shoes and all to rescue the dripping treasure, thus averting Big Time Toddler Grief! We look forward to sharing these and many more memories of a warm-hearted, kind, hard working, stoical friend and brother anew in the Kingdom. Well done to his 'girls' for all their unstinting love and support. He was worth it! :) Much love from Morris, Helen & Kathryn Jakubovic
Posted by Joss Conner on 17th March 2018
Edwin, I first met you in the last century when you were spending a lot of time in that tiny garden cabin on dialysis. It struck me how cheerful you were, focused on Shirley and Faye and interested in the wider world despite your difficulties. Over the years you faced more serious health challenges yet remained calm, optimistic and always turned your face to the future. I was very fond of you, gentle gentleman and I'll never forget you, love from Joss xxx
Posted by Elizabeth Newton on 17th March 2018
A genuine man, hard working, persistent, a real gentleman, always ready to listen and help where he could. A real pleasure to know. Edwin stood out as a shining example to the congregation. Sadly missedxx
Posted by Sue Hields on 17th March 2018
I had the pleasure of knowing Edwin for forty years, being part of the same congregation throughout that time. I remember him coming to guide me through the questions for baptism. He was such a good example to all of us, I especially admired his endurance during hard times, and the fact that he still endeavoured to encourage others despite his own difficulties. I particularly enjoyed the lovely talks he gave from the platform. Shirley and Faye, this is such a painful time for you both. My heart goes out to you. What a wonderful hope the resurrection is! With all my love Sue and family xxx
Posted by Rebecca Plant on 16th March 2018
I have 2 distinctive memories of Ed. One where he told me to put my shoes back on in the meeting because I was stinking the Kingdom Hall out and 2, coming to your house which smelt of earl grey tea and ginger biscuits and playing a board game. A lovely man with a warm smile and a heart of gold. X
Posted by Sue Burton on 16th March 2018
I first met Edwin when he was visiting Primrose Hill School as a prelude to moving there from his comprehensive. It had been suggested that the job would be less hectic for him given his health problems. I never did find a good time to ask whether the job was what he had been led to believe but as he smiled a lot I think he liked us. His jobs changed he taught maths then computers then moved into managing finance but I could always knock on his door if I had a question even when I wanted money. Abbey Hill wasn't the same when he retired, the world isn't quite the same now he has left.
Posted by John Langstaff on 16th March 2018
Edwin, our dearest friend, remembering you is the easy part. We do it every day, but missing you is the heartache that never goes away. John & Claire xx
Posted by John Davey on 16th March 2018
Ed was just a very special man, Eileen and I felt really privileged to have him as a friend for some thirty years or more, during which time his warmth, humour wisdom and balance always impressed and inspired us. What a huge hole he will leave in the lives of all that knew and loved him as we did. John & Eileen Davey
Posted by Angus McDonald on 16th March 2018
It was such a pleasure to know and work along with Ed (particularly at the Newcastle conventions of Jehovah's Witnesses). I always found him to be warm, encouraging and upbuilding company coupled with a great sense of humour. He will be missed greatly and my heart goes out to both Shirley and Faye at this sad time.
Posted by Joe Allen on 16th March 2018
His subtle quiet manner masked a determined person. A deep and intelligent thinker, with a rare ability to communicate to everyone. He was patient and understanding. He taught purely by his example and actions. He was a rare person. Gail and I offer Shirley and Faye our profound heartfelt condolences and friendship.
Posted by Doug Urquhart on 16th March 2018
Shirley and Faye asked me to leave a comment after I saw them today. I have known Edwin for many years. Edwin was a man of strong faith and a firm believer in the promise contained in the Bible of a future resurrection to life on a paradise Earth. As the poet John Milton (1608 - 1674) wrote in his work Paradise Regained, "By one mans disobedience lost, now sing Recovered paradise to all mankind." Rather than "forever missed" many close to Ed who share his faith believe it is really a case of "soon to be re-united". A personal reflection.... An absent apostrophe, glaring grammatical gaffe Would be used to launch an extemporaneous laugh Ed showed empathy, tact and considerate attitude Despite limited nephrological latitude His energy, drive, his vigour and vim Made his friends and family proud to know him The faith and reliance he showed in his maker Proved he knew his God was no forsaker The resurrection is real, death no permanent foe One day soon he'll say "I told you all so!"
Posted by Suzannne Florence on 16th March 2018
I had the pleasure of working with Edwin for many years at Abbey Hill School. Edwin was always very helpful & if I needed support with any thing he was always there to offer a helping hand for which I will be forever grateful. I had the pleasure of working with Edwin to organize his Retirement Celebration which I will always remember. My thoughts are with you all at this very difficult time, may your memories be of comfort to you. Good night God Bless Edwin. Best wishes to you all Suzanne x
Posted by Jacqui Brown on 16th March 2018
Shirley and Faye, I had the pleasure of being interviewed and employed by Edwin some 11 years ago at Abbey Hill School where he employed me as Reprographics Clerk. Edwin always had a huge smile on his face, and spoke of you, Shirley with such love. He would often share his many happy memories with me, (sometimes at great length – I think he thought I wasn’t busy!!!) He was clearly a very happy, loving, family man. I am so very sorry to hear of His passing. Please accept my condolences. I am sure your many years of happy, family memories will stay with you and Faye for ever. My very best wishes to you both, Jacqui x

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