His Life


Efosa Andrew Obayagbonna was born on the 4th of February, 1986 in Benin City , Edo state Nigeria. He is the second son of Engr and Mrs Erhauyi Obayagbonna. Our brother Efosa, was born into a devout Catholic family and he was raised with the fear of God in him. He attended Our Lady of Apostles primary school at Airport road, Benin city.

 Efosa was so intelligent in school that he took his common entrance examination in primary 5 because of his excellent performance he gained admission into one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria; Lumen Christi international High school Arue, Uromi. He spent a total of 6 years in Lumen Christi where he was able to build a lot of leadership qualities, great character, lifetime friendships as well as becoming an even more devout Christian.

In Lumen Christi.

Efosa excelled in both his academics and his day to day activities so much so that he was recognized by the school authorities and awarded various leadership positions of importance during his time at the school. 

 Upon graduating in 2002 with a distinction in his WAEC examinations, he was easily able to gain admission into the Mechanical Engineering depart of the University of Lagos, Nigeria ; one of the most prestigious universities in the country at the time. Efosa was often described as a hard-worker by his friends and colleagues in Unilag, he went on to Graduate in 2008 with a second class upper.

When his time at the University of Lagos was over, he decided to further his education outside the country and was then admitted into the masters program at Herriot-watt University, Edinburgh Scotland, where he majored in Drilling and pipeline Engineering in 2010.

Once again, he excelled in his studies at Herriot Watt University, amassing a plethora of distinctions in his grades by the time he graduated. When his time at Herriot watt was done, he decided to move back to Nigeria to kickstart his career as a professional Engineer.

After his arrival back to Nigeria, he was then invited by Sterling Global Oil & Gas Services Ltd, to work for them as a pipeline and drilling engineer. It was during this time, he met his lovely wife Mrs Onome Obayagbonna fell in love, and they both got married. Not long after, in 2015 they were blessed with the birth of their first son Nosa Obayagbonna.

 In 2017, Efosa decided to move his little family to Alberta, Canada in hopes of finding greener pastures for his family. Not long after Efosa had moved his family to Canada, they were blessed with the birth of their second son Osamuyi Obayagbonna.

While in Canada, he worked really hard to provide a good quality life for his wife and kids, and to seek opportunities for career advancement and development; this is a testament to the hard worker that he was.

 Right until his untimely demise, he was a man of dignity who gave his all to his family and loved ones. He was a man for all seasons, a man of dignity and most importantly, he was man who had the fear of God in him. Up until his last days on earth, his was still praising God our Heavenly Father and never wavered in his faith.

 Today, we celebrate the life of a great man, a loving and protective husband, a caring and doting father, a responsible son, a true friend, a loyal and true brother, who has indeed lived a beautiful life.

We all should come together and rejoice, for God has called one of his beloved sons back home because we know that Efosa is up in heaven watching over us with a smile on his face, as he is in a much better place.