Mum was very much aware of the camera
Mrs Effie Bondzie Ayayee
  • 63 years old
  • Date of birth: Feb 28, 1952
  • Place of birth:
    Anomabo, Ghana
  • Date of passing: Oct 7, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Johannesburg, South Africa
Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us. For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor....Romans 8:38-39.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mrs Effie Bondzie Ayayee, 63, born on February 28, 1952. Effie after a brief illness passed away in Johannesburg on October 7, 2015. 
She is survived by her husband, Dr. Ellis Ayayee and three children Deede, Ayitey and Korkoi. 

Effie will forever be in our hearts and minds.

Burial and Funeral Arrangements are as follows:

There will be no wake keeping
Saturday 12 December, 2015 (at Trinity United Church, East Legon – Accra)
7:00 am: Pre-burial service - the body will be laid in state.
9:00 am: Burial Service.
Final Funeral Rites and cultural performances begin immediately after the Burial Service.

Sunday 13 December, 2015
9:00 am: Thanksgiving Service at Ebenezer Methodist Church, Madina.
12:00 pm: Reception at Armed Forces Officers Mess, 37 Military Hospital, Accra.

MHB 517

Simply trusting every day,
trusting through a stormy way, 
even when my faith is small, 
trusting Jesus, that is all.

Trusting as the moments fly, 
trusting as the days go by, 
trusting him whate'er befall, 

trusting Jes
us, that is all.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Edouard Anderson on 7th October 2017

"Quand s’éteint la plus belle des lumières, les yeux sont inondés de larmes. L’enfant déboussolé perd le plus précieux de ses repères: sa Mère chérie. Mais l’amour maternel jamais ne disparaît. Une fois donné il s’inscrit dans l’éternité. Tu as été la meilleure directrice d’école que j'ai eu de mon enfance. Merci infiniment!!!"

This tribute was added by Kwamena Asiedu Bondzie on 7th October 2017

"Today is the second anniversary of your going home, Effie. I remember receiving an early morning call from Korkoi. She said:  " daddy wants to talk to you". Then Ellis gave me the sad news and the bombshell.

We miss you. I miss you. You have left a unique void and space that only you can fill. We have trusted you into the arms of the Lord while we treasure memories of you in our hearts. Da yie sister!"

This tribute was added by ellis ayayee on 1st August 2017

"We have had so far, as at first August 2017, 6800 views at this site. Am eternally grateful to family and friends who continue to keep her memory alive and the candle of her life burning bright. Let's keep it that way and God bless."

This tribute was added by Theo Acquah on 28th February 2017

"Today is the 65th anniversary of your birth. Sadly you are not here to celebrate with your loved ones and numerous friends. Nevertheless, nothing can erase your memories from our minds. Rest in Perfect Peace, Effie!"

This tribute was added by Theo Acquah on 7th October 2016

"Rest in peace, Effie!! Your memories still remain with us."

This tribute was added by Kwamena Asiedu Bondzie on 7th October 2016

"Dear Sister,

It is a year now since the call came that you have passed on. You are still in our thoughts and sorely missed on this one year anniversary of your passing.  I hope and trust that all is well with you because we left you in God's hands.  Please extend my warmest greetings to Uncle and Auntie.

Your brother, Kwamena."

This tribute was added by Ellis Ayayee on 15th July 2016

"Slowly but surely we are coming to terms with your departure. Others have gone before BUT YOU ARE SOLELY MISSED FBONDS."

This tribute was added by Princess Myma Adu-Gyamfi on 4th March 2016

"Rest on in the Father's arms, dearest mum and mentor."

This tribute was added by Theo Acquah on 3rd March 2016

"Your memory lives on! Rest in peace, Effie."

This tribute was added by Ayite Thywill GABA on 15th December 2015

"When we lose a loved one here on earth, we gain an Angel in heaven that watches over us. May you take comfort in knowing that you have an angel to watch over you now. We extend our most sincere condolences to you Uncle and your family."

