Let the memory of Ehidiame be with us forever
  • 43 years old
  • Born on August 20, 1974 in Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on August 11, 2018 in Enugu, Enugu, Nigeria.

Ehidiame Eugene Okpiabhele was born on Tuesday, August 20, 1974 in Lagos to late Edward Ehidiame Okpiabhele and late Grace Ogugua Egbuciem. He passed away quite unexpectedly on Saturday, August 11, 2018 in Enugu.

Ehidiame attended St. Mary’s Private Sch Lagos (1981-1987), Methodist Boys High School Lagos (1987- 1989), Lagos State Model College Badore (1990-1993) and the University of Benin (1995-1999) where he graduated with a B.Sc in Sociology and Anthropology with honours.

Ehidiame started his working life in Union Bank Nigeria Limited, Lokoja from 2000-2001 as a National Youth Corper. He thereafter worked at Safetrust Savings and Loan Ltd from 2001–2003 as a teller, and credit and marketing officer. XL Management Services Ltd from 2003-2008 as Zonal Coordinator West and Head. Haulage & Logistics, Quo Vadis Logistics Ltd from April 2008–June 2008 as Logistics Manager and United Bank for Africa Plc from 2008 to his death as Regional Corporate Service Rep South/East Bank.

As a consummate logistics professional, Ehidiame was instrumental in developing and providing best in class support services for the financial services industry in order to ensure his team members and other banking professionals achieve 100% of their targets.

In Ehidiame’s short life with us, he was a listening ear, ever lively, always engaging and was generous to a fault. Ehidiame would literally give the shirt off his back to help friends and family, or to reconcile friends, and he in turn was always quick to forgive. He was a man who was always willing and able to lead in all situations. He also appreciated the responsibilities that came with leadership.

Ehidiame was married to his most devoted wife, Joy Okpiabhele, nee Eruagdere, the love of his life from his youthful days and mother to his 3 lovely children; Omoafe, Ojefua and Ofure Okpiabhele, all of whom will be most affected by his untimely death. He is also survived and will be sorely missed by his 2 brothers (Michael and Edward), 5 sisters (Letty, Judy, Ekido, Azagba and Ede) stepmother, Grace Theresa Okpiabhele, and relatives, friends, colleagues, associates, acquaintances and well-wishers too numerous to mention.

May God grant us all the fortitude to bear this irreparable and irreplaceable loss.

