Posted by African Community Finland on October 27, 2018
It is a year already, but you come to mind every time I pass your office.
May your soul rest in peace! You were a blessing. I always say a prayer for you and your family. You are not forgotten, they are not forgotten, His grace and peace will continually be their lot.
"If not now; when? " we are only guaranteed of now! Live in your now.
God Bless.
- Seroy
Posted by L Samuel on December 18, 2017
Archie, you would have been a year older today. You would have been celebrating another glorious added year! I suppose God knows better.

However, I will say happy birthday in Heaven and know that I will always have precious memories of you.

Happy Birthday!!!!

L. O. Samuel
Posted by L Samuel on December 4, 2017
Ha Archie! Don Archie! I am still in shock about your passing on. I am still finding it hard to believe. 

I have been trying to put off writing this tribute not because I don't know what to write but because it is very hard for me to settle with the fact that you are gone to the great beyond.

You were larger than life. A people person! God fearing, fun loving, an achiever, always positive thinking, a good father to your children! Someone that looks for the solution and not at the problem (I remember you used to tell me that and it has helped me a lot in life). I can go on and on and on about you and never stopping.

All I have been asking is Why! Why? Archie is so full of life. Not him!
But I suppose God knows better and as a mortal being there is a limit to what I can know.

Your passing on hurt so much that the pain has been unbearable, something I have never experienced. So painful. I only look unto God for comfort as I know you are on the bosom of God

I take my consolation from Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 
“To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heaven:
A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted”

You had dreams and you worked hard towards making your dreams a reality with the help of God whom you loved so much. You had left your footprint on the sand of time and will be forever remembered.

I will always have fond memories of you and would keep your memories fresh in my mind.

It is hard for me to say good bye so instead I will say

"Sleep well Archibong and may the peace of God be upon you"

