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Shared by Audrey Johnson on July 18, 2021
I don't think it's sunk in yet that you are gone Aunt Effie!!! From the day we moved in to OLA, you were one of my Mamas, larger than life, always easy with a smile or laugh.... You always made me and my siblings feel like one of your own, especially when you were showing your pride in how we had grown up.

I can hear and see the smile on your face when you call my name anytime I visit and I have to get used to the fact that I won't get to see you when I come back home.... I think it will hit me then.... But you are very missed and you will always be in our hearts! The memories will be with us till we meet again...
Aunt Effie, keep smiling down on us.....Da Yie! Rest in Peace in God's Bosom till we meet again..... 
Shared by Gitte Pedersen Vestergaar... on June 30, 2021
Dearest Auntie Effie.
My thoughts go back to my time in Cape Coast living right next to you. At first I think I was a little scared of you, open mouthed and loud as you were - young and a long way from home as I was - but that soon changed and I found a second home and safe place with you, Christy and Nana. Your warmth, your laughter, your open arms, your kindness, honesty, and big heart will forever hold a special place in my heart. I wish I had thanked you for that. I somehow thought I would have the chance to do that someday. My time in Cape Coast was a life changing experience, and you are part of the reason Ghana will stay with me forever. 

The world is a more quiet, empty and sad without you in it. All of my condolences to Christy, Nana, and all others who loved you dearly. You are missed. 
Love from
Efua Gitte

Shared by Hilda Arhin on May 15, 2021
Auntie Effie,  Mama is how I affectionately call her. Knowing you since I was a child has always been so amazing and lovely. Way back from primary school days when Christy brought me home and coincidentally you being my mother's friend and Ola Anglican Church Mother solidified our relationship.  You loved me as your own. Though Christy and I  sometimes fought and not talk for a while, you never took sides but still considered us as daughters   " Nana eti wonua ninka" ? You asked me just to ensure we are at peace with each other. Auntie Effie, you were full of life and a very kind person..We were never bored around you as you always had your life stories to share to encourage us in life..We are missing you dearly..I can't stop watching the video of you, my mum and I at the dance floor at my mum's birthday. Rest well Auntie Effie, Rest in the bosom of Christ. 


Shared by Ama Brobey-Williams on May 15, 2021
Dear Mama Time has taken me back to House 17.  I think of you and I still smile, you never disappointed on Christy's birthday when you will come all the way from cape coast with a huge basket of food and goodies. My pound cake was always separated and packaged just for me. That feeling I had when I think of your love for me is unexplainable. I cherished and looked forward to it. It's left a lasting impression on me till date. You loved me from the first time you heard of me and that never changed. I continued to eat your pound cake yearly until 2019. That was our thing! Your love was deep and genuine. I thank God for sharing such a beautiful soul with us. We love you and we miss you dearly ❤

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