God, grant us to see how short our life is here on earth and how close to your eternity we live. Make us ready to take our leave when the time for us has come, whether it comes soon or later. We mourn Ehidiame Okpiabhele who left us so soon. Thank you for the years we had him among us. Grant that the life which was only begun here reach its maturity in your kingdom, through your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Posted by Osayabamwen Clifford on 8th September 2018
How time flies. I'm still in shock. I got to know of his death today. We both leave together in Enugu, little did I knw he was no more. I spoke last with him early August. If not not for his post I saw on Facebook by Azagba. I missed you brother, and also my in-law. Rest in peace
Posted by Eziafa Paul on 28th August 2018
Short of words!! still shocked till this day. Adieu!!
Posted by Okey Obiabunmo on 23rd August 2018
High Chief Ehi, like i always call you. Never new that our last contact on 27/07/2018 was the last. You were are good man. Always cheerful and ready to help. I pray that God will give your family the strength and grace to carry on. Rest in perfect peace High Chief Ehi!!!
Posted by Victor Jacobs on 23rd August 2018
This is so sad...may your gentle soul rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Posted by Prince Idika on 23rd August 2018
Though I hadn't the privilege of meeting him but its painful to lose a Youngman full of life at the time of this painful demise! What else can we say than to wish his soul eternal rest while praying for the good Lord to grant his immediate family and friends the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss at this time!!!! It is well with the souls of those mostly hit by his demise as Jehovah will comfort ALL.....sleep on Beloved till we meet to part no more....
Posted by Eze Chris on 23rd August 2018
But...... OMG! I saw him not long ago, giving me his characteristic thumbs-up, and of course, the approving smile. Gosh! Sad news Painful loss Heaven's gain. He was a good man, colleague and friend. I am confident God will find him so too. Adieu my affable boss
Posted by Ehiaze Ugbesia on 21st August 2018
From the day Ehi and I met in Uniben (1995) and found out we were from the same clan Eguare in Ubiaja, we connected. He was a very jovial and like-able person. Ehi lived a selfless life. He could give all he had to make others happy, always looking forward to being with family and friends. Though he wasn’t rich in terms of money, however he was rich in happiness. Ehi held nothing back from me and would share his deepest thoughts with me. We did a-lot together. He was my brother, my paddy and confidant . We shared the same name when abbreviated (EHI) and lived together in the same room in his parents house, I fondly remember wearing his ‘best’ shoes for my first interview. Ehi was one of the first in our circle of friends to make the big marriage decision. He did and married the joy of his life – Joy. He left bachelorhood but still hung out with the boys. We were accountable to each other on several levels. Had endless talks, I always said, let us save some for another day and his rebuke will be “I dey talk to you, you dey say save some". Sorry sir ,yeah my boy. Never a dull moment with him. We could stay on the phone for hours, he did most of the talking while I did more of the listening, it was a warm bromance. Until his passing I called him Owanlen meaning Elder. My wife calls himSenior #seniorhusband. Sometimes he appeared to be hot-headed, but on the inside Ehi had a good heart, he knew when was in the wrong and was always humble enough to admit it. He would say "Since I nor get money make I dey fight". He could make a joke out of anything. He fought hard and believed believed tomorrow will be a better day. My dear brother, I thought we will grow old together, see our children at the top and keep talking about our precious moments, sadly, that dream is now short lived. RIP Ehidiame Have a peaceful journey .
Posted by Emeka Okolo on 21st August 2018
To a gentleman, a loving husband, amazing father, awesome sibling, and extraordinarily friend, Ehidiame I salute. You have lived a good life, done your part and now have gone to rest. Thank you Ehi, for all the beautiful memories, great smiles and jokes. You will definitely be missed but we take comfort that you’re in a better place. Adieu my brother!!!!
Posted by Obinna Ezemba on 21st August 2018
Your ubiquitous nature was unrivalled, your passion and dedication on the job was exemplary, your friendly disposition was remarkable! You will be sorely missed bro, but we pray God to shine his light on your lonely path and guide your weary steps towards his kingdom! Rest in the Lord's bosom dear Ehi!
Posted by Stella Ugbesia on 20th August 2018
Senior ! Our wife! He would fondly reiterate. Then follows our unending bantering, Ehiadiame, oh so down to earth, no artificial airs round about him, always had a lot to say but also took out time to listen. Ehidiame the only one in that ‘clique’ who I felt super comfortable with. Saying I will miss you is like comparing a dog whistle with a primal scream. Ehidiame! The news of Your death literally hit me like some cataclysmic meteorite and has since left a dull ache in the inner recesses of my heart. I pray your soul rests in sweet bliss and most importantly as one song writer put it “ I hope I’ll find you there”. My heart goes out to your dear wife Joy and your lovely children Afe, Oje and Ofure. I pray the Holy Spirit consoles and strengthens their spirit soul and body. Adieu Ehi.