L. O Samuel
New Zealand
Posted by Josephine A on November 20, 2017
Though i speak with the tongues of men and of angels and i have no love i am become as a souding brass or a thinking cymbal. Love suffers long, is kind,is not proud,envieth not, not easily provoked, thinketh not evil, beareth all things, hope all these, never fail. ( 1 corinthians 13)
My darling you have shown to me the love in 1 corinthians 13. A friend in need. A husband who gave all with the help of God to bring the best out of me. You gave your all to make sure i stood tall in Jesus Christ. You have been my guarding angel from the day i met you. With you and with the help of God you encouraged tlme and bought the best out of me. Through your support WODESS became strong. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.You are a replica of a man of valor.i will forever cherish you. I love you and will continue doing good. Will never stop doing good just as you taught me by example. Thank you for all you have done to impact my life positvely. . I know you are now with the Lord. Untill we meet again. I love you and cherish all you have done for me.. Rest in the Lord untill we meet again. I love you and miss you.
I must end here.. Words cannot express my gratitude to you and your generous heart. My heart bleeds and tears have never stopped flowing down my eyes with your departure . But i know you are with God. That is my only comfort. Rest in Christ Jesus untill we meet again
I love you and miss you forever
Jozzy Atanga
Posted by Kum Donald on November 17, 2017
Hello Pa Archi !
It's difficult to accept that you are gone forever. But that is the fact. But this is not a complete truth. Though we shall not be with u again forever, but forever and ever, surely we shall see you. Your time of departure came, you made it for your appointment with death. For it is written, "it's appointed for man to die once and after that come judgement". But my soul is at peace because you found favour with God before you passed on to glory. I have seen you with a white garment. The garment of peace with God. Hallelujah! Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ who Was, and Is, and is to Come. I remember this of you;
Posted by Judson Acha Mcsikod on November 17, 2017
Dear Papa Archi,
I came to know a man, tall and brave, intelligent and courageous, enduring and devoted, a man who thought of the future than the present, a man who thinks of the societal than the personal, a man who stood for the community and the family and a man who was ready to give up every past for a future with the creator alone.
When I think of Mr. Archibong, only pain comes in. The loss is so great. I knew him slightly over two years but it seems I lived over a life time with him. I heard so much about him before and I knew he was a great man but I was humbled on the first date I saw him. He was so humble, interesting and cordial. I never could imagine this from a man of such caliber.
I am a man who believes so much in the power of the Lord and in the working of miracles. I once was paralyzed in this country in 2014 and through the phone, I could be able to walk again. God of miracles healed me when his servant, Prophet Frank prayed for me. I decided to impact the society as well. So I invited persons from left and right to come to my home where we could pray together with prophet frank on skype. On that day, over 20 persons turned out and late Archibong came to drop the wife and not to worship with us. Two hours later, when he came to take her, that was when the main ministration was starting and he was immediately called up. God of wonders located him and what he thought was most hidden was x-rayed to him. From that day, things changed forever in the way he thought. The man that was last or left out from those invited became so interested that he became the main man. He saw the power of God and decided to be under that power and that grace. As he rightly said, he has seen so much but now, nothing interests him anymore but to serve the Lord. He asked me to change the venue from my home to his office where he could evangelize more and bring more souls to God. Before long, he had registered the church and organized one of the best and power pact crusade in Helsinki. Within this time, you could see a man who has given up all leisure and pleasures of the world for the creator. It came to a time when he told my wife that in the nearest future, all these jobs foreigners are enjoying will end. The driving school will end as new automatic cars and flying cars will be invented. In short, he said everything will end. So, this is the time you should look at your legacy. As for him, he said, ‘I have chosen Kingship’. The kingship international ministry and especially the kingdom of God is the only thing that will last, he continued. He even said, any man can fight him now to own the driving school; he doesn’t care but no one should fight him when it comes to the church. We could not interpret that he was speaking in a heavenly language that he himself could not understand. He was set for the glory above and not the treasures below. Oh Mr. Archibong, you made it. You caught the revelation of life after that on this earth you chose the best. You made it.
It is worthy to say that it was not an easy journey with him. I recommended him to the founder and general overseer of the Kingship international ministry to be the custodian of the church in Finland. A position he held until his death. This made me to see the other part of the man Mr. Archibong. Even if he was wronged or abused he smiles rather and jokes over it. I always called him the General, but he baffles me all the time with such humility. When he makes a mistake and is pointed to him, he admits and even says, brother, you know I am a Christian spiritual baby. Help me, I want to be the best, I want to know more about God and, God willing, I will get there. Oh what a man.
Mr. Archibong, when you became so sick, you didn’t tell me. I didn’t even know you decided to go to Cameroon for prayers until you returned. You told me that you were taken to Cameroon on a wheel chair. You said you were almost a dead man before going to Cameroon but you prayed God that you want to die in the church in Cameroon but not here. However, you said, God saved you. God gave you another chance. You said you were delivered immediately you arrived and the same you who could not walk could now walk freely in Cameroon. You were treated like a king in Kingship Cameroon, lived in the best hotel room at the church premises and prayed upon by more than 50 pastors in that ministry. You directed to go and watch the videos in the church and I will be amazed. All these happy moments I never knew was the last date I was talking with you. You gave me date we were to meet and chat better about God and the way forward for the church. On the day I called to find out how you were fairing, I only could hear you were so sick. I took my Bible, stopped work and drove immediately with the faith that you will stand and walk when I arrived. I never had such faith before as I did that day. I said to myself, not Mr. Archibong. The general cannot be lying on that bed when our God lives. On getting there, I received the shock of my life when your brother said we lost you. I still believed there was a way for you to live again but no one allowed us to see you again. Truly, when God says yes, no one can say no. Only He God knew and thus he dribbled us all. I only could console myself on the following Monday when I saw his mortal remains and learned about how he was reading his Bible, held his stickers and laid peacefully and died at the same time the men of God were calling to pray for him.
Oh, Mr. Archibong, I am sad emotionally but happy in the spirit. I am happy because you made it to heaven. You found the right place. You got to the place of eternity which is only a dream for me. God took you when you had made it with Him. He never wanted you again to fall into the temptations of this world again. I do not know if I will make it there but it is my zeal, my ambition to make it. Now, you loved singing to God, now you have the all the time to sing and glorify God our savior. As you sit on that right hand of God the father, intercede also for us. Appear to us in dreams and visions and tell us the hard road ahead so that we too might seek God and find him as you found God. Rest in peace brother, you shall stress no more. Jealous that you made but happy that you made. Its jealousy of joy. Jesus said that when a soul is won, heaven rejoices so much. I am also so joyful, that you knew God more and for God more after the call from me and after the encounter with prophet frank and today, you are in paradise.
I have learned a lot from you, to live a selfless life, work for the community interest and to impact lives. Only through impartation can we leave a lasting legacy. What a legacy. Memories of you will remain ever fresh Mr. Archibong. I cannot forget. But as you go through that Jericho road, remember I have lots of people that you needed to have taken word to them. Greet my mummy who died leaving me when I was two years old. You are opportune to know my mum whom I never knew. Tell her I wished I had a mum but that people like you were parents to me. Nevertheless, do you remember my sister Moureen who died last year June 27th whom you provided your JEHOM office space for her wake keeping? Yes, she went ahead of you to prepare a place for you. She is a very kind woman. When my mum died, she became like my mum. She is good in carrying. Tell her, you are the one who gave space for her wake keeping and encouraged me all along during that hard period. She will show you through. I know your dad will not be happy to see you as well as your brothers who went ahead. Tell them it was a life so short but it was a time well spent in imparting people. Tell them Jesus lived only for 32 years but He fulfilled his purpose. You lived for over 50, and fulfilled your own purpose. We will one day meet you God willing and where we will part no more. Rest in peace brother, it is your own time. Jesus loves you! To die is gain! Blessed are those who die in the Lord.
Your friend, younger brother, collaborator,
Posted by Ashwini Warade on November 14, 2017
A very humble, jovial and an intellectual person.

No farewell words were spoken, there was no time to say goodbye.
You were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why.

A great teacher and a true friend. You will be missed Archi !!
Posted by Tijay Ikhilor on November 9, 2017
Man of the people Archi, you will be missed by all nationalities from all communities in Finland. RIP my friend.
Posted by Mercy Ekpat on November 7, 2017
Hmmm! My dear cousin 'Uncle Effiok' as I and my siblings fondly called you. The news of your death hit me with great shock.It is indeed very unfortunate that you have gone to be with the Lord too early in life.I say too early cause there was a whole lot you still needed to accomplish. We cannot question God's ways but only be thankful. Only he knows why you had to leave so soon.My prayer is that God will comfort your family and children at this time especially your mum.You will be missed greatly. We love you but God loves you much more. Rest in peace my brother. Till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Neo Obinwa on November 7, 2017
Though time and chance did not permit me to know you much more as I would have loved to. But your warmth welcoming greetings we exchanged last year at our first meeting added flavor to my soul.. From testimonies and praises received, #Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure... NeoCares
Posted by Seroy Akpan on November 6, 2017
"You are greatly missed; my very dear cousin. May your soul always find joy. The candle you lite in your life time on earth shines on......"

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