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December 22, 2021
What do you say about the one responsible for bringing you into this world besides THANK YOU. Momma you laid the foundation for me to seek truth and purpose in pursuing God .And giving my life to Him before I became a teenager. You always seem to have some type of anecdote for whatever problem I presented to you. If I called you before school complaining of sickness or aches. You'd say do this,  this and this and hurry so that you won't miss the school bus. You always knew when I was really sick or feigning aches. ( to this day I don't know what magic you possessed to discern me). Yet you treated me special when I was really sick. Despite the fact you had 5 other chidren. I can sincerely say I KNEW I was loved by you ma. You also in your loving way taught me how to go from reluctantly wanting to sing at church. Now I look forward to singing in the house of the Lord with gladness. My own 2 children enjoyed going to " granny's " house ESPECIALLY when you cooked that lip smacking peach cobbler. YES LAWD it was deeeeeeeeelicious. I could go on & on. But to limit to A story for one as special as you are mom. It's impossible to do. I will forever miss you and apply the godly principles that you taught us your kids and grands and great grands.❤❤❤❤

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