Posted by Ero Agbo on 20th August 2018
Ehidiame, You will be forever missed. I have not been able to hold my tears back. Coming to terms with this reality has been difficult but it seems to be true. You could not even say goodbye to your dear ones; Even your Ofure! Death is indeed painful. I know we shall meet in the sweet bye and bye and then we shall tell our stories. There will be no more parting at the supper in Heaven. You kind is rare Ehi. You shall be missed my good friend. Ehi, May you find rest in God's bossom. Rest in Peace Ehidiame.
Posted by Chuka Chima on 20th August 2018
Oh my......! Some things are inexplicable -news of your passing ,typical. My summation ........“death gotta be easy , cos life is hard! How empirical? You were richly blessed with the gift of the gab and an articulate mind . Your life was a blessing! You’ll surely be forever missed .....! Oh Heav’n ! ......why do you keep winning? Rest on, dear friend ....be calm .! Heaven’s watching over the fam!
Posted by Okey Ayogu on 20th August 2018
Hmmm, bad dream always for a long night. Ur death is a bad dream of a worse kind and i hope for the Sun rise to terminate the long night. And so i pray the Great Morning of The LORD'S Appearing comes now so we can see you again. Then death's barriers shall be shattered and we shall all meet at the LORD'S FEET. Rest in peace my dearly beloved Brother.
Posted by Nkechi Arizor on 20th August 2018
Ehi, Tears flow freely down my cheeks. Who am I to question the Almighty? Your support and friendship will be forever missed. Rest in Peace till we meet to part no more!
Posted by Chiaka Mbagwu on 20th August 2018
The choice to mourn you in silence will be torture For my heart filled with your memories will forever ask me why! Time was too short but you left a deep scar, a crater A quick reserve should fit but it feels impossible and I ask why? Always that gentle tug on my sleeve" Hey Mama, Are you leaving? Your boy is here. You havent blessed your boy, yet!" An amiable, resourceful, colleague and friend is gone forever!! Enough said, Enough tears. Heaven's gain.
Posted by Dubem Iyiegbu on 19th August 2018
...ever smiling and always ready to go the extra mile. It's hard to say goodnight, Ehi. Our loss is heaven's gain. Rest in the Lord, Ehidiamen.
Posted by Tochukwu Nwanna on 19th August 2018
Saw you last at Spar a week before your demise with your boys never knew that was the last I'd set my eyes on you. I should've have stopped to say hi but was rushing to avoid being caught by the rain.. I always thought you'd definitely come by my branch before the end of the month and we'd do all the catching up.. I wish I at least reached out on that day... Indeed you were a very jolly good colleague. May God comfort your wife and kids and the rest of your family and friends.. Adieu Ehi
Posted by Amaka Meg on 18th August 2018
Oga Ehi as I always call you. Your death was so unbelievable that I placed calls to reconfirm the sad news as your burial was never part of 2018 plan/program. You made yourself available to serve all. Your services cuts across all we do daily that I wonder how we'll manage. We'll miss you! We'll miss you!! We'll miss you!!! Rest in peace Oga Ehi
Posted by Angela Nnorom on 18th August 2018
My Oga like I fondly call you, how I wish this was a false alarm, your death has left such a big vacuum in our heart that I doubt if any one will be able to replace, you were a loving and caring colleague with a heart of gold, so accommodating and kind to a fault. Your death was too sudden but who are we to question the Almighty, be rest assured that you will forever live in our memories.
Posted by Michael Ochulor on 18th August 2018
it was a surprise to us. We still wonder if this news is just a dream that will not come true. However we pray and believe that Alimigth God has accepted your gentle soul to rest in peace. We miss you. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Chuma Eze on 18th August 2018
Life is short. Yours even shorter. The bell will toll for everyone of us. Yours has tolled and we, all that have the benefit of your ever friendly and brotherly acquaintance, are poorer for your loss. RIP bro. God knows... Yeah, that's my name - God knows it all.
Posted by Uche Akaniru on 18th August 2018
Yes Boss!!! It's been one week since I greeted you this way and from all indications I might never hail my boss of life with these words again. I have lost family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and acquaintances to death but Oga Ehi your death is one I have not been able to deal with. You were a good man, ever so cheerful, humble, generous and kind. You had a word for everyone and gave your ears to anyone who cared to share, in fact you would practically force whatever ailed us out of us and then try your best to proffer solutions. There was never a dull moment with you and you went out of your way on countless occasions to ensure that others were happy. God be with you till we meet again Oga Ehi YES BOSS
Posted by Toch Kings on 18th August 2018
This is really a shocking and irreplaceable loss. You're a good man Oga Ehi, we cannot question God 'cos he knows what's best for everyone. Rest on Oga! You'll be missed dearly.