This tribute was added by Georgina Boansi on 12th December 2015

"Tribute from Georgina Boansi of Abelenkpe JHS. They who tread the path of labor do the holy will of God. This was the favorite song of my headmistress. Mrs. Bondzie Ayayee. You were really a mentor and you made me enjoy every bit of my profession.Now the laborers task is over grant your weary ones eternal rest. Damirifa Due. Due ni amanihunu."

This tribute was added by Stephen Mifetu on 11th December 2015

"It is very difficult to believe you're no more with us. I remember you for the charisma with which you thought the school anthem "Hail Association School..." at assembly. You nurtured me for the most of my formation years. You will be forever missed. Rest in the bosom of the Lord Mrs Ayayee."

This tribute was added by Naa Dromo on 5th December 2015

" hosted me well at ur home wen I was left at school n my parents had not come for me. Bath me, dressed me up in Korkoi's clothes... Wow... I felt I was home... Dinner was served shortly after my parents arrived at ur home with Osikani and had to leave ..., since den I realised you were more than a headmistress... You were a mother to the entire school. Ensuring that discipline was maintained and fair treatment to all students irrespective of ur family status, you stood by us in all situation, gave us all the love and support we need, motivated us to give out our best..... I cldnt believe my hears until Korkoi confirmed it... May God keep you safe in his blossom... Rest In Perfect Peace.., Mrs Ayayee"

This tribute was added by Prince Okae on 2nd December 2015

"With tears streaming down all I can say is THANK YOU mummy. No words can express how I feel about you. Farewell!"

This tribute was added by Theo Acquah on 18th November 2015


Your memory can never be erased from our minds, just as in life it was not easy to forget you. We can't understand why you had to leave so soon. Da yie! Nyame mfa wo nsie!

Someday all suffering will cease. Our tears will dry up permanently, and we shall be safe in God’s arms forever (Rev. 21:4)

- Theo & Pat Acquah"

This tribute was added by vero Mills lamptey on 16th November 2015

"My Friend , My Sister, My mother, My Teacher, I'm in Shock, this is unbelievable, Oh!!!! No!!!!!! Why , how, when and where, Auntie Effie.....
She was so loving , she protected me and cared for me in my days at Mfantsiman School, she became part of my family. I do thank God for her life she was a blessing to me.Rest in perfect Peace"

This tribute was added by Emelia Amartey-Quarcoo on 12th November 2015

"Words are few, thoughts are deep,
Memories of you we will always keep.

Simple words but very true,
I’ll always love and remember you.

Tenderly I treasure the past,
With memories that will always last.

Partings come and hearts are broken,
Fare thee well Mrs. Effie Bondzie Ayayee

From Mrs. Emelia Amartey-Quarcoo"

This tribute was added by George Quaye on 12th November 2015

""If any man comes after me
Let him deny himself
Take up his cross to follow me
Into life eternally...."

This is about the 4th time I've come here struggling...
Trying to find the words to describe a woman who was more than an integral part of everything I am today.
A woman who not only nurtured me from childhood and gave me tons of opportunity to be a better man, but also never ever took her eyes off me.
Mrs Effie Ayayee...Can't believe you are gone.
You stood by me as I buried my mother a little over a year ago.
You would watch my show on TV and call me to commend me on what I did right, correct my grammatical errors and even remind me of my phonetics and how I needed to 'round my lips' on certain words.
How could you be gone?
Why should you be gone?
Death truly is cruel
And for me it doesn't only take a loved steals a joy
Mum passed a day after my wedding anniversary...
You, on my birthday.
Guess I'll never forget you
Rest well mum
Rest in perfect peace
Till we meet again..."

This tribute was added by Sandy Santes on 10th November 2015

"My condolences to the bereaved family.May the almighty fill in the vacuum and let the soul of our beloved rest in perfect peace"

This tribute was added by Antoinette Kulekey on 9th November 2015

"Mrs Ayayee how sweet and strict you were. The last time i saw you was last year at Wesley Methodist Cathedral when i offered you my seat at George Quaye's mothers funeral. There was no sign.