Posted by Uloma Osuagwu on 17th August 2018
Rest in peace friend and brother to all.... He was very humble, kind, supportive ,soft spoken. He never used his position against anyone. He made sure he carried everyone along. He did not intimidate anyone with his position. He was such a good fellow and ever ready to render help and support. Oga Ehi, I pray that the light of God will shine upon you and may your kind, humble, sweet ,lovely and gentle soul rest in the Lord in Jesus Christ mighty name Amen.
Posted by Blessed Grace on 17th August 2018
Ehidiamen My Brother as I fondly call you, and you would alway remind me that I am your little Sis. Hmmmm. I am still in shock and unbelief. I am still asking God if he can send you back and wake me up from this bad dream. It is so unreal my heart aches so much. My prayer for you my big brother is to continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord until we meet to part no more. Rest well my Brother. Your Sis Bene
Posted by Adesuwa Asemota on 17th August 2018
Am so in shock I have not seen u in 12 years but the pain in my chest is heavy.RIP My brother
Posted by Gbubemi Edomwonyi on 16th August 2018
EhI, I don’t know what to say; still surreal that you are gone! Rest In Peace, you will be missed
Posted by Osiemete Odiete Hope on 16th August 2018
A big blow to the family. RIP
Posted by Ngozi Nkpa on 16th August 2018
May God Grant your family and your loved ones the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss. You were good and a great ambassador to the bank Adieu till we see to part no more
Posted by Sunday Onwuemele on 16th August 2018
May your soul rest in Peace. A very kind man. God knows best we cannot question God . His ways are not our way of we mortal men. Rest in peace my dear Friend and colleague.
Posted by Ugo Nwakanma on 16th August 2018
The news of your sudden death was unbelievable!! I can't still believe I'm writing this on your behalf. Anyways, life is a journey. You were a very hardworking man, always willing to help. You looked every bit strong and very healthy. God knows all. We miss you greatly.
Posted by Chiagoziem Onyinye Udolis... on 15th August 2018
Ehi????!!!!! This is a great loss! I knew you from UBA Plc. You were a good man, always kind and respectful.....and you loved your job! Praying for your family and loved ones....May God comfort and console all yours! Rest in perfect peace, Bro!!! Good night!!!
Posted by Gloria Oghuma on 15th August 2018
Bros eeeeeeeeeh...... Ehi, my brother, my friend, my gist and quarrel office partner, it still feels like a dream. We talked about Oga Leo's sudden passing not too long ago. I couldnt attend and promised to see you on my next visit to Enugu... now when will it ever be? In our last chats on WhatsApp, you said you preferred inspirational messages now, no pointless jokes... I didn't know you were preparing o... You are ever available to help. Ever willing to suggest a way out. Always encouraging. Always learning and teaching. I learnt a lot about the workings of a Toyota... you taught me to manage my car.... Ah.... all this pointless talk... if my tears could have brought you back into Joy's arms, they certainly would have. May God comfort your family, and us all. Rest in God's bossom. Farewell Ehi. Thank you.
Posted by Philip Okpiabhele on 14th August 2018
I miss you Ehi, my heart still aches with sadness and many tears still flow. My mind knows you are in a better place, where there is no pain. You are at peace I understand, I just wish I could explain that to my heart. Adios my brother till we see again.
Posted by Adesomo Nightingale on 14th August 2018
My gorgeous bruv like I call you. I am short of words. You were a gem to our family and I will miss you greatly. We are told not to mourn like the unbelievers, but Ehi I am finding this a challenge as my heart is totally shattered. Rest on my big brother until we meet again. xx
Posted by Philip Okoebor on 14th August 2018
Continue to RIP Ehidiame Okpiabhele. The Lord knows best. We are indeed nothing but pencils in the hands of the Creator.
Posted by Bubay Omordia on 14th August 2018
I am usually inclined to write. As such I’ve been meaning to write a proper eulogy for my friend, Ehidiame, who died last Saturday, 11th August 2018. But words have failed me before now, probably because I was and I am still somewhat in a state of shock, disbelief and denial. Ehidiame and I were in a circle of friends, a close-knit circle, always looking out for each other and Ehidiame was always the glue, soul and heartbeat of our common friendships and always ensured we kept in touch via bbm and whatsapp groups, voice calls, visiting us individually in Lagos and elsewhere, and arranging get-togethers. Anywhere you are Ehidiame will find, ask about and engage you. Ehidiame was a listening ear, ever lively, always inquiring to know your innermost issues and was generous to a fault. Ehidiame would literally give the shirt off his back to help a friend, to reconcile friends or to meet with friends. Ehidiame was also a born leader, always ready to take responsibility, render advice or give you a damn good scolding. He was always very quick to forgive even when you’re still quarrelling with him. Ehidiame was a man's man. It is a very personal loss for me. Apart from our almost daily calls or whatsapp chats where we would yab, argue, laugh and do small talk, we usually had more serious discussions about work, family and life in general. I would greatly miss that. Even though he lived in Enugu it was guaranteed that Ehidiame and I would meet several times a year in Lagos, Enugu, Benin or Ubiaja. Apart from last year and this year, we have spent the prior 6-7 Christmases and Easters in Benin City with our families. This year it is going to be especially hard without him. May God give us all the strength to bear this huge, irreplaceable loss even as we have his biological family in our thoughts, prayers and good deeds.
Posted by Dokpe Akele on 14th August 2018
Rest in perfect peace. May God give the loved ones you left behind the fortitude to bear your painful and sudden exit in Jesus name amen
Posted by Uabor Austine on 14th August 2018
A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to heaven. We part with our beloved ehi in pains, i was looking forward to your birthday wishes for me on the 16th, and expecting to return yours on the 20th, but death denied us that, God pls wipe my tears. Sleep on brother till we see to part no more .
Posted by Sylvester Oyamienlen on 13th August 2018
Ehi, you were so agile that we code named you 'hot blood'. We journeyed together in UBA till i left. You never said no to any task, you were never tired. We spoke about the sudden death of Leo but u didn't tell me you were leaving us. My wife cried and flogged herself on the ground and prayed to God to reject your soul, so you could come back to life. What a life. Ehiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, may your kind and gentle soul rest in peace.
Posted by Bibian Iyke-Nzeh on 13th August 2018
Dear EHI, Good colleague ,just like that you have gone. Am surprised,we pray for your wife,children and family to bear the great loss. Good night fellow colleague!!!!!!!!!!!.
Posted by Ehi Okupa on 13th August 2018
My Brother, namesake, My blood & friend. Rest in The Lord & his angels. Seeing you like that yesterday broke me. Told my wife I was going to call u last week as Eguabor had finally picked up my PVC @ Ubiaja so we cld begin planning. That call never went and I can't blame myself enough for that. My solemn promise is to watch over Afe, Ojefua & Ofure. That I promise to do till I join you. U truly were a great & awesome dude. Sleep on, Ehi CONFAB!
Posted by Chuma Onwuazo on 13th August 2018
Indeed your loss has created an irredeemable void. You left us in your prime and at a time and manner most unexpected. We have been quitened and brought low in sadness and sorrow. Yet we put our trust in our God who alone is able comfort us and all yours. Therefore, we are sure in all these and despite all, it is well!
Posted by Collete Omordia on 13th August 2018
I am so broken. Words fail me.I saw you last when you visited us in Lagos few months ago. You really enjoyed the yam and vegetable sauce I prepared for you. I never knew it was the last time I will see you.May God accept your soul.We love you.
Posted by Onyeka Okeagu on 13th August 2018
It is really disheartening. The news of your death shocked me to the marrow. Such a lively fellow you were. Rest in peace bro!
Posted by Itua Obaitua on 13th August 2018
Ehidiamen!!! We last saw in Benin City in 2008. I didn't that will be the last time we will meet.Rest in peace Ehidiamen. We will miss you.
Posted by Nina Adibe on 13th August 2018
Few days ago, it hit me that I hvnt heard from you since I left the bank and just yesterday I got in touch with a dear colleague and requested for your no to Halla u only to be told you passed 2 days ago!!!! whaaaattttt!! That close!!! I cnt explain my regret and pain. Maybe if I had remained in touch as a good friend & made you laugh more, you would have stayed on. Ehi bruh you were one in a million. Ever selfless, cheerful, witty & nice! You will be well missed bruh because the goodwill legacy you left behind will outlive you! May the good Lord grant you eternal rest in his bosom. & may He grant your lovely wife & kids the grace of fortitude. Adieus! Just me!
Posted by Otokiti Ngozi on 13th August 2018
Hmmm words fail me my brother my friend,its still like a dream..U can't be gone forever...well we 've lost but heaven has gained.May God grant us d fortitude to bear ur loss.its a shocker of d century...Hmmm ur wife n kids....its only God dat can fill d vacuum ur death has left.sleep on my dear cuz.May God accept ur sweet soul...U were indeed too sweet n selfless.sleep on till we meet to part no more...love u my blood
Posted by Joy Ebahi on 13th August 2018
Uncle Ehi. You have left us heart broken even though we know its Heavens gain. For all the times we chatted and the last time i saw you at Kada Cinema with your family during the festive period..i will forever cherish. You were a wonderful brother. Those noise you made early in the morning while brushing at ihama though... very funny!! You were always cheerful. Uncle Ehi confab!!! We will miss you truly. God rest your wonderful soul. And give us all especially aunty Joy and your kids the strength to carry on. We love you even in death. Rest on blood.
Posted by Olanrewaju Omotade on 13th August 2018
Ehi, like we call you in secondary school back then. I am short of words, but we will miss you. We pray for your wife, children and family.

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