I remember the first time i saw you in Association International School.
You were then the Head Mistress for the JSS when i was in primary two.

You encouraged us to do our best in our studies and our Wednesday morning worship was full of Methodist hymns where you taught us how to sing the songs in various parts treble, alto and tenor.

May the Angels of God welcome you into HIS Paradise as you sing HIM all the songs you taught us while on earth.

Sleep well Mrs Ayayee
Rest In Perfect Peace.


This tribute was added by Edouard Anderson on 9th November 2015

"The very first day, my entry test to Association Int school was conducted by her. Thought she was a bit rude but later found out she was the best cane i could ever have. She made me right. A mum i cherished a lot as yeahs passed by under her nearly in tears. Really love you mum. Wish you good where you are. A Dieu!"

This tribute was added by Adelaide Owusu-Akyem on 8th November 2015

"Miss Bonzdzie,  as I gaze at your photos, I'm filled with bitter-sweet memories of your Mfantsiman yrs. Your sense of self-worth, dignity &  that engaging smile is forever etched in my psyche. I remember how you sussed me out one time when I declined to take part in a performance with lame excuses. You'd taken the trouble to read one of my essays where I'd  used the word "juxtaposed ". You knew I could do it. You asked me to get on with it,. He's lifted you up  where you belong. All pain gone. RIPP."

This tribute was added by Kofi Bonsi on 6th November 2015

"I keep coming up short as I search deep within for the right words to honour her memory. Are there words great enough to honour such a great woman? She taught me many things, impacting my life in and out of the classroom. She inspired me a great deal. She made going to school fun and she made us proud to be at AIS – “Hail Association School…” Most of all she taught me to praise the Lord above in songs and hymns.

Mrs. Ayayee, Madam, Auntie Effie, you left an indelible impression on my life. I’m blessed to have known you and to have been educated and shaped by you. As memories flood my mind, I can only be thankful to God for you and the part you played in making me the person I am today. I know this was one of your favourites:

Seven whole days, not one in seven,
I will praise Thee;
In my heart, though not in Heaven,
I can raise Thee.
Small it is, in this poor sort
To enroll Thee:
E’en eternity’s too short
To extol Thee.

Rest in perfect peace, Madam, until we meet again."

This tribute was added by Selorm Botwe on 5th November 2015

"Mrs Ayayee,
I remember reading newspapers to you as a Primary School Child on Saturdays
I remember the Airport gang, spending vacations in your house
I remember making bread in your garage
I remember tasting ginger bread for the first time in your house
You made me love Methodist Hymns
You made me become more confident in myself
I had not seen you for so long and actually regret it so much
You were more than a headmistress to me, you were a mother
God grant you rest and peace

MHB 582
Brightly beams our Father's mercy
From his lighthouse evermore,
But to us he gives the keeping
Of the lights along the shore.

Let the lower lights be burning;
Send a gleam across the wave.
Some poor fainting, struggling seaman
You may rescue, you may save."

This tribute was added by Jacqueline Elikem Amegee on 4th November 2015

"You had an impact on us your students with your vibrant and joyous spirit. And no one could ever forget you. One of my fondest memory is of you teaching us new songs. We surely will miss you. May your soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Kwaku Ofosuhene on 4th November 2015

"Simply trusting everyday....
Trusting through a stormy way...
Even when my faith is small....
Trusting Jesus, that is all.

We indeed trust that you will be  resting safely with our Maker.
Rest in Peace Mrs. Ayayee. We will forever remember and miss you. Nantie Yie!"

This tribute was added by waltrude aboagye on 4th November 2015

"My last encounter with Mrs. Ayayee will forever remain memorable. This was at a wedding in October 2014. When I approached her, she could not make me out immediately. But as soon as I mentioned my name she exclaimed and gave me a big hug. She was very happy to see me, as was I. She whipped out her phone and we posed for some photographs in her beautiful nigerian outfit complete with a gold "gele".

She will forever be missed.

Rest in peace Mrs. Ayayee"

This tribute was added by kafui mawudeku on 4th November 2015

"We will always remember you for your hard work and instilling discipline at Association international School. My family greatly miss you for your  kindness. God keep you."

This tribute was added by Kojo Kuampah on 2nd November 2015

"Mom you will forever be on my mind. The kind of discipline you inculcated in us at Association International School has brought me this  far. May God grant you a safe place till we meet again"

This tribute was added by Gabriel Ababio on 2nd November 2015

"Comfort yea comfort yea my people. .speak yea comfortable to Jerusalem and carry unto her that her warfare is accomplished that her iniquity is pardon.  This was our first  drama we had in December 1987.
You will forever be remember our lovely Mum. You stood with us, you screamed on us,  you embraced us. You words has kept us till now. Form the first patch of JHS (class of 1990). We say may God keep you till we meet again.
Grace Bandor
Audrey Abbew
Susan Kudowo
Esther Mensah
Cynthia Kumi
Patience Kudowo
Juliana Lartey
Juliet Ofori
Ama Sena
Rukaye Tufaaaaaaru
Akyaa Owusu Ansah
Theresa Yamak
Samuel Andrews
Ernest Martins
Michael Tapsohba
Ebenezer Lartey
Asare Addo
Gabriel Ababio

Fair well Mrs. Ayaye"

This tribute was added by David Amable on 1st November 2015

"Aunt Effie, we had a deal... now you these guys don't like our kind of music... words fail me.... good night."

This tribute was added by David Amankwah on 1st November 2015

"Your life was a blessing. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. Fare thee well Mrs. Ayayee."

This tribute was added by Brigitte Akabutu-Acey on 1st November 2015

"Heartfelt condolences to my brother Koe & his children for their loss."

This tribute was added by Kofi Ocansey on 1st November 2015

"We probably met not more than once or twice, but you, Auntie Effie, made an indelible impression. It is sad that we are at this day, but your gifts to us continue to shine brightly. We wish you eternal rest."

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Firempong on 1st November 2015

"Mrs Ayayee,
Your legacy is all of us who passed through Association International School during your time.
How can we forget Wednesday worship and all the songs you taught us. Instilling in us Christian virtues that have been a strong foundation.
How can we talk about our time in primary school and JSS without mentioning you.

Gone but never forgotten.
We love YOU!"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Morrison on 31st October 2015

"Maame Effie, I was shocked to  hear of your departure after a short illness. Our Good Lord understand why you have to joinHim. Our only  hope is that you had a personal  relationship with Him. I remember your beautiful smile. God be with you always.Rest In Perfect Peace. Goodnight  Maame Effie."

This tribute was added by Ruth Abla Senorfe Adjorlolo on 31st October 2015

"It is well with your soul.  May the good LORD give you a peaceful Rest."

This tribute was added by Blakbelz bel on 31st October 2015

"You installed the Methodist hymns in my heart and every morning as I sing a song I just remember your smiles.heaven is really going to be a joyous place. Please save me a front row seat,till we meet again. RIP"

This tribute was added by Princess Myma Adu-Gyamfi on 31st October 2015

"Rest in peace Mrs Effie Ayayee
Never believed my ears when I heard the news that day but God knows best.

Thanks for being the SUPER TIMELESS HEADMISTRESS through your touch of love and godly grooming to the young.

You made me proud to be a Christian Methodist. I so remember the wonderful hymns you inspired us to sing off head and meditate on the biblical lyrics.
Also admired how you spurred us on and especially moi to climb higher and attain my dreams. Thanks for the infant school play and 'hangman games' in our free periods in lower primary....aww n for teaching us calculations along with our teachers. You were and continue to be a rare gem.

My family and I are ever grateful, sweet Effie...Love you, love you but God loves you most.

God keep you safe till we meet again!"

This tribute was added by Nana Tham Akowuah on 31st October 2015

"Aunty Effie. Words fail me now. I have a lot to ask but who wld give me answers. Earlier this year you stood by my sisters and I when our dad was hospitalised. Through his referral to 37.  You spoke with him on phone anytime you couldn't visit. When he was to a higher service ud always visit us at home with fruits from your garden or freshly baked bread. I remember your Earl Grey tea... the waakye. Oh I remember how ud come nd make sure we were fine. You were more than just an old headmistress. You became family. I had called so many times till I contacted Ayitey and he told me u were ill. I honestly knew ud be better... I prayed ull heal a come back home
That didn't happen but we know our God is faithful. You're in a better place I know. Send my love to Mr. &Mrs.  Julius Addo Tham. Tell them we miss them to dearly. Rest in peace ma'am. May the heavens rejoice and meet you. Sleep on... Nana Ayesua Tham.

This tribute was added by eugene asante-boadi on 31st October 2015

"Will your anchor hold in the storms of life,
When the clouds unfold their wings of strife?
When the strong tides lift, and the cables strain,
Will your anchor drift or firm remain?

We have an anchor that keeps the soul
Steadfast and sure while the billows roll,
Fastened to the Rock which cannot move,
Grounded firm and deep in the Saviour's love.


Mrs Ayayee, who do we sing these songs with,you will be missed. Rest In Perfect Peace."

This tribute was added by Paul Asante on 31st October 2015

"I send all the condolences for you and your family on the death of your mum. Your mum was a great guide for us at AIS and will always be in our hearts and will guide us through her blessings from Heaven.”
I pray the good Lord shall grant you the strength to carry on with life with good spirits. God bless"

This tribute was added by Nana Bentum on 31st October 2015

"Mrs. Ayayee, I am a living testimony of your legacy. You encouraged me to be the best at anything I put myself to. I miss your very warm and motherly hugs, and your ever glowing smile.
I remember when you would invite bands to our school and come out to dance with us, there was no occasion, nothing specific to celebrate each time but you had such a zest for life that with you everyday was a celebration.
I regret procrastinating my visit to your house, I have robbed myself of a final hug from you.
We will continue to make you proud with the academic discipline you instilled in us.
Rest in peace aunty effie"

This tribute was added by Britta Ofori-Kuragu on 31st October 2015

"Mrs's Britta. (*With tears in my eyes*)

Rest in perfect peace, mummy!

Memories of you span right from my childhood to adulthood. From shaping my life through school, to giving my husband and I your blessings in front of the church congregation a day after our wedding. We will never forget that day....your love, your warmth, your support and your reassuring hugs.

You were a phenomenal woman! The lives you have touched are incalculable and your exceptional legacy will live on for generations to come.

We thank our good Lord for giving you to us and sharing you with us. Now He wants you back. As painful as it is for us, we know you are in a better place, resting in His bosom and looking down on us.

We love you, Mrs Ayayee!!! We are grateful for everything you taught us and everything you were to us. You did an amazing job.

You are now getting your well-deserved rest. Rest peacefully, mummy; in the arms of your loving maker until we see you again.

"The fields are all white........"."

This tribute was added by E Eduful on 30th October 2015

"Odum k3se etutu. Odum tantrampcn  a mbofra gye ase nwin. Adze a owu dze mu no nkwa ntum ngye;  na nky3 y3 bc bc opemir bosa  na cnanka edzi h3n egyinemu na ye dze efir  wo nkwa, ntsi cbo esiako Bondzie dadaw, esi konko Bondzie wcre yaa wo na wcre ma wo nana, kutiisii a wo anentse wc nsu mu...Demirifa due MPINTRIPI NA MPANTRAMPA ONYAME KOKROKO EGYA PUNPUN DEWUR A CTSE NSU ADZE ASEM WC BONU NI YEMU, EGYA AKYEKYEKU A CPAA PO KCKCC MU NO, CNFA WO NSIE.  SISTER DA YIE."

This tribute was added by Reginald Kwamie on 29th October 2015

"Mrs. Ayayee. Your name just need come up in a conversation all know who you are. Year groups before me and year groups after.

Your excellent legacy in education resonates even now. A legacy permeating even our personal lives and indeed shaping our minds. I thank God for all you do.

You raised a standard in our lives, you raised a bar. Because of you I was proud to call my school international. You are just a lovely person. You didn't just know me, you knew everyone!

I know you look at us all now with pride and joy and hope.

As God is the God of the living, I know you are alive and well.

When we meet, I'm sure I'll receive your warm motherly hugs again."

This tribute was added by Dinam Acheampong on 23rd October 2015

"What shall I say Effie - as friends  we called you 'Pampered  and Spoilt' PS because you loved being pampered and allowed to have your own way .You were strong willed to a fault and so was I (we are of a strong people the clan you chose to join)-we had our spats but made up eventually -always on your terms which we allowed because you are family!
After 5 years I came to see you on your hospital bed -all disharmony forgotten as usual - the wheretofors  didn't matter.
Little did I know that you had come to mend fences our own way ,clear the pathways for your journey into God's glory! You said you'd given yourself two weeks and we did not understand you  only gave yourself time to say Hello and Goodbye.
Thank you for the Happy times, for the brilliant children you gave my brother: Deede, Ayitey and Korkoi.You should have waited to get Spoilt and Pampered the way they would have done for you to appreciate - But who are we to complain when you got the Call to come Home? Be their Angel and protect them still mother-hen!
Effie - nante yie, Effie xede nyuie-miedogbe na tsitsiawo!"

This tribute was added by Kwamena Asiedu Bondzie on 22nd October 2015

"It was about 2 weeks ago that the call came that you have passed on.  This news changed and rocked my world.  The shock has not worn off and I am still in a daze.  We had planned to meet over the Christmas holidays.  The family will meet but without you.  It will definitely not be the same without you.  I am still slowly coming to the grips that I will not see you nor hear your voice again.  You have passed on to the other side.  I have a request for you; when you meet Uncle and Auntie, send them my heartiest and warmest greetings.  As you journey on, let me leave you with the words of one of your favorite hymnist – Anna Laetitia Waring (MHB 528 vs 2).

        Wherever He may guide me.
        No want shall turn me back
        My Shepherd is beside me.
        And nothing can I lack;
        His wisdom ever waketh,
        His sight is never dim;
        He knows the way He taketh,
        And I will walk with Him.

May our Lord Jesus Christ accept your soul into His presence and may you rest in peace in Him.  Da yie sister!"

This tribute was added by hanna korsah on 21st October 2015

"March - April 2015 was the unforgettable re-reunion. The lunches, dinners, dancing with joy and long talks spiced with WGHS jokes in your home were the last? Another visit to your church with you in your beautiful Christ Little Band outfit never to come on?

That beautiful smiles from ear to ear and soft but confident, distinctive speeches laid to rest?

A promise of staying with you on my next trip to Ghana never to be?

Ah! Gone too soon. A day before my birthday - a tease or a game play? May be a date to remember you! And  you bet I will forever remember all those beautiful attributes of yours.

Our Heavenly Father giveth and He taketh. Maame Effie, Glady-oh, Cousin, may you rest in peace till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Ellis Ayayee on 20th October 2015

"What songs shall we sing?
What poems shall we recite?
What dirges shall we play or sing to honour
our fallen iron lady?"

This tribute was added by Eyram Ayayee on 20th October 2015

"You can shed tears that she is gone
or you can smile because she has lived

You can close your eyes and pray that she'll come back
Or you can open your eyes and see all she's left

Your heart can be empty because you can't see her
or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.

You can remember her and only that she's gone
or you can cherish her memory and let it live on

You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back
or you can do what she'd want:
open your eyes,
and go on

Author Unknown"

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